Two Bucs Among Pro Bowl Vote Leaders

November 26th, 2020


So the NFL released the names of players who have received the most votes for the Pro Bowl in the first wave of voting.

The guy with the most votes overall is no surprise. The Bucs are trying to find magic to stop him Sunday. That would be Kansas City quarterback Pat Mahomes. He has 143,355 votes.

But there is a surprise among the top vote-getters. The Bucs have an offensive lineman in the running for his first Pro Bowl.

No, it’s not Tristan Wirfs. Nor is it Ali Marpet.

Not Ryan Jensen. either.

The lineman with the most votes to represent the NFC at his position is guard Alex Cappa. Yes, Cappa has 31,705 votes.

Cappa is having a solid year, but man, Joe never would have guessed he would have the most Pro Bowl votes at guard. Sarcastically, Joe wonders if Cappa has that big of a family or is just that well-liked throughout the NFL.

Seriously though, this would be great for Cappa. He’s one tough SOB (remember how he played against the Saints last year with a broken arm?). Cappa is the kind of guy coaches like. Just puts his head down and works his tail off.

And Joe knows Cappa has fans. Some have contacted Joe over the past year or so saying they ran into Cappa at an MMA event or just while bouncing around town. Every person has told Joe their encounter with Cappa was one with an incredibly nice guy. And that sounds like the Cappa that Joe has dealt with. He’s an aw-shucks, sort of quiet kind of dude. But man, is he tough on a football field.

The Bucs also have a second player on the top-votes list at his position. That is Devin White. An inside linebacker, White has 78,750 votes.

The NFL is the only sports league that allows voting from fans, coaches and players. Pro Bowl voting lasts until December 17.

18 Responses to “Two Bucs Among Pro Bowl Vote Leaders”

  1. Coburn Says:

    And that’s why the pro bowl will always be considered a joke. Both of those guys aren’t even the best guard/lb on this team, let alone league wide.

  2. Buc50 Says:

    Cappa has had a good season but no way he’s better than Jensen or Wirfs. Disappointed in the voting.

  3. Joe Says:

    Cappa has had a good season but no way he’s better than Jensen or Wirfs. Disappointed in the voting.

    Jensen is a center. Wirfs is a tackle. Cappa is a guard. He’s leading the NFC in votes for a guard.

  4. REDZONE BA Says:

    Thank you @Joe Cappa is a stud guard – and glad he is getting recognized.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Perhaps it’s because Cappa is from California….the place where most popular votes are decided.

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Are they using Dominion machines for Pro Bowl voting this year? Or maybe locking right-leaning observers out of the counting areas? Might have to take this to the Supreme Court since Wirfs is the best right tackle in football.

  7. ModHairKen Says:

    JPP? Two picks. Timely sacks. Come on. If he’s not there, then this IS a joke.

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    BTW, off topic, I was watching a movie last night called Boss Level and damn if I didn’t see Gronkowski firing what looked like an M134 minigun out the side door of a helicopter. I did a double take and wasn’t sure since he was wearing sunglasses and ear protection, so I went online to look at the credits and sure enough listed listed in the role of “gunner” was Gronkowski. Wasn’t aware he did movies.

  9. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I’ve liked Cappa. He is the eptiomy of an NFL success story–drafted in a middle/low round and claws his way to being a starter. I doubt he’ll ever be great, but he is one intimidating looking dude. And yeah, I’m surprised at the votes.

  10. bojim Says:

    Good for Cappa.

  11. orlbucfan Says:

    I agree but the Pro Bowl is a long standing joke. Where’s LVD? He is better than White.

  12. SOEbuc Says:

    Lmao. Just more BS pro bowl votes to the Bucs. How about Wirfs and LVD. They won’t make OT ROTY but Wirfs is by far the best rookie at his position. LVD is the #1 LB by the numbers. Don’t sweat it guys. Pro Bowls suck anyway and its cancelled this year.

  13. SOEbuc Says:

    If we swing Wirfs to LT I say we take a chance and draft another OT in the first or the second. Turn them from most paid into really good and young least paid. Start to build together as soon as possible for whoever is our new QB is that could be here as soon as next season.

  14. Buccfan37 Says:

    Happy for bust em Cappa.

  15. diora Says:

    Note, I am just alerting the family to vote today. Yes, we are good sized, but most of us are just learning this today and some not just yet. We are very proud of him and grateful that he has so many fans. Happy Thanksgiving to all of Bucs Nation from the other sunshine state. xo

  16. diora Says:

    And on behalf of my beautiful little sister, Loretta, who suffered for so long, but lived to see her boy Alex start his first NFL game before passing away; Thank you all for supporting him. She is smiling from heaven.

  17. Buc50 Says:

    @Joe I understand they play different positions. I’m just stating that I’m surprised that he’s leading. That’s all.

  18. Coverdeuce Says:

    lol Devin White isn’t even our best linebacker