Second-Half Lockdown

November 15th, 2020

Punt, interception, turnover on downs, touchdown (after a 98-yard kick return), turnover on downs, punt.

Those were the Panthers’ second-half drives against a suffocating Bucs defense in the second half of today’s 46-23 Bucs win.

It was a beautiful sight for a Bucs defense that had its share of struggles in the past two games.

Still, Jason Pierre-Paul was not happy. It was an incomplete game.

“It’s frustrating because we’re a better defense than we showed today,” JPP said following the win.

But the Bucs’ star with a sack and an interception today acknowledged that the Bucs were a universe better than last Sunday when “we didn’t come to play.”

Joe loved seeing the second-half tackling, as well as the blitzing making its mark and Shaq Barrett’s pressure helping cause the JPP pick. In the second half, Joe saw the Bucs defense fans fell in love with earlier in the season.

Yeah, it wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but it was more than good enough to support a Bucs offense that put up historic totals.

And a hit tip to Mike Edwards for his pass breakup on a deep ball with seconds remaining the first half that was a hidden key play in the game. Thankfully, he was not caught snoozing like some of his teammates were in those first 30 minutes.

8 Responses to “Second-Half Lockdown”

  1. Leighroy Says:

    Mike Edwards play felt like the tipping point for the defense in this game.

  2. Bucsd04 Says:

    I was worried about the roughing the passer bullspit call we got on the clean sack. I honestly hope the NFL comes back and says that was dead wrong. He was just so cleanly open I think the refs over reacted.

  3. Marques Says:

    We really miss Vita. He is a difference maker.

  4. orlbucfan Says:

    Exactly what happened last Sunday? Did the Aints actually show up with some sort of voodoo on the Bucs? The Panthers are not a cupcake team. Still scratching my head tho I am glad we won. 😊👍

  5. Coburn Says:

    Definitely helps actually contesting those short throws and not letting guys get open so early. I’d they’re gonna get open let it be after working the field a while and in menatime pressure the qb

  6. Christos Says:

    Is better to say some things after a win. I just dont understand the defensive gameplan the last 3 games especially in the 1st half. Too much 4 man rush and soft zones with the DBs 7 to 10 yards off. This is not the strength of this defence. Nobody is sayin blitz in every play but these soft zones are killing us. I think there is enough evidence by now after the Vea injury there is not enough pressure from the middle and the 4 man rush is not working. I believe is better and suits more this team to be a little more aggresive. Look at the difference from 1st to 2nd half against NY and again the difference today between halfs. Dont waste a half. Dont let QBs comfortable picking the soft zones.
    Go Bucs, nice win on to the next.

  7. JayBucsBoi Says:

    Yes, Marques, we miss Vita. He’s more of a key cog in this defense than most people realize. We’ve seen it since he’s been out.

  8. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Yeah they finally started blitzing!!! They are missing Vea BADLY!!! There is NO push in the middle anymore!!!