Pick Pace Unfamiliar To Brady

November 24th, 2020

After two interceptions against the Rams last night, Tom Brady is on pace to throw 13 this season.

Yes, Joe has the info on the last time Brady hit that number.

It’s been a long time. The year was 2009 and Brady was throwing to Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Julian Edelman, Ben Watson and even Joey Galloway, along with Kevin Faulk out of the Patriots backfield.

Brady finished the ’09 season with 13 interceptions, and he threw a total of seven picks in four losses during the second half of that season. The Patriots finished 10-6 and Brady lost at home in the wild card round of the playoffs to the Ravens. You guessed it; he threw three picks in the playoff game.

Brady cleaned up his act the following season and was a unanimous pick for NFL MVP in 2010.

Joe brings this up because Joe believes Brady now in unfamiliar territory is a bad thing. He’s human. He needs to be confident and trust his receivers and himself. Doubt creeping into Brady would be dangerous, not just for the Bucs offense but for Brady’s desire to continue playing.

No, Joe is not in panic mode. The Bucs are 7-4 and on track for double-digit wins and a transformative season. J

Joe just wants to see Brady right his ship in a hurry. The thought of the Bucs limping into the offseason and Brady becoming mortal is too much for Joe to bear.

19 Responses to “Pick Pace Unfamiliar To Brady”

  1. EA Says:

    11-5 is still on the table, they can definitely run the table after next week’s loss and play one if the NFC East teams in the wild card game. I would have liked to see them split the Rams/Chiefs game but it doesn’t look like it gonna happen.
    Let’s be honest, they can’t make the Superbowl with this Oline….. hopefully next season they make some moves to improve the trenches.

  2. unbelievable Says:

    Those picks were awful. Lost us the game.

    Once again the offense failed us.

    Brady has 5 INTs to 5 TDs in his last 3 games. Can’t wait to hear everyone make excuses for him though.

    Good luck righting the ship after falling to 7-5

  3. Tbbucs3 Says:

    I’m not expecting to be in the Super Bowl. At this point we just need to focus on getting a wildcard spot and see what happens.

    Sean McVay and his staff flat out exposed and outcoached the Bucs tonight.

    McVay was creative and made Goffs job look easy meanwhile the Bucs are struggling to get AB, Chris Godwin and Mike Evans open? It’s a stale offense and a overrated defense.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    13 is better than 30….

    On pace for 36 TDs….vs 13 Ints……3-1 ratio..

    And, keep in mind he has not fumbled for the exception of a hand-off….

    Not excusing his game tonight….but I still like having him going forward…

  5. Patrick Says:

    For a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 13 years, a lot of people sure are freaking out about being 7-4.

    Only with Bucs fans.

    Bottom line, Brady deserves to be cut all the slack in the world considering what he’s achieved his career. We’re lucky to have him.

    The guy has a off stretch of games and up comes the “washed up” remarks and “he’s too old” BS. This is the fittest and most in shape 40+ year old QB in the history of the league. Possibly the smartest QB and the best at dealing with adversity.


  6. Coburn Says:

    What if we continue this slide and miss the playoffs? Would someone’s head roll? While playoffs are still well within reach, if we lose against Cheifs we essentially have to win all the ones we should at the end. Paint ourselves in a corner where a bad game could cost us

  7. BucsFan90 Says:

    Last year they said it was the QB’s fault. Who’s the scapegoat this year?

  8. ElioT Says:

    Brady certainly has had some bad games. Tonight was one of them.

    I’m placing more blame on the offensive scheme and play calling.

    Everyone knows exactly what we’re going to do on offense and if Brady has an off night, they’re in trouble.

    There seems to be no creativity in order to cover for our weaknesses, adjust to what the opposing defense is doing or maximize the weapons we have.

    It’s weird… you’d think we’d be able to scheme week to week to find the mismatches, but we don’t. Perhaps it’s bad execution too but it’s just not looking like you’d expect.

    So much talent but I’m really not sure we have the right scheme to put it all to good use.

  9. Oneilbuc Says:

    Brady haven’t played well against a good to average defense all year . He can’t be the goat against bad teams only I told yall that playoffs is not good enough . It’s superbowl or bust because Brady is 43 and I don’t think he’s coming back next year at least I hope he doesn’t . All I want is yall to keep that same energy yall had fo Jamies .

  10. Oneilbuc Says:

    ELIO T Last year ever team knew what we were going to do and remember we didn’t have a 3rd ranked runningback last year . So no excuses stop trying to find a scapegoat .

  11. Oneilbuc Says:

    Brady haven’t showed me nothing . Until he plays well against good defenses he ain’t did nothing .

  12. ElioT Says:


    I’m not trying to find a scapegoat.

    I’m saying I think our offensive scheme and play calling is vanilla and we’re not utilizing the talent consistently.

    Our 3rd ranked RB didn’t do anything for us tonight and we never trailed more than 7 points.

    McVay out-schemed BA & BL. Brady played a bad game.

    It was similar to the Saints two weeks ago, just not as severe.

  13. unbelievable Says:

    When i and several others said the offensive scheme and playcalling were problems last year, almost everyone said said no no no it was all about because of a certain player. Now suddenly it’s coaching? Funny how that works.

    Brady’s deep ball hasn’t worked with anyone besides Scotty Miller this year. Who’s fault is that? Are we still pretending they need more time? And how many more times will we waste plays if they can’t hit it?

    I’m not saying we won’t make the playoffs. But as of right now, we can’t beat anyone with a good defense. That won’t get us anywhere. We’re all in on the SB this year and this year only. Anything less is a failure.

  14. Mirrormirroronthewall Says:

    It is Brady’s fault!

  15. Rod Munch Says:

    Every quarterback under Arians throws a really high number of INTs in their first year, then settle down in year 2. Manning threw 28 INTs, Carson Palmer threw 24 INTs, Andrew Luck threw 18 INTs.

    No riskit, no biscuit, remember?

  16. William Berry Says:

    Hasn’t it been said that quarterbacks tend to throw an unusually high number of interceptions in their first year of a Bruce Arians offense, and then from the second year on they look like world beaters? I half-expected this to happen. I think the offense will gel going forward.

  17. Sesteprenelicus Says:

    Those deep balls looked so bad… he’s throwing them with a different motion and they look like 3-point shots. As soon I saw it every time I was like… oh… no….

    Yes his arm is still technically strong enough to throw a deep ball, but not in the motion he does the rest of the time. They need to stop forcing that square peg into a round hole, and Perfect Tom may need to accept that he’s not good at something any more.

  18. orlbucfan Says:

    This one is definitely on Methuselah Brady. The pass to CG14 which was a pick cost us the game. When is the old fossil going to throw a short game? BA gives him his choices.This ain’t on BL. It is on the 2 Methuselahs: TB and BAzz. Disgusting.

  19. Mike Johnson Says:

    You brady pushers got one more yr with brady and arians. The only Superbowl we gonna see is on the couch watching with everybody else. Eye told you all long ago brady was just about done. You think teams don’t scout us? They know you pressure brady and he’s flustered. LA brought the pressure the 2nd half and brady panicked. And our secondary everybody raves about truly sucks. Its been evident for quite some time now. No excuses. You guys wanted brady. Well, you got’em for 50 mil and probably a 9-7 season with potentially no playoffs.