Betting On Mike Evans

November 25th, 2020

Joe is fired up as the Bucs’ playoff march nears its final miles.

And an exciting trend has emerged.

Mike Evans’ targets are increasing and he’s obviously getting healthy. Just think back to that manly of manly touchdowns he scored Monday night.

Catch the ball at the nine with your momentum going away from the end zone, and then drag two quality Rams defenders in for a touchdown because you refuse to go down. Evans then rifled the ball into the stands in ecstasy and it became ridiculously obvious that his body is back to 100 percent.

Chris Godwin also is healthy. He had his highest target total of the season against the Rams (10), and Godwin played 99 percent of the snaps in a typically do-it-all game for him. Evans has 20 targets over the last two games after averaging less than 6 per game before that run.

The dynamic duo truly is back healthy for the first time since Week 14 of last season.

Joe really wants to see Evans reach the 1,000-yard mark to set the NFL record for most consecutive seasons to start a career with 1,000 yards or more receiving. Evans has 563 yards with five games remaining. That means he must average 87.4 yards per game to get there.

Joe’s not betting against Evans, though Tom Brady’s deep-ball woes might be an obstacle. If Evans has one big game, say 122 yards receiving like he had against the Chargers, then the goal gets easier.

On Sunday against the Chiefs, Evans will face the last good defense he’ll see during the regular season. The pass defenses of the Vikings, Lions and Falcons (two games remaining) are poor. Atlanta is allowing more than 300 yards per game through the air.

Even if Evans falls short of 1,000, one cool thing is that he’ll end this year, barring injury, almost guaranteed to hit 8,100 career receiving yards. That’s good enough to land him in the top-100 of all-time.

12 Responses to “Betting On Mike Evans”

  1. [email protected] Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Mike Evans can easily take over a game.

  2. Phred Says:

    Mike Evans is a special player. I was at the game and his TD reminded me of Mike Alstott. Amazing display of sheer grit and determination. If only the O-line and D-line had his will to succeed.

  3. Mitch Says:

    Mike has been open all season and Brady just hasn’t seen him or pulled the trigger. He was even open on the last INT on Monday night. I hope they figure it out.

  4. ClodHopper Says:

    Shout out to Jalen Ramsey on that touchdown too! I know he wasnt around on that play but a play or two before that he looked like he was getting into Mike’s head and he definitely was what motivated Mike to fight that hard.

  5. Christos Says:

    If you have guys like Evans and Godwin you must get them the ball and let them make plays. One thing i dont understand is with the arrival of Brown Scotty Miller is not getting on the field much. With the injuries early in the year at the WR position he was playing probably the best out of all the receivers and was clearly more effective and connected better in the long passes. With all the problems the last games with the long passes maybe is something they must look for. Gameplans both on offence and defence are suspect for a few games now and the coaches need to do a better job. The team starts slow since the Packers game. Go Bucs

  6. gp Says:

    Go get it Mike!

  7. Fernando Diaz Says:

    Chiefs are a terrible defense

  8. PSL Bob Says:

    ME exhibited that “can do” determination on that touchdown. I came up off the couch with a Holy Shi! expletive. It was amazing!

  9. Clean House Says:

    Sorry Joe, there’s not “one cool thing” about him missing the 1000 yard record.
    It would be a complete and utter failure by this side show organization and a disgrace to his legacy.

  10. Buc Wild Says:

    Obviously, winning is of the utmost importance, but I would really love for Mike to break Randy’s record 🙏🙏🙏

  11. Etzel Says:

    Limp-wristed Tom Brady will need to get his boyfriends, Gronk and AB their touches. Sorry Mike.

  12. orlbucfan Says:

    ME13 and CG14–one of the greatest wide receiving pairs in the league, period. Methuselah 12 needs to wake up out of his aged slumber.