“Back To The Formula”

November 14th, 2020

Two-time Super Bowl winning QB Phil Simms has very clear thoughts on what will be the quick-fix for the Bucs offense.

Simms was adamant during his wonderful weekly spot on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio that Tom Brady and the Saints-bumbling Bucs must return to the play-action and the spread-the-ball-around game that had been working so well for Brady.

Perhaps too much focus on Antonio Brown messed up the Bucs on Sunday, Simms speculated, but if that’s the case, it won’t happen again.

“Maybe that’s why I saw a different looking team on the offensive side,” Simms said of an over-focus on Brown. “But I’ll tell you what; they’ll settle it down now.”

Fans shouldn’t worry about Brown crying about targets, Simms said. “I don’t think he will [act up.]” And if that were to happen, well, Simms said if the Bucs don’t tolerate it they’ll be just fine.

There was scolding from Simms to Todd Bowles for not blitzing Drew Brees, but the old Giants QB noted that Brees had a career-type day. “Best I’ve seen him throw the ball in years,” he said. That made Joe feel a tiny bit better about the Saints debacle, because Simms is a harsh critic when it comes to quarterbacks.

7 Responses to ““Back To The Formula””

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    Play action is nice, but if Bucs run the ball 5 times again, the result will be exactly the same. Go back & look at Brady’s years with the Patriots & when he had his best years.

    Hint: It wasn’t when he was impersonating Jameis Winston & passing his ass off. It was those years when the Pats offense was BALANCED. And oh ya, when they had a kick-ass defense to go with the offense.

    His first SB year (2001) was a good example: Pats rushed 473 times & the Pats QBs (they used 2) threw 482 passes (plus they were sacked 46 times). That’s running the ball over 47% of the time. And oh ya, their defense ranked #6 on the season & kicked in 35 TOs for Tom to play with. Compare that to the Bucs running the ball a whopping 26% of the plays over these last 2 games. Not exactly a BALANCED ATTACK.

  2. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Just by blitzing Brees and the Bucs win?

    Its that easy?

    Brees gets the ball out in less than 2 seconds. Payton designs every play with a outlet hot reciever

    This blitzing plan has never tried before against Brees and Payton?

    This blind misleading misinformation must stop

    Kobe demands his posts to be stickyied on the top of the page”

    Kobe Faker

  3. Mirrormirroronthewall Says:

    Mike Evans was wide ass open for touchdowns three or four times! Brady did not have the arm to get the ball to him. Antonio Brown was wide as open on the come back route. Brown read the route correctly; so did Brady. Brady threw and inaccurate ball because his arm is a noodle. You must scrap Arians’ system and put in Belichick’s system. Mike wanted to be the first person to have seven consecutive season with 1,000 yards. There goes that hall of fame dream. Mike will want out of Tampa like now. One other thing for those who say Mike would rather have a ring instead of stats. That an oxymoron; a 1,000 yards by Mike is a contributory factor in obtaining a ring. Brady threw interceptions while Mike was wide ass open open for touchdowns. Muhammad Ali was the G. O. A. T. He fought big George Forman, the destroyer, past his prime and after dealing deep depression of racism that stripped Ali of his titles. Ali did not make any excuses. He knocked Forman out in the eighth round. The standard of the goat.

  4. teacherman777 Says:

    @defense rules

    Nice facts bro.

  5. buc15 Says:

    NDOG has finally exposed his new user name to us…Mirrormirroronthewall

  6. lowercaseg Says:

    Whose bright idea was it to leave the formula?

  7. GunsNroses Says:

    Sometimes you just get your ass handed to you. Bucs will bounce back. AB down the stretch. Mike Evans needs to be targeted more by Brady. Other Bucs WR get separation. OLine block like its the game on the line duhhh. Donavan Smith has lost his love for what he does please do us a zAndrew luck walk off or step up. Brady buy the offensive line brand new pickup. Trucks to light a fire in their Ass. Defense throw the last game away and lets ride out wreckless abandonment to the Superbowl. Last lets all pray the Athletic Gods show us favor to make history.