Suh Vs. Rodgers

October 19th, 2020

Bad blood

So yesterday we were treated to an old-fashioned hatefest between Bucs defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Suh had what the refs thought was a late-hit on Rodgers but the flag was nullified on an offsetting penalty.

From that point on, every time Suh was in the Packers backfield, FOX cameras caught Rodgers and Suh jawing at one other.

With Suh wearing pewter pants and a white jersey, it reminded Joe of when Warren Sapp and Brett Favre used to have their war of words. After the game, Rodgers was asked what was going on, and Rodgers just replied in was a continuation of a personal battle the two have had for a long time.

What yesterday’s antics likely stemmed from was back in December 2014, with Rodgers laying prone on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, Suh twice stepped on his leg. The second time Rodgers jumped up and looked about ready to square up on Suh.

Apparently, the two haven’t gotten along since.

Regardless, it was great to see drama like that mixed in with the curb-stomping the Bucs dished out on the Packers.

Joe cannot remember having so much fun watching a Bucs win, possibly since they beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl.

36 Responses to “Suh Vs. Rodgers”

  1. Roy T. Buford Says:

    If I am correct, the last time they were 4-2 was when they beat the Saints in 2011 right before heading off the England, and never won another game that year. And Raheem was fired. That was a heckuva game then. But yes, this was better.

  2. Sumosam Says:

    Ahhh. The good old days.

  3. JA Says:

    Forget Suh and Rodgers. As long as it fires up the seemingly passive Suh, I’m for it.
    More important: It’s a rare day in Tampa when the Bucs put the reserves in halfway through the 4th quarter due to a blowout.
    Let me be more succinct. I mean halfway through the 4th quarter when they are winning!
    It’s happened many times when they were the victim or the mopped, not the victor, or the men doing the mopping.
    Moving forward: Anything can happen in the NFL. Coming into this game the Packers looked invincible. If there was ever a time to invoke the oft uses cliche, “one game at a time,” it is now. Some of you already have the Bucs in the Super Bowl. Time to step back, take a breath, and realize they go to Vegas, who easily handled the Chiefs last week in Kansas City.
    One game at a time …

  4. JA Says:

    USED-Loathe spell “correction.”

  5. Buczilla Says:

    Still smiling.

  6. AKicknTheBucNuts Says:


    Victory Monday.

  7. Warren Brown Says:

    Suh is everything we never got with Gerald McCoy.

  8. Bird Says:

    Suh just gives that stare like are you serious? You are gonna do what to me?

    Suh is playing great. I had my doubts about him when they first acquired
    I was wrong.
    He played good last year. And better this year in my opinion.
    plus he brings a little Nasty to the team like yesterday

    Go bucs. Huge win
    Green bay was scoring at will on teams and was coming off a buy week
    I actually had pegged as a L when season started

    All the people claiming a trap game for green bay and not a big win? Just go away trolls. You know who you are.

    Huge momentum win for the season. Las vegas will be tough too

  9. MadMax Says:

    Wheres our slut dog?

  10. geno711 Says:

    Some guys see things differently than me.

    When JA says Suh seems passive to him before yesterday, I do not get that comment. He was a great find for us last year and has been just as good for us this year IMO.

    There is a reason the Bucs defense got better with him in the middle last year and why the Rams defense got worse last year.

    Strong player. Glad we have him.

  11. August 1976 Buc Says:

    It always helps to get into another players head, especially a player like pouty A Rodgers. 3 cheers for a few more curb stomping wins, it is nice to win like this. R E S P E C T has returned to this franchise. GO BUCS!!!!!

  12. No Risk It No Biscuit Says:

    Interesting Joe.

    True Bucs fans enjoy eliminating McNabb and the cocky Eagles in 2002 as the REAL Super Bowl win while Oakland’s defeat was just icing in the cake.


  13. Says:

    I hope McLendon meshes well with the defensive line. Having a rotation of starters on the Dline will make a huge difference as long as they are all on the same page.

  14. Jason Says:

    Old 93 “Sorry Aaron.”
    New 93 “I will eat your children!!!”
    Advantage new 93.

  15. Scurvy Dogs Says:

    Traps games do not happen coming out of a bye week.

  16. JA Says:


    Should have clarified. I don’t think Suh plays with passivity, just seems to play as a guy who does his job but could play better— like the fired up version that had a sack a few plays after his display of emotion.

  17. Bird Says:


    He wont be up today. Bucs won
    So He is so sad today
    Needs to wash bed sheets from all of last nights tears

    He was actually upset that rodgers got hit in helmet and not called
    He is rooting against bucs to try and show team better off with jameis
    He is not pro buc. He is pro jameis and nole homer.

    14 tds to 4 ints is almost 4 to 1
    Thats how you win games. Who cares about yardage. Pass interference got the ball in the 2 yard line. How many yards was that? You get a td in red zone and dont turn ball over.

  18. AtlBuc Says:

    Top 3 Bucs games:
    1. Super Bowl victory
    2. Closing down the Vet beating Philly
    3. Seal-clubbing Green Bay yesterday

  19. ClodHopper Says:

    Gotta admit when this was going on I was getting a little concerned Sue was going to do something stupid like kick someone in the nuts. His maturity has been a pleasant surprise so far.

  20. Cannon Says:

    A DT getting into the head of a Packers QB. Ah, the nostalgia 🙂

  21. Ftmyersbuc Says:

    Yes thank God gmc is gone, sorry aaron is what he would have said. What a beta competitor that guy was. Aaron comes into your house and starts air humping on national tv?? Oh hell no says Suh. Sit down little biotch, be humble.

  22. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Add rematch game against Rams at home in 2000….

  23. anderson Fa Gonzalez Says:

    I had no idea about the rival these two had in the NFC north lol. After doing my research is easy now to know why these two hate each other so much.

  24. D-Rome Says:

    Joe cannot remember having so much fun watching a Bucs win, possibly since they beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl.

    Well said, Joe. At minimum this was the most important win since the 2007 season for a variety of reasons. Yesterday’s win saved the season in my opinion. I don’t think the Bucs could have recovered from 3-3.

  25. grammarian Says:

    YES! After “Karen” Rogers was grinding his deek after his called-back TD run… He had his beach-slap coming his way with near back to back pick 6’s…

    Loved how he want from laughing and mocking the Bucs to pure frustration and confusion and PAIN! That punk-azz is gonna be SORE today!!!

    He got TUNED!

  26. chris L Says:

    that play at the end of the half was filthy. he threw rodgers to the ground to run out the clock and hopes of any comeback from rodgers.

  27. orlbucfan Says:

    Attention all you GMC haters: get lost! GMC had the bad luck to play on a boatload of Bucs teams that stunk up the multiverse.

  28. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I really enjoyed watching Rodgers allowing Suh to get into his head, but the best part of the game to me was when Rodgers lost his starting tackle.
    The camera briefly flashed on him saying “Oh Sh!t” .
    That was not just a loss for the unbeaten Packers, it was a beatdown, on National TV.

  29. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Warren Sapp would have approved of the performance. Get in the QB’s head while you punish his body

  30. Joe Says:

    Warren Sapp would have approved of the performance.

    Unlikely. Sapp has an ax to grind with Suh.

    Why? No clue.

  31. Wesley Says:

    Rodgers is a dick.

  32. Soggy Says:

    Who is this Gerald McCoy guy people keep talking about.. Lol

  33. Howard Cosell Says:

    Please do a story on exactly what it was that Brady screamed at Jensen on the Bucs sideline in Chicago.
    Whatever it was it worked.
    Brady is a helluva motivational speaker.
    Maybe he’ll scream at Howard if Howard asks nicely
    (It would improve Howard productivity by 150%)

  34. Wesley Says:


  35. Rod Munch Says:

    The Bucs opening up the new Philadelphia stadium with a 17-0 beatdown of the Eagles, after shutting down their old dump of the stadium, those two Eagles games were amazing fun. The SB beatdown was fun, but kind of felt like a foregone conclusion, anyone with common sense knew the Bucs would destroy the #1 offense Raiders and it was expected, at least by me.

    This beatdown was a good Bucs win, but I wouldn’t put it anywhere near a top W list. Rodgers stinks in Tampa and personally I fully expected the Bucs to win and for Rodgers to play like crap. I mean this is a guy who complained about the grass being too hard after he got sacked like 6 times by a bad Bucs team years ago. Who complains about the grass being too hard? A woman, that’s who.

  36. Rick Says:

    I like suh, after hating him for so long. Agree with above statement that he’s all i ever wanted out of mccoy