“Oh, I Knew I Was Gonna Get It”

October 19th, 2020


It’s not often that Jamel Dean gets a call for a national interview.

But that was the case last night when NBC super insider/morality-lecturer Peter King phoned the Bucs’ second-year cornerback for a chat about his earth-shifting interception of Aaron Rodgers yesterday.

King featured Dean in his Football Morning In America column at NBCSports.com today. Dean explained that his pick-6 of Rodgers was all about specific film study of Packers receiver Davante Adams going wide in motion to the left.

“Did you think you’d pick it off?” I said.

“Oh, I knew I was gonna get it,” he said.

It’s almost unfair to point to one play in a 38-10 Bucs blowout, but that certainly represented a massive shift in a game that was being dominated by Green Bay.

And they never recovered.

21 Responses to ““Oh, I Knew I Was Gonna Get It””

  1. SteveK Says:

    Just wow. Great play.

    Glad to no be watching our DBs play a 9-yard cushion like an older defense we used to employ.

  2. August 1976 Buc Says:

    J Dean is growing up before the nations eyes. He hit 20 mph on the pick 6 return. GO BUCS!!!

  3. Blogtalkfootball.com Says:

    Isn’t Dean the guy that started coming in at 5am last year after the humiliation he suffered at the hands of Russell Wilson to watch film with Coach Bowles? Looks like he took that study to the next level this year.

  4. Bird Says:

    Changed momentum big time

    I will be honest …after years and years of buc ball…games get out if reach fast
    I texted buddy right before pick saying this could be a blowout (meaning packers of course)

    Got to have patience now
    This team has a chance to be best since we flamed out after super bowl
    The city of tampa is on fire right now

    Rays up next.

  5. Bird Says:

    Joes up early too I see

    Gotta love it.
    Wonder if they spring out of bed (not to hung over) and were excited and ready to type away.

    Again …this is biggest win in a while. Confidence game. Can turn a season into more positives
    I know its early and injuries happen but proud of my bucs

    I had 4-2 as realistic best case scenario . (I just had us beating bears and losing to packers And saints ) You got to remember no preseason / limited practices and a new qb comes to a team and learns new receivers and new plays
    That takes time

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our entire defense played extremely well….

    Our pass coverage was excellent….you could tell because Rodgers had no one to throw to….forcing him to run around and be pressured….not even the short passes.

  7. Bill M Says:

    looks like a turn around year. for the pass defense . New blood and more experience!

  8. Darin Says:

    I hear ya. Hard not to expect the worst, it’s been too long. What a change after the first quarter. Deans picks absolutely the catalyst. 28 second quarter points was a beautiful sight!

  9. Jersey buc Says:

    What a hell of a game! Finally a complete game by all sides.
    Man still really pissed about that bears game. 5-1 would be so nice.
    All good we play like this rest of the year there is no doubt we’re playing playoff football!
    Stack em up. Get some

  10. #1bucfan Says:

    I’d like to see j.D. get more playing time. Last year he had all those pd. And only was a part time player. I think he’s earned more playing time

  11. 813bucboi Says:


    theres your “PLAYER DEVELOPMENT”!!!!!

    something smitty knew nothing about….

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  12. BucsFanFromSaintsLand Says:

    Dean played great. In other news…..Is it just me or does SMB look lost too damn often????

  13. unbelievable Says:

    Dean > Bunting

    Been saying this since the Seattle game last year

    But really this was a great team win. Go Bucs!

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    SMB has been close to grabbing an INT….he’s still settling into that slot CB position, he’ll only get better….

    but Dean is a true stud on the outside….and he’s a great tackler….

    our secondary is special….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  15. Mike Says:

    It took Ronde a few years to really come into his own in the slot, so hoping SMB keeps working and pursuing the perfection of his craft. Dean is definitely the better outside corner right now and has earned the right to hold down the outside.

  16. TampaTown Says:

    I was thinking SMB might still be hurt especially because it was a groin injury but yesterday he was either out of position or turning the wrong way many times. Weird because he was coming on so strong.

  17. orlbucfan Says:

    Couldn’t get Bucs radio so watched it on the tube. I watched Dean watch Rodgers very intently before that pick. Figured he put in the time required in the film room. The 6 points was icing on the cake.

  18. Buc4ever Says:

    Great play, I sure wish we would be willing to play close and jump more routes. Good to see our DB’s play aggressively.

  19. cmurda Says:

    I’ve been saying it for a while now. To be precise, right after the Seattle game when Dean refused to be beaten like that again. This dude is a shut down cornerback. He’s a rare breed. The only question is will he be generational? Teams are going to start learning about Dean and will avoid throwing to his side.

  20. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Dean is the corner that needs to be starting opposite Davis!! When I watched Seattle carve him up he also had 4 or 5 REALLY good defenses too!! I knew right then he could be special he was just out of place a little in his first NFL game… But he was never truly beat!! And HE was the quiet leader who went to Bowles and said how do I get better coach!!! The rest of the secondary followed HIS lead after the “leader” vacuum that was caused by Hargreaves termination!! …. Dean is the guy they need to be starting on the outside!! Bunting is good too but he’s having a sophomore slump of sorts and looks frustrated a lot!! He will get it, but Dean is already there!! And HAS BEEN!!! He’s obviously a film junky and corner is almost totally mental!! Yeah turn the hips right, have agility, speed… But they all have that!! It’s the guys like Dean that Excel!!! Same for Davis!! Dude didn’t have a ton of ability but he has a ton of heart and is willing to learn!!!

  21. Cobraboy Says:

    My concern is Dean’s health, specifically his wheels…