Respect Tom Brady

October 16th, 2020

When Emmanuel Acho speaks about the Bucs, Joe listens.

Why is that?

Last year the Bucs had a reserve linebacker named Sam Acho. The Bucs didn’t bring him back.

Yeah, so? Well, Sam Acho happens to be the brother of Emmanuel Acho of FS1. Joe is confident Sam Acho has told his more famous brother all sorts of intel on the Bucs, Bucco Bruce Arians, defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, and many other things only folks who work inside the walls of One Buc Palace know.

Emmanuel Acho took to his studio desk at the FS1 studio as the co-host of “Speak for Yourself.”  There, Acho, as if he just finished watching the opening scene of “The Godfather,” discussed how he know longer fears park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring, down-forgetting Bucs quarterback Tom Brady. However, because of Brady’s street cred, Acho said he very much respects Brady.

Acho said at this stage of his career, Brady is no longer the Brady we knew in New England. But at times, Acho said, Brady flashes the football wit and that golden arm that was so devastating in New England.

“In the game of football, there is a figure of speech, ‘Any Given Sunday,'” Acho began. “The difference is, with Tom Brady, it was ‘Every Given Sunday’ because you knew Tom Brady was going to ball every given Sunday.

“However, with Tom Brady now, he may ball any given Sunday.”

Acho went through Brady’s stats this season to demonstrate at times Brady is still elite and at other times he’s Andy Dalton with an AARP card.

“Tom Brady? You don’t know what you are going to get,” Acho said. “Is it Jekyll? Is it Hyde? … I don’t fear Tom Brady cause he can’t do what he used to be able to do. I still respect him and revere him as the GOAT.”

Please folks, don’t be like Troy “Make a Play” Aikman. It is getting to be nonsense that Brady needs time with a new offense. As the late great Dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, the “Big Dog,” Steve Duemig, would say, “Bullspit!”

Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are playing on new teams. How come those rookies are playing so well?

Teddy Bridgewater, an NFL veteran, is playing on a new team as well. Last Joe checked, the Stinking Panthers are tied with the Bucs atop the NFC South. Bridgewater isn’t struggling.

Look, one of the reasons the Bucs got Brady is that he supposedly makes everyone around him better. So we shouldn’t be climbing the top of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge because of receiver injuries unless you believe Brady has lost his magic.

(No, Joe isn’t going to mention that neither Bridgewater nor Burrow nor Herbert have forgotten how to count to four. That’s too easy of fruit to pick.)

To see Acho’s full take on Brady, you can view it in the FS1 video below.

13 Responses to “Respect Tom Brady”

  1. danr Says:

    joe burrow and justin herbert are not timing based skillsets.

    tom brady is. when that is the case, you get better with continuity.

  2. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Brady isn’t struggling- the left Tackle is.

  3. Miller5252 Says:

    In the NFL you have to perform even when you have injuries. But I’m still not sold on him being the washed up QB until I see him and his weapons all on the field. New team, new playbook and constant swap of weapons still need some time to decide if it true or if this is just more talking points.

  4. El Buco Realisto Says:


    And that is the “real” problem!!!!!!!!! There is no more time for ole stale biscuit!!!!!!! The so called “win now” coach!!!!! The “real” fans are sick and tired of the bruce arrogance BS reload!!!!!!!!! And the clock is ticking on the old cheating goat as well!!!!! This is not a “they just need another year in the system” by excuse that will fly anymore!!!!!!!!! People are going to get canned at the end of the year!!!!!!!!!!! And rightfully so!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coaches and GM will be held “ACCOUNTABLE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!

  5. Mike C Says:

    But yet you did it anyway joe…. (low hanging fruit smh)

  6. Joe Says:

    joe burrow and justin herbert are not timing based skillsets.

    Herbert throws to receivers before they make their breaks. If that’s not timing, Joe doesn’t know what timing is.

  7. Rayjay1122 Says:

    As usual, we were all duped by winning the off season.

  8. chris L Says:

    i dont know about you or other readers joe but only the media has given those excuses about the bucs. i havent made any excuses for brady and neither have you. frankly he isnt the reason we lost on thursday although he didnt play well but the whole team were a letdown including coaches. the game against new orleans you can say he didnt play well and might be to blame. overall team game but you dont need to preach to me or the fans to not use the excuse of no offseason time. we know better and i am not giving that excuse any leeway. win games that is all that matters to me. i dont care who you are or what you have done.

  9. Pewter Power Says:

    Every quarterback you mentioned is playing with a coordinator they previously worked with except Herbert. Winston didn’t get any credit for playing well the times he did. If the goal is winning Herbert is doing nothing and neither is burrow. Teddy bridge water coordinator was with him in New Orleans. If winning is the goal Brady is out playing them all. And Brady hasn’t had his weapons at full strength all season.

  10. ArmchairGM Says:

    Burrow and Herbert have 1 win between them. Herbert struggled to score in the 2nd half vs. the Bucs and the Saints. They look good for rookies. Bridgewater is doing well, but that they have the same record as the Bucs while getting about 35 more total yards per game, but averaging 3 less points. Time in the offense is going to help all 4 of these QBs improve.

  11. WillieG Says:

    If you take someone who has been driving in the USA for twenty years, and put him on English roads, he will struggle more than a 16 with little to no driving experience. It’s a lot harder learn a new way of doing something you’ve done for 20 years.

  12. SOEbuc Says:

    Acho= Loud Kellerman.

  13. Blu Says:

    Dude is on pace for one of his 6 best seasons ever but you idiots are xompcuz its not pretty. As long as you getting the wins who cares how it looks. For such an offensive coach BA scheme sure looks average next the saints, rams, chiefs, seahawks, 49ers offenses. I wonder why.