Picture Perfect

October 8th, 2020

Video breakdown.

Former CBS newsman Dan Rather once wrote a book “The Camera Never Blinks.” That came to mind for Joe watching some Bucs tape.

A few, though not many, cling to the tried and true cry of blaming everything from Mars coming close to the earth to The Sickness on the Bucs’ offensive line.

Eh. Joe’s used to it by now. Numb actually.

But this year that kneejerk reaction is hard to push. Brady, who is just two steps away from a mailbox in terms of mobility, is not having to dust off his jersey much and most of the folks who attempt to traffic in ranking offensive lines are actually giving the Bucs’ line good marks.

Earlier this week, former NFL offensive lineman and NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger did a video breakdown on the Bucs’ offense line. Two things jumped out at Joe.

One (as pictured above), the Bucs blocked for Brady. In that picture is just about the perfect pocket for a quarterback to throw in. When the play started, if Brady were mobile, he could have run for probably 15 yards up the middle; the seas parted so well.

Also in this video you get to see how deadly accurate Brady is. He absolutely threads a needle between two Los Angeles defenders to connect with Mike Evans. It’s actually beautiful.

As Baldinger points out, check out how the Bucs at times had foot-rubbing, car-littering Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski one-on-one blocking Joey Bosa.

Good stuff here from Baldinger.

16 Responses to “Picture Perfect”

  1. unbelievable Says:

    Joe- maybe you didn’t notice but ppl haven’t been b!tching about the o-line the last few weeks because… wait for it… they’ve been playing better!

    You’ve even quoted guys like Anthony Becht and Ian Beckles saying the same thing- that the blocking has been much better (finally!).

    In the past people blamed the o-line. Because they weren’t blocking well. Now they are.

  2. Miller5252 Says:

    If that first score wasn’t a quick hit Brady would have got killed on his blind side. That wasn’t good blocking on that throw.

  3. james west Says:

    L-F-G BUCS

  4. james west Says:


  5. Casual Observer Says:

    Brady still has it. For sure.

  6. JGhotier Says:

    Besides Tristan Wirfs being a great addition, it’s not just they are blocking better, but Brady gets the ball out much quicker than Jameis. The O-Line hasn’t sucked, but they’ve been average. Brady upgrade from Jameis and the addition of Wirfs have them now playing good. It’s nice to see.

  7. 813bucboi Says:

    oline coach needs a raise!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  8. Bird Says:

    Here in orlando was not able to watch on sunday so followed on computer
    Watched replay last night.

    That oj howard Td pass was a beauty
    Brady released the ball when oj was even (maybe even slightly behind) defender
    He is dropping dimes

    I dont see an arm strength issue
    And joe provided confirmation yesterday that brady tied for first in passes over 20 yards

    Go bucs
    Big game tonight
    Hard to win in chicago.

    Great to see all these excited buc fans too
    Well except the usual (mainly) Nole fans like Nsob

  9. Ftmyersbuc Says:

    Omg on that first touchdown donovan smith just got his hands swatted like a toddler and blown by like a statue. Jesus thats terrifying having an old immobile guy back there…meanwhile wirfs is burying guys. I’d feel better with wirfs on the left next to ali.

  10. lambchop Says:

    Donovan Smith didn’t loaf on a play all game. He might have been beat, but sustained a block long enough for Brady to get rid of it. This OL is as good as its weakest link. Goodbye!

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    A lot of O-Line play is “want-to.”

    It’s easier to dig deep in the “want-to” bag when you have great faith & belief in a Tom Brady at QB.

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    Baldy is the absolute best when it comes to picking out key plays & breaking down film. Would love more of that Joe.

  13. Coburn Says:

    Other than Wirfs the online has been similar to last year imo. Brady just makes them look a lot better because he’s smart. Some plays right from the snap he sees it’s a blown play and immediately throws it away. Heck half the sacks he’s taken were smart ones where he didn’t try to make a desperation throw.

  14. SlyPirate541 Says:

    How Brady helps the oline …
    1. Creates new plays based on game tape. This is an amazing.
    2. Diagnosis defense and calls the right play/protection
    3. Gets the ball out quickly
    4. Throws the ball away
    5. Calls more run plays

  15. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Some of us shouted til blue in the face that Jameis made the o-line look worse than they were. They had to hold blocks far longer than reasonable due to his slow processing.

  16. Buczilla Says:

    “As Baldinger points out, check out how the Bucs at times had foot-rubbing, car-littering Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski one-on-one blocking Joey Bosa.”

    I had to laugh at this when I read it and then watched it. Dude takes a year off to wrestle and goof off, then comes back and starts blocking pro bowl defensive ends?!? Awesome stuff man.