“I Think I’m A Floridian For As Long As I Can Envision Now”

October 16th, 2020

Florida man

It’s Week 6 of the glorious NFL season, and Sunday against the Packers is really all that matters now, but it’s never too early to feel good vibes about the future.

One thing all Bucs fans have learned is that Tom Brady can still play quarterback at a high level, even if he gets a little forgetful late at night like many older folks do.

And it’s a damn good thing Brady looks strong and eager because the Bucs’ quarterback prospects without him next season are grim for a team with postseason goals.

So does Brady want to play out his two-year contract in Tampa? That’s unclear, but he did make it clear on national television last week that he is more than just a working tourist in Tampa.

“I think I’m a Floridian for as long as I can envision now,” Brady told Erin Andrews on FOX-TV.

Brady went on to explain how he doesn’t miss cold weather and being in Tampa has flashed him back to his days growing up in mild California. Simply stated: he likes Florida, and Joe suspects Brady has no interest in playing for the Jaguars or Dolphins.

This comment from Brady really soothes Joe, since the Bucs opted not to draft a developmental QB to learn under Brady and the team’s heralded quarterback gurus. Yeah, yeah, Josh Rosen. Joe will pay attention when Rosen gets off the practice squad and passes Ryan Griffin on the depth chart.)

32 Responses to ““I Think I’m A Floridian For As Long As I Can Envision Now””

  1. BucEmUp Says:

    Look how fast the clouds have rolled back in over Ray Jay. Funny how Tampa weather does that…

  2. Cannon Says:

    I think the pickup of Josh Rosen is a smart choice. If the stars align, he could be that developmental QB.

    Wishful thinking?

  3. Pewter Power Says:

    I would honestly trust josh Rosen more than Ryan griffin or Blaine gabbert. Yea yea he knows Bruce Arians offense but mean he know how to throw

  4. January1979 Says:

    Cannon, I think that’s their hope as well. And he chose to come here, which gives me hope that he truly wants to learn. His intangibles coming out of college were off the charts, the talent is there. Let’s see if he can get his mental act together.

  5. Cannon Says:

    @Pewter Power @January1979

    Exactly. He’s a former 1st round draft pick that wanted to come here for peanuts. It “could” be a diamond in the rough.

    (I admit, I’m into my second round of Elijah Craig Single Barrel Small Batch…)

  6. Bucsfanman Says:

    BucEmUp- Only for “fair-weather” fans! LOL!
    Yeah, the Packers are a tough opponent. GOOD! This will be a good litmus test of where, and WHO, we are as a football team.
    Regardless of the outcome, would you rather (blank) former QB or (blank) current QB?
    I like our chances!

  7. WillieG Says:

    Does he know the Yankee rule (if you move here from up north, you gotta send two Yankees back)? If not, could you please fill him in? Thanks.

  8. Paul Says:

    Hey JOE you did a positive article about Tom Brady aka the GOAT and no-silly Childish moniker before his name was used!!

    Personally I am very Proud of You! Now let’s keep working on that 50% number according to all your researching the archives revealed. LOL


  9. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I’ll take Josh Rosen 100 times over either of our other QBs.

  10. Ndog Says:

    Great so your telling us were stuck with this chicken s*** scared to death quarterback who wants to blame everybody but himself for everything wrong? Oh yeah I wonder where he gets that from , of course the POS, lying, backstabbing coach he plays for.

  11. John says Says:

    This game will tell a lot whether the Bucs will be pretenders or contenders this year. With Tom you have to consistently move the chains at a high level if you are going to be a contender. Otherwise it is all just window dressing. Denver was successful with Peyton because they leveraged with what he was good at doing at a high level. Tom is not Ben, Mahomes, Roger’s or Russell. Hopefully the light bulb goes off soon.

  12. El Buco Realisto Is a Dicko and NDogTurd is a Crybaby and TheBucsAnus and LovesJameisTighties are Trolls Says:

    Yep guess so NDogTurd. Poor baby.

  13. Ndog Says:

    Yep y’all keep being happy about a washed up QB who you all worship for what he did for somebody else. Makes perfect since.


  14. El Buco Realisto Is a Dicko and NDogTurd is a Crybaby and TheBucsAnus and LovesJameisTighties are Trolls Says:

    Yep, and keep us updated on how the QB you’re nuthugging is doing this year, ok sweetie pie?

  15. Youngbucs Says:


  16. ManzielMadness Says:

    Thanks, I will keep being happy! And I’ll send ya a nice Photo of your boy on the bench! I know you need some copies to beat your me@t too!

  17. TampaTown Says:

    WillieG: 😂😂

  18. Swampbuc Says:

    Brady could play 60 minutes of good football. Then maybe the rest of the team would. Time to get your sh!t together Tom!

  19. REDZONE BA Says:

    Gut says that ME13 and Godwin are more than “marginally healthy”. Expecting a shoot-out.

  20. JameisAlmighty Says:

    He’s moved into his desirable role like every Floridian who posts and writes on this site or live on Davis Island. He should thank Licht for the peanuts he dropped on him that will inevitably destroy the small window that this franchise had to win. Licht should do the honorable thing and trade Brady so he has to rent a place not on Davis Island until the season is over. Tom Brady was great when he had 6 rings, but he’s now Terrible Tom Brady, the franchise killer. Firrreeee Licht. Glazers Out! FYI since the Glazers out campaign at Manchester United, the team has been bad. Glazers OuT! #Blame Brady forget any meaningful pro football in Tampa any time soon until the XFL comes.

  21. JameisAlmighty Says:

    Brady with the Bucs is like Michael Jordan with the Wizards. At least MJ could still dunk. How people don’t see this is absolutely predictable. Fans are not football experts for the most part. I am not a football expert and I can see Brady is just plain Brutal. Trade or Bench Brady.

  22. D1 Says:

    Terrible Tom Franchise killer! Lol………..maybe joe will add it on.

    But …if Tom is terrible . (Let’s go with it.) .. and He’s on a downward spiral . A shell of his former self. Again no argument.

    A franchise killer? Why, because He was responsible for the team letting winston walk! Not his team and he doesn’t make those decisions, so not sure how he’d be able to kill a franchise. But it is a far greater offense to not use that label than use it even

  23. D1 Says:

    though it’s completely inaccurate and impossible, even hypothetically. But it’s too good to waste.

    So Tom is terrible and a franchise killer. Check!

    However, there’s one thing. If you can explain it , Id appreciate it.

    Week 5 this year vs last year. If you’re looking at the QB stats , they’re remarkable in how little variance there is between terrible Tom and the Holy one , our Lord and franchise, jameis winston. Even more perplexed by the variance favoring terrible Tom not Jesus winston.

    It looks like Tom’s terrible is BETTER than the franchise, the future’s, best ever. I’m wracking my grey matter trying to keep this together. I want to support criminal justice reform and I want to use that super clever moniker you came up with. So it’s tough to see the truth .

    Maybe if Tom Brady cost twice as much as Jesus I can buy in. Do you know if Brady robbed the Glazer’s and demanded goat money ? I’m sure the goat demanded more than a jag. Why wouldn’t he?

    The greedy goat ate all the salary and killed the franchise in perpetuity.

    Makes sense, send me a shirt

  24. D1 Says:

    Hold the F up !

    I just learned winston wanted 30 million + 5yrs and The Goat got 2 years at 25.
    A 2 yr contract is disposable at the end of year 1 with minimal salary cap ramifications in year 2 and 0 after that. Can’t kill a franchise that way ..

    But a 5yr big money guaranteed contract can mortally wound a franchise for years and years if the player performs below the contract value.

    I’m guessing that the accounting dept at one buc reported to ownership that it’s safer with the goat than a jag. Financially the goat is a low risk, high reward decision. The franchise was high risk and low reward.

    If only “the franchise” would have given the team a loyalty discount, and played for less than the greatest of all time …..,we’d still have him on the team.

    The Glazer’s don’t know football, but they damn sure know how to make money. Hard to fathom how a stanford grad could be so stupid, on the business side, and not consider his financial demands onerous and inflated from the teams perspective.

    Or at least consider the Glazer’s and how they work. Either way, his lack of self awareness is staggering. Blinded by his own greatness. lasik surgery may have fixed his eyes but not his sight.

  25. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Tom Brady = G O A T, Mr 6 rings, The Gold standard in the annals of the storied National Football League. Winniningest QB of all time, double the playoff wins then anyone, who still has got it. 17 down and come back and win in regulation without OT. Yes the Bucs need a QB when Tom leaves, but it sure is a lot better right now than it has been since the Super Bowl season. GO BUCS!!!!

  26. adam from ny Says:

    if rosen isn’t the number 2 guy on this squad next season, then he’s a bust…

    he should be settled in and battling for the 2nd spot for sure…

    i heard the glazers like rosen too…as they eye the future

  27. adam from ny Says:


    brady will be here next year…starting…bank on it…

    the money and spotlight alone keep him starting for the bucs, unless tom himself pulls the plug…

    the glazers will not pull the plug on this new but temporary “america’s team” we have in tampa…

    2022…could be iffy tho

  28. Hodad Says:

    Josh Rosen sucks, and is not the future. If the Bucs don’t win the SB this year, or next, the whole lot of them will be gone. There will be no Byron, or Todd taking over as head coach unless Arian’s rides into the sunset with some kind of hard ware. You know, division titles, playoff wins, NFC title games. That kind of hard ware. Two years to get it done. If not, I see a total rebuild. As the song goes, It’s now, or never.

  29. orlbucfan Says:

    Methuselah has enough coin to make a decent offer on part of Davis Island. Griffin hasn’t played much. Gabbert sucks period, and BA should cut him.

  30. Brandon Says:

    D1…. please stop referring to Winston as a JAG. That is completely inaccurate. How can ge be a JAG when he is clearly a TOM (turn over machine)?

  31. Bird Says:


    You didnt post mine. Its so true too
    Did you read the other above. Way worse then mine
    Oh but i have called you out in past With sarcasm so no go
    Censorship at its best
    Got it comrad

  32. Mirrormirroronthewall Says:

    He cannot count to four Joe; do not get to excited.