The Excuses Fly

September 15th, 2020

Offers misdirection.

As you will hear later in the “Ira Kaufman Podcast,” Joe is up-to-here with the nonsense some are trying to use to excuse the Bucs were more than rusty due to a limited offseason.

Uh, people: All 32 teams had a limited offseason! No one had scrimmages with other teams. No one had a preseason game. Stop it!

Did learning a new offense hinder Joe Burrow? The rookie Bengals quarterback was doing Zoom interviews while park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring Bucs quarterback Tom Brady was working out with his receivers.

Kyler Murray never worked with DeAndre Hopkins before. How come those two were on the same page?

Teddy Bridgewater was with a new team. Did he play horribly Sunday?

Aaron Rodgers was mostly throwing to stiffs since the Packers are trying to chase him out of Wisconsin by not getting him receivers. He seemed OK Sunday — playing on the road no less.

In theory, former Bucs quarterback and Super Bowl winner Trent Dilfer is right. Lack of an offseason didn’t help. But that’s in theory. When every NFL team had the very same restrictions and many other quarterbacks and offenses were in the same pinch as Brady and the Bucs didn’t embarrass themselves, that lack-of-time excuse is totally thrown out the window in Joe’s eyes.

On Monday, Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians scoffed at the lack-of-timing misdirection. He noted how the Bucs looked sharp on the first drive. And he was absolutely right.

Tomorrow, Joe will have more from former Bucs quarterback Chris Simms where he details, at least with the Bucs, a limited offseason is no excuse for Tampa Bay’s woes on Sunday.

43 Responses to “The Excuses Fly”

  1. Bucsfanman Says:

    Agreed regarding the excuses. I mean, everybody else is going through the same, or similar, thing. Tighten up the laces, buckle your chinstrap and go get it done against the Panthers.
    This talk will die out quickly if we just string some wins together.

  2. zzbuc Says:

    Joe, what happened on sunday was absolutely no surprise for most of NFL fans….I don´t find the comparison with other teams quite fair YET, to be honest with you…This team with new QB who played for many many years for another team with another coach with another system will need like it or not some more time….Get some rythm, get use to the way Arians want to …. If we keep on playing like this for a couple of weeks ahead, I will agree with your argumens, this team needs a little more time, and of course most of the players need to be better including Brady…..and if they don´t ….we can start barking…..But I don´t think we should be so worried on the first game of the season with one of the best teams on the league……

  3. D-Rome Says:

    Anyone that tries to excuse the Bucs poor performance in New Orleans is a mouth-breathing buffoon.

  4. Joe Says:

    Get some rythm, get use to the way Arians want to

    How was the rythym on the first drive? Or even the second when the Bucs were inches from a first down?

  5. Darin Says:

    Lost to the team that played better. We were worrying when you were the QB Trent! Love him as an analyst but worst qb to grace this town!! Whew i lost my voice plenty of times booing Trent

  6. zzbuc Says:

    Common Joe, you really expect the Bucs playing against the Saints on the oppener keep that kind of rythm for the entire game??
    You sound very demanding for the first game….I really don´t understand it…..
    Again, very few people expect to have a great game…..I undesrtand the complaint in the future, not now….I totally expect it…..
    You alway bring to this site what Ian Beckles says…..Please listen what he said last weak…..
    Just be a little more patient (if you like to)

  7. Sesteprenelicus Says:

    It’s really so awesome how Joe posts so many articles during the day… thanks Joe!

  8. Jaymiss Pick6 Again Says:

    My goodness – it was one game against a really good team that by and large has been together for a few years. Sheeesh!

  9. Joe Says:


    It’s really so awesome how Joe posts so many articles during the day… thanks Joe!

    THANK YOU! If not for readers like you, Joe would not exist.

  10. Says:

    How bout this. Brady had some nerves. Playing best team in league with nucleus that been winning together for long time. On road.
    Where our prior starting qb was on sidelines and had prepped the defense for two weeks (don’t discount it – raiders had no shot against Chucky in the super bowl)

    We should be able to catch up by week 2 against an inferior opponent.

  11. Rob Says:

    I agree we shouldn’t make excuses, but the truth here is that Arians offense is complex and risky. Every QB has struggled initially to grasp it, leading to
    Interceptions. Brady is not immune to this, regardless of his track record. In fact, in some ways it was harder with him not looking at another playbook for 20 years. A big wake up call for him, I’m sure, and would expect him to work with Arians to simplify things and reduce risk. The biggest issue is the O Line. Donovan Smith is horrible. The guy can’t give up plays like he did last Sunday. Brady won’t stand for it and gives him no chance at success if the guy can’t block.

  12. Mort Says:

    Those other teams didn’t play the Saints.

  13. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Every team was a little rusty.
    A common thread among teams that lost – turnovers.
    Bucs lost because of 3 turnovers
    Colts lost to Jags because Rivers threw 2 picks and another was called back because of penalty
    Burrow was great but Bengals had 2 turnovers
    Redskins had 0 turnovers but Wentz had 3.

    Lose the turnover battle and chances are you lose the game

  14. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Amazingly peeps still dont get it

    Kobe Faker has stated long time ago and repeatedly

    The key and success of the Buc season relies on

    Unplug Byron Leftwich headset”

    Kobe Faker

  15. Steven007 Says:

    Although I agree about no excuses and the fact that every team had the same issues surrounding it going into the season, the fact remains we were playing one of the better teams in the league that had arguably more continuity than other other team, and we are starting a new quarterback in a new offense for the first time since many of the jbf posters were in diapers. It will take some time. Hopefully not much longer than this weekend.

  16. Pok Says:

    Listen to Janoris Jenkins (goGators!) to know all you need. We threw the same routes to the flat last year to help Winston more pick 6es and ultimately get to his 30 for 30 threshold, and we go back to the well game 1 this year. He jumped the route because he knew it was coming. That’s on the coaches. Get a new play or someone will call ya a stale biscuit!

  17. Waterboy Says:

    Joe not sure if you’re aware but the Bengals and Panthers both loss on Sunday. Kyler Murray and Aaron Rodgers both are playing in the same system as they did last offseason and the entire season last year.

  18. Waterboy Says:

    Curious to see the win/loss record of teams that started new QB’s this year without an offseason over the first 3 weeks or so. Now that’s a more accurate evaluation of how much not having an offseason hurt teams.

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    Freaking right on Joe. I had to tune out several Bucs podcasts due to this excuse making. Couldn’t stomach it. It got so bad I even turned on AM radio only to hear more of the same as I about flipped my truck in a fit of rage.

    I counted 3 pairs of Bucs run into each other on Sunday!!! You need a freaking preseason game to understand not to run into each other? Tom needs a preseason game to understand not to make a boneheaded decision!!! Vita dont know to stay onsides on 4th and 2 without a warn up game………..Take these excuses and please wipe your rear with them. All of you using them.

    How bout this team grow the heck up and play like men for a change? Alls I saw was a bunch of kids stumbling around on the football field. Getting their rear end kicked by a real team. I am so freaking mad at this team right now……Yeah a little mad we lost. But mostly mad about the way we lost…….I guess it’s too much to ask for fundamental football. I’ve seen expansion teams play more professionally…….I hope our players aren’t listening to these hack media’s making excuses and thinking everything is OK. They are a bunch of pansies they dont speak for many fans.

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    ***END RANT***

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    Really Waterboy? That’s the standard set for Tom Brady taking over for a top ranked offense?

    You are holding him to the same bar of a rookie QB taking over for a last place team and the Panthers who just started a complete and total rebuild of every phase of the team?

  22. TSmitty3000 Says:

    Kyler Murray ran thru the defending NFC champs in their house. The thing people are missing is getting rid of JW for Brady(Can’t blame the Bucs for rolling the dice) actually highlighted the deficiencies we’ve been yelling about for years. How often did the national media say Donovan Smith’s name before the Saints game? How often did they bring up how the Bucs are undisciplined by leading the league in penalties? How often did they bring up the below average ground game? Heck when was the last time they questioned the coach like they did Arians? If other teams were ready to go with no preseason, what was the Bucs’ excuse. I put that on Arians. Discipline and being prepared starts at the top.

  23. Hodad Says:

    Half the teams in the league lost last week. This month will really show the direction of this team. It’s about winning the first quarter of the season. We have 3 winnable games coming up. If we’re 3-1 after Sept. we’re doing what we should. If 2-2 we have a lot of work to do. God forbid 1-3, the rats will be jumping off the ship!

  24. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Saints are as solid as anybody, settle down, it’ll be ok…clean up the special teams would help…left tackle gonna be on the shopping list….defense looked good, sky’s the limit with that bunch!

  25. Waterboy Says:


    Yes that’s the standard for Brady taking over the 7-9 last in the division Bucs.

  26. JimmyJack Says:

    OK waterboy…….Forget the 7-9…….Let’s just focus on offense.

    Are you telling me it’s perfectly acceptable for Brady to run a sloppy mistake riddled offense featuring half efforts and players running into each other.

    Hey if you wanna fall back on the excuse highlighted in the story that’s fine. Apparantly there are two different ways to see it………And I’m starting to think many of yall are simply hearing all our local media use this excuse and yall are buying it. Just my opinion.

    I am very looking forward to hearing the Joe’s podcast. I never seen any of the 3 on that podcast use excuses like this…….As a disgruntled fan I am for sure in need of a fresh take from the nonsense I am hearing from every other outlet. It is why Joe’s podcast is the best IMO.

  27. Jonny Says:

    Too much attention going towards Brady’s struggles, but people are forgetting that we are Bucs, a team that doesn’t know how to win. That muffed kickoff reception is our true identity.

  28. «Delusional Intelligence» Says:

    Some people aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about.

  29. Bucsfanman Says:

    “Some people aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about.”

    NOW, I’m really offended!

  30. Says:

    They just need to tighten up a few things.

  31. Mike Johnson Says:

    Smitty was bad. But the 50 million dollar man threw 2 interceptions directly related to saint scores. Just sayin..wait until you guys see Gabbert…….

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    I hate seeing Brady wearing #12 in the pewter Bucs uniform – I swear he looks just like Trent Dilfer when he moves around. It’s giving me PTSD.

  33. stpetebucsfan Says:


    The good news is I believe this defense has the ability to bail us out much as that studly Raven defense carried Dilfer to a SB ring.

    We talked mostly about our “outstanding” O because of the exciting pieces added to that puzzle. Seems to me that our D is what will determine whether we make the playoffs.

    BTW…That Ravens defense was the same class as our SB D and Da Bears…just suggesting that our D could be the best in the league this year…not for the decade like those preceding three teams I mentioned. I concede they were special. But if we’re going to set benchmarks why not shoot for the sky.

  34. Pewter Power Says:

    That’s kind of ignorant logic thinking that because everyone didn’t have a normal offseason That the Bucs and Saints were on equal footing. San Francisco lost to the freaking cardinals, who’s freaking out more?if continuity doesn’t matter than hell why have an offseason again. No excuses for the errors at all I will agree with that but if you are saying they should have won that game just because Brady is under center that’s stupid. A lot of guys don’t show up against this team but for some reason offense is talking all the heat when the weak link is really our o line still and a rookie is the best safety on the roster

  35. ModHairKen Says:

    The irrational analysis is par for this group of cooter fans. The real fans know this was one of the best teams in the NFL that the Bucs played, on the road. The Bucs made critical mistakes, and it cost them. TB made a few.

    So what. It’s one game, you bunch of crybabies.

    I hope someone wrote down the names of all of the cooters who said “I told you so,” implying they think Brady is done.

    And all you Jameis lovers: Jameis had his chance. For several years, and he BLEW IT. He’s gone because he has no game awareness.

  36. JimmyJack Says:

    Pewter Power good post…..I cant speak for all but at least for me I’m not devastated about the loss…….To me it was a grand failure of expectations. The Bucs simply didnt live up to the hype.

    That does not mean I expect the Bucs to beat the Saints 10 times out of 10…..But what I do expect is to fight a good team like the Saints ten times out of ten. Fight them tooth and nail. I expected to see a team to show up Sunday and show us they are a contender………Contenders dont put out games like that. You dont see guys totally unprepared, loafing all over the field, and running into each other………We looked like a last 0lace team out there. It was sad. And well have a hard time beating the Panthers with such a pathetic performance like that.

    Now I will admitt all that which is said is perhaps a overreaction with a maybe a lack of patience. I do understand Championship teams dont happen over night. They must be molded……….And such a poor performance could be a benefit to gain some needed determination…………..But all the bad stuff I said about our play I do standby as a fair assessment.

    Look we got Tom Brady and all it was awesome. Well, the honeymoons over. Its game time and Tom’s coming walking in here being praised as a Champion. It’s the time right now to play like one or get up on that plank with the long list of other crappy QBs we’ve had……….He brought some excitement and cold water just got poured on that against the Saint. Tom and the rest of the team has gotta step up and earn back my excitement. That horsecrap we just saw Sunday does move my needle.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what kinda team shows up Sunday. Expecting something better then last week.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  37. Clean House Says:

    Maybe Arians is not an offensive genius. We shall see.

  38. Georger Says:

    Maybe the Saints are a very good team?

  39. jjbucfan Says:

    Clean House- you beat me to it, I just had to erase half of what I was writing. At what point to we just say that this offense doesn’t work with this team. You need an incredible o-line to protect the QB. We have a decent O-line with one weak link that every true Buc fan has pointed out, but the “experts” can’t see it somehow. Arians was hired to be our HC/OC and immediately delegated the play calling duties to a dude that had little to no experience. He is predictable in his play calling and our sets give away our plays. Many defense pointed that out last year. We are tipping our pitches. If Brady tells the 2 of them to suck it and I am calling the plays now, we will be successful.

    I never expected to go in there and win that game in week 1, but I also never expected them to make zero adjustments from last year. Jameis got run out on a rail because of this offense (but interceptions…yeah I get it Gators). He kept us in games because of his ability in spite of the crappy gameplans.. The thing you need to see is that there is no separation from our WRs…AT ALL. That means every throw is a dangerous throw and has the potential to be picked. Both JW and Brady can fit the balls into tight windows but eventually the Defense is gonna get you. When you can’t run the ball, the DBs can sit on routes, especially when you are tipping your hand. Add to that the QBs have to take 5-7 yard drops and DS76 can block a Junior from Jesuit, you have hurried throws or premature scrambles. Brady should be able to fix this but the coaches are the ones that have to adjust. We brought Gronk in to block?? Are you f-ing kidding? For 10 miill a year we could have brought in the best R tackle in FA and put him in as another blocker. The coaches are letting the players and the fans down. Did I mention DS 76 sucks?LOL

  40. Oneilbucs Says:

    I don’t think it’s Brady just like Jamies this play book is to risky. If we don’t change the plays it’s going to be more turnovers this season .

  41. SOEbuc Says:

    I’m expecting more turnovers by the Bucs and less by Brady. Saints are a top five defense. Brees and Thomas got shut out by a 23 year old secondary.

  42. Rod Munch Says:

    stpetebucsfan – That Baltimore defense was not in the same league as the Bucs, they played a cupcake schedule in a division with an expansion team and most of the teams they played were defensive minded teams.

    The Bucs played in the highest scoring division in the NFL in 2002, and that was with the Bucs completely crushing their offensive output. The Bucs then went into the playoffs and beat three top 8 offenses, including the #1 offense. Additionally the Bucs scored so much on defense, when you account for the points given up by the D vs how many they scored, they gave up a net of 3 points, total. Again, 3 points, in 3 games, vs top the #8, #5 and #1 offenses in the NFL.

    The 2002 Bucs are the best passing defense in the history of the game, and are one of the top scoring defenses in history as well. The Ravens beatup on an expansion Cleveland team to run up their numbers and beat a bad offense in the Giants in the SB. They are not in the same league as the Bucs.

    Also going back to Brady in the #12 – I’m literally saying he looks like Dilfer, not talking about his play style or the outcome or how the offense looked, I’m saying he looks like Dilfer when he’s moving and running, they both have the same awkward type of movement. When Brady is passing, he looks like Brady, but moving/running, that’s what gave me flashbacks during the game.

  43. View from 132 Says:

    When did Dilfer become a Jedi?