September 10th, 2020

“No Ubers Tom, please. We’ll get you a driver.”

Joe believes this one is spot on.

If you believe the words of NFL analyst Sheil Kapadia of The Athletic, the Bucs swapped entertainment for intrigue.

Last year Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, threw for 5,109 yards to become only one of eight human beings walking the face of the earth to ever break 5,000 yards in a season.

And many Bucs fans couldn’t wait to run him out of town and didn’t have to wait long. Bucco Bruce Arians decided to go with a guy who has been there, done that and may have saved a few Team Glazer shekels along the way. He’s six-time Super Bowl-winning, park-violating, home-invading, NFLPA-ignoring Bucs quarterback Tom Brady. And Brady is one of the aforementioned eight human beings Joe referenced.

Kapadia believes Brady is the most intriguing NFL player as the 2020 season kicks off tonight.

He’s attempting to do what no quarterback has ever done: start more than six games at age 43 or older. … Other than age and injury, the big concern for Brady is accuracy. He ranked 32nd out of 39 quarterbacks in completion percentage above expectation last season. Then again, he didn’t have a lot to work with. A popular comparison has been Peyton Manning joining the Broncos for the final stage of his career. But Manning was 36 at the time. What Brady is attempting to do is unprecedented. The NFC is wide open, and the Buccaneers have a talented defense. There’s a scenario where Brady looks like he did a couple years ago, and Tampa makes a Super Bowl run. They have that kind of ceiling.

This is why Brady is so intriguing. Is he at the top of his game as he was, say, at 33? No one is expecting that. The key is cutting down on Bucs turnovers, and Brady is known for that.

If Brady, like Toby Keith, isn’t as good as he once was, is he good enough to spread the rock around and use his many weapons to get the Bucs to the playoffs?

That’s what the Bucs are banking on, and that Brady can keep away from Father Time long enough for the Bucs to make magic.

So do you want to watch the “Three Stooges” (with Curly, of course) or do you want to watch “The Godfather” for the 20th time?

Like Jameis and Brady, they are both entertaining and intriguing in their own ways.

12 Responses to ““Intriguing””

  1. Youngbucs Says:

    Lol I see what you did in the pic joe no comment.

  2. Larry Says:

    Brady is so much more than just another QB . He is a coach on the field. He is the best thing to happen to the Bucs since Tony Dungy.

  3. Howard Cosell Says:

    Joe, The Winston lobby thinks you’ve gone too far this time by bringing up the Uber episode. Howard predicts 100 comments by 12 pm, maybe a protest march by 3pm

  4. Howard Cosell Says:

    Furthermore, Howard predicts the word “biscuit” will be used at least twice, and the word “lie” will be used 21 times

  5. BigHog Says:

    Keep kicking…what you gonna say when OLD BILLY GOAT moves just so easy to manipulate the pocket…..only to trip over that imaginary line on the field ! HENNY AND HOG get yo-self some!!

  6. Alanbucsfan Says:

    I’d rather watch The Godfather Part 21.

  7. SufferingSince76 Says:

    I like the symmetry. The Three Stooges were always entertaining, but you knew that, before it was over, they were going to muck it up.

  8. Danny C Says:

    The caption of the picutre was priceless Joe! LOL!!

  9. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    And Manning was coming off a devastating neck injury, while Brady’s built a little empire of self-health.

  10. rriddler Says:

    Seems like another made up stat that’s meaningless. “completion percentage above expectation” — Whose expectations?

  11. Joe Says:

    Seems like another made up stat that’s meaningless. “completion percentage above expectation” — Whose expectations?

    Thank you. Whenever the stat geeks start talking about “expectations” and “adjusted” that’s hocus-pocus nonsense right off the bat.

  12. Ed Says:

    I’m very skeptical of any skeptics when it comes to Tom Brady. He’s not at all like the QB’s in the past. His training habits and lifestyle have him in much better shape than guys like Unitas and Manning and Namath were at the end of their careers. I believe thats what people look at.

    From what I saw on the videos from camp that ball was coming out quick with a tight spiral. Unlike Winston who couldn’t do a dump pass to a RB without the guy having to jump for the ball or reach down, when a RB catches a pass from Brady the ball is right in front of him, the opportunity for YAC is so much higher with Brady than it was with Winston. Gronk and Godwin are tremendous YAC guys that can catch it on the run.

    My only question right now is do the Bucs with Fournette and McCoy suddenly become a running team? If thats the case than Brady will have all day to throw the ball if they aren’t in long 3rd down situations like when Barber was starter.