Football Gods Smiling On Bucs?

September 21st, 2020

Status uncertain for Bucs.

Joe is in no way celebrating injuries. But damn in the NFL if you can’t take advantage of opponents’ injuries, you are likely the Jets.

The Bucs’ opponent Sunday, the Broncos, are absolutely beat to hell and it is getting worse for Denver.

We all know beastly defensive end/outside linebacker Von Miller is likely out for much of the year with a dislocated peroneal tendon injury.

The Broncos’ best corner missed yesterday’s game at Pittsburgh, A.J. Bouye. Pro Bowl running back Phillip Lindsay is out.

Starting quarterback Drew Lock left the loss to the Steelers yesterday after injuring his throwing shoulder.

Now it seems the Broncos lost their best receiver for the season. Courtland Sutton is feared to have suffered a major knee injury yesterday as well.

And this isn’t even factoring in how starting right tackle Ja’Wuan James opted out before the season.

So the Bucs, it seems, are hitting Denver at just the right time.

Lock was knocked out of the Broncos’ loss to the Steelers today in the first quarter when he was sacked by Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree. Lock never returned. He was replaced by former Gators quarterback Jeff Driskel.

Initial reports suggest Lock will miss his scheduled start against the Bucs (at least) with a bruised AC joint (shoulder).

The Broncos backup finished the game by completing 18 of 34 passes for 256 yards, two touchdowns and a pick.

Even though Driskel is talented and has speedy weapons, Joe likes the idea of a quarterback making his first NFL start behind a weakened Broncos offensive line and down a solid receiver, facing the constant blitzes from Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Look at the bright side, Jeff, after you get beat up by Jason Pierre-Paul and Vita Vea and Lavonte David, you still get to go home to your cheerleader wife.

Broncos backup quarterback Jeff Driskel and wife Tarin Moses.

60 Responses to “Football Gods Smiling On Bucs?”

  1. Ndog Says:

    And the Brady luck continues.

    Again the luckiest athlete to ever live bar none.

  2. Sesteprenelicus Says:

    If the spread were 54 points, I still just might take it.

  3. Youngbucs Says:

    ^^^^^^ straight loser sad life

  4. Joe Says:

    straight loser sad life

    Joe wishes he was as sad of a loser as Driskel, if that’s who you are referring too.

  5. Bucfanforever Says:

    No…. not a backup qb.

    Bucs will go 1-2

  6. Bradinator Says:

    Their top WR is now Out for the season. Courtland Sutton- Torn ACL. My friends here in Denver will have a long season ahead if this continues. Their O-line continues to be bad.

  7. DBS Says:

    Joe knows exactly who he is referring to. Just playing dumb.

  8. Big_Buc$ Says:

    This game is favorable for the bucs but its something about backup QBs or rookie QBs always play great vs the bucs. Hopefully that won’t be case Sunday. I just hope he doesn’t pull a Case Keenum on us or a Daniel Jones.

  9. Youngbucs Says:

    No sorry to disappoint you joe but I’m referring to ndog

  10. DBS Says:

    Real shame they did not want Winston either. It is all eating you up these starters going down right NPUPPY? Maybe someone will pry him away from the Saints if you start a movement.

  11. Mike Says:

    Indeed, we do seem to be catching the Broncos at a most opportune time. Let’s take advantage of it.

  12. Bucc941 Says:

    If our safeties play like they did yesterday we will win a lot of games. Whitehead and Winfield Jr. Had a huge impact on the game.

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    SHAQ will be SUPER motivated!!!!!

    i’ll be watching the defense and Bowles this week….they looked gassed in the 4th down here in the heat and gave up some big plays….wont be any easier up in mile high….offense will continue to improve….

    bucs went from 9 penalties to 5….looking for that to continue to drop too….

    unless a stud LT falls to us late in the draft, we’ll be stuck with d.smith for years to come….lol…you never know what you got until its gone….

    GO BUCS!!!!

  14. zzbuc Says:

    Ndog—-Why don´t you get out of your grandma´s basement stop writing stupid things and get a life….Your are going to be 40 soon…….Time to grow up buddy…..

  15. BigHog Says:

    With two games behind us…the running game needs to be adjusted along with the blocking…this team does not seem to play well when it goes down by 2 TD’s…we must starting games better on offense …that is the challenge !! HENNY AND HOG…get yo-self some!….And yes NE12 is one lucky mother …shut yo mouth !!

  16. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    This kid is mobile and throws lasers and darts all over the field

    trap game

  17. 813bucboi Says:

    JW is the luckiest of all according to him….lol…

    he’s “learning” under sean payton….
    doesnt have to “google” stuff…
    apart of a “great” team…
    “may” take over for drew after this year….
    learning to be a “leader”….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  18. Bucslife Says:

    Yeah joe and we all know the Bucs history against unknown Quarterbacks making debuts against the Bucs … let’s not get too carried away

  19. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Jameis Winston will get another shot at another starting QB position on a team

    …………someone will be desperate enough to take him

  20. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    NDog, look at the bright side, JW has no turnovers this this year – none!

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    Alls ya really need to know is if Ndog had his way we lose yesterday’s game in heartbreak fashion. And there no way Fournette comesto play foreclosing QB so we still would have no running game.

    Ndog faborshisown little opinion over wins. Bottom tier fan.

  22. JimmyJack Says:

    For a losing QB***

  23. WhoCares Says:

    This is setting up to be a good game. Perhaps our first Shut Out and Blow Out of the season. I think we will have at least one of these type of games every quarter of the season.

    Will anyone Care if our Special Teams look Special for a change?

    I want to see a multiple TD game from ME. Cuz I am Who.

    Also, how about another 100 yard rusher and Bradys first 400 yard game of the season?

    Time to put one together.

  24. PSL Bob Says:

    Agree with other posters. Our record against backup QBs leaves a lot to be desired.

  25. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ WhoCares

    I guess you don’t know the history of the bucs against rookie or jouryman QBs??????

    The bucs seems to always “give up the booty” to these QBs……^^^^^

  26. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We will likely lose Rosen off our PS if these injuries continue…..he would be taken at least to be a backup.

    If we believe he has a future, we need to dump Griffin and promote him to protect him.

    We’ve had Griffin for what?…5 years….and he doesn’t get any real game snaps……that’s telling.

  27. Casual Observer Says:

    Anthem – True enough. Bad history. Perhaps a change is in the wind.

  28. Mike Johnson Says:

    Be careful Buc fans. Our turn could be next……….

  29. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Joe can you say Daniel Jones??? If the Broncos were smart they’d pluck Winston You buffoons who act like he has no skills are worse than those think he’s so great.

  30. simeon 97 Says:

    The bucs tend to crap the bed when they have no pro film on a player. I bet no other team has yielded a QBs first win more than TB.

  31. Clean House Says:

    OBJ trade talks- we should give Cleveland OJ Howard Justin Watson and a future pick

  32. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Clean House

    OBSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!!!

    OBJ is a cancer to any team or locker……..why you think the giants and now the browns want to get rid of him………….he’s a cry baby pampered spoiled athlete almost like Antonio Brown

  33. JimBuc2 Says:

    Well, before we closed down the old Veterans stadium everyone said the Buccaneers never won when temps were 40, or below. And with a clever Rhonde Barber pick of Donovan McNabb that rep faded to irrevelency. No one says that about our Bucs anymore. I think the back up QB jinx gets quashed, too. Have’nt seen the betting line yet, but I’m Ok with giving Den er 3.5.
    Go Bucs! Gettr done!!

  34. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Ugh. No thanks to Princess OBJ.

  35. JimmyJack Says:

    Bowles defenses has no such history against backup. We shared them to pieces.

    Daniel Jones did have a day on us. That’s it.

    I refuse to compare this defense to Mike Smith or Lovies. That’s football sin.

  36. TomTerrific Says:

    I’m so glad Npuppy is back! We get to kick sand in his fade with every victory. He’ll be crestfallen when we make the playoffs this year. And I’m hoping another team is dumb enough to trade for Jamoist. Then Npuppy can go to their message boards and slobber on his boy.

    Go Bucs!!!

  37. CM Says:

    Driskel will have a long day. This defense in year 2 under Bowles looks great. Did anyone not see Suh tackle McCaffrey 8 yds down the field. JPP slamming Anderson down the field.

  38. Clean House Says:

    OBJ would be fine with Brady

    This guy is a legit leader of men

    People said Fournette was ahead case, league wouldn’t touch him, so far so good.

  39. McBuc Says:

    Back in the old days the Bucs ate rookie QBs, backups, and journeymen for lunch… Maybe we are getting back to those days. This defense looks better than it has been since then.

  40. JimmyJack Says:

    CM nice call on that Suh tackle. Was that one play after he made a sack? Most guys would have been crazy king their knuckles th ed next play and let somebody else do the running. I really appreciate a guy like Suh who plays the game like that.

    And ya ever notice how many players get injured after they play us? Agree 100% on you. Driskel gonna be swimming with sharks on Sunday. He’s probably not have fun watching us on film.

  41. JimmyJack Says:


  42. Jason Says:

    This will be the game that shows who we are. If the culture has changed then we should dominate this game. If not, then “Oh no! We suck again! ”

    Also love it when Joe trolls the Trolls. Lol.

  43. ItzOK Says:

    Still have little confidence in the Bucs on the road.

    How many times did even the super bowl team lose to some new no name QB who was filling in. See Charlie Batch

    The Broncos are still an NFL team with players who get paid for a living and with nothing to lose they just may pull out all the stops to get a home win.

  44. Jeff Says:

    Good chance for the Bucs here to get a bonus victory. Denver at full strength would be too much for the Bucs right now.

  45. Doctor Stroud Says:

    This is a classic trap game, and the Bucs have a sordid history of allowing back up QBs look like All-World, All-Pro, Hall of Famers. Remember when the Broncos came to Ray Jay and the great All-World Paxton Lynch came in and scored? At least the Broncos got a nice sun burn before they left.

  46. David Says:

    They need to blow them out. All cylinders, all game.
    That said, I’d rather have them get the best from every team, better on the long run

  47. BillyBucFan Says:

    All thes Tampa losses to backup QBs happened under Mike Smith.
    I’ll gladly welcome a backup now.

    Teddy doesn’t turn it over either right?

  48. unbelievable Says:

    Classic trap game for sure.

    Just a reminder, all of the following were backup QBs until they played the Bucs. Many won starting jobs afterwards, but even those who didn’t still whooped us:

    Nick Foles
    Kurt Cousins
    Kyle Allen
    Casey Keenum
    Teddy Bridgewater
    Mason Rudolph
    Daniel Jones
    Kellen Clemens
    Matt Moore
    Derek Anderson

    And probably some others that I can’t even remember. Now I do think our defense is better this year, but careful what you wish for Joe…

  49. Bucsfanman Says:

    Brady’s “lucky”?! Give me a break! You play the team in front of you. Luck has nothing to do with it. Everybody deals with injuries to one degree or another.
    You wouldn’t have wanted Chris Godwin on the helmet pass to Grayson?

    The best practice should be to treat EVERY team like a “contender”. You don’t think they’re looking to make a name for themselves against Tom Brady and the Bucs? A media darling right now?!

    Lets go to Denver and beat the freakin’ brakes off of that team, whoever they trot out there!
    THAT should be the mentality.

  50. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Not so fast my friends. We all know Bucs’ record against 2nd and 3rd string QBs. They always have breakout games against the Bucs.

  51. Joe in Michigan Says:

    So let me get this straight…A guy plays 20+ years in the NFL, known as one of the best (some say THE best) QB’s to ever play the game, and there are people that think this is due to luck? I’ve seen some ridiculous takes on here, especially from the trolls, but this has to be the most idiotic.

  52. Cainishere Says:

    Yesterday was a lot of fun was it not Bucs fans? Seeing Suh manhandle the Panthers was nice. It’s as if he busted open the gates of Hell and the team ran in like flood waters. Watched a Bucs runner bust up the defense to score on a long run. When is the last time we had a punishing runner?
    Jr. from Minnesota is becoming very popular PDQ.
    Better watch that head swelling sir 😀
    The Bucs offense all of them need strength and conditioning BADLY.
    Brady, Gronk and D. Smith will do better in games if they get extra strength and conditioning
    The defense looks pretty damn good.
    If you don’t let up on Evans and these deep routes he will get hurt.
    Evans is strong and has an arsenal of moves and great technique in a short game, at least until he heals.
    Shady needs to get used to the team and he will do better
    I saw good progress in our 2nd Super Bowl Dress Rehearsal.
    Let’s focus on trying to strip the ball during tackles without missing tackles.
    Also stop that “let up on em” crap Whip em good!!! 1 word? RELENTLESS!
    GO BUCS!!!!

  53. Reach87 Says:

    Hope the team trusts the process and prepares well and gets better. Driskel does indeed throw dots and he’s not afraid. We have leaders to keep everyone on their game (effort and details). Go Bucs!

  54. CM Says:

    Why do all of our fans dwell on the past. Be excited for what we have now. Our secondary is finally coming around ,If we are going to be Super Bowl contenders we need to win the next 3 in a row so we can be 4-1 when we face Green Bay

  55. SlyPirate541 Says:

    After allowing seven sacks, the Broncos will run the ball a lot. Hopefully we can run up the score early and force them to pass. If so, I expect Shaq to get 2-4 sacks. This is his money making game.

  56. hjbashus Says:

    It’ll be his 9th NFL start, not his first.

  57. Rod Munch Says:

    Why is it bad to root for injuries? I want my team to win – I don’t care about what happens to the other team. This garbage about shaking hands and saying good game is bullcrap and why the stadium has been empty for the last 15-years. Do you think Bill Belichick cares about the other team being healthy so he can win “fairly”? Of course not.

    Win, that is all that matters.

  58. Bucemup Says:

    Shaq gets his first sack this season. Book it!

  59. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I do not envy the Broncos. We Bucs fans know what it’s like to see major injuries.

  60. View from 132 Says:

    Personally I hate games when the other team is nowhere near full strength. Not very exciting to win and horrendous if you lose.