Fake News Tampa Bay

September 16th, 2020


The quarterback whisperer is growling.

Bruce Arians is back in his natural habitat, demanding accountability from every player on the depth chart. Some national media pundits are shocked that Arians had the audacity to call out Tom Brady after Sunday’s Week 1 loss at the Superdome.

Get over it.

Brady is rougher on himself than Arians will ever be. Besides, what did Arians say that was wrong?

“He knew he didn’t play very well,” Arians said. “It’s not what he expects from himself, nor do we expect.”

When Buc fans woke up Monday morning, they were treated to the spectacle of ESPN commentators suggesting dissension is brewing at One Buc Place. Some have even concluded that Brady is done, finished as an effective NFL quarterback.

One poor game. That’s all it took for some analysts to turn on Brady, the same guy they were heralding as a Tampa messiah six months ago.

Arians wants a better performance from No. 12, and he’s not afraid to say so. He’s surely not the first pro head coach to demand more from a quarterback.

Bill Parcells used to rip Phil Simms in front of the entire team — while the game was in progress. Simms would come off the field after throwing a TD pass, only to find Parcells belittling him for throwing to the wrong receiver. Vince Lombardi didn’t coddle Bart Starr and Don Shula didn’t think twice about getting on Dan Marino.

Brady’s a big boy. He can take a little heat. Besides, he knew Arians’ reputation as a straight shooter before he packed his bags for Davis Island.

“It was a tough flight home,” Brady acknowledged on Westwood One Radio.

Welcome Back, Bruce!

Once Brady landed, Brett Favre decided to take off, weighing in on this fake controversy by suggesting, “The last person you want to call out after the first game of the year is Tom Brady.”

Buc fans should welcome the return of the real Bruce Arians. For most of last season, he was an impostor when it came to assessing his quarterback in public. He made so many excuses for No. 3, you’d think Jameis Winston was robbed of a Pro Bowl spot.

Those coddling days are over, and not a moment too soon.

Arians was unsure Winston could handle public criticism, so he blamed many of those 30 interceptions on receivers running poor routes or a protection breakdown. After the season ended with back-to-back losses amid a flurry of giveaways, Arians ended the charade and took the gloves off.

He’s not putting them back on.

Brady’s not the only Buc player who disappointed Arians on Sunday. He called it like it is concerning Donovan Smith’s struggles and derided special teams play.

That’s called honesty, not dissension.

“Sometimes, we don’t like to hear the honest truth,” says Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, “but eventually we appreciate that from a coach.”

Sage Ira is not worried about Tom Brady

Are we really supposed to believe Tom Brady will sulk because Arians said the Bucs need more from him? Brady doesn’t need anyone else’s evaluation but his own for motivation.

“I just made some bad, terrible turnovers and it’s hard to win turning the ball over like that,” he said. “I obviously have to do a lot better job.”

History suggests he will, starting with the home opener against a young Carolina defense.

If we’re still talking about Brady’s issues next week, that’s a different story. But for now, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile, there’s no turning back for this head coach. The stakes are too high, so this is the Bruce Arians we’ll see all season … direct and brutally honest. The Glazers are surely saying, ‘Right on!’

Don’t worry about Brady’s feelings. Those six rings prove he’s tougher than the rest.

Dissension in Tampa? Fake news.

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15 Responses to “Fake News Tampa Bay”

  1. DBS Says:

    This is all well and good. Now put your big boy pants on and do something about this lousy ST coach. He should be no different. And don’t tell me it’s just the players. You want to talk accountability prove it.

  2. Bellingham Bucs Fan Says:

    Agreed with DBS. Keith Armstrong is the kind of Falcons trash I thought we ran out of here. The loss is as much on him as anyone else.

  3. ModHairKen Says:

    This is what we have created, where everyone is “woke,” and we lie to preserve people’s self-esteem. Where every child is told they are special and perfect and never criticized. Every one gets a trophy. Everything is free. You’re entitled to everything just by being born.

    “Oh, no, Arians was mean to Brady!!!” Brady is a man. He can handle it. He won 6 f’ing Super Bowls.

    So, all you snowflakes, including Cro Magnon man Favre, just shut up.

  4. HC Says:

    He looked like a statute out there. Maybe the Statute of Liberty play would work.

  5. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s kind of shocking, but not really, that the media has turned this into a circus already…in the 1st game! LOL!
    People are losing their minds over this!
    Brady is human folks. He WILL have more bad games. We just weathered five years of the same caliber of play so, take a deep breath and relax. I have far more faith that this is the exception moving forward.

    And, haven’t we seen the same media garbage with Brady over the last five years? Tiffs with Bill, trainer issues, questions of retirement, too old?!

  6. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    He had 3 bad throws, and his line didn’t protect him. Even if he doesn’t play well next week, there’s still nothing to talk about. What, Gabbert or Rosen are better? I will say though, I don’t know about Parcells, but Belichick had a rule to not critique players IN PUBLIC.

  7. Lamarcus Says:

    How do you expect a 43 year old qb to get better???

  8. Sesteprenelicus Says:

    Arians better start accepting the blame for these Bucs teams that lead the league in turnovers and in penalties. Put the same players in the hands of a Tony Dungy, and that won’t happen. Not sure what it is about Arians’ management style or attitude that instills this, but it’s undeniable now.

  9. Craig Says:

    The most hopeful thing I saw was Brady taking the blame on himself. He is competitive enough not to like that and will make himself better.

    He does need to work with the second and third string receivers. Evans and Godwin will do well this season but have huge targets on their backs and that will help others if they get their schnitzel together. They looked bad in the fourth quarter.

  10. D-Rome Says:

    I didn’t hear Brady talk about how he was ballin’ out there after a poor performance. That’s a refreshing change.

  11. Mike Johnson Says:

    When our pocket collapsed, and it did often, Brady looked like uncle Jed in slow motion.I expect more..a lot more for 25 mil a year. And Just-us for all baby.

  12. Buczilla Says:

    Brady will be fine. Donovan is what he is. An overrated, above average on his best day tackle that is paid by management like he is an elite, top ten guy. We can and should do better by replacing him next year. Now if we don’t find anyone better, we gotta keep em, but (Raheem had an old saying that eludes me) I’d always be trying to replace guys like this. Broderick Thomas, Seferian Jenkins, Lars Tate, (we’ve had so many) etc. Dudes that flashed and even played damn well at times, but just never consistently played to their talent level.

  13. Jmarkbuc Says:

    “Not sure what it is about Arians’ management style or attitude that instills this, but it’s undeniable now.”….

    Beginning to think his management style is..

    “It’s five o’clock somewhere “

  14. TheBradyBunch Says:

    He should look in the mirror too. The team was extremely mistake prone and that is coaching. They also had a poor game plan and that is coaching. Maybe Licht should call him into his office and explain that he needs to get his sht together too!

  15. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    Panthers game will be significant in terms of performance and win – even as only Game #2 of 16 games. Panthers have minimal D personnel of recognized value in NFL per stats, no pass rush, a new coach and QB, and playing as visitors. Expect rebound by Bucs. If Bucs lose to this team, per above data > time to panic.