Two Wins, A “Yellow Alert” And Much More; It’s The JoeBoltsFan Podcast

August 6th, 2020

Two games in, two wins in. All in all, the Bolts are off to a good start to hockey in the bubble. Tom Lang takes you through wins over Washington and Boston, declares a “Yellow Alert” for Vasy, talks the final spots on the regular roster… and it’s back: The Great Bolt Breakdown! The real playoffs begin next week, so get primed now on the JoeBoltsFan Podcast, presented by Bill Currie Ford!

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3 Responses to “Two Wins, A “Yellow Alert” And Much More; It’s The JoeBoltsFan Podcast”

  1. DBS Says:

    These were great games. Say what you will about Vasy but he kept them in both of them. The 2 quick scores in Washington game were fluke but also the fault of our players not getting the puck away and backing off like the was in hand and cruising. They did him no favors. And the refs tried every way in the world to give that game away. Boston is Boston and always will be. They are missing Stamkos in the faceoffs. To many wins and you are going to get one in. He is not perfect But put in Mcelhinney you better be prepared to score 4 goals at least to win.

  2. DBS Says:

    ^ like the game was in hand

  3. Tom Lang Says:

    There is no doubt Vasy is the best the Bolts have got, one of the handful of truly elite in the game. But in this case, he’s making unforced errors. I didn’t mention this as clearly as I wish I would have, but outside of the four goals, there were 4-5 other moments at minimum with the rebound control being shaky.

    He’s a lynchpin to the path to the Cup, and he’s set a high standard. I am in no way questioning how high his floor is, just noting he has a (hopefully temporary) hole in his game.

    Always appreciate your feedback good sir, am glad you’re enjoying the product. Here’s hoping a 1 seed is in our future.