Dodgeball Champ

August 7th, 2020

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Whether he’s standing under center or sitting in front of a microphone, Tom Brady is one cool customer.

During a Zoom call with local and national media that attracted at least 70 participants, Brady spoke for 11 minutes while proving once again that he has mastered the knack of saying very little, accompanied by a disarming smile.

Two decades in front of NFL podiums have served him well and if Brady harbors any notion of running for political office once he retires at the age of 59, the man has a bright future on Capitol Hill.

Understandably, Buc fans could care less if Brady generates headlines during his interactions with the media. He’s being paid to turn this franchise around — not turn a phrase. Still, he continues to be the most talked-about player of the offseason and Buc Nation hadn’t heard from him in more than four months.

During our brief Zoom encounter, Brady acknowledged that he has seen every defensive alignment and offensive formation known to man.

What’s also obvious is that Brady has handled enough questions to master the art of fudging answers.

For example, I asked Brady how seriously he takes the job of raising the level of accountability for everyone at One Buc Place. Like Ron Jaworski told me last week, Brady is that player who “changes the weather.”

Brady never addressed the leadership/accountability issue. Instead, he talked about how happy he’s been, forging new relationships with Jason Licht, Bruce Arians and Byron Leftwich.

He gave a long answer, noting the importance of being on the same page, but never addressed the heart of the question.

Fall Flavor

Speaking of questions, Brady took only six before the Bucs cut the session off. It turns out that Brady had a meeting to go to, begging a seventh question: why didn’t the Bucs schedule the Zoom call at another time?

When reigning league MVP Lamar Jackson took to Zoom with the Baltimore media at the start of training camp, he was peppered with 25 questions.

I guess Jackson’s assignment sheet for that day had been filled.

Brady’s answers may be vanilla, but guess what? Buc fans will take vanilla all day long and twice on Sunday.

They’ve never had anyone even close to No. 12 when it comes to reading defenses.

Now, they want to read his responses. They demand blitz coverage … and it’s easy to see why.

This franchise has spent the better part of five months promoting the concept of “all-in,” focusing on Mr. Brady and his six Super Bowl rings. Now that the fan base is all in, anticipating a special season, Brady needs to be front and center as much as possible.

One of the great challenges for the Tampa Bay media in 2020 is finding a way to lower Brady’s shield. Howard Stern managed that feat four months ago as Brady revealed a handful of emotional truths that surprised his long-time observers.

For now, let’s settle for vanilla. We’re reasonable people.

We can all learn to live with vanilla after dealing with this rocky road of a franchise.

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7 Responses to “Dodgeball Champ”

  1. SB Says:

    “They’ve never had anyone even close to No. 12 when it comes to reading defenses.”


    Lol Ira Ndog doesn’t like you anymore.

  2. BringBucsBack Says:

    SB, this too:

    “… Brady acknowledged that he has seen every defensive alignment and offensive formation known to man.“

  3. SB Says:

    ^^^^ Why most ‘fans’ are so excited!!!

  4. AtlBuc Says:

    LOL! I totally noticed how he said a lot but didn’t come close to answering your question.

  5. '79 Defense Says:

    Thanks for bringing this up, Ira. This lack of interaction of Brady with those in the media covering the team (and the fans) at this point seems weird.

    A few of the reporters in the Brady Q&A started by saying to him “Hi Tom, thanks for doing this.” What???!!! Do you really need to thank the guy for answering questions as probably every other starter in the league does?

    He’s been here for months. Any new starting Bucs QB would have done an initial interview with the team with Casey Philips. Gronkowski did one with her after signing and it was great.

    I’m not being critical, but as far as the “face of the franchise” thing goes, he’s the biggest face this franchise has ever seen. I would think the team would like him to do more. Does he not want to? Do they not ask? If not, fine, but what’s the story? Nobody, including the Joes (no offense to you guys) and fans, seem to bring this lack of visibility up. It’s been discussed on the Ira Kaufman Podcast a few times. –Joe

  6. Buczilla Says:

    Good article Ira. I’m fine with vanilla and Brady doesn’t have to utter another word as long as we make the playoffs. Winning the Superbowl and sweeping the Saints (even more reasons to despise them now) would be awesome, but I’m not greedy. We can do those things in Brady year 2. 😜

  7. Sport Says:

    The only people who count questions and time at the mic are media nerds. Dude is here to win football games, not give juicy nuggets of insider information after one week of practice.

    This is all the better we can do? Is this the beginning of you media guys ‘creating’ animosity to sell ads? If so, we are done with that thanks to everything on Gods Green Earth being politicized for the last 4 years.

    And to that I say No Thank You!

    In BA I Trust!