PFF Mea Culpa (Sort Of)

July 30th, 2020

Tribal dancing.

So early yesterday (weird that there is no timestamp on the tweet) the PFF tribe twittered a link to a story ranking secondaries and praising the Bucs’ as up and coming, a unit fans should enjoy watching this fall.

The story was actually published Tuesday.

In the article, one of the high priests of the tribe, this Sam Monson, singled out nearly every player on the Bucs’ roster that played just about any amount of time in the secondary last year.

Except for two starting safeties Andrew Adams (11 starts) and Jordan Whitehead (14 starts), who logged over 900 snaps.

Yeah, anyone who has been writing for any length of time has an awful mistake. But funny to Joe was rather than respond to Whitehead, who wasn’t exactly happy with the omission, and correct the honest (?) mistake, the tribe decided to throw out sort of a mea culpa a couple of hours later. It sure appeared an effort to stroke Whitehead, ease his disgust and perhaps hope he logs off Twitter.

The tribe believes Whitehead had the sixth-most quarterback pressures of all defensive backs in the NFL.

That’s cool. But guess what? Just before midnight, the tribe still had not included Whitehead’s name within the article ranking the Bucs’ secondary at No. 16 (but it does include M.J. Stewart, who may not even be with the team come September).

You see why Joe cannot buy in to the tribe’s dubious grades?

2 Responses to “PFF Mea Culpa (Sort Of)”

  1. gp Says:

    Don’t think that’s going to knock that chip off his shoulder.

  2. Jordan Says: