“I Wouldn’t Say There’s A Big Challenge At All”

July 10th, 2020

Blaine Gabbert was talking to JoeBucsFan.com this morning.

The man formerly known as the manbeast JoeBucsFan.com intern Zach Seifter chatted with the Bucs’ No. 2 quarterback and shared the audio with Joe.

Among many topics, Gabbert discussed how the Bucs’ quarterbacks got the job done this spring, despite not being together at spring practices.

“I know the way Coach Arians, our quarterbacks coach, Byron [Leftwich], the quarterbacks, we all use our time wisely and we got a lot of good stuff done this summer,” Gabbert said.

Nothing was standout, cool or innovative about Zoom meetings with coaches, Gabbert said, but he feels the quarterbacks maximized the time.

“Virtual meetings are virtual meetings,” Gabbert said. “In person is always better; having face-to-face conversations is really the best way to go, just so you’re not talking to a computer screen. But, you know, we made due. We made the best of the situation. I think we accomplished a lot and got a lot of good work done.”

Gabbert landed on injured reserve after blowing out his shoulder last preseason, but that’s a non-issue now. In fact, Gabbert said the time off has let the 30-year-old recapture his youth.

“Honestly, it’s probably the best I’ve felt in 10 years,” Gabbert said. “I took the last 9, 10 months to really get in great shape and get everything strong. Shoulder feels great. Arm feels great. I’m ready to hit the ground running.”

One might think a backup quarterback especially would be yearning for preseason action to be ready for the regular season, but not Gabbert.

If the NFL cancels the preseason, it wouldn’t set back his readiness. “I wouldn’t say there’s a big challenge at all,” Gabbert said.

6 Responses to ““I Wouldn’t Say There’s A Big Challenge At All””

  1. First Down Tampa Bay Says:


  2. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I sure hope Brady does not get hurt, but if he does, I have some faith in our back up QB’s. I mean, after all, we have the receivers to make almost any QB look good.
    Remember what Mike Evans did for Johnny Manziel ?

  3. RachelWatsonsThong Says:

    if there is a player I care less about hearing from I don’t know who it would be

  4. Rod Munch Says:

    Gabbert stinks.

    Reminds me of when stupid Jon Gruden had a boner for Rob Johnson. Rob Johnson was terrible, absolutely terrible, yet he wanted him as the backup. Shawn King wasn’t great, but he was better than Johnson, yet Gruden stuck by Johnson despite the fact every time he took the field he looked terrible.

    On a positive note, the Bucs did win the SB despite the worthless Johnson, so if that’s the outcome here, I’ll certainly take it.

  5. Bradinator Says:

    Ok, he’s the back up QB. Mostly his job, right now, is get Brady acclimated to the parts of the offense that comes from BA and Leftwich. NO team is in good shape if they lose their starting QB. No one! Yeah he’s not a starter in the league for a reason. Let’s face it, if you think the back up QB is as good as the starter…your team has a BIG problem (I’m looking at you, Chicago Bears).

  6. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Amen brother. Thanks for a little perspective!