Success With “12” Personnel

June 5th, 2020

Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians.

It seems Bucco Bruce Arians believes in sticking with what works.

Yesterday in his Zoom conference call, Arians mentioned that “12” personnel will be his base offense. That’s a one-back, two-receiver set with two tight ends.

Of course, the Bucs have the horses to do this. And Arians said perhaps the Bucs may use more “13” personnel which would be one back, one receiver and three tight ends.

The Bucs have what is likely the deepest set of tight ends in the NFL with Cam Brate, Rob Gronkowski and O.J. Howard.

Over at CBS, Jeff Kerr decided to dig up data from Warren Sharp, noted football gambler and stats guy. Per Kerr, by way of Sharp, the Bucs did really well in “12” personnel last season.

Going into “12 personnel” is nothing new for the Buccaneers in 2020, as Arians used it on 23% of his snaps last season, which was the eighth-highest rate in the NFL (per Sharp Football Stats). Buccaneers quarterbacks had a 106.3 passer rating in “12 personnel” last season, which was Jameis Winston for all but four attempts. Winston had nine touchdown passes to four interceptions in the formation, so Arians had success running “12 personnel” with Howard and Brate.

Joe would love to see the Bucs try more funky sets with empty backfields — two receivers and three tight ends, one of the tight ends (Gronk?) would split out into a slot position. Joe has a hunch that would be unlikely as Arians wouldn’t want Brady to get splashed with no back in to pass block, but Arians has said his goal is to use empty sets with Brady.

If nothing else, how Arians uses all of his toys should be fun.

11 Responses to “Success With “12” Personnel”

  1. Bird Says:

    Man…. We need football so bad right now

    Thanks for bringing us the bucs news joes
    And if they dont want fans in the stands ,Then my tickets that i Already paid for this year will be free next year 😂

    I just want to know what kind of fake crowd noise they will use.
    If at home , will the offense get a quieter background noise and the defense get the crowd noise jacked up …have an occasional fake “defense” screamed in the background….

    Or maybe they can put some music to it 😂

    Bucs down 6 with 25 yards to score td to win game in 4th quarter with 30 seconds left and “eye of the tiger “ gets put on as background music …
    I would be All for it

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    That’s a one-back, one-receiver set with two tight ends.


    That’s 10 players……am I missing something here?

  3. NashvilleBuc Says:

    I think you’re missing another receiver. The grouping only refers to 1 RB and 2 TE thus 12.

  4. AwShbucs Says:

    Its 2 receivers, 1 RB, and 2 TE’s

  5. FactTeller Says:

    12 is 1RB 2WR and 2TE

    Joe didn’t have his coffee yet

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    NashvilleBuc Says:
    June 5th, 2020 at 8:46 am
    I think you’re missing another receiver. The grouping only refers to 1 RB and 2 TE thus 12.

    Yes, I know…..was pointing this out to Joe who’s original description only had 1 WR…

  7. Allbuccedup Says:

    What happened to Arians not using tight ends in his offense. Hmmm I guess its Bradys offense now.

  8. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    I hope we only use 13 very seldom, because it means we are taking Godwin or Evans off the field…. I’m okay with it if they need a breather, otherwise, no reason to replace a top WR with Brate on the field. I think if Tyler Johnson can be the stud he was in college, we should do more 3WR and empty sets.

  9. Youngbucs Says:

    So what he is saying is we’re running the same offense!!!!! End of debate

  10. Waterboys Says:

    Only on rare occasion would I not have a rb or te to stay in and block for Brady initially and then breaking late if there is no additional pass rusher. You have to keep Brady protected and he just isnt mobile enough to evade the pass rush like a Mahomes. Im ok with sliding a TE into hback blocking role on various formations.

  11. I Bleed Pewter Says:

    I would like to see us use more split-backfields using two backs, 1 TE or slot WR, 2WR. This is Brady’s forte hitting RB in stride. 8 yards all day long.