Road Warriors

June 26th, 2020

Balled out on enemy soil.

We all know why Joe calls the home stadium of the Bucs the “Den of Depression.” They have the worst home record in the NFC in the post-Chucky era.

Since Chucky was fired in January 2009, the Bucs have not won more than four home games in a season. In one season (2014), the Bucs lost every home game.

And people wonder why the Bucs cannot sell out home games? This is all you need to know.

For the past five years, Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, struggled at home (he was often rather good on the road, particularly last season). And it seems the Bucs’ two biggest offensive stars (pre-Tom Brady) were more effective on the road as well.

A stat about the best receivers on the road floated on Twitter last night. Chris Godwin led all receivers with 877 yards, way more than No. 2 Michael Thomas (698). Mike Evans was No. 6 with 631 receiving yards, and he only played seven road games.

This may be a chicken-or-the-egg thing; did Evans and Godwin have better games on the road because of Jameis, or did they have better games on the road because somehow they balled out and simply raised their games away from Tampa?

Or is it a combination of the two?

We can talk about the run game and the pass defense and getting picks and getting turnovers until we are blue in the face. But to be blunt, the main obstacle the Bucs have in making a playoff run is that the team has not had a home advantage in over a decade.

Until or unless the Bucs play better at home, a wild card berth is always going to be an uphill climb.

10 Responses to “Road Warriors”

  1. Sport Says:

    It is very weird to have such a bad home record. It certainly didn’t start out that way at RayJay.

    The cure seems to be in place.
    ✅Good Coaching
    ✅Great QB
    ✅ #1 Run defense
    ✅NFL sack leader
    ✅Solid oline – Fixed the right side. Yes that makes it solid.
    ✅HOF TE – fresh and ready to connect with the GOAT
    ✅Incredibly long and fast athletes in the secondary
    ✅2 of the best receivers in the game

    What’s not to like? The chances of being good at home (or away) are at their highest since the SB Era!

    Go Bucs!

    In BA I Trust!

  2. Casual Observer Says:

    Sport – Great summary. I agree with your outlook!

  3. Steven007 Says:

    Last I checked neither Godwin or Evans threw an interception at Ray Jay. Nor did they have happy feet or create a sack out of thin air. They just had less opportunities because their quarterback played more poorly at home. This isn’t rocket science.

  4. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Well one thing that is not debatable in Joe’s post is the fact that we have sucked at home for a decade now.

    Last year’s season does raise interesting questions because we did play well on the road. Last year was just too small of a sample size to make any definitive conclusions.

    But when I think back on JW’s greatest disasters…London and certainly Cincinnati two years ago…they were on the road..but everything else was at home. His very first pass and his very last pass were pretty characteristic of his play at home…pick sixes..the perfect prologue and epilogue to JW’s Buc career.

    So IF…there is a common thread in the latter part of the decade of the “Den of Depression” it’s JW’s “excitable” disposition.

    D-1 who is a poster at the top of my respect list agreed with my analysis of JW’s symptoms…not necessarily my conclusion. And I agree that “choker” is a truly harsh word. I’ve choked enough athletically myself to use the Pee Wee Herman it takes one to know one…I’m sadly qualified. LMAO

    JW has a gifted arm. He’s an elusive if plodding runner..he’s not that bad…he makes incredible passes both good and bad…so what is the problem?

    I can balance the horrible “c” word with some wonderful attributes..JW has as much heart and cojones as I’ve seen in any QB…he’s tough as nails…he’s an incredibly hard and highly motivated worker. So what’s wrong?

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Sport

    I would add…

    Returning Players (especially on Defense}

    Returning Coaches

  6. John Says:

    If the bucks go 50% on the road and 70% at home that gives you a 10-win season. I think we all believe that this current offensive roster is capable of those numbers…

  7. John Says:


  8. Anonymous Says:

    RIP Animal & Hawk. Was always a fan.

  9. RustyRhinos Says:

    RIP Animal & Hawk.
    Always a fan. ROAD WARRIORS!

  10. RustyRhinos Says:

    Seen my name was missing and it came out as Anonymous. Brilliant