Gronk’s Two-sided Message

June 22nd, 2020

It’s ironic that the Buccaneers’ video production crew chose an emphatic message delivered by Rob Gronkowski to be highlighted in a recent video.

Man, the Bucs do such a strong job with their In The Current series. It’s a beautiful thing.

(Memo to Team Glazer, more of this kind of stuff for the team website and less of everything else would be an excellent decision and use of resources.)

In the most recent episode, Gronkowski’s arrival to Tampa was profiled briefly and Gronk shared firm words for fans.

“Let me tell you this: To build chemistry with another player, just doesn’t come like that (snaps fingers),” he said of his relationship with Tom Brady. “You got to build up that chemistry and that chemistry was built up through the nine years we played together.”

Joe listened to those words and thought of them against chatter from Bucs officials who think Brady immediately will improve every aspect of the team in a pandemic-shortened offseason. For Joe’s taste, there are just too many instant-savior expectations being placed on Brady. It’s almost unfair.

Yes, Joe is confident Brady will have a strong season, but he is just one man with limited time and much more on his plate than usual.

Joe liked how Gronkowski explained that he and Brady celebrated their reunion for about five minutes and then it was, “We got to get to work, Big Dog, let’s go.”

15 Responses to “Gronk’s Two-sided Message”

  1. Jason Says:

    I know I’m dumb, but what was the “ironic” part?

  2. «Delusional Intelligence» Says:

    Agree with the “instant-savior expectations”. Did the trade for Gruden, influence the mindset of some fans, that we were one upgrade away? This team lacks the overall depth and ‘football spirituality’ that the Super Bowl team had. We shall see. ¡Go Bucs!

  3. Jason Says:

    At least the “Savior” of the offense is a 20 year vet and g.o.a.t. unlike last years “Savior” of the defense who was a rookie. I think all the expectations this year are warranted.

  4. Bucsfan333 Says:


  5. Bucsfan333 Says:

    TB deserves the hate

  6. Eddie Says:

    Let the games begin. Go Bucs!

  7. Keith Rajotte Says:

    Bucsfan333 you are Wrong Brady will be better than you think and the bucks will be Supper bowl bound maybe a little slow this year but still he won’t through pick six”s nor will he through 30 interceptions or make stupid mistakes like Winston did. I figure they will be champions win there division an nd a supper bowl this year and next!

  8. Knuckle Sandwich Delivery Service Says:

    Bucs made a huge mistake? Huh? Winston made a huge mistake demanding 30 million only to settle for backup money. He could have done that in Tampa. Feel free to become a Saints fan.

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I hear ya Joe and while I largely agree that their are “some” folks with unreal expectations of Brady.

    But I believe the vast majority of us are simply hoping for him to WIN. I feel that BA and staff have ALREADY done the heavy lifting improving our locker room and our attitudes. EG. IMHO attitude and effort were the least of my worries before we ever got Brady. My major worry was at QB and ball security and decision making. I’ve felt good about the rest of this team and largely believe BA has taken care of any locker room issues. I cannot remember a locker room this good since the SB days and a lot of that was predicated on WINNING.

    I thought this team showed a TON of character last year with a QB constantly breaking everybody’s hearts…not just fans but teammates as well.

    Young guys grew up…older guys were cut…or played very well. When has this team looked better? Forget Brady and Gronk…they are just the ICING…this cake was baked last year by BA and staff.

    And while JW lovers don’t wish to read this BA showed an enormous amount of cojones in sending JW packing. The easiest thing for any coach in his position would have been to go with the “this year will be different” crowd and not make a change at QB.

    BA has not hesitated to pull the trigger…VHG…JW…Brady is inheriting an awesome locker room…he doesn’t need to do that much work in that area IMO.

    TB12 just walking through the door changed EVERYBODY’s impression of the Bucs…the nation..the media…the league…and YES our own players. We all look at the Bucs in a different way. TB12 won’t need a lot of rah rah…hopefully he’ll pick his spots better than poor JW.

  10. stpetebucsfan Says:

    BTW I could add that performance wise I have no stat expectations other than W’s and L’s.

    If our defense keys our season to a winning record and TB12 and the offense are just average…I do NOT care…I just want to win.

    TB12 does not to be a stat leader or world beater. If he ends up dinking and dunking and ME, CG, OJ, Gronk, Vaughn, and Calais end up taking five yard tosses to the house or at least past the first down marker I do not care.

    If TB12 looks like the Denver version of Manning who was a shell of his Indy self…if he wins the SB I do not care.

  11. Leighroy Says:

    If Brad Johnson can come in to the Bucs, break team records and win a Superbowl with a new HC and offense, surely Tom Brady can do it too this year or the next. Give me a break!

  12. Buccan8 Says:

    If I remember right, BA’s offense is heavy on option route trees—and those take chemistry to know what your WR is going to do before he does it. While I agree with Leighroy’s point about Brad Johnson picking up Gruden’s vernacular-heavy offense, I think these are different challenges. I would expect Brady to pick up Gruden’s offense easier than BA’s because that chemistry is so important.

    Feels like the right thing would be for the options to be something the offense grows into, even if ME/CG have to put the governors on themselves early on.

  13. Piratic Says:

    @Keith Rajotte:

    Your post is an excellent example of how we have lost our way. Your use of the written word is deplorable.

    Your post SHOULD have read something like this:

    “@Bucsfan333: You are wrong. Brady will be better than you think, and the Bucs will be Super Bowl-bound. There may be a slow start this year, but still, he won’t throw pick-6s, nor will he throw 30 interceptions or make stupid mistakes like Winston did. I figure they will win their division and a Super Bowl this year and next!”

    Hopefully, you’ll notice that I didn’t change the meaning of what you were trying to convey, I simply used the language as it was intended. Much like Arians doesn’t want to make drastic changes to the offense simply for Brady’s sake because it would require the entire offensive roster to learn a new language, don’t make us learn a new language (that nonsense you posted) to try to figure out your meaning.

    Everyone has a message, and you have every right to express yours, (we should all be very grateful for that) yet you can be certain that you will be taken seriously by absolutely no one until you are able to stop communicating so poorly. I understand that you won’t enjoy reading this criticism, but use it as motivation to be better tomorrow than you are today. Like Gruden (and many others) used to say: “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse!”


    —George Orwell

  14. Bush's Coke Straw Says:

    I’m pretty sure that Keith is using English as a second language. I hope your lack of sensitivity doesn’t ruin his desire to post here in the future. SMH

  15. Piratic Says:

    @Bush’s Coke Straw:

    I disagree. That post showed many signs of a failed American student. My advice to all like Keith: Slow down, use punctuation, and proofread. Remember proofreading? It still works!

    My lack of sensitivity? Please! What a joke! Are people truly too sensitive to receive warranted criticism? If he doesn’t post again until his writing is legible, we’ll all be better off. He had a great take, but it was nearly indecipherable. And frankly, what set me off was his (mis)spelling of “Bucks”. On a Bucs website, something like that deserves ridicule. SMH indeed.