Don’t Come At Carlton Davis With Numbers

June 10th, 2020

Production counts more.

Bucs third-year corner Carlton Davis only cares about one number. That’s the number in the “W” column.

Davis did a Zoom chat today with the Bucs’ pen and mic club and looked as if he had a setup in his garage gym (looked like a Juggs machine in the background). He was asked about any specific goals he has with numbers, for example, is he is looking for X-amount of picks or Y-amount of passes defended.

Davis, who was second in the NFL last season with 19 passes defensed, shrugged off the stats.

“I’m not really a numbers guy,” Davis said. “They say numbers don’t lie but they can lie at times depending on the scheme, depending on who you are guarding.

“For me, it is productivity. If that comes in the form of numbers, then yeah. I want to make improvement there

“For me, I just want to be a productive cornerback and do my best to help my team get to the Super Bowl and get us on the right track.”

Davis showed flashes while a rookie, playing in a defense that was horrendous on cornerbacks, especially young ones. His second season was clearly his best.

This is why it is delicious to find out what these young corners can do this year. Davis is clearly a solid corner, just a hair away from leading the NFL in passes defensed.

10 Responses to “Don’t Come At Carlton Davis With Numbers”

  1. Herbiebuc Says:

    @joe Jamal dean was right under him at 4th in the leauge

  2. james west Says:

    i expect big things from this young man this season, him and sean murphy bunting, also am stoked and really want to see winfield jr and what he brings to the table

  3. Joe Says:


    Wrote about that Sunday.

  4. JimmyJack Says:

    I really like Carlton. He’s just a solid corner. Nothing flashy just a guy you can count on. He just knows how to stick on coverage. Even when he does give up a pass he always seems to be in great position. Kinda reminds me of Brian Kelly that way……not ultra skilled but has that knack of just being able to stick on coverage.

  5. BucEmUp Says:

    Im loving our trio of corners in davis, dean and bunting these guys will ball out in man coverage I just hope bowles stops switching to soft zone when bucs are leading un the 3rd quarter.If your gonna go prevent that last couple possession of the game get that Mike Smith crap out of here

  6. Jason Says:

    I would think all corners have the same number 1 goal: “My guy no catch ball.” The numbers will take care of themselves.

  7. StonedBuc Says:

    Big year coming for our dbs!

  8. Cainishere Says:

    Basically, this will be the 3rd season for this group that is still intact.
    I will be honest. I had no faith in any of them after the first year.
    My brother Kacey wisely explained to me that they are gifted and just watch they will blossom nicely. RESULTS? CORRECT! I would have to admit they are the most improved of all the Buccaneers not counting any FA ahem . . .
    I do LOVE shut-down secondary game play.
    They are just as pretty as an awesome pass catch 😀
    You see we REAL Buccaneer fans LOVE DEFENSE, the meaner the better.
    We love solid tackling.
    During Dungy’s reign and followed by Chucky, the Buccaneers were hard to get YAC against. Why?
    Because they were taught how to be deadly tacklers. The blitzes were well timed and super deadly. RESULTS? SUPER BOWL TEAM.
    Some say the third year is the charm when dealing with gifted players.
    The best Secondary I saw from the Bucs was Abraham, Barber and Lynch.
    Now that was a gifted secondary. Carlton. Just shut everybody down.
    GO BUCS!!!

  9. Jimbuc2 Says:

    Monte Kiffen demanded ‘Slobbeyknockety’ tackling. John Lynch explained that as ‘running thru your opponent’ as opposed to just making contact. That defensive mindset is why players such as NFL great Barry Sanders would say “John Lynch was always in my mind. I had to know where he was on the field at all times.” That is respect, the kind that is earned for consistent, high-level dedication to excellence. As DB55 used to say, ‘Defend every blade of grass.’ I think our guys are capable of doing just that. Go Bucs! Slobberknock your tackles!!

  10. MTM Says:

    Davis was a bright spot in the secondary this year.