Bucs Also Had Additional Joint Practices Cancelled; Arians Unsure Of Tom Brady’s August

June 4th, 2020

It was already learned that a new Sickness-driven NFL rule eliminating joint practices this season canceled Tampa Bay’s scheduled sessions against the Jaguars, but Bruce Arians revealed more was lost today.

The Bucs also lost joint practices against the Titans, who will face the Bucs in preseason Game 3 at the Den of Depression.

During a Zoom chat with local media today, Joe asked Arians if that means Tom Brady will play more than expected in preseason.

Arians said he would have to see how the quality of the Bucs’ training camp work looks, but “I doubt very seriously that Tom’s going to get more reps.”

The head coach also reiterated what he’s said many times previously; scripted practices against real competition minus quarterback hitting is more valuable than preseason games. Joe expects that’s a big part of why the Bucs scheduled joint sessions with two teams this year versus just one last year — another measure to protect Brady.

Brady has played plenty in preseason but not much the last two years. Joe suspects that if Brady feels he needs the work, he’ll be in those games.

If no fans are allowed at the regular-season opener in New Orleans, then Joe thinks Brady plays a little less in preseason, since live work with silent counts will be less important.

6 Responses to “Bucs Also Had Additional Joint Practices Cancelled; Arians Unsure Of Tom Brady’s August”

  1. D-Rome Says:

    What sickness? You’d never know it considering all the useful idiots dominating the mainstream media headlines.

  2. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Florida has seen an increase in Sickness cases the past two weeks.

  3. BucEmUp Says:

    That Virus is a load of crap, nothing to shutdown or create safe distancing guidelines this is a complete joke and blows my mind how many people still believe what is being fed to them.These numbers have been lies from day 1.


    @ Bonzai. But Florida has not seen an increase in the death rate.

  5. Bucsalldayeveryday Says:

    The past week has showed what I believed for the past few years, with everything involving Jameis and how he was treated and reported on, Josh freeman and how he was thrown out, but the fact that the buccaneers released a statement on racial equality and this site has failed to say a word, tells me as a person of color all I need to know and I’m officially gone. I have come to this site since 08 every day. I got the feeling of how the people behind this site operate just by post and behaviors. I know you won’t approve this message but I’m letting you know that your silence speaks volumes. I have never felt fully welcome to this site.

  6. Bobby Says:

    Bucsalldayeveryday….and we knew you were black how??? Far as I know there are no photos of anyone posting depicting race. YOU are the one making it about race. Freeman and Jameis got bounced because they made too many mistakes that cost the team. With all the black players on this team I would think that would be obvious. You keep the players that produce and you get rid of the ones that hurt the productivity. You can disagree with the decision but to equate it as racist makes you look foolish.