Jaws: Tom Brady Still Top-4

May 14th, 2020

With multiple trips as a starting quarterback to the NFC title game and a long media career breaking down quarterback film, Ron “Jaws” Jaworski is not one to pull punches when evaluating QBs.

Speaking on SiriusXM NFL Radio today, Jaws made it clear he thinks the Bucs found a steal in 42-year-old, six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

Jaws was pressed to name his top quarterbacks in the game and was given various scenarios by which to judge. Ultimately, he put Brady in is top-4 quarterbacks a team would want if they’re trying to go the distance in the 2020 season. Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees were the others.

And based on answers to another question, Jaws gave Brady a slight edge over Brees.

“They haven’t had really down seasons,” he said of the QBs that will clash in Week 1 in New Orleans. Jaws went on to say so many strong quarterbacks, including himself, have had long careers with off years mixed in, but not those guys. And he doesn’t think either is washed up.

August can’t arrive soon enough. The Bucs have to have a winning season this year and get into the playoffs. This is the no excuses of no-excuses years.

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  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I didn’t know “Jaws” was still alive

  2. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Where is Jameis ranked ?

  3. Hawk Says:

    It’s amazing what you can do with CGI. lol

  4. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Its very simple what defenses going to do

    They are going to blitz and test the Oline and

    They are going to see if Brady and BA can consistently move down the field by getting the ball out quickly and efficiently

    If BA/BL does their normal run run pass and gets Brady holding the ball on 3rd downs

    We will be having goat for dinner

    Kobe Faker still doesnt see the James White/ Walker outlet player where TB12 dumps to on broken plays”

    Kobe Faker

  5. El Buco Realisto Says:

    “This is the no excuses of no-excuses years.”

    This should be the statement of the year!!!!!!!!!! I doubt that the sheep will honor that statement though!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sheep will say, “well if that player wasn’t injured” or that ” they were rookies” and the all time favored excuse ” They just need a second year in the system”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The truth will be revealed, if their really jo s any accountability at One Buc after this season!!!!!!!!!!!!! The “real” fans will be watching very closely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its time to herd the sheep, and put them back in the pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Drew Brees is not better than Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson at this point in his career.

  7. Jerry Jones Says:

    You’re 1000% wrong there Kobe. If you believe Brady is going to hold onto the ball like Winston did you’re high on crack.

    Have you ever watched Brady play the QB position?

  8. Jerry Jones Says:

    Realisto with his sheep fetish.

  9. Tony1775 Says:

    How about a Jameis article.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Tony1775 Says:
    May 14th, 2020 at 3:33 pm
    How about a Jameis article.

    You won’t have too long to wait….

  11. Kobe Faker Says:

    “BA s offensive scheme consists of holding the ball and throwing downfield vertically

    This offense is the worst fit for TB12

    Who will adjust?

    BA/BL has to because Brady wont be standing however

    BA/BL is not experienced nor competent in the short passing horizontal route schemes

    47 sacks allowed

    *2020 first of many predictions

    Alex Cappa sucs and shouldn’t be on a NFL roster”

    Kobe Faker

  12. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Cappa played through a broken arm and groin sugery and still did a decent enough job. after watching a full year of Benenoch who is out of football how can you say that?

  13. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Rodgers over Russell Wilson is laughable. And even though the Ravens got dunked on in the Super Bowl, I’d still take Lamar over Rodgers right now.

  14. AwshBucs Says:

    No excuses was 2018 as well Realist as much as you are unwilling to admit it. This year is as well. Only difference is, provided the key cogs stay healthy, you will see this coaching staff step up and maximize the talent at hand.

    The Bucs win the SB this year and the next.

  15. AwshBucs Says:

    Then in 2 years time we’ll pick up Aaron Rodgers, promote Byron Leftwhich to head coach, and win 2 more. Cementing Tampa Bay as the best sports team in the world with a sub .500 record all time.

  16. Old School Athlete Says:

    Good to hear from Jaws. I always thought he was done wrong by the mother ship. Agree with his thoughts on TB12, too.

    AwshBucs. Sounds good to me! I’m on board.

    Kobe: that’s what every defense does. Blitz and test the O line for a weakness. (?)

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Kobe, I’ll give you credit, most don’t have the cajones to lay it on the table like that. And I agree with part of what you wrote.

    Opposing defenses are surely going to “blitz and test the Oline” to see if Brady can consistently move this offense down the field. They’d obviously be damned fools to lay back & let Brady pick them apart. So that part’s a given in my book.

    As far as BA/BL doing their “NORMAL run run pass” I have no idea where you’re coming from on that. That’s not at all what BA’s offense looks like. If you have some numbers to back that up, I’d love to see them.

    I do agree with you that … at THIS point … I don’t see TB’s ‘outlet player’ who he’ll be dumping the ball off to on broken plays. But that’s only because none of them have yet played with Tom Brady. Bucs have several talented players who MIGHT fill that role (or we MIGHT still sign a veteran back before Game 1).

    I question your statement that “This offense is the worst fit for TB12”. Do you REALLY believe that THE GOAT would come to an offense at age 43 that was gonna get him pummeled? My gut tells me that TB did his homework BEFORE signing on with the Bucs. Brady obviously sees the POTENTIAL in this roster/offense that you apparently don’t.

    A little further down you let it be known that “Alex Cappa sucks and shouldn’t be on an NFL roster”. I’ll agree with you that Cappa is ‘the weak link’ among our 5 OLinemen. BUT … I’m pretty sure that he won’t be starting in Sept if he can’t do his job, do it well & EARN the starting spot. Joe Haeg will give him a run for the starting job IMO, plus we may add an OLineman before Game 1 if we can’t protect TB adequately enough.

  18. stpetebucsfan Says:

    It’s not the long windup that killed JW. The reason he was late with the ball is because he reads everything a beat slow.

    When TB12 comes to the line of scrimmage…he has seen virtually every defense ever played in the NFL since WWII. That may not be hyperbole. 20 years is a long time!! A lot of defensive and offensive fads have come and gone in Brady’s two decades. He’s seen every move and then the response or counter move.

    It’s been said there is nothing new under the sun. Those who have been around long enough have seen most of it. I hope defensive guys think they can abuse our protection with blitzes. Brady will simply use his hot reads…RB or even TE very short and unload when he realizes a blitz might get to him…barring that he’ll simply throw it away.

    I just don’t see DC’s beating us with blitzes or gimmicks. They are going to have to line up and beat us mano a mano. I like Brady’s choices of “manos”.

  19. BUC CHEEKS Says:

    Man that has a nice ring(s) to it!!! “six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.”
    LETS GO!!!!!!! Can’t wait till our BUCS get out there and start putting this thing together!!! I don’t care what anyone says, in very dark times, our team came through for us. Dominated the offseason, straight up, total domination!!! New uni’s, the GOAT, GRONK, Resigned the majority of our studs and had a haul in the draft!!! Let’s get to work!!!

  20. Ndog Says:

    August can’t arrive soon enough. The Bucs have to have a winning season this year and WIN THE SUPERBOWL for this to be a success!. This is the no excuses of no-excuses years.

    There I fixed it for you.

  21. Bird Says:


  22. Youngbucs Says:

    Well if it isn’t ndog THE KING OF EXCUSES!!!!!

  23. Bird Says:

    According to ^ , brady is a senior citizen and 5th best qb in the NFC south. But he ^ is not a jamies homer. Only the biggest buc fan alive. More then you. More then anyone. And lets face it. He knows more about football then anyone. And he will tell you that among all the facts he brings.

    When an Football expert/analyst says Negative things about jameis , That guy is a clown.
    When a football expert / analyst says something positive about jameis , that person has immediate street cred and the “i told you so” comes out. Example michael clayton , someone who Should comment Maybe on someone’s blocking ability only

    And the 5th best qb is oretty funny considering ^ trashing matt ryan and bridgewater in past (since bridgewater rumored here)

  24. Ndog Says:

    Being old, immobile and weak armed are not valid excuses gentleman.

  25. Ndog Says:


    You wanted the old man you got em.

  26. Jeffbuc Says:

    Ndog what would this seasons expectations be if we resigned jameis to be are starting qb instead of tb? Hopefully have a winning record. Hopefully playing meaningful games in October. Or would it be for you hoping jameis throws for 5,000 yards 33 tds and only 20 interceptions this year.

  27. Roadwarrior Says:

    Kobe Faker still doesnt see the James White/ Walker outlet player where TB12 dumps to on broken plays”

    Kobe Faker

    They got guys you’re just not looking At them. I promise you.

    And ndog tell me what you would get out out of this team with your boy on it this year. That’s what I thought.

  28. Ndog Says:

    Nope Jeffbuc it would be overall team improvement, make the playoffs and have a chance at a 10 year run where any year we can win the SuperBowl.

  29. Bird Says:


    He won 28 of 74 games. Which is around what 38% winning record
    So close to a super bowl run. So close. Like on the cusp
    Thats what he would bring

  30. DBS Says:

    Nobody said they were fool. Only you trying to divide fan and start trouble again. It is what you accept. I don’t give a rat’s azz what you accept because they let your boy toy go.

  31. Bird Says:

    Oops. I almost forgot.

    Go noles!

  32. Jason Says:

    My 2 favorite quotes from Jaworski
    2. “Jeff George is a very frustrating quarterback to watch on film.”

  33. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog yea ndog we wanted him and got him it feels good. To bad you wanted the groping strong armed bird brain and couldn’t have him cry me a river.

  34. SteveK Says:


    You’re a trip. Thanks for the laughs, daily. The Bucs will be better than 9-7: thus defined as a “successful season” bc Jameis couldn’t do better than 9-7 one time in 5 years.

    We can give Tommy Boy one season to better Jameis’ team W-L records. Book it.

    And I think it’s sad how obtuse your logic is. We were going nowhere with Jameis. What’s that nonsense about “a 10 year run where we can win each year”. Not with Jameis.

    I really hope deep down you’re being facetious. 🤡

  35. Ndog Says:


    No excuses this team has everything that Jameis never had.

    A HOF TE, check.
    Depth and versatility at RB, check.
    A big young run blocking RT, check.
    A defense capable of not giving up 300 yards of passing each half of a game, check.
    A defensive coordinator that is not a complete idiot, check.

    NO EXCUSES, SUPERBOWL WIN THIS SEASON OR IT IS A FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ndog Says:

    I love how you people act like you know how someones career will turn out when they have only played for a trash franchise that put nothing around them accept a few WRs and nothing else. You people kill me with your plain and simple stupidity.

    It is actually kind of funny to see how utterly CLUELESS some fans are.

  37. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Post it on a Saints site, where somebody might care.

  38. Kevbeth5 Says:

    I don’t comment much on anybody’s views because all of us have them or we wouldn’t be on this site. Non of us our experts or we would not be in the vocations that we are presently in. But I must say Defense Rules comments was a well written comment and very thought provoking. Well done sir!

  39. Steven007 Says:

    Ndog, why are you a fan of a trash franchise? Are you a masochist? You’ve been going to games since the 90s for a trash franchise? Not very bright. I think we re franchise that hasn’t had the best of luck and decision-making. Trash franchises don’t win super bowls. And I realize that’s plural. Trash franchises don’t win a super bowl either.

  40. Ndog Says:

    Joe in Michigan oh you’ll care when he’s whopping our a$$ for the next 10 years with smug Sean Payton laughing at us once again.

  41. Ndog Says:

    Steven007, bro you know we have the worst winning% of any team in any professional sport don’t you?

    The worst IN ALL OF SPORTS which means this is not debatable.

    Why am I am fan? Simple I love this city, I love this team and THAT is why I am so pissed cause I believe with all my heart they made this move for $ and attention not to win and be the franchise I believe WE deserve.

  42. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m a fan of the team because USF didn’t have a football program when I went and the Bucs expansion to Tampa was my introduction to real football…..I’ve been a fan ever since…..through bad & good….mostly bad….but not all.

    I am a fan of the players when they are Bucs…..some more than others….but when they are cut, traded, retire or simply not resigned…..I focus on their replacements…..that keeps me from extreme disappointment…..

    I’m excited about Brady because I believe it gives us a better chance to win….no more, no less.

  43. AwShbucs Says:

    Ndog if you genuinely believe they didnt pick up Brady and Gronk with every intention of winning a SB, then you are a fool. Plain and simple.

    Disagreeing with the decision to release Jameis is one thing, but to think we ain’t trying to win you are just wrong.

  44. Mike Says:

    Win % for a franchise is not the only indicator of success, ask Detroit, Buffalo, or Minnesota if they would take one ring over any amount of regular season success.

  45. Ndog Says:

    The odds of winning the Super Bowl in the next two years is very slim therefore this was not about being a great franchise it is about making money period.

  46. Mike Says:

    I was just talking about your statement that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the worst franchise in all of sport, I respectfully disagree.

  47. SteveK Says:


    You’re spring-loaded and not objective in the least.

    Let’s go Bucs!

  48. AwShbucs Says:

    Bro what? Seemingly everyone besides you and Realist recognizes that adding Brady improved our odds of winning the Superbowl immensely.

    Brady threw 22 less interceptions than Jameis last season. If we had 22 less turnovers last season we make the playoffs easily.

  49. SteveK Says:


    Odds are exponentially better to win the SB in the next two years with Brady vs. Gronk. How bout those factual apples? 🍎 🍏

  50. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Ndog: I wish Winston the best of luck in all future endeavors, except when he plays the Bucs.

  51. Ndog Says:

    If we had the defense Brady we make the playoffs as well, what’s your point?

    It’s a team game we scored plenty of points based solely on one aspect of the team, as the running game sucked all year, the defense sucked for 60% of the year and the kicker sucked whenever it mattered so every piece had a part in our record but only one facet can say they finished in the top five in their goal, the others yeah not so much. But I know that is not what you’ve been brainwashed to believe so you can’t comprehend it. Sorry about that I truly do feel bad for you.

  52. Pok Says:

    Thank you for avoiding the nonsense monikers. Good report. Jaws has done qb analysis a long time and is on point

  53. Darin Says:

    Exactly. Or two beats slow. Winston cant anticipate or lead a receiver to save his job. So he didnt. Brady has the field vision.

  54. AwshBucs Says:

    And if Brady has the Weapons Jameis Winston had last year he probably wins his 7th ring. So whats your point?

  55. Ndog Says:

    AwShbucs since when do I give a rats a$$ what anyone thinks? I think half these posters wouldnt know a football play if it was drawn on their forhead.

    Now let’s be clear I think we should have a very good year cause the defense finally seems to be better and we have a good rotation of RBs, along with a young powerful RT. All I am saying is if we don’t win the Super Bowl this was a disaster cause all if those good parts we have finally assembled will go to waste in 2 years cuz we won’t have a quarterback so what’s the point of having a good team if you have no one to lead them?

  56. Ndog Says:

    If Brady was on our team last we might have won 4 games. We don’t beat the Rams, Colts, Cardinals and we probably lose even more than that cuz if a 25 year old can barely make it through the season by getting beat to death with a broken hand and a torn up knee you think a 42-year-old quarterback would have lasted longer or even close to as long, what are you insane?

  57. Jerk04 Says:

    Well we haven’t had a good qb the last 5 years either.

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    Ndog…I feel bad for YOU.

    Coming in here daily trying to shame us Bucs fans for being excited about this season with Tom Brady and Gronk.

    Don’t continue to take your stupidity out on us. Write to the Glazers and protest or something, but to come here daily and whine is getting rather childish these days.

  59. Joe in Michigan Says:

    As far as the James White role, pass catching RB:

    James White, 5-9, 204, 4.57, 32” vertical, 113” broad jump
    Ke’Shawn Vaughn, 5-10, 214, 4.51, 32” vertical, 117” broad jump

    FantasyPros, on Vaughn’s pass catching ability:
    “This is where Ke’Shawn Vaughn separates himself from the other backs in this class. Vaughn is an extremely smooth and natural receiver and is able to make things happen after the catch.”

  60. AwshBucs Says:

    Ndog. You… are delsional. I used to think of you as someone who wasnt a complete and total idiot. And that just isn’t the case anymore. There’s a reason why this entire website ridicules you now.

    You have flat out lost your marbles and now make an a$$ of yourself on a daily basis.

    Brady threw for 4,000+ yards 24 TD’s and 8 picks with nobody but Edelman at receiver gaining more that 400 yards… if you translate that exact production to this team last year, they make the playoffs… Easily. And it’s virtually guaranteed that improves upon his numbers from last season with 2 legit #1’s at Receiver and the best TE group in the league.

    Take a look at yourself in the mirror dude. You aren’t really this stupid are you?

  61. AwshBucs Says:


  62. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Well we could be the Giants.

    Trade up for a CB then after a dismal rookie year he decides to committ armed robbery at a cookout with Quinton Dunbar.

  63. Steven007 Says:

    Mike, thanks for making that point above. I shouldn’t have expected the dog to understand that. He proved me right.

  64. Steven007 Says:

    AwSh, you speak for many of us dude…

  65. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    And for the record 30th straight thread NDog, who says he’s a Bucs fan, roots for the he Bucs to lay an egg next year


  66. Stanglassman Says:

    I’m with you NDog I feel like we gave up the opportunity to be in contention for the next 10-15 years for this small window of 1-2 years. It just feels short sited. BA is looking to go all in on his coaching timeline not necessarily what’s good for the team in the long run. The IBG/YBG (I’ll be gone/You’ll be gone) Moto. I just hope we get lucky and find another good Qb and don’t have to wait decades again for it to happen. Maybe this will work out I’ll be rooting for it too. I just like winning with our own marquee players. I just feels like if we win now it’s not the Bucs’s team that will be credited it will because of Tom Brady.

  67. Bucsgotachance..todonothing Says:

    I think some people like to complain for the sake of complaining…either jump on board or get tossed over board..no one cares how you feel at all and your post bring no value…

    That said..the bucs are winning the Superbowl this year if their is football

  68. Steven007 Says:

    And dog, as for our super bowl chances being quote-unquote very slim, not according to Vegas. And they are seldom off by much.

  69. Ndog Says:

    AwshBucs you really don’t understand how football works do you?
    My goodness sir if you want you can pay me to actually teach you some football if you would like?

  70. adam from ny Says:

    yeah…i thought gruden did him in on mnf…

    seemed like gruden hated jaws and was gonna derail the guy as best as he could…

    good to see him resurface, because the trifecta of gruden, turico and jaws was definitely not working

  71. Steven007 Says:

    Stan, do you think the Broncos are lamenting their super bowl win with Manning? Don’t think so…

  72. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “I love how you people act like you know how someones career will turn out”

    Just realize who you are actually insulting NDOG. Not us.

    Apparently 31 other NFL teams also think they have at least a decent idea on how someone’s career will turn out. Nobody showed up with the $$$.

    Money talks and BS walks. Time to take a hike NDOG.

  73. Ndog Says:

    Show me where I rooted against the Bucs? Thinking something is going to happen is not same as cheering for it to happen. But again simple comprehension alludes some of us, SC it looks like that means you.

  74. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    NDog keep dreaming buddy. You think you are so smart by alluding but not having the stones to say your thoughts. Hypocrite. If if wouldn’t get me in moderation I’d describe you in more colorful terms.

  75. Ndog Says:

    stpetebucsfan how many times can I tell you people I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS!! I am not like most of you I don’t let other people tell me what to think or get swayed by uninformed opinions. I watch more Bucs film than anyone in professional football I guarantee you that, that’s not even debatable at all. So why would I care about what anyone else thinks when I have seen more of us than them?

  76. Ndog Says:

    Stanglassman Says:
    May 14th, 2020 at 9:00 pm
    I’m with you NDog I feel like we gave up the opportunity to be in contention for the next 10-15 years for this small window of 1-2 years. It just feels short sited. BA is looking to go all in on his coaching timeline not necessarily what’s good for the team in the long run. The IBG/YBG (I’ll be gone/You’ll be gone) Moto. I just hope we get lucky and find another good Qb and don’t have to wait decades again for it to happen. Maybe this will work out I’ll be rooting for it too. I just like winning with our own marquee players. I just feels like if we win now it’s not the Bucs’s team that will be credited it will because of Tom Brady.


  77. SmoothBayRider Says:

    NDog . Can we fight? I think you’d be a great candidate .

  78. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Lol how did that get me moderated!

  79. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Surely NDOG you realize what reciprocity means.

  80. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    The Joes really need to do something about Ndog coming in here and derailing every single comment section we have with pointless Winston arguments.

  81. SteveK Says:

    Jameis is not the answer. So we would suck with him for the next 10 years plus.

    This argument of having a savvy veteran QB as “short sited” is about the dumbest ass argument ever.

    No playoffs in 12 years.

    No playoff wins since SB37.

    It’s ok to go all-in with Brady and Gronk.

    Jameis had more than a fair chance and he didn’t get it done. I root for the guy, but to act like his turnovers and inconsistency was not a problem is foolish.

  82. Joe in Michigan Says:

    We would’ve been guaranteed to be good for 10 to 15 years? Really? Where is that written? I’d just be happy to make the playoffs THIS YEAR!!

  83. SteveK Says:


    Did you watch all 30 INTs last year on film?

    You’re not objective in the least and your posts cause a lot of chuckling and head scratching. Keep grinding and go Bucs!

  84. SteveK Says:

    Jameis didn’t get it done in Tampa. I wish he did, but it didn’t happen. Good luck to him and may all the “honks” find peace in having the greatest QB of all time taking snaps!

  85. Ndog Says:

    If course I’ve watched every pick, probably more than this entire board combined, that is why I know more than most cause I study research and determine what actually happened. I don’t just say look 30 picks duh he must suck like the average idiot.

  86. Steven007 Says:

    Dog, when you stated above that you watch more Bucs film than anyone in professional football you seriously lost all credibility dude. That’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard from you. And that’s saying a lot.

  87. Joe in Michigan Says:

    A worse attitude than “Swaggy” Baker? Does DeAndre Baker have him beat?

  88. Ndog Says:

    There are so many mistakes this offense made last year that either caused TOs or simply held this offense back last year it is disgusting and Jameis takes the blame for all of it. For instance there were picks that were caused by players that were not even the intended target cause they didn’t run their route properly to take their defender out of the play. The QB has to trust that his players are going to do their job and if they don’t it effects everyone but the average fan (clearly the majority on here) simply doesn’t understand that, so they blame the QB cause they honestly don’t know any better.

  89. Ndog Says:

    Steven007 you have no idea how much I watch and again I couldn’t give a crap what you think cause I know the truth. Your opinion means nothing to me that’s why I say the truth cause I don’t care.

  90. Jerry Jones Says:

    Ndog……you have ZERO credibility on this site and you LOVED THE F@CK out of JW so you’re opinion is shot here.

    Kobe…those 47 sacks were JW’s fault and NO ONE ELSES. You idiots can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Please enlighten all of us you jacknuts.

  91. Jerry Jones Says:

    Ndog…..you gotta have the dumbest wannabe gangster name of all time. I’d love to meet you in person and educate you to the ground b!tech.

    Let me know when you’re at a game so I can personally educate you punk.

  92. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Ndog: Let’s be real. You don’t know if the wrong routes were run, unless you’re Bruce Arians or Byron Leftwich.

  93. BrianBucs Says:

    Signing Brady and ridding themselves of America’s Crotchgrabber And Liar, The Human Turnovers Machine, Mr. Pick 6 And Future Journeyman Backup Jameis Winston is the smartest move the Bucs have made since they won the Superbowl in 2002.
    With Brady, its like having a coach on the field. His experience and football mind is second to none and the other players will respect him and listen to him. And if anybody actually took the time to watch his games from last year they would see that his arm is still throwing the ball with lots of zip.
    Bucs still have a couple of holes to fill, but at least Bucs fans have something to be excited about for the first time in a very long time.

  94. Jerry Jones Says:

    And I WILL be at the games keyboard warrior, let’s see if you got the b@lls punk!

    I’m afraid of NO man!

  95. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Well……..what we have here appears to be an virtual intervention for Ndog…..doesn’t look like it’s working out too well….but it sure gets Joe some clicks….
    I liked Jameis….but I like the Bucs so much more….Jameis is gone….good luck, Jameis…..the Bucs are still here…..GO BUCS!!!

  96. Alanbucsfan Says:

    The best receiver Brady had with the Patriots was arguably, Randy Moss, but Patriots never won a SB with Moss. (Eli’s miracle play)

    Brady has great receivers now, but that is not why Bucs will win.

    Brady will not tolerate any BS and he has the resume to command respect, so that means ROJO and Howard and anyone else who misses assignments or executes sloppily will be held accountable .

    Tom “Lassie” Brady will herd this talented group into the Super Bowl pen while “little lamb” El Buco Realisto will be off with Mary someplace.

  97. Pewter Power Says:


    Weak armed???? Have you watched Brees throw the ball down field? Exactly… no he doesn’t because he can’t, even his mid range balls make it look like he has a noodle arm. Why do you think the Saints keep losing in the playoffs? Do you honestly think they are just unlucky?

    There’s a reason everyone was saying the broken thumb was the best thing to happen to Brees, his arm will lose strength before Brady. I think you know that’s why Winston is there

  98. Jerry Jones Says:

    @BrianBucs…you’ve hit the nail on the head!

    These pessimistic idiots just wanna find the wrong somewhere but back it up with horsesh!t narratives and ZERO film study. There is a very small sect of us that actually KNOW how the game is played and understand schemes and then you have all these idiots that because they like football, they think they know football. We all know who the uneducated are from how you comment and it’s literally bat sh!t bonkers when we read it.

  99. Jerry Jones Says:

    A real man replies Ndog, what you got b!tch. Punk a$$ motherfu@ker!

  100. Ndog Says:

    Jerry Jones reply to what?

  101. Ndog Says:

    Oh I see now you want to fight me because you can’t debate with me. Yeah I have better things to do than go to jail over something that I already know I’m right about. Grow up bro.

  102. Jerry Jones Says:

    You truly are an “A” class iditot. I can’t wait to see you in person and wear you out! I’m a season ticket holder and I’m here whenever you have the courage B!TCH.

  103. Ndog Says:

    Again you want to fight someone over a football opinion. What are you like 15 years old?

  104. Jerry Jones Says:



  105. Jeffbuc Says:

    Ndog just read an article on nfl.com the ranked the first overall picks of the last ten years. Jameis was 8th ahead of Bradford and Fischer. They said he led the league in turnovers by twenty since he has been in the league. Said just what he led the second place guy was more than Rodgers had in the last three years. Think about that and no one has ever said Rodgers has a great team. Rodgers would trade his whole offensive team for ours right now. And the defense also. And they said that Andrew luck who you love to show stats from to compare to jameis has more wins in his first three seasons than jameis and Bradford combined. But you keep tooting that horn. I understand it’s your role now you don’t believe it but have went on about it so long you think you have to stay this lone fan living in the past. Just do us and yourself a favor and say I’m sorry guys I know we are a better team now. I just caught up in having to keep this online defender of jameis persona going to make myself feel right. But I was wrong we are better by subtraction. And I feel more confident now heading into only 11 Sunday games and 5 prime time games that we don’t have to worry about are QB losing the game for us. It’s ok jump on the hype train with the rest of us fans and enjoy it

  106. Jerry Jones Says:

    Ndog you say so much bullsh!t about every little thing….it’s about time you had your @ss whipped.

    I will find you!

  107. Ndog Says:

    Bro you just posted that 47 sacks were the QBs fault and you think you have creditability? Ok man a piece of advice, don’t think to hard you might hurt yourself.

  108. Bird Says:

    Who is 15 years old ?

    There is the hypocrite aka Ndog
    Dude. You have been crying about jameis leaving for weeks
    Wwwaaaaaa. He is not treated fairly.
    You have trashed almost every player other then jameis.
    Every article is negative cause your boy band favorite singer is gone

    I mean what adult claims to be more of a fan then anyone else like ndog

    Ndog is the child
    Keep it up ndog. Its entertaining. You are such a weirdo. I mean jameis should be scared of you.

  109. Steven007 Says:

    Dog, dude to even infer that you watch more film then football professionals is ludicrous on its face. That’s why I said no credibility. Say things certainly, just don’t say things that are downright ridiculous and stupid on its face. But if that’s what you’re looking for, mission accomplished.

  110. Jerry Jones Says:

    And yes! I would love kick your @ss! And many 15vyear olds would love it!

    I’m 43 and ready to LIGHT YOUR @SS UP! Too many people just say what they want because they WANT TOO and I’m old school MOTHERFUC$ER so bring it!

  111. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Ndog: Probably not a good time to instigate, you won’t always be able to hide behind your keyboard.

  112. Jeffbuc Says:

    You do realize we can now be that team that other fans look at and say damn the Bucs are 8-2 they just need to win 4 out of there next 6 and they are 12-4 and have a first round bye. Why didn’t our team sign Brady for only 25 million.

    Do you talk to any other football fans besides bucs fans. I do with my job I meet lots of new people. And they all say the same thing you guys have a good team but that Winston guy keeps losing you games. That guy throws so many picks how can you watch it. Every other nfl non buc fan that is there perception of him he is a turnover machine and the Bucs will suck as long as he is the QB. My brother is a lions fan and every offseason the last 5 years I keep saying how good we are going to be this year. And he would say dude every year you say this then by week three you are talking about how bad he sucks. And we get into an argument every year where he argues that jameis led college football in turnovers and now the nfl why do you think he will change.

    Had to finally admit to my older brother he was right. It was false hope for jameis every year. And since I realized this it has been a lot easier to be a buc fan. I found my self laughing last year on all the stupid turnovers instead of getting mad. Now I am a happy bucs fan that finally realizes I don’t have to watch a game with a qb that every throw you hold your breath and hope it go’s to the right team. That every Sunday I know our QB won’t lose the game for us. He will be the reason we win or stay in the game. Tom Brady throws less picks in a season than jameis does in two of his bad games. And that’s a fact. Jameis if I dug up stats probably through more picks in his 3 worse games than 15 QBs did all last year. But you keep defending that

  113. Ndog Says:

    Ah who is threatening who? I haven’t said I would do anything to anyone, so not sure how I am instigating anything? I not fighting anyone as it is pointless and proves nothing. I’m not “bringing” anything on as I just like talking football and have an opinion just like most of is on here. Guys get a freaking grip it a football blog for goodness sake.

  114. Jerry Jones Says:

    NDOG, what section will you be at b!tch, I will find YOU!


  115. Ndog Says:

    Steven007 Says:
    May 14th, 2020 at 10:33 pm
    Dog, dude to even infer that you watch more film then football professionals is ludicrous on its face. That’s why I said no credibility. Say things certainly, just don’t say things that are downright ridiculous and stupid on its face. But if that’s what you’re looking for, mission accomplished.

    I didn’t say football I said Bucs film.

  116. Jerry Jones Says:

    Ndog…..a 15 year punk trying to be an adult.

    We know who you are now and I’m still gonna lay the wood when I find you!

  117. Steven007 Says:

    dog, okay, simply replace my comment with Bucs film if you must. It’s the same exact point and you know it. And it’s ridiculous. And you know it.

  118. SB Says:

    Websters needs a new synonym for Idiot.

  119. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Ndog: When you call people “idiots”, etc. it is instigating trouble. You do it on here every day. People get tired of it.

  120. Steven007 Says:

    Ridiculous, and I’ll add a blatantly obvious lie.

  121. SB Says:

    Which word was it this time Joe?

  122. Afo Says:

    Without Winston TO Bucs have a top 10 defense, look at defense efficiency

  123. Jerry Jones Says:

    Ndog, you better never come to a game that I know you’re at because I will whoop your @ss!

  124. Jerry Jones Says:

    And yes, I’ll do it for pure pleasure…do you like pick up your teeth with broken fingers? I’ll say you do!

    My mission in life is to find you now!!!!!!!!

  125. Jerry Jones Says:

    I will find you Ndog! Believe it!!!

  126. Jeffbuc Says:

    Ndog just went and looked jameis had 13 interceptions in his 3 worse games last year only 6 nfl QBs had more picks than that all year. How can you defend that. Once again only 6 nfl QBs had more picks in a whole season than jameis did in 3 games. Only two QBs had more interceptions than jameis did in his worst 5 games and jameis had 19 the number 2 and 3 on the total interceptions for the season threw 21 and 20. So the guy who threw the second most interceptions threw only 2 more in 16 games than jameis did in five In 5 games jameis would have had the 3rd most interceptions in the league. And 4th on the list only had 16 so he would have been 4th in interceptions in just 4 games. Defend that stat 5 games 3rd in the league 4 games 4th. But blame it on the kicker, the defense, the play calling, the back stabbing coach, the wide receivers wrong routes. But the good things he did 33tds 5,000 yards that all jameis despite the kicker,defense,wide receivers,runningbacs, play calling, and back stabbing coach. Defend this to me please those are facts that don’t lie. And when I saw them it made me realize how bad he was. No one can defend that 6 games is all it took for him to throw more interceptions than any other QBs playing 10 more games.

  127. Jerry Jones Says:

    Remember Ndog, JW is you’re man!!!!!!!!!!!

    You FUC$ING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

    You’re opinion means nothing!!!!!! You might as well be talking to yourself!!!!

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. SB Says:

    Jeff…………..You are talking about Ndog………..
    C’mon man! Biggest troll on this site~

  129. Afo Says:

    Funny how Russell Wilson was sacked 48 times, had only no 1000 yards WR and still made the playoffs with his team defense ranked in bottom 10

  130. SB Says:

    Afo………..I called that sh!t when they drafted him in the third round!

  131. Afo Says:

    @Ndog we still say Jamies is better, I lost faith in Jamies when he started those picks against Panthers in London, the coaching staff should’ve left him there

  132. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    Stanglassman Says: May 14th, 2020 at 9:00 pm

    I’m with you NDog I feel like we gave up the opportunity to be in contention for the next 10-15 years for this small window of 1-2 years. It just feels short sited. BA is looking to go all in on his coaching timeline not necessarily what’s good for the team in the long run. The IBG/YBG (I’ll be gone/You’ll be gone) Moto. I just hope we get lucky and find another good Qb and don’t have to wait decades again for it to happen. Maybe this will work out I’ll be rooting for it too. I just like winning with our own marquee players. I just feels like if we win now it’s not the Bucs’s team that will be credited it will because of Tom Brady.

    BINGO⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ per @NDOG – I agree!!!!

    Fast forward to Brady Bucs team in 2020 playing last 6 games (aka Jameis) with winning record on the line, and Tompa taking the field with a broken thumb, Knee injury – torn meniscus, and ME13 and Godwin sidelined with injuries, no Gronk…..still asked to use risk-it-biscuit down field throws to no-name receivers. And kicker missing every meaningful kick.

    In same situation as JW3 – Tompa may not have TO’s; instead Tompa will be on sideline yelling at everyone after multiple 3 & outs for their “missed assignments”. Tompa will throw out of bounds. But same results. Difference is excuses from fans for Tompa.

    Fast forward 2020 REAL – Eff Covid excuse >>>D is better than ever to help offense. Tompa has Gronk, and amazing talent across the board, including a new RB.

    No excuses – SB or BUST is only outcome for winning season – to validate jettisoning a young 1st RD QB still learning.

  133. adam from ny Says:

    ndog is tjmaxxcon…

    get woke

  134. ©MadMax Says:

    I knew it….an article with this many posts means Ntard is out trolling again….smdh, so tired of this Ntard mania….when are we going to move on? I didnt read one friggin comment. And im about to say to hel!! with it, with the bs going on here lately….better things to do with my time! Go ahead, mod me

  135. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    BTW – Patrick Mahomes is transcendent talent, who benefited from being in Andy Reid Offense, drafted to a playoff team with a year on bench absorbing NFL D’s watching and learning from a perennial successful NFL starting QB, Alex Smith.

    JW3 had Mike Glennon as his “mentor”??? Really? And drafted to worst team in NFL, as #1 QB.

    YEP, JW “chose to take too much on his shoulders” tas rookie, trying to be a Bucs leader too quickly and made copious mistakes during his time as Bucs QB. After Lovie was fired, it was fact that Koetter did not want JW; resulting in a “forced-relationship” that never jelled. Then came BA. Who wanted immediate results given his age, and Implementing an offense with historical TO’s for QB’s like Manning, Luck and Roth >>> to an already TO=prone QB in JW. Yeah, that was going to work!

    I expect JW to be a humble backup, who will do all possible to learn and will be an amazing supporter to Brees/Taysom. JW will emerge as successful long-term starter.

  136. ©MadMax Says:

    Ntard is either one of the Joe’s or definitely Joe approved, just for the drama….thats the only way this punk is still allowed to post but others who actually CONTRIBUTE go into mod!

  137. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    Country song lyric – “One more last thing” >>> Brady enters the Bucs franchise at a different time than JW did in 2015. Better D, better RB’s, and definitely better special team play. Exceptional receiving talent. Got his Gronk. SB or BUST baby!

    Net – All Brady has to do, is to execute the offense for Bucs to win SB. Per reports of team excitement, Brady’s presence alone, is already raising the “effort ” bar for the D, O and Special teams.

    SB or BUST!

    Oops – the 43 yr old QB has to be healthy for the season (broken thumb, meniscus tear) as those medical issues are not excuses…

  138. Alaska Abdominal Snowman Says:

    ©MadMax Says:
    May 15th, 2020 at 12:10 am
    I knew it….an article with this many posts means Ntard is out trolling again….smdh
    Hahahahaha I was thinking the same exact thing.

  139. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Things I thank god for every night…

    1. The health of my kids, wife, and myself.

    2. Giving me the opportunity to provide for my family.

    3. Owning my own business.

    4. Happiness in life.

    5. My bucs!

    6. Tom Brady becoming a Buccaneer. Bucs finally have a shot at a super bowl.

    7. Ndog is neither my dad or son (not sure how old he is) bc if he was my dad, I would’ve grown up to be a *ussy and if he was my son, I would have to kick the *hit out of him to become a man.

    Thank you lord!!! Amen 🙏🏽

  140. Bucsfanman Says:

    Wow, just wow. Looks like I missed a show!

    I think ALL football fans recognize the ultimate goal here, a Super Bowl. ANY season, regardless of who’s QB would be considered a “failure” without the Lombardi.

    Nobody remembers the runner-up. The Bills went to 4 straight SBs, FOUR! What’s their story? Failure. A feat no team ever or since has accomplished, and their remembered for failure.

    This notion that BECAUSE we have Brady, the season is a failure if we don’t make it to the SB and win is akin to saying “water is wet”. It would have been the same expectation for ANY QB! So, saying that is kind of dumb in the grand scheme of things. There’s no more and no less pressure on Brady to take us to the SB. That should be fans’ expectation each and EVERY year.

    And, crying about trading for the future?! Give me a break. How many years are you suppose to give a player before you KNOW? At what cost? This is a win NOW league. Not now, RIGHT NOW!

    You’re going to hedge your bet that “maybe” just “maybe” Jameis would have turned it around? Not in real life. No person here would have bet their future, their house, their retirement that Jameis turns it around. So don’t feed us that bull!

    If we we’re gambling, and it’s between JW and TB, Brady at 43 is the “sure bet”! Take that to the bank!

  141. Knuckle Sandwich Delivery Service Says:

    Jerry Jones- thanks for the laughs man. You made the Dog start churching up his comments. The next fight I see at a home game I will assume that y’all finally met.

  142. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Ndog= Wuhan Virus of JBF. 🦠

  143. 2002WasALongTimeAgo Says:

    Ndog: Jameis lost 6 games alone last season per another local publication. He can’t find open receivers, is indecisive, stares receivers down, etc…Please show us the law that says we can’t draft another QB or sign one when Brady retires.