Jameis Has Jokes

May 3rd, 2020

Tip your waitress.

Yes, this post is about the Bucs.

(Joe just knows the mere mention of Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, makes some haters go absolutely mental. Well, save it! No one is forcing anyone to read any article. And if you think Joe is just going to suddenly pretend the best quarterback in franchise history who holds many franchise passing records never existed, Joe suggests you may want to become familiar with Buccaneers.com.)

So Joe suspects Jameis is trying out standup routines based on what he told Total Access on Friday (with Colleen Wolfe!), seen on NFL Network. Either that, or he has developed some nerve.

When Jameis was asked about his successor, Tom Brady, it seems Jameis channeled his inner Chris Rock.

“One, his quarterback room with Ryan Griffin and Blaine Gabbert, he’s getting a great quarterback room there. They’re going to compete, they’re going to push him,”


For one of the few times in Joe’s life, Joe is speechless.

After Joe pulled himself off the floor howling like one of the neighbor’s dogs, Joe thought: Jameis, you’re funny!

The only thing Gabbert and Griffin will push for Brady is his lawnmower.

Hey, Terry Bradshaw does comedy acts in Vegas (Joe had a ticket to see him until The Sickness shut down the country and, like everyone else, Joe had to say home like a grounded high school kid). So, why not Jameis?

134 Responses to “Jameis Has Jokes”

  1. ItzOK Says:

    The Joke is on Bucs fans as we’ve lost the best QB in franchise history. Now in Two years our franchise will be back in the gutter trying to land another one. If Brady doesnt get a SB this was another huge mistake by Licht. Some how the Saints just will not fall off but instead roll from Brees this year to Jameis for the next 10.

  2. BringBucsBack Says:

    Perhaps he is so used to spouting clichés that, he has no original thought of his own.

    Well there is “I’m ballin’…check yo’ sheets”.

    Now that I think of it; “they don’t want to win games up north (Big10) like they do down south”. Remember that bit of profundity? I guess that was an original thought.

  3. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Joe Saints Fan. This is a Buccaneer site I thought. That guy alone destroyed 5 years of a Bucs life. Good riddance

  4. Pete I Says:

    Yes I know he is full of Jokes, I’ve watched him play for 5 years.

  5. Pete I Says:

    I would say that Jameis shouldn’t quit his day job for a shot at stand-up comedy but after seeing him play football for 5 years, that would be a mistake, he should quit his day job.

  6. Waterboy Says:

    Well… they had Ryan Fitzpatrick in there but he was too much of a threat to take the job of the former QB.

  7. BigHog Says:

    Yes sum they’s happy now!!

  8. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Maybe he’ll be a hilarious MLB pitcher one day soon…….

  9. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Joke is on Joe…

  10. 941bucsfan Says:

    Jameis is gonna torch us for 10 years. Sean payton owns TAMPA. And will continue to do so. He beat us with brees, bridgewater, luke mccown, and will be jameis also. I wish we had a real coach like sean payton instead of golf cart arians

  11. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    ItzOK in two years we can sign a fired up Aaron Rodgers for two more years. That means we have 3 drafts to find a QB.
    Just saying, this was a winning move and you never know who might be available after Brady is retired. There seems to be a surplus of QBs right now and college keeps pumping these guys out.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Yes….like they pushed Jameis……..really did a good job…..

  13. Sumosam Says:

    Jameis will never learn and that’s why he is gone. He is the turnover machine we know he is. Forget about it and lets please move on.

  14. Bucsfanman Says:

    I enjoy reading how Buc fans think that a player who’s been the same for 5 full seasons, and we’ve been watching it, is somehow going to “flip a switch” and be something he never has been, this “world-beater,” for decades to come.
    What’s our record from 2015-present? Yep.

    So, what do you get when you start your career with a “pick 6” and end it 5 years later with a “pick 6”?!…………..Pickled liver!!! There’s not enough alcohol!
    Oh! I’m here all week!

  15. Aceofaerospace Says:

    I believe if any team, including the Saints were real high on Mr Pick-6, he would have signed a lot more than $1.1 million, 1year contract. Andy Dalton just got $7 million guaranteed. I highly doubt Mr Pick-6 will be a Saint after next season, if even makes the team this year. Where was the demand for this “great” quarterback? Why wasn’t there a bidding war for him? Goodbye Mr Pick-6. I wish you well.

  16. Ricky Says:

    Didn’t Glennon get a better contract than the comedian?

  17. 2002WasALongTimeAgo Says:

    It’s not the Saints QB room, Brees, his back up (Hill) who signed a 2-year lucrative contract, Stevens who they drafted and gave up next year’s 6th pick for, and Jameis (only guaranteed 140k). Maybe they’ll keep 4 QBs..

    I see mocks already having us taking the qb from Iowa next year to learn under the GOAT.

  18. Ndog Says:

    What many do not get his how circumstances create results. Simply put, make fun fun of Jameis all you want, but historically the offenses he had been in have been high TO offenses before he got in them, while he was in them, and they’re going to be after he is not in them. Whereas the Saints offense, unfortunately for us, is not a high turnover volume offense they create mismatches they get guys open and they provide good protection and balance something that never happens here or that was with Jameis or without Jameis and that’s the problem. no one thinks any switched cuz it’s going to magically flip people think circumstances will be better for him therefore he’ll perform better That’s the way it works when you have things around you that work well you play better when you don’t you don’t it’s very simple.Better offensive line means more time in the pocket, better running game means more guys that are open. It really is simple unfortunately many many folks do not understand the intricacies of the game or how one thing affects the other thing.

  19. Bucsfanman Says:

    Ndog walks into a restaurant, the waiter says, “Hey Jameis! What’ll it be today?
    ……..Another TURNOVER?!”

    Somebody please stop me!

  20. Bobby M. Says:

    What you are seeing/hearing from Winston is exactly why he’s gone. He’s a simply a person that teams don’t trust. That’s why he’s sitting with a 3rd string gig for the vet minimum. You can’t trust him on the field….you cant trust him off the field. He seems to be getting in his little jabs now while smiling and saying he’s thankful for the Bucs….blah blah blah. Somebody should ask him why he turned down multiple extension attempts by the Bucs for 20x what hes making now and a starting gig? Looks like the joke is on him and his agent.

    There’s a few details with Winston that stood out to me….1. The coaches were constantly designing, studying, implementing plays to check the ball down. Yet Winston continuously pushed the ball deep. 2. He deliberately held off on Lasik until he became a free agent. 3. He was very dialed into his positive stats while completely ignorning his glaring negatives.

    All this tells me his “team” aka agent/advisors were pumping the notion of get your yards and they’ll have to pay you. If the Bucs didn’t, someone else will. Thus the $30 million per year demands….and thus the Bucs telling him, hit the road. Teams don’t trust him. Winston flashes a smile then pulls the Uber incident and lies to your face, lies to the league, lies publicly, gets his buddy Darby to lie. On the field, same thing….he flashes the high IQ….flashes the talent….but then he does whatever he wants with no consideration for the team or coaches. Its just all about Jameis.

  21. gotbbucs Says:

    Not so much a comedian with jokes…..more of a circus clown with a penchant for heavy petting.

  22. Buc believer Says:

    We may have success with or without a Super Bowl victory for the next two years but one thing I’m sure of is that for the next two years Jameis is going to learn behind a first ballot HOF quarterback and also a first ballot HOF coach instead of the situation he was in here. Playing for the like of Lovie dovie smith and his very soft laid back style and then Dirk Koetter with his look of shock by the mere fact he was an NFL coach and Bruce get me a new golf cart Arians who hasn’t had a winning year in over six years now but hey the pay checks are nice.
    THREE coaches in five years and STILL managed to put up some great numbers except for turnovers. I LOVE the Bucs but my bet is after Tom we stay their little beetch.

  23. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog are serious you really hold him accountable for nothing. Everything else is always wrong ??? It’s just not true his flaws are the same they were in college I showed the report. They even nailed the prone to outburst on the field. Like what don’t you understand he’s human he makes mistakes to he’s not perfect. That’s why I can’t respect your opinions because you’ve never said the turnovers matter. We can win with ok that’s true but it’s not the norm. Most of his picks are bad decisions it’s that simple you can’t acknowledge that?

  24. Aceofaerospace Says:

    NDOG, if it was as simple as that, then why wasn’t there a bidding war for a quarterback that threw for over 5000 yards? Why would the saints not lock him down if it’s that simple? The Saints are planning on Jameis never seeing the field this year, so by design, he’ll never get to prove your theory correct. The Saints were willing to pay bottom dollar for his services. Why? Because there were no significant, if any, other offers. If “the wonderful “ Sean Peyton believed your theory, why didn’t the genius sign Jameis long term. If he were so great, they would have made cap room to sign Brees’ replacement. There are too many red flags. One thing I strongly agree with you on is the Bucs need to plan immediately for post-Brady. I wish they could’ve did it this draft.

  25. ©MadMax Says:

    They’ll push Brady?!!!!! LMFAO!!!

    Jay-miss probably thinks they pushed his a$S right off the team, so more low IQ fodder!

    Look, they’re on our team and I will pull for all my guys. If something happens and TB gets hurt, we’ll need them. And TB will be pushing them, not the other way around…check yo sheets low IQ dummy.

  26. Ndog Says:

    Aceofaerospace that is actually a very easy answer it’s called marketability. More teams today care about selling tickets than they do winning games and they all know it’s basically impossible to market Jameis with his perceived history and his turnover machine status that the media gave him (Manning had more why wasn’t he a TO machine?) and playing for a loser but that’s what the media and this coaching staff did to him. They buried him and that’s fine it’ll take time but he’ll come back because he has a skill to do so and he’s in the perfect offense for his skill set. Who wants to drop back and hold the ball 40 times a game with no running game, a crappy oline, horrible defense and no kicker and get beat to death over and over and over ask Ben Roethlisberger, as luck as Peyton Manning, asked Carson Palmer, all who got beat up while playing for the same coach and also turned the ball over at alarming rate under him, it’s ok you can blame him if you want to but history says otherwise.

  27. Ndog Says:

    Put it this way the Bucs are playing the lottery at their local 7-11 and Jameis is investing in the market with one of the best financial advisors in the world with a great mentor to boot.

  28. Youngbucs Says:


  29. adam from ny Says:

    shameis on jameis…

    never won a spelling b as a kid…

    and won’t win the brightest light bulb contest either…

  30. BacktaBucs Says:

    They wanted Gabbert more than Winston for the NFL equivalent of $0. It bothers him, obviously.

  31. adam from ny Says:

    jameis actually screwed up his chances of being in the league after this year, if he doesn’t do much of anything in new orleans…

    he showed the other 30 teams he will play for the price of a veteran minimum contract, only to basically turn over all rival team intel and playbook info…

    he’s basically getting his brain picked for free by payton and crew for almost nothing…

    so unless you are one or two teams that want him for the exact same reason moving forward, he has just X’ed himself off the greater portion of the teams in the league…

    go figure…

    he will really have to light it up in new orleans to change these factoids moving forward…

    he potentially pulled a legit spy or traitor type move in a lot of teams eyes…

    so he just jammed himself further into a corner…


  32. ©MadMax Says:

    Yo dog, your boifriend cant be mentored or have his brain “Lasiked”….theres nothing there to be fixed…..he’s tapped out, reached his ceiling… and all the other teams know it….thats why 1.1 mill….

    Say it with me Ndog, “Only one team, only 1.1 mill”

    As stupid and backstabbing as you want to be as a so called “fan” of our team, at least display some modicum of rationality and common sense and stop all your stupid nonsense! Good gosh, I wish Joe’s would just give up on you and ban you…..enough is enough!

  33. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Now that’s JW had lasik he’s going to see dbs smiling and licking their chops if JW gets in a game

  34. NDog is an idiot Says:

    My God! My name on this site couldn’t be more accurate!!

  35. PhillyBuc Says:

    Class act. Sets his price at $30M which he knows the Bucs won’t meet and then signs for 4% of that and makes jokes about his previous teammates, quotes scripture and lobs blame at his previous coaches. America’s Clipboard holder

  36. TOM Says:

    OMG! Enough with the Jameis crap. No one is interested what he’s doing or what he did. I did not read this article nor will I read anything about the infamous Winsome.

  37. Ndog Says:

    I find it absolutely hilarious that you guys are so obsessed with one year and what one guy makes in one year have fun now just have fun now….

  38. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Can NDog and this Joe please move on? Maybe you can sell some ad space for the Aints now…its a win for you and your man crush Shameis. And is a win for real Bucs fans. We get to keep the good Joe and the Aints get the bs filled Shameis lovin same ol same ol blah blah blah. Agreed….Agreed. bye felicia

  39. Bradybru Says:

    So Ndog acts like JW, and all his whores. Face it he’s gone and he’s gone he’s gone he’s gone gone gone gone gone gone. It’s time to be a Bucs fan again.

  40. Bradybru Says:

    Go bucs

  41. Marine Buc Says:

    The greatest Winston joke of all time.

    First throw as a Buc = pick 6.

    Last throw as a Buc = pick 6.

    The joke was on us…


  42. Ndog Says:

    Just keep laughing guys some people’ play the long game, some play the short game. The Bucs have always played the short game and that’s why we have been perennial losers and have the worst winning percentage in the history of professional sports think about folks it but keep laughing. I’m sure we are lucky enough to be the first team in history the NFL to have a 43-year-old quarterback that’s never played for another team, win a championship in two years. Yes thats an altogether good good gamble guys good gamble.


  43. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog serious question do you’re comments ever go to moderation??????

  44. rrsrq Says:

    Joe, disservice to the entire comment. JW spoke that have Gabbert and Ryan in the room will help Brady learn the offense quickly since they have been in Arians/Leftwich offense.

  45. Swampbuc Says:

    @Joe —

    “The only thing Gabbert and Griffin will push for Brady is his lawnmower.”

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it.

  46. Capt.Tim Says:

    The Winston curse is over. Its finally over.
    Why are there still articles about him here?
    A 3rd string, 1million a year Saints QB isnt even interesting to Saints fans

  47. ©MadMax Says:

    Ndog, obsessed is you, you fkn joke!

    Im repeating what he’s worth….and you know that was 1.1 for his knowledge of BA and BL’s system….so there, you backstabbing fraud of a fan!!!!!

  48. Anonymous Says:

    More so than the one who wasn’t resigned. He lost the team 6 games single handedly last season.

  49. Adrnagy Says:

    It is one hell of a QB room. Gabbert. Griffin

    Nothing wrong with jaboo having fun.

  50. Pete I Says:

    Now Ndog shouldn’t have quit his day job and taken up comedy but alas he did.

    And now we all suffer his brilliant 👏 intellect.

  51. TomTerrific Says:


    I pray that Brees gets hurt and the turnover machine is put into the game. All the excuses will then be put to bed. If Jamoist is so great, why did he go from franchise QB, to third string scrub? Results matter, and the NFL isn’t fooled. You and Joe need to move to New Orleans.

  52. Jim Says:

    I think what I’m seeing here is the Saint’s new 3rd stringer $1.1 million QB poking fun at two Buc back-up QBs, both of whom are making way more than he is. So it appears the joke’s on Jameis…

  53. Bucsfanman Says:

    “Bucs bad, Jameis good!”, says Ndog.

    So let it be written….

  54. Bradybru Says:

    JW is a idiot, we all know he is a insecure shizoid. So happy to see the Glazers cut off the benchwarmer. What a joke.

  55. JA Says:


    Keep it up!
    I think you’re doing a great job of getting under the hater’s skin.
    It makes for both humorous and confounding reading at the same time. Some spew so much venom your way that I believe they hate you, a poster with an opinion, as much if not more than Jameis. Joe baits them with the “America’s Quarterback” moniker and you take it from there.
    Although I sometimes wonder about their age when they respond with notorious preschool taunts such as “gay, snowflake and girly-girl.”
    You should start your own website and sell I HATE NDOG T-shirts. You could make a fortune!
    Keep up the good work!

  56. Bradybru Says:


  57. Allbuccedup Says:

    Gabbert and Griffin, with all due respect, are scrubs if Brady goes down we won’t win another game. Hopefully the new guy from San Diego learns fast.

  58. BigHog Says:

    Yes sum they’s HAPPY now…please allow the Tar N FEATHER to continue!!

  59. NDog is an idiot Says:

    Was at a Party last night… JayMiss was there telling his jokes. The joke that got the biggest laugh was “hey guys, I’ve got a name for you.. the crowd asks JayMiss what’s the Name!? He says NDOG… the crowd erupted in laughter for a full 5 minutes!

  60. kyle Says:

    Jameis Winston is a clown and always has been, the jokes fit him!

  61. Ndog Says:

    You know I was just sitting there thinking about it you know you guys trust Bruce Arians but how stupid can he be? The guy runs an offense that notoriously gets his quarterbacks beat up yet refuses to have a backup quarterback no matter who the starter is. I mean how short-sighted and absolutely idiotic can he be?

    That’s on top on being a backstabbing, lying, two faced punk.

  62. BigMacAttack Says:

    His career has been a joke. He’ll never learn that his best bet would be to shut his mouth. They raved about his intelligence when they drafted him, but he’s a box of rocks if I’ve ever seen one.

  63. Tampabuscsbro Says:


    Your sources for Arians backstabbing are Jameis1of1 and nothing else.

    You have supposed insider information that has been confirmed by no one else. but sure trust some faceless twitter troll who wrote a book.


  64. Bradybru Says:

    Go Bucs Tompabay

  65. LM Says:

    Mr. Pick 6 America’s Joke Pro Groper Brainless Winston has TEAM records. Who cares? Who’s records did he beat? Vinny Testaverde & Josh Freeman, Wow!

    At the end of the day Chris Simms accomplished more than Winston, Won a Division title & took the Bucs to the playoffs. Records don’t mean spit if you can’t win games & Jameis is the master at losing games.

    1st pass pick 6, last pass pick 6… Not one team wanted Mr. Pick 6, Only the Saints. Wonder why. Maybe to get info on this team?

  66. cgmaster27 Says:

    man when Jameis does something as simple as trying to pay a compliment to someone, the trolls literally can’t help but throw up on themselves. He clearly doesn’t believe that, but he would never throw another teammate under the bus. That’s what you all don’t get. It’s not like he’s lying to be a dick, he’s just never going to talk down on another teammate, be it present or ex. I challenge anyone to find film of him doing so.

  67. rrsrq Says:

    So nobody is going to look up the entire quote and the context. JW continues to show class by not throwing others under the bus, continues to do his charity work in this community but…

  68. Ndog Says:

    I don’t need sources my friend I have ears. I have never heard a coach throw a player under the bus as much as he did this QB this off-season. He took zero accountability for the TOs, the penalties, the HORRIBLE first half defense or the shotty kicking. He led anyone that was willing to listen down the path that the reason we lost was the QB which anyone who actually watched this team play knows is complete horsesh!t. That is throwing a player under the bus and looking out for yourself. If we had any real media members they would have asked questions that put him on to get spot not just play the lemming role and now down to their meal ticket. This coach is a dirtbag, lazy, selfish and frankly not very good. Look at his last 3 years as a head coach he has a under .500 record. REAL LEADERS don’t blame others they tag he accountability but not our coach no he looks to deflect blame to others cause he’s perfect.

  69. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “Blameless” is NOT the best QB in Buc’s history…not even close. He DOES have franchise STATISTICAL records for both success and FAILURE!!! Who cares.

    You cannot be a best anything if you’re a loser!!! By DEFINITION ‘Blameless” is a loser!!! 28-42 FOURTEEN games below .500

    Brad Johnson with the Bucs…he was better with the Vikings…with the Bucs Brad was 26-23 made the playoffs two years including of course the SB win…by DEFINITION a winning record…BETTER than JW’s!!

    How about Jeff Garcia? Again BETTER than “Blameless” 14-10 > 28-42 One year out of two in the playoffs versus the “better” QB’s 0 for 5.

    Trent Dilfer? 38-38 .500 far better than our all time “GREATEST” QB’s .400!!!

    Stop with the best QB in history. Facts…highest yardage totals…FACTS highest number of turnovers…league recording setting for being HORRIBLE.

    The BEST at anything does not have a .400 LOSING record and league wide records for failure when it comes to turning the ball over.

  70. Bradybru Says:

    Really charity work, that’s what we remember him for? No I don’t think so, he’s not a pillar in the community. Class, now that’s a funny joke, your funnier than Schizoid.

  71. TomTerrific Says:

    Brad Johnson led us to our only Superbowl appearance and won the title. Hands down, best QB in franchise history. If Brady wins us a title, he’ll be right there with him. We win two with Brady, he’s our best. I’ll always hold Brad Johnson in the highest regard for his leadership skills and his results. Jamoist was the worst QB I’ve ever watched as a Buccaneers fan. Hands down. #3rdStringScrub

  72. Ndog Says:

    Listen I love Brad Johnson but you’ve got to be kidding me right?

    To refersh your memory Brad Johnson threw an Interception in every playoff game in 2002 including one on the first pass of the game in the Super Bowl. In the first playoff game that year he threw for 196 yards threw a pick and fumbled yet we won 31-6. If Jameis has that kind of of game vs best defense ever in week 7 you are blowing a gasket but for Brad Johnson to do that in a playoff game qualifies for the best ever?

    The more people post the easier it gets to make you look foolish.

    And if Jameis is the worst Bucs QB you ever seen them you must have been legally blind before 2015. TomTerrific please pick a new hobby can watching football isn’t for you my friend. My goodness…

  73. Ivan The Insider Says:


    Sorry, bud, but you’re a liar.

    Bruce Arians didn’t “throw Jameis under the bus” and ever state he was the sole reason for our losses.

    He stated in multiple ways that Jameis’ play WAS a problem. The turnovers WERE a problem.

    But he never stated once that all the problems and losing were due to Jameis. He has talked about the other problems on the team before.

    Jameis was inconsistent with his play. He crapped the bed in those final two games. He had made head-scratcher bone-headed decisions this past season.

    Arians said he believes the team can do better by going in another direction with another QB. The vast major of analysts and experts agree. Winston is just too inconsistent and turnover-prone.

    Bruce Arians never once blamed everything on Jameis. You’re just making stuff up now. You act like any negative comment he made about Jameis’ play (and there was A LOT to critique, anyone can see that) is somehow him blaming all the teams problems on Jameis. Again, he NEVER did that.

  74. Youngbucs Says:

    I’m mean technically our QB has been blind since drafted in 2015 🤷🏽‍♂️

  75. Ndog Says:

    How does a QB record qualify as a measurement? Are you people serious right now? So you people think that Jim Kelly is better than Dam Mario cause he went to four Superbowls instead of one? So Trent Dilfer is better than Steve Young cause he had a better winning% with the Bucs than Young did? I mean a legit question has to be asked at this point. Are you people this stupid or are do you just blindly hate Jameis so much it makes you say stupid things? I choose to believe you are not this unbelievably stupid and you just are so enraged by your hate you’re blabbering nonsense. That has to be it right fellas you cannot be this utterly stupid.

  76. NDog is an idiot Says:

    NDog. Arians does have back up QB’s. But realized JayMiss ain’t good enough to be one of them!!

  77. Ndog Says:

    Look there goes Ivan again lying. No wonder you like Arains so much he lies just like you. Every interview he says TOs were why we lost and no he never flat out says Jameis’s name but it is clearly implied. However after the season he never says that penalties are a contributing factor, he never says the lack of a run game is a contributing factor, he never says poor routes were a contributing factor, he never says blown blocking assignments were a contributing factor yet during the year all of those were contributing factors AND HE SAID SO. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he also used his lapdogs like Stroud to peddle the narrative that Jameis was the issue with this team, so once he’s gone now we’ll win. If you’re to naive enough to see that then I guess are a lier and CLUELESS, but I think we already knew that didn’t we?

  78. NDog is an idiot Says:

    NDog believes Ndogs own lies.. he must be a liberal Democrat glued to msnbc and CNN every evening for lies and brainwashing!

  79. Bucsfan951 Says:

    I guess when I tell a worker what I expect of him, how I want things done, and it HAS to be done a specific way (my way, the right way) I guess I should blame myself for it if he doesn’t do it correctly… that’s NPUPPYS way of thinking 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I guess taking personal responsibility is out the window these days. Thank god NPUPPY doesn’t work under me. I would’ve fired his arse a long time ago!

  80. Youngbucs Says:

    Wait wait wait the red rifle got how much? I was repeatedly told Winston was 10x better than him this can’t be the case🤷🏽‍♂️

  81. Ndog Says:

    So let me get this straight.

    You people believe Arains is a better coach than Peyton?

    You believe we have good backup QBs?

    You believe Jameis really couldn’t get more than $1.1 million?

    You believe than a 43 year old QB is going to walk in here and take is to a Superbowl win when that has never happened in 100 years of professional football?

    You believe that a QB is going to win a Superbowl with a second team for only second time in 100 years of professional football?

    You believe that we are going to have an elite defense to carry out QB that simply will not put up the points we put up last year?

    You people believe that we are going to be a great running team because Tom Brady is our QB now?

    You believe that our kicker will now magically make important kicks now that Tom Brady is here?

    You believe that Mike Evans will actually get yards after the catch now that Brady is here and not look for the nearest patch if grass to fall on?

  82. Ndog Says:

    Good point 951 but you seem to have a double standard. When a WR runs a poor route and causes a pick you blame the QB. When a lineman blows a block and gets the QB hits as he throws causing a pick you blame the QB.
    It’s hard to get respect of you play favorites that why you don’t have mine.

    I call out anybody and everybody, Evans, Jameis, Godwin, Marpet but I call them all out while you people blame one person which is beyond ridiculous.

  83. Ndog Says:

    You guys can stop arguing with me cause it is simple I am right and you are wrong. Case closed…


  84. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Football is a team sport. Win/loss record is a team record even though it is affected by individuals. You people who absolutely hate and blame him for all of these losses are just as dysfunctional as those blind to his mistakes. I can say I’m not. What I do see is someone with all the physical tools needed in a qb, it’s the mental side and attitude. Too much do it my way attitude. Every year you people cried for him to improve things and he did but this year his turnovers skyrocketed not just because of his play but also because of Arians . To me it’s obvious Arians allowed Jameis to do what he does with very little reign. The most obvious thing to me is Arians did not adjust the obvious routes that defenses sat on with double moves. I believe he was stuck with Jameis . I believe he tampered and knew Brady was leaving. Jameis did Jameis and helped us land Brady. Who other than a few posters up here wouldn’t want him??? Now I will always say you people who blame Jameis for every loss but not wins on a team sport will show yourselves to be the hypocrites you are by not blaming Brady, but like it’s said Jameis isn’t here so why do we care?

    Adam from NY you are such a buffoon. How do you know he never won a spelling bee? Why do people like you always equate the way a black person speaks with their intelligence level? You know that’s the only reason you brought that up. You do know Jameis graduated college with a high GPA right? He was accepted by Stanford of all places but he lacks intelligence. Ludicrous

  85. ©MadMax Says:

    @cgmaster “It’s not like he’s lying to be a dick, he’s just never going to talk down on another teammate, be it present or ex. I challenge anyone to find film of him doing so.”

    Um, you missed the article where he stated how much he looks forward to beating us twice a year for the rest of his life! That was an all around generalized statement “nice way” of giving the middle finger to everyone on our team and ALL Bucs fans! Plus he goes to a division rival to help them know our playbook? Man, please! If you cant see that, then I cant help you.

  86. NDog is an idiot Says:

    NDog is an IDIOT!! X2

  87. ©MadMax Says:

    Ndog, you’re right about one thing….you’re a dog. Jay-miss’s little lackey boi lap dog! Now go bother the Aints pages ya frkn troll.

  88. Ndog Says:

    So Madmax let me get this straight, you want a guy who was thrown under the bus by a team, a game who was told he wasn’t good enough to play for them to be nice and not want to destroy them forever?

    Dude do you even understand sports like at all?

  89. Ndog Says:

    Do you ever actually make a point? This is so easy it’s kinda boring.

  90. NDog is an idiot Says:

    Trivia question… answer question
    NDog is ?

  91. Backtabucs Says:

    I really believe that Jameis couldn’t get more than $1.1 million.

    I checked my sheet.

    I saw Dalton sign for much more after him.

    I can’t believe that even a QB who saw an opportunity to possibly leap from 3rd to 1st on a roster would demand little more pay than a place kicker.

    Why didn’t Winston throw in a set of free steak knives to the Saints ownership while he’s at it?

  92. ©MadMax Says:

    Check this backstabbing fraud of a fan!….He threw himself under the bus by not playing how he practiced….wouldnt do what he was coached! You know why? Because just like you, he trusted in his own deranged thoughts and went his own way…just like you, LOW IQ!

    The funniest part of it, just like the deranged idiot he is with his idiotic backstabbing Buc fans like you and a few others, YOU DUMBFKS ACTUALLY THINK HE WILL PLAY AGAINST US AND DESTROY US! Thats fkn comic gold man!

    Why do yall do this to yourselves. Fkn Low IQ, deranged, inbred-like retardation….the fk if I know.

    Can you do me a favor Ndog, Please. Please work on getting Payton to put Jay-miss in the games when he plays us….PLEASE! Go do your thing. I know you like slurping so whatever works. I WANT EVERYONE CHANTING “WE WANT JAMEIS, WE WANT JAMEIS” when the Aints come to play us! Guaranteed INT’s for us!

  93. Tony1775 Says:

    Like a guy with shady behavior. I don’t care what records he broke. He is not the person to represent the organization based on his behavior. I didn’t want them to draft him due to this and the wasted 5 years.

  94. Ndog Says:

    Yes the countless charitable endeavors he does, the Corona virus hotline, the feeding families, the classrooms he provides to underprivileged kids. What a monster.👹

  95. Ndog Says:

    Hey guys it’s just my daily reminder for you all that we are screwed for the next decade plus cause we just gifted wrapped Brees replacement for the next 10-12 years.

  96. Backtabucs Says:


    So the Saints are screwed for the next 10-12 years? Saddled with on and off the field garbage? Awesome! High-Five!

  97. ©MadMax Says:

    Yup, the Low IQ deranged think very highly of themselves and just feel we should be warned by them….ya, whatever jitforbrains!

  98. Idahobucsfan Says:

    Thanks for posting something that demonstrates how out of touch Janis is. 😉

  99. TomTerrific Says:

    Hey Npuppy, do you actually believe Jamoist was worth a long term 100+ million dollar contract? Because the entire NFL says no. After a season with 33 touchdowns and 5000 yards, they should be lined up with dump trucks of money. But they’re not because 30 interceptions, 7 pick sixes, and 35 turnovers equate to losing football. Just the basic 101 of football. He got the contract he deserved. Just a useful idiot until the game is on the line. Brad Johnson made the playoffs, he recovered from his mistakes, improvised and overcame, and won a title. Your boy toy can’t even spell playoffs. But he can go all Joe Biden on an Uber driver. #Loser

  100. Ivan The Insider Says:



    Please tell us… what did Jameis Winston DO WRONG last season? We’ve heard you state all the positives, no let’s have you critique Winston…

    What did he actually do WRONG last season?

  101. Ivan The Insider Says:


    If that was Brees’ replacement, why did they not pay more than $1.1M for him? Surely they would have been willing to pay more for Brees’ replacement????

    Sean Payton has no idea if Winston is going to pan out.

    It’s like the great quote from Wolf Of Wall Street… “No one knows what direction the market is going to go in… not Warren Buffett, not Jimmy Buffett.”

    It’s the same with Winston. No one knows for sure how he’ll pan out. Hence the reason the Saints signed him for only $1.1M. That was about the market value for him. He was very close to being out of the league for 2020.

  102. Ivan The Insider Says:


    How could we be screwed for the next decade when the moment Brady is done playing we just WRITE A CHECK for the next best available Free Agent QB? There are plenty of decent ones available all the time.

    Your “Winston Or Bust” prognostication has to be the DUMBEST ARGUMENT EVER MADE in the history of people debating NFL topics. Yes… the Dumbest.

  103. JimmyJack Says:

    The funny part is that our backup QBs are going to compete with Tom and push him. That is freaking hilarious…….But I do not question that is a great QB room. There’s a reason they got Gabbert here and it’s probably cause he is good in that room behind the scenes.

  104. Ivan The Insider Says:


    By your ‘theory’ if Winston would have been somehow tragically killed in an accident last season, no matter what the Bucs were planning on doing with resigning him, that we’d automatically be screwed for the next decade?


  105. FirstTimePoster Says:

    Joe(s). You guys gotta stop. I always supported Winston whilee was here but now he’s gone. Please move on to guys on OUR team that are competing for their careers.

  106. Hawk Says:

    There are two simple facts in regards to Winston.
    The first fact is that *no one* knows what Winston’s’ future holds. He might become what we thought he was going to be, when he was drafted.
    But he also might become another Fitzpatrick, or drop out of the NFL altogether. He has the ability (and the issues) to make either come true.
    The second fact is that he is no longer a Buccaneer. For *whatever reason*, it just didn’t work out.
    Those who blindly support Winston will never be agree that he got a fair chance, and those who blindly condemn Winston will never believe that he didn’t. The rest of us just want to talk about the Buccaneers.
    BTW, a $1 million contract does not mean that Winston will not earn a bigger contract next year. It is only an indication of the confidence that 32 head coaches have in him right now. They have all been wrong more than once, but we won’t know for a couple more years if they are right/wrong this time.
    I am going to ‘guess’ that this will be a premium debate on Joebucsfan for many years to come.

  107. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog I’m right y’all are wrong 😂tell 1 thing you’ve gotten right in the past year? Everything’s happening the opposite of your facts and predictions.

  108. JimmyJack Says:

    The good news is Winston won’t be getting any more interviews before too long. Backup QBs don’t tend to get much attention.

    We will get a much needed break from arguing Winston for maybe a entire year.

    We can focus on our QB and the fact that we upgraded. We can look forward to winning games with our upgrade and not have to worry about our QB gagging up the ball in pivitol moments.

    And we won’t have to look over our shoulder for this year. Even in 2021 Tom should still be here and it pointless to worry about Jameis as we have a better option under center…..So really anyone worried about Winston only has a point that we won’t have Winston in 2022. Literally working about three years from now…..Which there’s no guarantee Winston will even get or keep a starters gig that far down the road. It’s purely grasping at straws to still be remorseful about Winston as this point in time. The bottom line is we have upgraded at QB and are poised to compete in 2020……If that doesn’t get you excited you just don’t have the heartbeat of a die-hard fan who has suffered with the futility of this franchise o er the past 2 decades.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  109. Bradybru Says:

    Jimmy jack very well said, thank you.

  110. NDog is an idiot Says:

    NDog= LOSER!!!!!

  111. ©MadMax Says:

    @Ivan….could actually happen, you never know, we’re here one minute gone the next. Im not advocating violence or anything like that, just stating fact. Things happen. Someone BET? Yeah GET IT!

    Dude is the enemy now and loves it!

  112. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Chris Rock pushes the envelope and is a very funny guy at the same time- quite a talent.

  113. lewis Says:

    why talk about this guy anymore who cares what he says he did nothing here but make the bucs look bad

  114. Bradybru Says:

    Yes he’s gone and it’s time to say Go Bucs

  115. T REX Says:

    I come here just to laugh these days.

    Joe, take care of this already. Dude is TROLLING. It’s a bad look even if you are letting him troll for clicks. I almost think it’s one of you fsu homers.

    Good for business, eh?

    Dump the loser.

  116. Posey99 Says:

    As if Jameis with be pushing Brees from the bench ha!

  117. Mike Johnson Says:

    Every year perennial Losers have a scapegoat. Schiano, Lovie, GMC and now jameis. Gotta make fans feel good somehow about decades of losing right/ Now whats gonna happen when brady goes down? You’ve paid him 50 mil to rehab and his backup Gabbert is no winner. meantime the Saints got the best backup in the league and he knows our playbook too. Brady’s acquisition was not well thought out. It was Desperation at its best. When he leaves in one or 2 yrs, We start from scratch again. As I’ve said before, Enjoy the Hype now. You same guys will be cussing all over this website come seasons end. And Mike Johnson will be here to say..I told you so.

  118. JimmyJack Says:

    Mike Johnson………I shall remind you that a few years back when the Bucs season went into the pooper you claimed on this site that you were jumping off the bandwagon to root for the Jaguars who were having a good season…….Don’t you never think some of us don’t remember that. You turned your back on us in a hour of need.

    You are no true fan of this team and in absolutely no position to call out anybody. Don’t be coming around pretending now that you want back on the bandwagon…….Oh, but may get back on. We saved a nice seat for you next to the men’s bathroom.

  119. MrBuc Says:

    Jameis was over hyped since day 1. Glad he’s gone like 99% of Bucs fans! Dude should have been cut after the Uber crap. No one talks about who he was hanging with that night. The 3rd person in the Cab was Brandon Banks serving 15 years in prison for Rape. Nice company you keep Jameis!


  120. Youngbucs Says:

    Anybody notice how they’re constantly bringing up our backup QBs now lol. That’s all the have left to say he’s the best backup in the league lol you can’t make this stuff up😂😂😂😂

  121. Youngbucs Says:

    Unlike Winston freeman actually put a nice season together got cheated out of the playoffs. I think freeman only got picked six times that year I enjoyed that more than anything Winston has done.

  122. adam from ny Says:

    i’m so much more than just a bufoon 🙂

  123. adam from ny Says:


    i would have freeman in camp with a shot at being back up and restarting his career…

    he might just sit behind brady…

    you never know

  124. EEK Says:

    Winston who?

  125. Oneilbucs Says:

    Yall laughing at Ndog but he has a point . I’ve been noticing that the bucs brought Brady in here to sale tickets . I’ve said the same thing . Bruce Arians is a fraud I’ve have said it before he coach Payton Manning to a 100 interceptions and he got big Ben killed in Pittsburgh and that’s why he got fired from Pittsburgh . He set the Cardinals back 3 years and he is going to do the same thing to us . I’m not the type of guy who eat the scraps off another team table and that’s what we just did with Brady . He’s 43 years old and yall act like he’s 23 . I can’t wait until this is over . That’s why I hope we win this year and Bruce Arians leave . But even if we lose this year i will hope Bruce Arians is gone .

  126. ElioT Says:

    The Saints are being smart.

    Jameis will be traded to the first contending team with a QB injury, for pennies.

    It’s a smart business move for the Saints and also the move the Bucs must have made.

    Brady or Jamieis…

    No winning seasons over the next two years and it’s a total rebuild either way.

  127. Youngbucs Says:

    Oneilbucs you need some new material.1of1 has none for you?

  128. James Walker Says:

    When Brees goes down and Winston wins a ring there will be silence it Tampa.

  129. Soberinsac Says:

    I loved Winston’s work ethic or so I thought. He has shown his colors as a diva and a freaking whiner. I’m at Harvard now I had to use google eeee wah wah wah what a loser cry baby. Could you imagine Brady, Manning, Bress acting like that. Leaders shouldn’t give excuses for their behavior. Dude is irrational “I’m Ballin!!” Right after throwing the pick 6 that lost the game. That’s as selfish as I have ever heard from a qb and to me he must have known he’s ass was out the door. We got one of our greatest hard working players Mr. Barber in the elite 25-45 sacks and int club officially 28 sacks and 47 into and one whiner super losing qb in the stanky 30-30 Td int club one will be remembered one will be a bad trivia game question.

  130. NOLES Says:


    Jameis threw lots of picks at FSU also, was that Jimbo’s offense fault.

    No it wasn’t he has had this issue from Day 1 & 8 years later its still a problem. You must b Jameis… bc your view is completely jaded..

  131. Oneilbucs Says:

    Youngbucs all I do is bring up facts all yall do is bring emotions . Bruce Arians has just set us back a few years . I thought he would at least draft a quarterback . He should have never been hired from the jump . I know he told the Glazers that in the interview and the Glazers said lets bring him in so we can sale tickets . It will look like that we are trying to win and yall bought it .

  132. Bucsfanman Says:

    Oneil- How can you make that assessment of Arians after one season? Offensive production was through the roof and the defense, which was bare of talent, managed to get better with young up and comers.
    There’s no way, no way, that you can deny that the 2019 team was better than the 2018 team.
    You’re saying that this was in spite of Arians? I don’t think so. Arians took over a depleted, culture-less, and soft football team and turned them into a fun to watch product in one season.
    I disagree with your view on the coach.

  133. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    Wow a blog writer who recommends other blogs!! That’s smart!! Insult your fan base because of your crush on this bum!! But I know, love is blind!! If there were plenty of options to get bucs news I’m sure you wouldn’t have any problem getting people to switch!! Lol…. And this talk about him holding records dude the one record that MATTERS he was HORRIBLE at!!! The win record!! And yeah you can blame that on everything but him like all abused lovers do… But the fact remains he threw games away!! And you can’t deny that!! And now he’s talking mad crap about the organization and making these sly comments because he has now realized he’s only worth a million a year!!! And Joe wasn’t it you screaming PAY THE MAN PAY THE MAN!!! Yeah, you know football alright!!! For suuuure smart enough to insult your fans and get away with it

  134. Oneilbucs Says: