Divine Intervention Stopping Bucs?

May 22nd, 2020

Oh no.

Maybe Joe is naive, but Joe would hope the Almighty would have a sense of humor.

Some people come to this here corner of the interwebs and get their briefs bunched up when they sometimes read Joe’s first reference to the team’s new quarterback as park-violating, home-invading Tom Brady.

First, it’s not like Joe is making things up.

Two, Brady even jokes about this.

Three, Joe has been using satirical handles ever since this website launched nearly 12 years ago.

Apparently, not only are some fans irked by this, it seems a Higher Authority may be, too.

This comes from a Catholic bishop in New England, by way of BSPN. So Diocese of Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin declared on Twitter that Brady is finished winning Super Bowls.

So not only are the Bucs battling a too-long playoff drought of 13 years, a man of the cloth has put a hex on the Bucs’ quarterback.

With Joe’s experience growing up Catholic, it seems if enough churchgoers cut checks to their local parish or predetermined charity, the Lord will see to it to override Tobin’s declaration and the Bucs will have religion back on their side.

(Sarcasm, folks. Sarcasm.)

32 Responses to “Divine Intervention Stopping Bucs?”

  1. ©MadMax Says:

    Yeah i know…..sorry about earlier.

  2. Buczilla Says:

    No shame in being butt sore after losing the best player in NFL history. People often act the fool to get over a loss and priests are no different.

  3. permanent_moderation_doghouse Says:

    Before that priest gets too vocal, we should remind him what his priest buddies in Boston do to young boys. He might wanna keep a low profile.

  4. Mort Says:

    Cool. Good thing there is no God. Womp.

  5. kmattin Says:

    Joe, Crown Royal, and Coke Zero drinking? Swashbuckler stalker and generally a pretty decent sports writer…….Satirical handler. The best one has always been “Sabby the goat”. Keep up the good work.

  6. Joe Says:

    Joe, Crown Royal, and Coke Zero

    When it’s hot outside, yes. Otherwise, usually Crown and water.

    Joe’s favorite summer drink is Tanquerey and Schweppes tonic on the rocks with a twist of lime. No house club soda. It must be Schweppes. And if you find a place that has Schweppes (most don’t), you have found a quality place.

  7. Joe Says:

    Jane Castor and other city officials just did an BSPN video spoofing Brady’s park-violating, home-invading ways. 🙂


  8. Bucnjim Says:

    She should have done a spoof on the 9pm curfew that was a real comedy act!

  9. ©MadMax Says:

    Schweppes tonic and gin are my favorite (and theyre good to me). During the lockdown, i purchased big bottles of 5 different ones for a hangover experiment.


    Gin was the best, probably because of the quinine in the tonic that I drink daily anyway….vodka was the worst hangover.

    But quality tekillya is my favorite because its actually good for you to do one shot a day, plus it helps me sleep (insomnia sucks, i usually get by on 3.5 hrs sleep on average during work days)

  10. ©MadMax Says:

    @Joe, that vid is friggin hilarious….that should have its own article lol

  11. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    Joe Says: May 22nd, 2020 at 6:11 pm
    Jane Castor and other city officials just did an BSPN video spoofing Brady’s park-violating, home-invading ways. 🙂https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRGKguzHlBs&ab_channel=ESPN

    AWESOME Video! Thanks for posting @JOE. FANS – Embrace your lighter side and sense of humor. We all need a laugh during cabin-fever issues. Kudos to our Mayor for spoofing the situation, and welcoming Tom to Tompa Bay! I love it!

  12. Bojim Says:

    “Paddle Throwing”!!!!!!!!

  13. Joe Says:

    @Joe, that vid is friggin hilarious….that should have its own article lol

    It will.

  14. Joe Says:


    Tekillya Joe can only do shots of when drunk.

    Seems like you were well-prepared for the lockdown Max! 🙂

  15. Rod Munch Says:

    Doug Williams curse > Bishop Tobin curse

  16. gp Says:

    Thanks for posting the video Joe!
    Can’t wait to hear Tom’s reaction to it.
    Oh, and the Bishop needs to remember that vindictiveness tends to rebound. How long of a playoff drought did the Pat’s have before Tom showed up?

  17. Smashsquatch Says:

    Well done Joe, stick to your guns. Drop an extra bill in the basket next time. No penance required for the writing style.

  18. Jean Lafitte Says:

    That was a great spoof. Thanks for sharing Joe. 🙂

    Go Tompa Bay!

  19. Steven007 Says:

    I thought it was funny too. Just not every. Single. Time he is mentioned. That’s all. Gets old.
    The archives are your friend. It’s not there in every post.–Joe

  20. tickrdr Says:

    Gotta agree, great video, and thanks, Joe, for posting the link!


  21. tickrdr Says:

    Maybe it would help to ask in the proper way?

    Here’s hoping the the spelling-challenged, grammar abusin’, modifier misplacing, non-proofreading, journalism-degree claiming, Joes get their act together and refer to our newest “savior” with the respect he so overwhelmingly deserves as the likely winner of the next SuperBowl game to be held in Tampa, Florida! You have an senseless and almost insipid comma after “claiming,” and you’re definitely missing some hyphens. 🙂 –Joe


  22. Steven007 Says:

    Yes Joe, I know. There are two of you writing and clearly one has the propensity to use the moniker more than the other. That’s fine, but my comment isn’t changed by the fact that you only use it approximately 65% of the time.

  23. Steven007 Says:

    I was admittedly being hyperbolic.

  24. tickrdr Says:

    Come on, man! You missed the double “the”, and the an senseless should be “ a senseless” . Touché!


  25. jpete Says:

    Only joe knows where scheweps is on tap…love it

  26. SirClicksAlot Says:

    But srsly, if god shuts down the season with Tom flippin Brady at the helm, he/Ellen can gfo.

  27. Buc1987 Says:


    Been there done all that lockdown or no lockdown..

    Got a ridunkulous tax return one year so I went liquor shopping!

    I went sampling….oh well you get it man!

  28. Bucsfanman Says:

    Love the video! Hey, these times, you got to keep it light.

    MadMax and Buc1987-
    Try a vodka and Truly lemonade seltzer if you’re going for effect. I discovered this little jewel one night unable to sleep. The seltzers are %5 ABV and taste pretty good. My wife loves them. Pour into a glass with ice, and give your Titos vodka a solid 6-8 count pour. Voila!

    I’m primarily a bourbon drinker. If asked if I want a chaser, I just say “yeah, more!”

  29. Oneilbucs Says:

    gp yall act like Brady played on teams like ours . The Patriots always had a good team around Brady . Just wait and see what happens because if the defense play like they did last year and if we can’t run the ball we are still going to lose .

  30. unbelievable Says:

    That video was pretty funny!

    @MadMax I’m with you on the tequila brotha. That’s been my go to for years. Clase Azul and Don Julio 1942 are my top choices. Otherwise I’ll do some DJ70 or Anejo, or casamigos reposado.

    All for sipping of course.

    You can actually get a really good anejo from Kirkland brands at Costco too, though usually I use that for mixing into a margarita instead.

  31. ©MadMax Says:

    Sorry I missed getting back here last night. Ran out of beer and found a hidden easter egg in my fridge that I forgot about….spiced rum (it was behind some wine). So I started in on it with some pepsi….dont remember much after about 11pm lol…woke up at noon with a horrible hangover.

    @Joe, yup, i was down for 5 weeks and wanted to have some fun.

    @1987, yeah im pretty sure those 5 weeks probably took off 5 years from my lifespan haha, oh well

    @Bucsfan, I’ll have to try that, thanks

    @unbelievable, Don Julio is my all time fave when i can afford it. Another good one is Herradura. The best white tequila I ever had though was while vacationing in Acapulco Mexico years ago, it was called Campanario….great smooth sipping at room temp.

  32. RustyRhinos Says:

    So now not only do these religious leaders spew forth tales of fantasy and mysticism. They now preaching speculation to their flocks? Ya don’t say.

    So if you are only using those things Brady has done/earned not just making them up? So when did Winston earn the titles you bestowed upon him in 2015-19? Hmmm? America’s QB, Mr. Entertainment? Do you remember how those were earned? Why not “America’s most turnover prone QB!” “Mr. Entertainment for the opposing teams fans”?
    Yeah, yeah, yeah… Your blog, you only write what interest you. Sounds so much like the bratty neighborhood kid who will just take his ball home if he can’t play the way he wants…
    Go Bucs!

    Keep up the great work. Even if I have another paragraph of fluff and stuff to pass over, just like Peter Kings patagraph of poop.


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