Bucco Bruce Vs. Bill Belicheat

May 22nd, 2020

Bucs prediction.

Could Shannon Sharpe be a loser?

The multiple Super Bowl-winning tight end made a bet with his cohort Skip Bayless, the two hollering heads on “Undisputed,” seen weekdays on FS1, that Belicheat and the Patriots would win more games this fall than park-violating, home-invading quarterback Tom Brady and the Bucs.

Sharpe isn’t feeling so good about his bet right now.

While he is not conceding defeat, Sharpe said he is a “five or six” on a scale of 10 in confidence Belicheat can win more games than the Bucs.

“Getting Gronk to come out of retirement, getting Tristan Wirfs out of Iowa, they got Brady another weapon and a protector that he needs,” Sharpe said. “I like the Antoine Winfield pick in the second-round at the safety position.”

In short, Sharpe believes the Bucs filled holes on the roster in order for Brady to have success, and for the Bucs to finally shed the stench of losing.

Bayless said he fully expects the Bucs to have a better record than the Belicheats and he predicts the Bucs finish 12-4. Belicheat, Bayless said, with Jarrett Stidham at quarterback, will be no better than 8-8 this fall.

13 Responses to “Bucco Bruce Vs. Bill Belicheat”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    NE has such an easier schedule with their division but they simply don’t have the talent they had in previous years….I like our chances better…..we won’t know but I think we would beat them heads-up…..

  2. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Agree that was my first thought…Sharpe should have given Bayless two wins at the start to even up the schedule.

    Like you I don’t think it’ll make a difference at least if Buffalo keeps improving.
    Don’t know what that massive talent infusion and how long it’ll take Tua to learn to play in the NFL.

    Long term…I’m not bullish on BB’s future. GREAT defensive coach but a pee poor record already without Brady. One winning season out of six.

  3. Hodad Says:

    Sharpe isn’t so sharp. Sorry I couldn’t resist. He was a great player, but absolutely sucks as an analyst.

  4. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    12-4 is gonna be tough…..

  5. Bobby M. Says:

    We look really good…..I think biggest key is injuries. O-line could fall apart quickly, same for secondary.

  6. Craig Says:

    A large part of getting to 12-4 is luck. If the injury bug stays at bay it should be fairly easy.

    Getting to the Stupor Bowl takes a different kind of luck. Small injuries that happen early can reduce the amount of wins in the win/loss column but allow a team to come together for a playoff run.

    Injuries late in the season can trash the playoffs.

    There is a reason the Fins have the only undefeated season. Tom Brady seems to have luck on his side, so 12-4 is possible.

  7. Samuel Says:

    I don’t think the Bucs will be that successful. Their banking on a 43 year old quarterback and his yelling to put the offense into place. Plus they haven’t been use to winning. Can Brady run Arians offense like Jamis Winston, albeit he had 30 interceptions he still threw for 5000 yards. Not to mention he’s an elusive quarterback something Brady is not.

  8. Trumpscrackpipe Says:

    If we can’t win this this team we will never win. I know Brady is 43 but he is a different animal than most. I live in NE and have watched a lot of patriots games over the years. I don’t think he would even lace up if he didn’t know he was gonna dominate. He has an amazing cast of skill players around him. Go Bucs!!!
    So ready to watch winning (Bucs) football again.

  9. Buc4evr Says:

    Not worried about Brady’s age or lack of mobility compared to Jamis. TB12 has a faster release, reads defenses faster, and is more accurate. What I’m worried about is the lack of OTAs and the new hybrid offense that has not yet been installed. Not enough practice time due to the Rona.

  10. DanBucsFan Says:

    Honestly I could care less how NE does this year but ( I know the Brady Gronk thing ) is the reason for the question. If we look at history and think back to the pre Brady days for Belicheat, then I think its very clear who deserves the majority of the credit for the NE run and he now calls Tampa his home. Bill is a GREAT defensive coach probably best of all time, but without players to make the plays drawn up by coaches work championships don’t happen. Just ask the Browns fans who were around in the Belicheat years. I think that NE fans are in for a come down to earth moment, that some of them haven’t experienced. Buffalo is the class of the AFC east this year, and I would bet the farm on our Bucs having a better record than NE and it wont even be close.

  11. Mike Johnson Says:

    The Bucs may have a better record than the Pats..This year. But there is no comparisons as far as coaches go. Bellacheat is by far the better coach..by miles.
    I don’t like Bellacheat. But he knows what he is doing. He knows when to hold’em..and when to fold’em. One of the greatest coaching minds by far.

  12. 43IsOnlyOldInHumanYears Says:

    Everybody calls Tampa Tom Brady the GOAT because he wears six Super Bowl rings. Shouldn’t we call Bill Belichick the GOAT in coaches since he led those team?

  13. Joe Says:

    Shouldn’t we call Bill Belichick the GOAT in coaches since he led those team?

    There’s only one “goat” in Joe’s house and that’s Sabby the Goat.

    Yes, Belicheat is the best coach in NFL history. Lombardi is No. 2.

    Joe will still argue Montana > Brady. Still, that’s a worthless argument. Like arguing Gwynn > Musial or Barry Sanders > Emmitt Smith.