Brady Has Bucs’ Full Attention

May 27th, 2020

Discusses new QB’s impact.

Yesterday, Los Angeles Angels and former Rays manager Merlot Joe Maddon debuted a video podcast with Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians as a guest.

The two talked about commonalities in their jobs on the pod Maddon calls “Uncorked.” Three-time MVP outfielder Mike Trout works for Maddon and Maddon worships Trout as the ultimate professional and currently the best hitter in the game, he said.

And Maddon pointed out Arians has the football version of Trout on his roster, only the guy has more rings than can fit on one hand, park-violating, home-invading Bucs quarterback Tom Brady.

Arians noted Brady gives the coaching staff additional street cred with players.

“We have a great locker room,” Arians began. “But to now to get a guy who has been there, done it six times, the GOAT, you know. When he talks, they listen.

“It is so different than a coach. For us as coaches, there has to be a bond between us and those guys. You give them ownership.

“You ask them how they want to do things so they think they have a big hand in it. They send a message to the rest of the guys. They send your message to the rest of the guys.”

And Arians said when teammates hear it from Brady’s mouth, the directives carry more clout because they know he is involved.

Arians raved about Brady and his bonding with teammates during The Sickness. “Tom has been fantastic,” he said.

While on the Steelers, Arians worked with Brady many years ago while helping coach the AFC squad at the Pro Bowl. Brady was on the AFC roster and didn’t treat the game like a free NFL-paid vacation.

Arians remembered Brady as being next-level passionate.

“You can tell he was fierce,” Arians said. “He wanted to win, even the Pro Bowl. He commands excellence on the field. And there is no relaxation on the field when he is out there.

“If you are supposed to be at a certain spot on the route you better be there, or he’s going to talk to you about it.”

Joe just hopes Brady has so much glow from his bling, it gets his new teammates to raise their games.

After all, isn’t that one reason Brady was signed?

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11 Responses to “Brady Has Bucs’ Full Attention”

  1. Hodad Says:

    After five years of waiting for Jameis to make that leap, we finally have a real leader at QB who players will gladly follow.

  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    ………and if Brady didn’t win 6 SB titles and been to the playoffs a billion times and still acted like this…………people would think this guy is such a “D**KHEAD”!!!!

    Having all that winning clout automatically gives you respect

    but it also doesn’t mean his teammates will be pushovers either…..

  3. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Joe could you please add Driver less to the Brady preamble?? It is a shame TB12 has managed his money so poorly that he can’t afford a decent driver-sheesh.

  4. gp Says:

    Don’t want to be negative, but it’s not a good sign when the coach needs to bring in a “ringer” to get through to his players.
    Is it a weakness in the coaching or is the losing attitude *that* pervasive.
    Hopefully, it’s nothing more than intensity and attention that needs tweaking.
    Sure would be wonderful to see the whole team with an “all in” attitude.

  5. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    Joe, go back and watch JPP’s reaction video to Brady signing here, that should answer your question.

  6. Todd Says:

    Joe, I give you full props for the monicker “The Sickness”…I love it.

    It’s perfect in this world of nonsense.

  7. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Great video and loved the talk between the two coaches.

    GP, it is another voice on the same page, pulling in the same direction, and one it is a voice that players will listen to. You can never have enough of that.

    Is it going to make a difference when TB is correcting a route for ME or Godwin, instead of Jameis? Man, those guys are going to be zeroed in on what TB says.

    How about when there is only 2 or 3 minutes in the game, the other team has the ball and we are down by a few and TB yells at JPP to “…get me the F…ing ball back…” and TB will get the win; do you think JPP is going to go out there and get his D fired up? Do you think Jameis or even BA can have the same impact?

    I get there is a lot of hype out there, even too much hype, but there is a valid reason for some of it.

  8. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    When America’s Real QB, Tom Brady, talks…people listen!

  9. BrianBucs Says:

    Amazing the total difference in team attitude, confidence and psyche when at the most important position on the team, you go from a Zero to a Hero.

  10. Kobe Faker Says:


    1 Buc place has turned into a official golf course

    This is Caddyshack part 2

    All those golf carts roaming around and we bring in a old goat Golfer who splits his pants

    And to finish the casting of this comedy sequel

    We have Gronk the Bill Murray of the NFL”

    Kobe Faker

  11. ToesOnTheLine!!! Says:

    Hey at least the golf cart comedy show is more entertaining than watching a pathetic Bucs team choke in the 4th quarter and end up with a 4-8 win season. I have no idea what the actual product on the field will look like this year, but I do know this is the most national Bucs chatter we’ve seen in a long time. Heck, even if it turns out to be nothing more than a mirage in the vast desert of Bucs irrelevance, I’ll take the season of hope that we’re seeing the actual oasis in the distance we’ve all been looking for since 2002/2003.