Blocking For Brady; Blocking For Jameis

May 21st, 2020

“Jaboo, did you have to shove a towel down Big Red’s crevice like I will have to?”

Ryan Jensen was talking quarterbacks.

And specifically, the Bucs’ center was talking about the last two Bucs starters. That would be park-violating, home-invading Tom Brady and America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

Jensen made an appearance on “Out Of Nowhere,” co-hosted by two former NFLers Danny Woodhead and Matt Slauson. Jensen, who had yet to work out with Brady at the time the pod was recorded, said he is stoked to play with Brady, the six-time Super Bowl winner.

“It is exciting times, with the weapons — especially with all the weapons we’ve got,” Jensen said. “A lot of people are saying this is the best weapons he’s had since he had Randy [Moss] and that crew. I am excited to see what happens.

“And a guy like Tom always amplifies the play of the offensive line because he is getting the ball out on time. He’s making the right reads all of the time. That helps the offensive line. Makes us look really good. It is definitely welcomed for sure.”

As soon as he said that last sentence, Jensen immediately began talking about Jameis, saying he had no issues with Jameis and that the two are bros.

“I love Jameis,” Jensen said. “Me and him, were really good buddies. We’re still really good buddies. Our kids are like best friends. I wish him the best. As you know, it’s a business. I am definitely excited to work with Tom.”

Jensen made sense. Brady’s short passes and quick release means offensive linemen don’t have to hold their blocks for 10 minutes waiting for receivers to break their routes deep downfield the way Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians likes.

And that’s where it will be interesting this fall. Does Arians try to turn Brady into Jameis or Carson Palmer or Andrew Luck, and have him wing the ball downfield, and risk that his not-so-mobile, soon-to-be 43-year-old quarterback gets drilled early and often?

Jameis got beat up last year and he’s a mobile young guy. Brady can’t run like Jameis and who knows if his old bones can handle the hits?

Let’s see how flexible Arians can or will be. He didn’t adjust much to his talented tight ends last year. Can or will he for his Hall of Fame quarterback?

Hat tip: “knucknbuc.”

25 Responses to “Blocking For Brady; Blocking For Jameis”

  1. Morgus the Magnificent Says:

    By comparison, the two monikers seem to elevate Winston over Brady.

  2. Bird Says:

    Pocket awareness probably matters More
    Taking a few steps in any direction to buy some time . Dont need to be able to scramble/run to do that. Some of The greats have / had it.
    Just google bradys career rushing yards to go with his championships

    Also, look at brady throw aways last year. He knows he cant take the hits.
    If the play is not there , he will not hold onto the ball to long And take a Costly sack. He will not try to force a throw into a double coverage tight window
    He will live for the next play cause turnovers win and lose games Every friday , saturday and sunday in football

  3. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    I have full confidence in coach Arians’ football IQ. Of course he’s going to cater the offense to Brady‘a strengths.

  4. K2 Says:

    How could that park-violating, home-invading Tom Brady ever compare to America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

  5. Marine Buc Says:

    When Winston would throw 3 or 4 interceptions then turn to his teammates on the sideline during a game and say “come on guys do your job!” – how do you take that guy seriously?

    Now imagine Tom Brady looking at you and saying the same after only throwing 3 or 4 interceptions all season…

    I believe their will be a different vibe on the sidelines come game day…

  6. Marine Buc Says:


  7. chris L Says:

    i am less worried about this whole brady being pummeled at the line. brady is not going to allow that and arians is not an idiot and clearly sees he does not have a big QB back there able to take hits and scramble. any coach and fan knows this so he isnt going to square peg round hole it.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    That would be park-violating, home-invading Tom Brady and America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

    When you see the two together, illustrates the absurdity.

  9. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    @Marine, I agree, in addition to the fact of showing off the 6 SB rings during practice. “…hey, you guys want one of these? We have the talent. Just get to work and do your #&*$@$& job!”

  10. Owlykat Says:

    If BA will insert Gronk to assist D. Smith only when there is a speed rusher on Smith’s side, I think with Brady’s quick release that Brady will avoid sacks. D. Smith can hold his position against big DEs. Also when Vaugn is in there Brady can always throw an outlet pass to Vaughn instead of just throwing the ball away. I am so glad Brady is now meeting live with his receivers and Center and then practice throwing to his receivers and building chemistry and also explaining BA’s system to Brady.

  11. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Did I miss something here? I attend this blog almost daily but I haven’t read anything about America’s favorite 3rd string QB.

    Taysom HIll was extended by the Saints late last month..

    The Saints 2-year deal with Taysom Hill is for $21 million with $16 million guaranteed. It also includes another $1 million in earnable incentives. Very, very nice numbers to keep Hill in the fold through the 2021 season.

    Perhaps this is common knowledge here although I hadn’t seen it till yesterday while looking up JW’s salary.

    “Blameless” signed a deal reportedly worth according, a deal with the Saints that will pay him $1.1 million for 2020. It includes a $148,000 signing bonus and a base salary of $952,000

    So perhaps NDOG, ARNAGY and others can tell me on a team with an HOF QB obviously starting who is 2nd string and who is 3rd string?

    The guy making 21 million or the guy making 1 million.

    Who are the Saints counting on for the future? A guy they’re going to pay 1 million for this year or a guy they extended for two years at 21 million?

    So now it should be..Former Pro Bowl ALTERNATE from FIVE years ago..America’s 3rd string QB…Jameis Winston.

    Final thought. I apologize to the half of this blog that is so over this debate about JW they don’t even wish to read this stuff. D.R. you especially…I hear you and largely agree.

    JW IS yesterday’s news especially with what is happening to our team BUT..until that first game against NO is finally past I fear proper or not we’ll still be inundated in JW conversation. JW has always been polarizing but he’s also always been “America’s QB” in terms of generating talk and publicity…not all of it good.

  12. stpetebucsfan Says:

    BTW On ANY team changing QB’s the questions Joe is posing or chatting about are normal and should be. Comparisons of the former to the present always happen in the off season.

    It’s just exacerbated 1000% when you replace a #1 pick in an entire draft with the GOAT.

  13. 2002WasALongTimeAgo Says:

    D. Smith said the same thing. For every time the NO 3rd string QB got “pummeled ” here, there were more plays that even the comments mentioned he had “all day” to throw. We’ll see how the oline grades after the season under the GOAT.

  14. Marine Buc Says:

    @ spbf

    Agreed 100%. Solid take…

  15. Ship Thief Says:

    BA could have kept Jameis here.
    He chose to go after Brady.
    He got Brady.

    If either BA or TB were worried about being able to work together, TB would not be a Buccaneer.

    If those 2 guys aren’t worried, I’m not worried either.

    Isn’t, like, half of the league is a similar situation?

    Tua, Herbert, Love, Carr, Mariota, Rivers, Stidham, Jones, Haskins, Burrow, Trubisky, Minshew, Bridgewater, Lock… this is quite a list!

    ALL of these QBs are still unproven within their current team/system… happens every single year people.

    New players enter the league, old ones retire, and people are getting hired and fired all year long.

    I think we have just as good a chance as any other team for this to work.

  16. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Kobe Faker was shaking his head when he thought he was watching past episodes of different Strokes and Arnold Drummond but

    Kobe has actually seen the overgrown Gary Coleman entering Polk county community college for effective short passing offense

    The 1st step to the 2020 season is unplugging the QB intern Leftwich headset”

    Kobe Faker

  17. TomTerrific Says:

    America’s anal wart Jamoist Winston. Still making Joe cream his panties. When we win the Superbowl, Joe doesn’t get to celebrate. He can go pound sand with the turnover machine.

  18. 407buc Says:

    Can we stop the whole Jameis Winston Americas QB thing? Especially when Bradys moniker has a very negative connotation to it, while jameis has actually done worse things? Kind of absurd… get over the Jameis affection he’s gone and we know have a competent QB, Joe

  19. Craig Says:

    It is much easier to be friends with someone flawed. Perfect people don’t make a lot of friends, but they make better QBs.

    It is going to be amazing to see a team that is ready for prime-time when it happens. It will be great not just for the O-line, but for the D-line too. There will rarely have to get right back on the field because of an interception on the first play of a series.

  20. Chria@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Arians adjusting to Brady is what I worry about.
    Jameis could run, and take a hit, Brady can do neither.

  21. Bird Says:

    Dang. If i wrote that above TT …the threat of permanent banishment would have been unleashed.


  22. Reginald Says:

    How their kids best friends and Jameis.1 is a baby

  23. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Chris or is it Chria…Apple roof cleaning.

    “Jameis could run, and take a hit, Brady can do neither.”

    I agree about JW”s ability to run. For the slowest man in the league he did have a skill set at becoming elusive if not fast.

    But Brady is not going to be asked to do either. Nobody really wanted JW to run other than to protect himself or save a broken play. Cam Newton shows what happens to powerful running QB’s.

    Brady doesn’t need to run. He’s also very pocket aware and slippery, can avoid direct hits and his rep and no challenge from his ego let him take a dive at the first sign of danger.

    Poor JW looked across the line at defenses the way I look at a menu in Spanish.
    No habla that well.

  24. JameisAlmighty! Says:

    Jenson sucks. OL sucks. Go kiss Brady’s butt some more. Lockerrom jocksniffer Jenson.

  25. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Not another WinSTUNNED story tie in? Unbelievable. Starting to serve no purpose here, writing about Saints. That guy set this team back another 5 years from a continuous mess. Bury it. He’s history and he sucks. Not mentionable.