Tristan Wirfs Talks Zoom Call With The Bucs, Blocking For Tom Brady

April 4th, 2020

Bucs fans proved they are aching for Tampa Bay to draft an offensive lineman in Round 1.

And a guy many want was talking about that happening yesterday.

He is Tristan Wirfs, the strongman, 6-5, 320-pound athletic freak out of the University of Iowa. He mostly played right tackle at Iowa and that’s where the Bucs need him.

Wirfs, 21, joined The Rich Eisen Show yesterday and talked about how he’s had a few phone calls with teams (no visits during the plague), but for one select club he’s already had a Zoom video call.

The Zoom team is the Bucs. Wirfs said it was with two O-line guys (presumably assistant coaches Harold Goodwin and Joe Gilbert) and the offensive coordinator.

“We’re held to a higher standard,” Wirfs said of himself and his fellow Iowa offensive linemen.

That was sentiment Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian shared on SiriusXM NFL Radio this week, saying Wirfs won’t be coached better in the NFL than he was in college.

Protecting Tom Brady is a crazy thought, Wirfs thought, noting he was born in 1999 and Brady joined the Patriots in 2000.

Is Operation Sign Brady followed by Operation Protect Brady via the NFL Draft? We’ll find out in less than three weeks.

30 Responses to “Tristan Wirfs Talks Zoom Call With The Bucs, Blocking For Tom Brady”

  1. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:


  2. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Might want to reread that second to lash paragraph 😉

  3. Bucsfan951 Says:


  4. 541BucsFan Says:

    Most mocks have Wirfs as a high pick. Seems wishful.

    I’m suddenly on the McKinney bandwagon. It’s more like an island with me and a volleyball named Wilson.

  5. CPN Says:

    “Protecting Tom Brady is a crazy thought, Wirfs thought, noting he was born in 1999 and Brady joined the Patriots in 2020.”

    Minor error, Joe. However, it is crazy to consider how young Wirfs is in comparison to old man Brady.

  6. REDZONE BA Fan Says:

    So, protecting QB is FINALLY important to BUCS decision-makers.

  7. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Of course it is.

    We like this QB.

  8. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Wirfs would be ok if he’s there at #14 but my druthers would be for Andrew Thomas because he can play LT as well. He would provide serious competition for Donovan Smith, which is exactly what he needs.

  9. Matt Says:

    Those were Tony Mandarich like numbers at the combine and Hopefully he develops like Terron Armstead has for the Saints. He relied a lot on his athleticism in college and showed poor technique at times.

    I love Becton’s size and mean streak and Thomas’ mauling run game and Wills’ feet and technique (ridiculous really just YouTube it) but Wirfs’ athleticism and strength would bring the most flexibility to our offense. Our screen game with Marpet, Cappa and Wirfs would be insane.

    These are 4 elite tackles. Notice that the top young linemen most recently are guards, there really aren’t many young superstar tackles but all 4 of these guys can me near Pro Bowl caliber players. Any big talented guys are playing defense these days, that’s where the money is. So when we have a chance to get an elite tackle we have to jump on it. They are of course nowhere near the prospect Ryan Ramczyk, he was a rookie Pro bowler right out the gate but all 4 have a similar ceiling.

  10. Colonel_mp Says:

    When you say athletic freak, it makes me think of Warren Sapp. Didn’t Parcells say always draft an athletic freak that is big and can move. Joe knows the quote. I am sure we will hear it if his name is called at #14.

    If we go with a tackle, then I think we should trade up and get the #1 tackle on the BUCS draft board. Probably have to go the #4 which may cost a bit too much, especially if it will be the Right Tackle of the future.

    ALL IN!

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Who would be the 5th option?

    That’ll probably be our pick.

  12. 2020 Year of the GOAT Says:

    we have to take the best tackle available at 14th

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think we’d have to move into the top 10 to get Wirfs…….perhaps a 2nd round pick from next year…..but maybe, we’ll get lucky and score one of the top 4…..the talent tapers off a bit from there and we could trade down and pick up an OT in round 2 with an extra pick.

  14. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I think one of the top 4 linemen ( Wirfs, Wills, Bekton, Thomas) will be there for us at 14. And each of them are excellent players. My preference would be Thomas from Georgia, but if any of these guys is there at 14, you don’t think twice about pulling the trigger!

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    Assuming that Bucs stay at #14, it’s possible that one of the Top-4 Tackles would fall to us, but Vegas probably wouldn’t give us great odds of that happening. Lots of teams NEED quality Tackles besides just the Bucs. Moving up would likely cost us a Rnd 2 or 3 pick, so that’s not really a viable plan either (we NEED those picks IMO).

    The good news is that this is a quality draft in Rnd 1 and we probably can’t miss. If the Top-4 Tackles are gone when we pick, Bucs should be able to fill another NEED with our #14 pick OR move down some and pick up an additional Rnd 2 or 3 draft pick.

    If we stay at #14, there are 4 Tackles, 3 QBs, 2 DT/DE, 2 WR, 2 CB & 1 LB projected by Walter Football to go in the Top-14 (plus several high quality draft picks like Ruggs & Kinlaw right behind them). A Tackle would be ideal, but rather than reaching for a Tackle (out of the Next-4 let’s say), would much rather grab a top pick who fills a NEED for us, then grab a Tackle in Rnd 2. Or even a top Guard and let Cappa slide over to Tackle. Or even better, sign a quality veteran Tackle after the draft (several will surely be released when the draft picks come onboard).

  16. Casual Observer Says:

    Agree with Jeagan. Is the drop off from 4 to 5 (in OTs) really that great?

  17. geno711 Says:

    I prefer a best player available approach mostly. However, if you have guys 11 -20 all closely rated/bunched and one of those 10 guys looks like a right tackle fit, then I say go for the tackle.

  18. Hodad Says:

    The real question is do you take one of the big four RT’s at 14, or given the choice, what if Derrick Brown, or Kinlaw are there? One of the two of the best DT’s in the draft, or one of the top four RT’s. Now if Brown falls in your lap, you could always move back up if need be for one of the 2nd tear RT’s. We might not want to play a rookie RT no matter how good seeing as the off season work outs can’t even start. Haeg will probably at least start the season depending on the RT we do draft, but a DT could be throw into the mix from day one. So if Brown, or Kinlaw are there, I think it best to draft one no matter what RT is still left.

  19. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Elite LT are harder to find but I think there enough talent in this year’s draft to pick up a starting Rt in the 2nd or 3rd. I have no problems with Licht dropping down 10 spots and picking up more draft picks. He could easily find a RT in the second. Secondly, while Joe Haeg is no pro bowler he certainly has the skill set to start at RT.

  20. TheBradyBunch Says:

    If all four tackles are gone and they can’t find a trade partner I would be good with them drafting Swift. There are three 2nd tier tackles after the big four (Jones, Jackson and Peart). One of them should be available in the 2nd round. I have watched tape of the top five RBs and I think the only special one in this group is Swift. Akers, Dobbins and Taylor are all decent RBs and could be quality runners in the NFL. I think CEH is way overhyped. He is slow, his tape is unimpressive, and LSU has a great line that created big holes for him. The Bucs need to get serious about having a true threat at RB.

  21. TOM Says:

    Everybody knows the draft is a crap shoot. So who’s to say the so called 2nd tier of OT (Jones, Jackson, Cleveland) won’t be as good as the top 4. Also if the top 4 are gone & the choice is say Jones, Jackson or RB Swift or someone else who do you take? It all depends on how the Bucs draft board is set up. I would love to sit in the draft room & watch things develop.

  22. Allbuccedup Says:

    5 out of the first 6 offensive lineman taken in the 2019 draft were injured at some point in the season last year. 5 out of the 6 played in 8 games or less. That tells me you need to pick up a another free agent tackle Peters or Dotson or someone else.

  23. Blue Sting Says:

    This draft should be easiest one yet for Licht. Need to trade up in round 1 to get our top rated tackle. Becton or Wirfs. It’s worth a 1 and 2 or a 1 and 3 and 4. We can double up on backs in the draft and still add a cheap vet a la Carlos Hyde, Lamar Miller, or trade a late rounder for a Giovanni Bernard type. This is win now mode so developmental lineman will not work, we need a plug and play guy that can be pro bowl level day 1 which means a trade up. Can always get a cheap rb. Or a decent veteran DB to mix with all of our young good dbs. Can not get a sure thing quality Tackle if don’t trade up.

  24. PSL Bob Says:

    Any of the top 4 O-linemen will do. Let’s just hope one of them is there at #14. Talk of trading up to ensure we’re able to grab Thomas is starting to scare me a little. We really need a stud to plug into the O-line, but I hate giving up draft choices. However, Licht has proven pretty nimble when it comes to moving around in the draft to get players he wants.

  25. Bucs Guy Says:

    If the big 4 OTs are gone, trade back to 18-21 for a 2nd rd pick. Draft Josh Jones or other OT the Bucs like. Then go get a DT (Suh replacement) and RB (CEH) in the 2nd. This is a deep draft for both positions and you can get very high players in both in the 2nd round.

    Safety Ashtyn Davis in the 3rd, a WR (Proehl) and G/C in the 4th would fill in what is needed. Depth at LB and RB in the 5th and 6th.

    Focus on QB, Edge and T in 2021.

  26. TheBradyBunch Says:

    BucsGuy – I would be willing to bet that Bucs scouts aren’t high on CEH. He should be a 3rd to 5th round pick. He is short, slow, and doesn’t have great tape. I would rank him behind Swift, Taylor, Dobbins, and Akers at a minimum.

  27. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I get your small slow comment…but bad tape. What tape are you watching.

    He was a human highlights reel in the biggest most important game of the decade. He was successful against the best college competition in the land.

    He wasn’t running roughshod though the pathetic ACC or Pac 12. Actually tape and performance is his selling point.

    Aside from Clemson and for a long while until recently FSU…I’m never impressed by guys doing it in the ACC or Pac12

  28. Davesbucs Says:

    RT at 14…….SMH

  29. Swampbuc Says:

    Iowa farm boys can play OL. I would be good with this guy.

  30. MadMax Says:

    He’s a physical freak! And i think with the right coaching and hard work, he can improve his technique. Go watch a utube vid of him vs. Wills. Wills has better technique and looks like a faster and better blocker. But Wirfs just has to be taught that and implement it. Then he’ll be pro bowl ready in a few years.

    I still say Wirfs, Becton, Wills, Thomas. Now Becton is raw but with great coaching he’ll be a beast.