“There’s A Chink In Everybody’s Armor”

April 2nd, 2020

Run game coordinator/assistant head coach and offensive line overseer Harold Goodwin won’t find a perfect right tackle prospect, says a friend of Bruce Arians.

The touted offensive tackle studs in the 2020 draft are not wowing a respected friend of Bucco Bruce Arians.

This might alarm the legions of Bucs fans screaming for a right tackle in Round 1 on April 23.

The friend of Arians is Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian, who has studied the film on the heralded class of O-linemen and came away calling for a dialing back of expectations, so he told his SiriusXM NFL Radio audience last night.

“As a group here, I know these guys are getting touted as, you know, the next coming of Gene Upshaw. I’m not sold on that,” Polian said. “I think there’s a chink in everybody’s armor. That said, they do have terrific physical skills, but I think they’re all going to struggle to one degree or another coming into the league. And maybe more so than your typical high-choice offensive tackle would.”

Polian went on to say there is no Tyron Smith in this draft, the No. 9 overall pick of the Cowboys who was a plug-and-play superstar left tackle and has seven Pro Bowls on his resumé.

On Polian’s list of top-5 offensive linemen, in no particular order, are four tackles Mekhi Becton (Louisville), Jedrick Willis (Alabama), Andrew Thomas (Georgia) and, Tristan Wirfs (Iowa) and center Lloyd Cushenberry (LSU).

Polian wonders if Wirfs is quick enough to handle speed rushers and thinks he might be a Pro Bowl-caliber guard or a solid right tackle, and Polian calls Thomas a “waist-bender” who lunges. But Polian said his contacts tell him they think it can be coached out of Thomas.

The Hall of Fame GM is skeptical, “Waist-benders worry me.”

Becton and Willis are not suited to zone-blocking schemes, Polian added.

35 Responses to ““There’s A Chink In Everybody’s Armor””

  1. Adrnagy Says:

    Don’t screw this one up. Draft
    Akers or LSU rb
    Ashtyn Davis
    Ben Bartch
    John Hightower

  2. Carl Nicks' big toe Says:

    I’d be totally cool with your lineup. Also would be good with OT Jackson out of USC, but he’d probably have to be taken in the 2nd, and see which RB falls to the 3rd round.

  3. NOLES Says:

    @ Carl Nicks… hilarious handle love it… was sad he never got going.

    Thinking it may be best to trade back and pick up another 2nd rd if possible. Then you can also address S in rd 2.

    Kinlaw worries me, can’t remember poster but he was a SC fan. He said Kinlaw is overrated and takes plays off If I remember correctly.

  4. ItzOK Says:

    I feel cheated. I want news coverage of Brady’s plane landing in Tampa, I’d like to see a helicopter follow his car around with a police car escort doing whatever he needs to do in town.

  5. permanent_moderation_doghouse Says:

    We CAN draft defense or trade down if these OTs are just overhyped! Everyone seems to think we have no choice but to draft a tackle… which means… it probably isn’t gonna happen.

  6. 541BucsFan Says:

    A “chink” sounds pretty good compared to the gaping hole we currently have at RT.

  7. martinii Says:

    It’s enough to drive you crazy. I read 30 articles about the top 4 O-Lineman and how there is a good chance that all will be selected before 14 and 1 article about how each is not as good as………… Additionally talking heads from all over the football universe tell us how deep the O-Line prospects are this year and indicate our entire draft will be compromised if we fail to select one to protect our 43 year old superstar. I am beginning to think this is a money making proposition perpetuated by BS artist who are wrong 90% of the time and lucky 10%, Only analyst I used to respect was Mike Mayock and he was only wrong 70% of the time.

  8. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Isn’t that literally every rookie?

    They all have chinks in their armor and need development and time especially offensive linemen. Thing is we don’t have a right tackle. it would be a major Gaffe to not target one this upcoming draft.

  9. AKickInTheBucNuts Says:


    HaHa! Was thinking the same thing.

  10. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Perhaps as SOEbuc has suggested it might be a good time to think about trading down.

    If we do not believe one of these tackles is generational why waste a pick If we do great…if not…trade down.

  11. Allbuccedup Says:

    Sign Jason Peters for one year. Then draft a tackle in 3rd or 4th round problem solved. Kinlaw at 14 round one and running back at 45 round two. Wide receiver in 3rd or 4th round.

  12. Adrnagy Says:

    Remember. Suh is one year rental. Gholston idk how much left he has. Jpp ?
    We must draft kinlaw.

    Also. Perhaps trade back in into 2 and take OT Jackson usc or Cesar Ruiz C

    2-Akers or LSU rb
    2-Trade back in into late 2 OT Jackson usc or Cesar Ruiz C ( perhaps use this year 4th and next year 3rd)
    3-Ashtyn Davis
    4-Ben Bartch
    5-John Hightower

  13. catcard202 Says:

    Every player has flaws…All these talking heads over analyse players & need daily fodder to feed the masses. So, picking apart minor details is a given.

    Traits, Tools & Tape…Trust the process & stick to your board.
    BA & Bowles know what they need to compete. Which players “fit” what they want to do.

    Would not be surprised to see FO go in completely different direct on Day1 & 2, than any of us would like…It all depends on the board. Who’s behind door #2, so to speak.

    CIN & WAS are locks for Burrow/Young…DET is gate-keeper to Tua @ #3 & NYG @ #4 are also open for business – in top5…We could see 2-3-4 trades happen ahead of Tampa @ #14.

    Who slides? Is anyone worth moving up for? Will a TopOfBoard guy get into trade range? Will someone else come a calling for the #14 pick, if FO just sets & waits?

    Too many scenarios to type, before Bucs are on the clock.

    What we do know is..There is a ton of high level players in this class that could help this roster.

    Burrow, C.Young, Simmons, Thomas, Tua, Becton, Brown, Okudah, Thomas, Wills, Kinlaw, Wirfs, Lamb, Herbert, Juedy, Ruggs, Chassion, Love….Those 18 players are likely all in Top13 consideration… 13 of 18 will be gone by the time TB picks @ 14….FO will have handful of worthy players on the board to choose from, on Day1.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Is Beckwith done???

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Is Beckwith coming back?

  16. admin Says:

    Is Beckwith done???

    Very likely.

  17. Joe Says:

    Is Beckwith coming back?

    Sure as heck wouldn’t lay cash on that happening.

  18. Joe Says:

    There’s a Chink’ in the armour sure sounds racial to me, especially nowadays.

    Was waiting for someone to try to go there.

    The definition of “chink” is “crack” or a chip. This saying has been around forever. Has absolutely nothing to do with ethnicity of any sort.

  19. WhatTheBuc Says:

    Tyron Smith went #9 in the draft. He is great but he wasn’t a sure thing in 2011 or he would have gone before Jake Locker. The fact is that every player has chinks. Polian likes to play devils advocate. Every evaluation says that this is a top flight tackle draft. Polian also cited Cushenberry as a top level lineman. PFF has a very low grade on him for what its worth.

  20. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Looks like TB will be on Howard Stern Show next week. First time for him. That ought to be QUITE interesting.

  21. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Best player available. Don’t trade back.

  22. Ndog Says:

    Adrnagy Says:
    April 2nd, 2020 at 12:43 pm
    Remember. Suh is one year rental. Gholston idk how much left he has. Jpp ?
    We must draft kinlaw.

    Also. Perhaps trade back in into 2 and take OT Jackson usc or Cesar Ruiz C

    2-Akers or LSU rb
    2-Trade back in into late 2 OT Jackson usc or Cesar Ruiz C ( perhaps use this year 4th and next year 3rd)
    3-Ashtyn Davis
    4-Ben Bartch
    5-John Hightower

    No way brother this team doesn’t give a crap about the future it is all about NOW. Why would they waste a pick on player for the future?

  23. D1 Says:


    The future is now!

    The only way to build a team is to collapse time frames to 4yrs or less. Any ideas that the team will lose long term with this strategy is nonsensical out of date paradigms.

  24. Waterboy Says:

    Is RT something teams normally draft that high? I can see a LT but not sure I’d draft a RT at 14.

  25. TexBuc Says:

    We are all in for this year and next season. Which means they will draft a RB 1st round. My vote be NEVER draft a RB in the 1st.

  26. Imon Says:

    Gabbert? Not impressed!

  27. 813bucboi Says:

    Kinlaw or the kid from LSU…I actually like Isaiah Wilson RT from UGA…sign Jason Peters and draft him in the 3rd round…let him develop….grab a RB and a safety….

    Can’t wait


  28. 813bucboi Says:

    Gabbert knows the system…lol…gotta keep everything consistent


  29. mark2001 Says:

    Thank you Joe for explaining the word “chink” to them. Many words have been misappropriated for years… a “faggot” was a bundle of sticks used for burning…for centuries. And then used as another slang word for burning tobacco..a cigarette. And there are many more words misappropriated by the worst among us to disparage others. Too bad people don’t know the history of the English language.

  30. JimmyJack Says:

    No telling what the Bucs draft board looks like. Last year there was this supposed “Big 3” that we couldn’t pass on. Well, the Bucs obvisously disagreed. Same with the Raiders. The year before it was another “Big 3” which again was disagreed on the way the draft went down.

    Now this year all’s we hear is “Big 4” for OTs. Let’s just pump the breaks and realize it’s not the Bucs saying that. They might only like 2 of them guys. Maybe they like 5. Or maybe they have a target in the 2nd round and a totally different draft plan.

    Won’t stop y’all though………In a way I almost hope one of these Big 4 falls to us and we pass. The rage filled comments will be worth it………What I want is an impact player at #14. Could easily see that being a RB or S as well as T.

    Just remember many of y’all doubted the last 2 first rounders and both have been very good picks so far.

  31. permanent_moderation_doghouse Says:

    There’s a honky in everybody’s armor.

  32. Mike Johnson Says:

    To be honest guys, I’d draft Kinlaw. He’s a..can’t miss and will have immediate impact.

  33. chris L Says:

    joe – another thing to consider is no OTAs and rookie camps along with all of the other things they have for rookies like the symposium for more off field things. makes it harder for these o-linemen rookie to get practicing and that is already with the new CBA even further limiting that. if im the bucs i go d-line but throughout the draft build both lines. at least a d-lineman can have more of an impact as a rookie than an o-lineman i think. running back should be easier but 14th pick i see as too much for a back.

  34. Chip Chipperson Says:

    1: a small cleft, slit, or fissure
    2: a weak spot that may leave one vulnerable

    There was a chink in my immune system, and covid 19 found it’s way in.

  35. WestChap Says:

    There’s a honky in everybody’s armor… LOL!