Only 2 Teams Desired Brady

April 13th, 2020

NFL Network host Peter Schrager

Is a little odd that multiple NFL know-it-alls keep learning that only two teams were really interested in Tom Brady in free agency?

It makes you wonder.

No, Joe’s not claiming Brady is washed up. He just came off a good season and hasn’t missed a game in years. But for the very reason the Bucs wanted Brady, one would think more than one other NFL team would have made a move on him, too.

NFL Network host Peter Schrager was the latest to report say it was a two-team dance for Brady.

“I knew the wheels were in motion at the combine, which was the last week of February,” Schrager told The Bill Simmons Podcast, via the WEEI radio transcription. “My guys around the league were telling me that it was going to be Chargers or Buccaneers. Titans were out. Colts were out. And then you heard these stories that Brady is like — not from Brady — but Brady is being courted by eight teams was one of the stories. No, I don’t really think so. When it came down to it, it was Buccaneers or Chargers.”

Schrager had more to say on the subject. But if it’s true that only two teams made real moves on Brady, then Joe sure hopes that’s more gas on Brady’s legendary internal fire — on that Bucs officials hope will improve the entire team.

For those wondering, Joe considers Schrager extremely credible and well plugged in.

37 Responses to “Only 2 Teams Desired Brady”

  1. Swampbuc Says:

    The dude is 43 by the season. Most teams want a much younger guy. Most teams think about building for the future.

    If Winston’s agent didn’t convince him to ask for $30 million plus, but instead said, you know, Jameis screwed up giving the ball away but did everything else great, how about two years for $10 million a year, then Winston would still be your QB. This is a short term panic move my the Glazers, Licht and Arians to have one or two winning years before the wheels come off again. Another decade of losing looms after this Brady panic move.

  2. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Peter “I wear more makeup than Kay Adams” Schrager

    Talking nonsense

    It was never the chargers but only the basement Bucs

    Chargers going young and drafting their franchise Qb and never wanted the 43 year old goat

    Brady was never going west coast because his oldest son lives in the east coast

    Peter Schrager is the epitome of lazy journalism ”

    Kobe Faker

  3. chris L Says:

    schrager is a very good analyst. he is fair and he does like the bucs it seems. his football knowledge on the field and also with executives and coaches is very good. he understands the game and the nfl overall.

  4. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I believe more teams had interest until they didn’t. I believe some were convinced they had no shot at convincing Brady like the Bucs or Chargers could. The Bucs and Chargers had way more to offer than most. The only team that could’ve made a pitch was Indy but even they still had Jacoby Brissett to fall back on.

  5. LaMarcus Says:

    It was only Bucs. Not even his own Pats

  6. Ndog Says:

    Like I said from the beginning this is not about winning this is about a money grab and all of you fell for it, enjoy cuz the next two years will be the only shot we have for winning for a long time, after that oh boy.

  7. Ndog Says:

    Also isn’t it clear that the only two teams that wanted Brady were the ones that can’t sell tickets?

  8. Adrnagy Says:

    He’s wrong … it’s was the bandwagoneers and buccaneers.

  9. DBS Says:

    Keep crying Ndog. Of course your right. No way could this team ever win without your love child Jameis Winston. No way could they get another winning quarterback because none exists.

  10. Adrnagy Says:

    How would it play out with Brady’s contract, let’s say no football this year.
    He will be 44 , does his contract rolls over another year?

  11. Colonel Angus Says:

    Every teams situation is different. Bucs feel they are a QB away from competing for a championship. We’ve been building for the future since the Super Bowl, hasn’t worked out they way we hoped. Draft a QB to sit and learn for a season or 2 behind Brady. The Colts had their eye on Rivers and most of the other QB needy teams either draft high enough to land one of the top prospects or they are more than a QB away from competing.

  12. ClodHopper Says:

    I still can’t believe the Titans weren’t interested. I thought they were the perfect fit for him. Guess he’ll get the top level receivers instead of the top level running game. We shall see how this works out…. hopefully

  13. Adrnagy Says:

    Regardless. Going for Brady was wrong. Jameis asking for 30M was wrong.
    Two face Bruce is wrong. Mister wide receiver diva coach.

    Imo. If bill belichik Didn’t resign Brady and it was time to move said it all. Why take a chance with a immobile old QB. 1- your paying for his history 2- paying for experience. 3- gambling future.

    What I think about two face Arians is garbage. = it takes two years to “master the offense “. Suddenly… two face is saying it takes 2 weeks to master the offense. Lol

    Let’s go all in for tua. And NO for a project QB.

  14. Ndog Says:

    Sorry bro Tua is a no-go the guy gets hurt walking off the bus there’s no way he lasts in the NFL.

  15. Pewter Power Says:

    It’s a two way dance and media are the ones throwing out all the wild accusations about places he would be a fit but I’m sure he had a short list of place he would go to which explains why he told Licht why him coming to Tampa would make sense. Had to be at least 4 teams and doesn’t really matter

    There weren’t many teams hot after shaq Barrett last year either so how many teams wanted him is irrelevant especially considering the issue he’ll have learning the offense with no training camp

  16. Adrnagy Says:

    I’m saying tua bcuz After Brady’s Disaster
    tua is best option to pick It up right away and play at a high level.

    The best coach and play caller for QB is Andy Reid. Not the two face Bruce.

    I can’t believe how lucky two face has been. He’s been around wrest HC and QB if it wasn’t for being in the right place right time. Two face would be a sales person selling life insurance.

  17. Adrnagy Says:


  18. Adrnagy Says:

    Dude .. even in Arizona. Ken whisenhunt built the cardinals. Two face shows up with the finish product and couldn’t get it done.
    Same scenario here. Two face won’t get it done. At least he went all in with Tom to get the job done. So there’s 1% hope to win a SB

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:


    At last we agree. Tua is too fragile to take that gamble


    “Another decade of losing looms after this Brady panic move.”

    Can we stop with this canard!!! It’s gross hyperbole and inaccurate. If we suck for the next decade it will be on us and have nothing to do with Brady..failure or not.

    If we blow another draft like we did with “Blameless” there’s five years!!!
    But we are now hopeful after FIVE years of disappointment. That’s OUR fault not the system. The Bucs gambled on the wrong horse.

    Consider that 4 of the 12 playoff teams had QB’s with only a couple of years experience…1/3…IF you assume we always draft poorly at QB perhaps ten years…but it’s not a feature of the game.

    Lamarcus….we know you are one of the butt hurt “Blameless’ supporters but why must you continue to post erroneous stuff.

    “It was only Bucs. Not even his own Pats”

    That’s simply incorrect! The Patriots made Brady an offer early on which Brady chose not to accept because he wanted TWO years not one. So if you wish to say that the Pats didn’t want him at HIS terms OK.

    Did the Bucs NOT want “Blameless’ back. I didn’t but I concede if he had not shot off his mouth in the locker room and most importantly talked about 30 million he MIGHT still be here. For the right price the Bucs MAY have given him another chance.

    As far as how many teams wanted Brady…that’s pure speculation. We can assume at least 12 teams didn’t want him because they made the playoffs.

    Other teams like Pittsburgh didn’t plan on making a QB change. The list of teams who felt the same NEED as us is a short one.

    It’s absurd for the JW freaks to keep implying that JW would have been a better signing and we only got the leftovers. WHY then is JW still out of work? Brady is not out of work. JW will presumably get another CHANCE…but he clearly is not all that or more teams would be banging on his door.

  20. Etzel Says:

    A great great man once said, “If Belicheat don’t want you….” 😉

  21. D-Rome Says:

    Is a little odd that multiple NFL know-it-alls keep learning that only two teams were really interested in Tom Brady in free agency?

    This isn’t very surprising. Earlier in the year it was reported as many as five years were allegedly interested in Jameis. The Winston fluffers would claim as many as eight teams were interested in him and that it would be a mistake to let go of a highly coveted QB.

    Look where Jameis is at now. He’s dodging heavy bags in a gym.

  22. David Says:

    Which teams are interested in who is always misguided and there’s always a lot of disinformation out there. If it was 2 teams or 8 teams, who cares.
    Like Joe said, the only thing that it matters is if it motivates Brady

  23. DantheTanMan Says:

    you people have to much time on your hands, Danny Dimes

  24. Youngbucs Says:

    Blah blah ndog if only two teams wanted Brady cool. None want Winston lol the boy a bum but but he bigger and stronger but but he gone b in the hof. Pathetic pathetic pathetic

  25. Youngbucs Says:

    Jameis jobless Winston lol

  26. Etzel Says:

    Everyone excited for more primetime games until they turn into a series of beatdowns on National TV.

  27. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Are you always this negative….about your love life for example.

  28. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Isn’t it interesting. At the end of last season Brady was the GOAT. Now that he’s with the Bucs he sucks and nobody wants him? Laughable. All you guys that know so much, why didn’t you foresee the coronavirus? You seem to think you have that kind of power.

  29. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Ignore the trolls!!

  30. Defense Rules Says:

    Does it REALLY matter which teams wanted Brady? The Bucs were searching for a replacement for Winston (for good reason), and they signed Brady. Everything leading up to that point is history. What’s important is where we are now … and where we’re trying to go.

    Tom Brady is a short-term fix for us to make a go at turning this team around (we are kinda the face of losing in the NFL?). IF we use our remaining salary Cap $$$ wisely and draft smartly, we have a CHANCE to make the playoffs & HOPEFULLY go all the way.

    Yes, he’ll be 43 if-and-when this season starts. That’s old (very old) for a starting NFL QB, and especially for one learning a new system on a new team. But IF anyone can pull it off, it’s the GOAT, with a lot of help from this coaching staff & his teammates. Personally I’m rooting for him to do just that, and for us to have a winning season that HOPEFULLY leads to the playoffs. Let the whiny-babies can get back on the porch while the big dogs run.

  31. 541BucsFan Says:

    Two more than want Winston.

  32. Buczilla Says:

    Shrager is cool, but who cares who wanted Brady or not? We just got the best player to ever play in the NFL and it’s not even close, since he plays the most important position in all of sports (forgive me Jerry Rice, but it’s true). Old, 70% of his former self or whatever Brady is still leaps and bounds better than erratic as hell Jameis.

    Where things will to to hell quickly is if our line can’t keep old man Brady healthy for 16 games and Gabbert (why is this dude on the team!?!) becomes the starter. We would have given up on a young, potential top 5 quarterback, who has played like the best player in the league on several occasions. To me, it’s a risk worth taking since Winston hasn’t shown me a shred of evidence that he can remain consistent and not revert back to his buffoonish ways. It’s gonna be fun to find out.

    Despite this gosh damn virus, I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting football at some point this year. The NFL makes too much money for itself and others to not have a season unless (gods forbid) there is a world ending tragedy.

  33. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    This is kind of a non-story to me. There are a lot of teams with decent QBs under contract. Even if you believe that Brady is better, you cannot afford to sit someone making $20+ MM.

    Many teams looking to draft QBs high in the draft don’t have the cap space for a free agent Brady.

    Teams with young starters on rookie contracts would think twice about disrupting his world for a 1 or 2 year gamble on an expensive “old” guy, and the possible harm to his confidence.

    You really are left looking for a team in transition and with the necessary cap space. It was a perfect storm for the Bucs/Brady marriage.

    That said, I will never believe that at least 10 teams didn’t at least kick the tires while they weighed the options.

  34. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:


    “Panic move?” I don’t think so. LOL

  35. Barack's Crack Pipe Says:

    LaMarcus Says:
    “It was only Bucs. Not even his own Pats.”

    Nah. Old rub-n-tug made it clear he favored Brady’s return, but was leaving it up to his hired football men.

  36. JimmyJack Says:

    Look guys. It doesn’t matter how many teams wanted Brady. Not to mention Schrager doesn’t even say that part. He just said that a few teams were out but not why.

    The only thing that matters is if we can win in the playoffs this year. What the Colts or Titans are doing should not matter to us.

    This is a fun conversation but at the end of the day is nothing more then off-season fodder. We shall see what happens between the white lines.

    GO BUCS!!!

  37. Dapostman Says:

    Final 4 or bust in 2020.

    Nothing else matters.