“He Also Has A Bad @ss Defense”

April 29th, 2020


A closet Bucs fan who works on national TV has a hunch Bucs quarterback Tom Brady is going to get some help.

Brady will benefit from his many weapons on offense, but more from the heat-seeking missiles on defense. This comes from none other than Peter Schrager of NFL Network.

In a discussion about which quarterback has the best situation to succeed in 2020, Schrager, who Joe swears is a Bucs fan, thinks it is Brady.

No, not because he has the best one-two punch at receiver in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. No, not because he had the best one-two-three punch (for now) in the NFL in Cam Brate and Rob Gronkowski and O.J. Howard.

No, Brady will succeed, Schrager says, because of the Bucs defense.

“He also has a bad @ss defense,” Schrager yelped. “This Buccaneers defense showed up at the end of last season. And they are going to be very good again.”

Schrager might just be right. The young corners certainly played better in December. Devin White will have a year of experience and people are already raving about second-round pick safety Antoine Winfield.

It was almost as if Schrager was suggesting Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians was going to mellow in his old age and rely on his defense to carry the team, not score points.

29 Responses to ““He Also Has A Bad @ss Defense””

  1. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Better ?…at least they’ll be able to catch their breath before going out on the field after 3 and outs ! or turnovewrs

  2. TheBradyBunch Says:

    I think the pass rush did a lot to help out the secondary. Hopefully they can stay healthy and bring the heat again this year. Average cornerbacks look a lot better when the opposing QB is under duress and running for his life.

  3. Ocala Says:

    He does seem like a Bucs fan and if the Bucs defense plays like it did over the last six games for all of the 2020 season the Bucs will most likely have the best record in the NFL.

  4. Jerry Says:

    You know I thought a lot about BA saying the defensive back field was fixed last offseason, and (I know this is low hanging fruit) I think it had a lot to do with Jameis and the other QBs in practice being loose with the football. I think in practice Brady will be able to push the defensive backfield in ways they never have before because of his quickness and accuracy.

    As for our front 7…I am really bullish on them, I think Suh and JPP are going to push those young guys up front and Lavonte and Devin are going to put on a show.

  5. miken Says:

    need some d line depth in case of injury

  6. Casual Observer Says:

    Bucs D could be outstanding. Strong pass rush again. Perhaps a bit shaky in the DB area – but, as the author says, a lot of potential there. The new safety could just be the key. Ability to quickly assess and quickly make the right moves.

  7. Coburn Says:

    It does suck that these young secondary players will be missing a lot of reps in the offseason…. Even 2nd, 3rd year players could use it

  8. Coburn Says:

    Kind of kills the momentum they had at end of season and they had plans to add more to the defense this year after playing fairly vanilla for young players sakes

  9. LaMarcus Says:

    This defense is trash. It has good individual players but as a unit they can’t beat back up Qbs

    I’m not buying it. When the last we won a game a low scoring game? Like 6 years here

  10. 123Urout Says:

    I think our defense this year will be inspired and well rested by our offense that can march from 5 yard line all the way to a touchdown. Unlike in previous season, they were always on the field because of the offense’s turnover.

  11. Buddhaboy19 Says:

    Buttholio Bill Gates is a YooGennaCist. We must resist Bill Gates and the Global Technocracy. #BillGatesisthedevil

  12. chris L Says:

    hah this is exactly what i just posted about! football things never happen as expected. i think the offense might struggle the first month but the defense will carry them. this defense i am more excited about that the offense to be honest.

  13. Don_RyJo(e) Says:

    Just PLEASE Shaq…don’t be a one-hit wonder!

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Fewer turnovers equal better field position and that will help the defense…..a returning front 7 plus a more experienced secondary……very promising.

    The defense will be stout.

  15. Etzel Says:

    Imagine having the 30th best pass defense and thinking you’re going to win the Super Bowl next year. But yeah, guys… Brady is going to yell at the defense and make them better or whatever…

  16. Etzel Says:

    “They played good against the Colts, though!” LMAO.

  17. Etzel Says:

    The Colts WITHOUT their one pro bowl skill player. LMAOOOOO.

    You guys must be new here.

  18. Joeypoppems Says:

    These are the same people that didnt even mention Evans and Godwin when debating who is the best WR duo in the league lol.

    Bad @ss might be a but of an overstatement, but I think the defense will be good again as it was at the end of last year

  19. Afo Says:

    @Etzel 30 turnover will make defense looks ordinary especially if your turnovers gave your opposition 112 points in a season, the defense spend too much time on the field trying to correct Jaymiss mistakes, if he had threw less picks the defense would’ve been above, you’ll see what the defense actually looks like this season with a QB that hardly turn the ball over

  20. Joeypoppems Says:

    Lets not forget this…

    The secondary did look much improved at the end of the season last year. The Bucs also played A LOT of backup QBs at the end of the year. Fair to wonder how much of an impact that made.

  21. Bobby M. Says:

    Tom Brady will be the perfect addition to our team as he’s literally never assumed an ounce of success in his career. If you read about his approach, his various competitions in college, how he prepares and challenges himself each rep/practice/game….He wont allow the team to buy the preseason hype. We’ll have to earn our wins and then move on to the next win….each and every week.

  22. SOEbuc Says:

    Only the second national analyst to mention our defense since TB showed up in TB. I think SAS was the other one.

    DEFENSES WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!…and a good Tom Brady doesn’t hurt.

    GO BUCS!!!

  23. BuucccNASTY Says:

    They won’t be better than the Defense Brady had last year lol Pats were historically good.. still think we’re gonna be really good this year defensively but this is one argument that I can’t run away with.. pats had one of the worst supporting casts ok offense since Brady’s been in the leauge last year, that’s where his woes came from..

  24. rrsrq Says:

    Pete, you are correct, give me this new improved defense of the Bucs, we will see, because this schedule is full of potent offenses. As far as the Pats defense last year, look at their schedule and who did they win against, the high powered offenses of Pitt, Miami, Washington, NYG, NYJ, Cleveland, Philly, Dallas, Cincy. Look at the games they lost Houston, Baltimore, KC and a hot Fitz in Miami. Not trying to hear about the Pats defense last year AT ALL.

  25. Ndog Says:

    Joe’sGreat Says:
    April 29th, 2020 at 10:33 am
    LaMarcus fails to realize now that America’s Joke Pro Groper Winston isn’t here setting records (30/30 club, Most pick 6’s in a single season) The defense won’t be put in bad spots over & over & over again

    So what was the excuse in the Giants game and the Seahawks game and the Cardinals game and the first Saints game and the Rams game when turnovers were one or zero and they got lit up each time what was excuse hen?

  26. MadMax Says:

    Thats right!

  27. PoundTheRock Says:

    Hey N-dog
    JPP and Devin White didn’t play in 3 of those games…also most of the games you referenced were played early where the young d-backs were getting schooled.

    No matter, your QB cannot be a turnover machine. You simply can’t overcome that week after week. He threw 30 picks, and 7 pick sixes….and there could have been substantially more. He also put the ball on the ground 12 times, having lost 5 fumbles.

    You can’t win at any level of football not taking care of the football.

  28. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    That dude is a really good safety… Really worried about his size with the accurate passers and huge receivers in this division!! How the heck does this guy stop Julio Jones from catching a jump ball!?! … But, we’ll see… He balled in college man!!!… Also reeeeally worried about corner depth!! Dean has HUGE injury concerns!! He’s my favorite cb and I predicted he would be the best in the league when he was drafted barring any injury… But man he’s had some serious injuries in his young life!!

  29. Bucaluc Says:

    One of my top Buc recalls from last year was when David struck a falcons WR on a end around and you could hear the WR scream in fear and or pain with the hit. Lovonta David is a bad man. OUR TIME OUR PLACE!!!!! GO BUCS!!!!!