Draft Pain & Priorities

April 7th, 2020

With the No. 14 overall pick in the NFL Draft (what a shock to be outside the top-10!), the Bucs own the challenge that comes with a mid-round pick, where moves are less obvious and draft prowess gets an additional spotlight.

(One could argue the pick of Pro Bowl edge rusher Josh Allen was obvious at No. 5 overall last year, but that’s an argument for another day.)

With Tom Brady now on the roster, draft priorities have changed. Protecting 43-year-old Brady becomes more paramount than, say, stopping 26-year-old Jameis Winston from absorbing too many beatings.

Drafting an O-lineman in Round 1 this month also would a break from a sad Bucs tradition, one that hasn’t seen them take an O-lineman on the first night of the draft since 2006.

Draft guru Daniel Jeremiah, the former college QB and Eagles and Ravens scout, released his new mock draft today for NFL.com and Joe has picks No. 13 through No. 15 highlighted below.


Henry Ruggs III – WR

School: Alabama | Year: Junior – Let’s take a minute and just imagine Ruggs in the hands of a creative play-caller like Kyle Shanahan.


Andrew Thomas – OT 

School: Georgia | Year: Junior – The Bucs are all in on Tom Brady. Adding some protection for him is a good idea.

PICK – 15

Javon Kinlaw – DT

School: South Carolina | Year: Senior – The Broncos could go receiver here, but they also have a need on the D-line. Kinlaw has unlimited potential.
Man, suppose those three guys are all on the board for the Bucs at No. 14? Jeremiah has LSU edge rusher K’Lavon Chaisson going at No. 17 overall to Dallas after the Falcons grab Gators cornerback C.J. Henderson.
Joe wonders how much Bucco Bruce Arians remembers whiffing on guard Jonathan Cooper in Round 1 (No. 7 overall) of the 2013 NFL Draft, his first as Arizona head coach.

15 Responses to “Draft Pain & Priorities”

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    As many have said, if one of the top OTs is available, got to take him. A good start to an interesting draft.

  2. JP09 Says:

    If the draft played out this way it would be a tough decision. Yes we need a right tackle but if Kinlaw is graded higher on the draft board you take him and target a tackle in rd2 or possibly trade back into the 1st to get your tackle. You don’t draft based on needs though I personally would be happy with Thomas or Kinlaw

  3. El Buco Realisto Says:


    Am I no longer allowed to defend my name?????????? My proof of being spoofed is being moderated out!!!!!!! In the spirit of the upcoming interview of Brady on the stern show, I demand “traction” so that my name can be cleared!!!!!!!!!!!

    And here was when my name was stolen as well!!!!!!!!!https://www.joebucsfan.com/2020/04/so-im-just-praying-and-hoping-that-was-an-anomaly/#comments

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. adam from ny Says:

    gimme them jerseys now !


  5. Doctor_Berto Says:

    Thomas is the only first round tackle that I wouldn’t take over Kinlaw. Kinlaw next to Vea will be deadly for the next decade.

  6. Doctor_Berto Says:

    Still can’t believe the Bucs didn’t select Josh Allen last year

  7. Joeypoppems Says:

    My #14 wish list:

    – Draft 1 of the top 4 OTs if available
    – Draft Javon Kinlaw or Derrick Brown if OTs are gone
    – Draft K’Lavon Chaisson if top OTs and DTs are gon
    – Draft 1 of the Top 3 WRs if top OTs, DTs, and Chaisson are gone
    – Trade back if none of those players are available.

    1 of those scenarios HAS to be available at 14 for the Bucs.

  8. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    I agre with Doctor_Berto, Thomas is the only 1 out of the four Tackles I would not take before Kinlaw.

  9. Joeypoppems Says:

    And sure, the Bucs need another EDGE with JPP only here for 1-2 more seasons. I dont understand the “cant believe they didnt draft Josh Allen” crowd tho.

    Did Devin White do something wrong? Lol. Its not like he played like a bust last year.

  10. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Good old Joe. Still on the Allen train. I bet your still upset at the girl who turned you down for prom.

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    You dopes just make it that much easier to love D.White even more. It’s like crying about Mike Evans cause he’s just a reciever.

    Y’all complain even when we get a game changer. I looked it up and Allen had zero game winning plays. Y’all value sacks over wins hahahahaha.

  12. rrsrq Says:

    If he falls to the Bucs, hold up that new pewter jersey with Thomas on the back, oh yeah, the draft is virtual

  13. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m good with either Kinlaw or Thomas. This is an area where in BA I trust.

    If we do something like trade down for more picks I’m not opposed either.

    I like the way this draft is shaping up for us.

  14. Joe in Michigan Says:

    BA loves speed. What if our draft on the first 2 days looked something like this?

    1) WR Henry Ruggs, 4.27
    2) RB/WR/KR Antonio Gibson, 4.39 (might be too high)
    3) OT Ben Bartch, fast for a fat guy

  15. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    You draft for need when you’re all in for two years.