“Definitely The Best Back In The Draft”

April 24th, 2020

A college teammate weighs in

A Bucs player has put his foot down and surely will be watching tonight’s NFL Draft closely.

The Bucs want a running back in the draft. Will he arrive tonight?

Will the Bucs stay patient or try to pounce on their guy like they did last night with the Jaguars?

Joe doesn’t care where the running back is found, as long as he breaks the team’s streak of second-rate play out of the backfield.

Bucs running back Dare Ogunbowale, however, has a clear preference at the position, so he told CBS Sports. He thinks his former Wisconsin teammate, Jonathan Taylor, is ideal for any team and is the best the Bucs can find.

“He’s a dog, man. He’s a winner, and he’s explosive,” Ogunbowale said. “Patient player. Great runner. Proved that he can catch the ball now this past season. I’m excited to see what he can do, man. Definitely the best back in the draft, in my opinion.”

Only one running back was drafted last night, Clyde Edwards-Helaire by the Chiefs. Taylor is not a perfect prospect, but he’s got excellent speed and was crazy productive at Wisconsin, 926 carries and 6,174 yards rushing over the last three seasons.

Will he be there for the Bucs with the 13th pick in Round 2? Doubtful, and his hands may not be good enough for Bucco Bruce Arians. Still, Joe wouldn’t hesitate to draft the guy.

28 Responses to ““Definitely The Best Back In The Draft””

  1. Juggernautical Says:

    I’m secretly hoping for JT

  2. JP09 Says:

    Hoping this is our pick in RD2

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    Hope the Bucs get lucky again tonight.

  4. LaMarcus Says:

    We really really need to pick this guy. Huge mistake if we dont

  5. Dapostman Says:

    Give me Swift please.

    Those Wisconsin backs never live up to the hype running behind big ole cornfed country boys.

  6. JGhotier Says:

    It’s him and Antoine Winfield Jr. for me

  7. Hamsadwitchtime Says:

    This IS the guy!!

  8. Greg Says:

    No thanks… fumble machine. Very talented but can’t hold onto the ball.

  9. Hamsadwitchtime Says:

    Go up and get him if needed.

  10. Bird Says:

    Hands arent good is the knock

    He is a slightly better version of Rojo
    They need a screen / 3rd down back too

  11. Mike Says:

    Cam Akers is better. He played behind a weak OL and did have a QB

  12. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Give me Dobbins, Swift, Akers or Taylor. It must be one of the four in the 2nd.

  13. Bird Says:

    Plus 900 carries And fumbles to much

    I think they take dobbins if take in 2nd
    I think cam akers if take in 3rd

  14. Used to it Says:

    Cam Akers?

  15. Kobe Faker Says:

    “Taylor is Not Goat compatible

    You need a 3 down back

    Brady throws to RBs on 1st and 2nd downs

    2nd round offensive lineman
    3rd round Cam Akers RB”

    Kobe Faker

  16. VegasBuc Says:

    Let’s get One of those beast safeties in the 2nd. Chinn, Winfield, McKinney, Delpit
    Then, speedster and pass catching RB Anthony MacFarland Jr in the 4th.

  17. Jean Lafitte Says:

    I would love to see us grab Tony Eason’s son before Belicheat can. Payback for making us give him our compensatory 4th round pick for a player they no-longer could use and was on their books to make 10 million. Total jerk move IMO

  18. Jean Lafitte Says:

    grab Akers or Dillon in the 3rd

  19. VegasBuc Says:

    I meant McFarland in the 3rd^^^^

  20. CalBucsFan Says:

    I would take him in a heartbeat, but it’s very doubtful he will be available to the Bucs unless they trade up. I would do it if I’m Lynch.

  21. mark2001 Says:

    Greg…based on his carries, he was about the same percentage as the other backs.

    But a number of guys have fumble problems and with good coaching outgrow them. As I remember, Mike Alstott did.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    AJ Dillon

  23. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:


  24. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    any reason why Delpit, Fulton and Epenesa are still on the board?

  25. BUCTIME Says:

    Dang Swift and McKinney are off the board ??? Im hoping Winfield Jr or Dobbins

  26. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Dobbins would be ok
    No POS Back will play for Ohio State

  27. nano107 Says:

    He gone IND trade up to get him

  28. BUCTIME Says:

    GREAT PICK !!!!!