Will Bruce Arians Gamble His Career On Jameis?

March 8th, 2020

About 14 months ago, Bucco Bruce Arians nodded his head at Team Glazer and agreed to give America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, everything he had, and the full attention of the other QB gurus on staff.

Joe will take a tiny leap and say it was a condition of getting the head coaching job, even if Arians was happy and eager to do it.

But what’s no leap is that Arians now believes Jameis came up short under elite coaching and behind solid pass blocking, all while throwing to elite receivers and enjoying half a season of good defense.

Arians’ accountability-focused regime is pointing a finger at Jameis, not the coaching staff.

That’s largely a fair call, and it’s certainly a wise move if Arians wants to continue coaching the Bucs for many years, which he told FOX Sports he did during a chat the NFL Scouting Combine two weeks ago.

That brings us to March 8, just four days from the deadline to slap a franchise tag on players. If the Bucs don’t franchise tag Jameis (or transition tag), then he can hit the open market next week. No tag or contract for Jameis would be the equivalent of Arians officially saying to Jameis, ‘You failed and we’re not worried about losing you.’

In four days or less, hard truths will emerge. Right now, all Bucs fans have is uncertainty.

Joe believes Arians is hesitant to gamble what’s left of his head-coaching career on Jameis. For if Jameis returns for 2020 and, well, plays like Jameis, that would be completely on Arians rather than Team Glazer. And if the Bucs were to have another 7-9 record within that scenario, and Arians didn’t draft a legitimate starting QB prospect in April, then the losing result should/would end Arians’ tenure as Bucs head coach.

Joe is confident Arians realizes signing, for example, Teddy Bridgwater to a multiyear contract, effectively would buy him time. Joe’s not saying Arians doesn’t care about winning immediately, but he’s also a guy who wants job security for himself and his staff.

Ultimately, job security matters. Coaches and general managers make it a priority all the time. However the next 10 days play out at quarterback, Joe is sure that will be a factor in some form.

120 Responses to “Will Bruce Arians Gamble His Career On Jameis?”

  1. El Buco Realisto Says:

    If ole stale biscuit brings back jay-miss, and does not make the playoffs, then ALL will be fired and a clean house will commence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Word on the street is that if the turnover machine is brought back for one year, and the inevitable happens of losing, that bruce Arrogance will try to spin that he did not want black jeff george to start with and was stuck with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The “real” fans wish the local media would ask ole stale biscuit, what is his definition of a “win” now coach??????

    It’s a bad situation, as there is a bad GM that has ties to jay-miss, a coach that was brought in on the condition to “fix” the turnover machine, who know the proper way to resolve is to draft a new QB, but is too old and does not have the time, so a duct tape patch job is all that the sheep are placing their last hope on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This franchise is in such shambles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    Realist ….I think JUST a winning season will allow BA more time.

    9-7 or 10-6 without the playoffs would do it!!!!

    With or without Winston!!!!!

  3. Bobby M. Says:

    From a results perspective….I think Arians/Licht look at Gabbert as an equal to Winston. While his talent may not be close, he’s so cheap that the team can load up the rest of the roster. With that, I believe they are confident they can pull off 9-7…..which is basically your best case scenario with Winston but who eats up a minimum of $27 million in cap space. Winston’s payment demands far exceed his value…..And if we’re dipping into the draft for a QB to groom, Gabbert can hold that spot on the cheap. The Glazers are offering two years tops to someone like Winston because a potential lock out looms in just a few years. Once the CBA vote comes back, you might see the perspective shift a bit but at this time, I believe the Glazers think in worst case business terms….Giving Winston a ton of guaranteed money now, doesn’t make much business sense. Frankly…IMO….over paying for avg is a death spiral toward mediocrity. Good to great teams are excellent at trading away players BEFORE they become expensive and declining in production. Bad teams are forced to overpay for avg which just makes the pressure on roster management that much more difficult.

  4. YoureKillingMeSmalls Says:

    Winston is gone. Believe it.

    The Glazer’s are businessmen. Attendance has gone down significantly since Winston’s first year here. The Bucs have a negative vibe about them locally and nationally.

    The head coach called Winston an “unknown quantity”. So, if they announce that he is returning, are we all going to rush out and buy season tickets to see a team led by a player the head coach called an “unknown quantity” at QB? After Arians’ comments, no one will buy tickets to see a QB that the coach has trashed, and who by all accounts, wouldn’t even have a starting job anywhere else in the league. No matter how you slice it, Winston has a negative vibe about him both on the field and off the field. He hasn’t eaten many W’s in his time here. The coach isn’t excited about him – how do they expect the fans to be excited about him? He’s gone.

    If he for any reason is resigned, that means the Bucs struck out on 4-5 other QB’s and had no other choice.

    As for the new uniforms, I have a prediction.

    The team knows that in order to use the creamsicle uniforms once or twice a year, that they need white helmets. The fans want to see the old orange once in a while, and the Glazers will never again miss an opportunity to market the orange merchandise. So, count on white helmets.

    In the first uniform announcement video, the painter paints the secondary ship logo with pewter, red, and orange colors. In the second video that was released, after the “3,2,1” countdown, there is a half-second blip with the ship logo once again.

    I think that the ship logo becomes the main logo, and will be the decal on the white helmets.

    It makes sense, as the ship fits the “old with a new spin” mantra, and because the ship is the symbol and the main attraction that makes our stadium unique.

    So, white helmets with the ship logo on them. Tons of new merchandise featuring the ship logo. Regular uniforms that look like the Super Bowl team, but with deeper red color and a few minor updates. The ability to convert the white helmet to Bucco Bruce from time to time.

    New uniforms, a good draft, resign the defensive stars, and get a new QB. A nice recipe to try to drum up some excitement to sell more tickets.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    BA has already said that the Bucs are looking at QB options. Since none have signed yet, it’s probably a safe bet to conclude that they’re STILL LOOKING. Bucs may well end up re-signing Jameis, but it won’t be for anyplace close to what Jameis thinks he’s worth (too many other less expensive options).

    Fix the running game (OLine AND RBs), get a viable WR#3, improve the defense And there are a number of QBs who could succeed with that team. BA has his priorities right, and he won’t let Jameis or Jason or anyone else derail the train. Patience.

  6. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Nope….not just his but his whole staff and final roster of 2020 !
    No he will not ! nor should he….he watched Jameis all season both in practice and on game day….he knows and will be looking to improve every position that gives the team the best chance to win every game day !

  7. Ndog Says:

    If this franchise signs Bridgewater, Rivers or Brady we can just go ahead a pencil in no Superbowls for the next 5-10 years. Cause Bridgewater needs a great running game ( any success came with Adrian Peterson and Alvin Karma) and Rivers/Brady both need a great Oline to do anything. We are not going to have either of those so we need a QB that can carry an offense to the top 5 in scoring despite no running game, we need a QB that can get out of trouble and gain yards like having the 4th most scramble yards in the league, we need a QB that can take a beating but still show up each week.

    I wonder where we could get a QB like that? It would be extra nice if he was young as well.


  8. El Buco Realisto Says:

    @Defense Rules

    “Patients”?????? “PATIENTS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is not the message ole stale biscuit gave when he was hired!!!!!!!!!!! That is not what was said when the last coaches were fired for supposive having “playoff talented roster”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Patient is over my friend!!!!!!!!!!!! Its time for this alleged “win now” coach to WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its playoff or bust this year!!!!!!!!!!! And the “real” fans know what which side they are betting on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Allbuccedup Says:

    With the 14th pick in the draft the Bucs have some wiggle room. If there is a Herbert or Love is there it’s obvious. Because you don’t know how the QB situation is until free agency kicks in. Anything could happen Bridgewater could sign with the Dolphins, Brady could sign with the Raiders, Dalton could get traded to the Colts, Winston could sign with the Bears, that leaves us with Rivers or trade for Carr. You just don’t know until after March 16th.

  10. Joe Cappadonna Says:

    There is no doubt that Bridgewater is an upgrade…..and be cheaper than keeping the status quo…. please, please, sign Bridgewater…

  11. Pick6King Says:

    The Bucs are the only team even pondering giving Jamoist the starting position. He’ll always be what he is, immature and inconsistent. If I’m BA, the last thing I’d do is stake my legacy to the turnover machine. It really all comes down to Licht. Can he put aside his man love for the pick 6 king? We’ll know soon enough. #NoPlayoffs

  12. LaMarcus Says:

    Bridgewater is not coming here. Sorry. Ask Todd Bowles

  13. Dewey Selmon Says:

    RoJo caught 8 screen passes vs The Cards and barely caught a pass the rest of the season, the staff knew Jameis had a history of throwing pick 6 on short outs and continued to call the same route. The whole world knew there was a chance on Jameis throwing a pick 6 for his 30th int to start OT in the season finale so you would think they would call a run play, Guess not. This staff could also not execute a running game to take pressure off their int prone Qb. Blame the player but take responsibility for you own faults. This staff seems to rely on reputation instead of results. BA’s last yer in Az wasn’t anything to brag about.

  14. OneBuc55 Says:

    Good article Joe…
    Great question…

    We’ll know what BA and Co plans to do here shortly…
    Personally I feel Jameis has all of the talent to be an elite QB in this league; the problem is, can he get out of his own way??

    Turnovers will happen; it’s some great defensive minds and players in this league…The turnovers that Winston has to eliminate is the bone-headed, head-scratching, brain fart turnovers…Those are the ones that frustrates fans and teammates, gets coaches fired, and turns you into a journeyman/back-up QB…

    To be continued…

  15. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I’ve heard it said before that it takes a QB a year in BA’s offense to master it (that was what Carson Palmer said, anyway). Do you think BA wants to bring in someone new to his offense, if a losing season in 2020 will get him, Licht, and the coaching staff fired? Would bringing in someone new be more of a risk than a second year of Jameis? We’ll soon see.

  16. Ndog Says:

    Anyone that truly believes Bridgewater is better than Jameis needs to really try to learn the game

  17. Pick6King Says:


    How many Superbowls has Jamoist been to?

    How many playoff games has he won?

    How many division titles has he won?

    What’s his record against playoff bound teams?

    Who is the leader in QB turnovers for a five year span in NFL history?

    Your boy just doesn’t have the skills to win in this league. He’s dumb as a bag of hammers. Only an idiot throws a pick 6 in OT of the last game and states that he be ballin. #NoPlayoffs

  18. SmoothBayRider Says:

    @Smalls is spot on . I’ve been saying the same thinf . Attendance is down 10k since his Jameis’ rookie season He isn’t gaining fan support . I think the decision was made on the last play of the season.

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The question is…….Can another QB improve on our 7-9 record?

    The answer isn’t certain but…..probably.

    Signing another QB for less than the $27 tag on Winston would help bring back the defensive FAs…..

    It could be argued that kicking alone could improve our record…..but kicking, the running game and defense definitely would,

    There is definitely a risk for BA if he brings back Winston……

    Winston in a “prove it” year…..failed.

  20. Fb Moderated! Says:

    At Arians age, I doubt he is so much worried about job security vs taking his last shot at getting a ring to top off his career. Whether he gets that done or not is to be seen. But I don’t think he is playing this scared as opposed to going for it now. It may come at the cost of some building for the future, but if we don’t take this shot, we will be rebuilding anyway in 3 years.

  21. bucfor life Says:

    I’ve said it before and I say it again, if they let Jameis go, they will rue the day.

  22. SteveK Says:


    Whose been to the playoffs, and what is the career turnover margin between Jameis and Teddy? There’s your answer. Lol!

  23. Couch Fan Says:

    Its comical to hear Ndummy telling people to learn the game while his lips are glued to the guys @ss who leads the league in Ints and turnovers since he was draftest and pretending turnovers arent a big deal and sayinig we cant possibly do any better. LMAO.

  24. Couch Fan Says:


  25. SB Says:

    I have been a harsh critic of JW the past yr or so but I want him back for 2020

  26. SteveK Says:

    Yards and points mean nothing when you turn the ball over more the. Twice the league average.

    Phillip Rivers coming to Tampa is jeered by nutsnugglers bc he bead 20 INTs last year. That’s still 33% better than our FORMER QB and a whole 10 less.

  27. Joe in Michigan Says:

    What would our record have been last year if we would’ve had Rivers or Bridgewater starting?

    A) 3-13?
    B) 4-12?
    C) 5-11?

  28. T REX Says:

    memo to the Winston knob gobblers: Your time is over. You can get those mcbackup jerseys for jameis at his next stop. And no one cares where you or what you do…just stay off these boards. These are for BUC fans not Winston knob gobblers like you. BYE!

  29. OneBuc55 Says:

    No disrespect Smalls and SmoothBay…

    Attendance at home games was sad way before Jameis got here…

    Fixing years and years of attendance issues starts at the top…
    Venue/Ownership, Management, Coaching, Team, and then the Quarterback…

  30. Craig Says:

    Arians must fell that he already gave all he had to Jameis. Then Jameis melted down for those last two games. What more needs to be added, Jameis has not got what it takes.

  31. Transition tag Says:

    Smells like transition tag for Jameis and franchise for shaq

    Makes the most sense. You get jameis for a good price and then get option to match an offer or get 2nd round pick.

    Even with that, you may still get chance of signing someone like rivers or dalton on a 1 year competition contract after resigning a couple defensive players. Some unexpected qb is going to be playing on a prove it contract

  32. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    I can’t wait until we don’t have to hear about this guy any more (except for Joe 2s wistful comments on how much he misses him)

  33. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog you’re so to sided u say Bridgewater needs a running lol isn’t that what u cry about for Jameis all day 😂

  34. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Stay off these boards? Hahaha, okay boss. 😂

  35. crazyBucs_CL Says:

    @Will Bruce Arians Gamble His Career On Jameis?
    What “Career” are u talking about???!!! That ended years ago in Arizona. Here, BA and company, are for retirement, and very colorful one:….like fishing , golfing, go-cart ride, millions $$$….. and more.

    BA = LovieS 2.0

  36. LazyMoak Says:

    OK think of it like this, Jameis was your dream car you have been driving on a 5 year lease. The lease is up and you have the option to buy it for your very own now.
    I didn’t think so !

  37. Ivan The Insider Says:

    Hey Joe,

    I’m curious as to why you haven’t written more about TWO big events that are related to Jameis Winston and how they both seem to favor Jameis being let walk by the Bucs…

    1. Lasik Eye Surgery

    Why would Jameis Winston get lasik eye surgery NOW? Doesn’t the timing seem a bit fishy? Doesn’t it seem like a bit of a ‘PR’ move by Jameis’ agent?
    Joe’s not about to speculate about a guy’s personal decision to have eye surgery. He threw for 5,000+ yards and his deep ball was excellent. It’s hard to believe nearsightedness was an issue. –Joe
    The Bucs have known all about Jameis’ vision issues for 5 years. They’ve stated how he wears RX goggles in practice sometimes as well as contacts. I’m not sure how often he wears contacts during games.

    But surely the Bucs have ‘experimented’ with Jameis on wearing contacts during games to see how it affected him.

    Doesn’t it seem that Winston going and having Lasik surgery now would seem to indicate the the Bucs have informed Winston and his agent that they will most likely not be bringing him back, yet have both agreed not to make that into a big public negative story? A) Because they wanted to be respectful and not hurt Winston’s chances to get a deal from another team and B) The Bucs benefit from not having other teams know for sure that they are active bidders in QB Free Agency? So they will have an easier time to possibly swoop in and sign their guy rather than have others outbid them?

    2. New Bucs Uniforms

    New uniforms are a MAJOR marketing move by a team. It requires a total overhaul of branding, signage, merchandising, and marketing collateral used to communicate with season ticket holders, advertisers, etc.

    Doesn’t it seem more likely than not that the Bucs would come out with a major uniform and marketing change if they’ve decided to go “Go In A New Direction”? And what bigger direction would there be than to change the ‘face of the franchise’ that has been Jameis Winston? If the Bucs marketing/branding staff was in tune with the football product and the fans, this organization would look a lot different and be a lot more successful in many areas. So Joe’s not buying your premise. –Joe

    The Bucs know that Winston has many diehard fans and it sure seems like changing the uniforms and branding is to collectively make a MAJOR change, not just let Winston sign somewhere else and keep things the same.

    I think BOTH of these issues are BIG. Much bigger than most are realizing. I think they both indicate that Jameis Winston is definitely not going to be a Buccaneer. I think they’ve quietly told him they have no intention of bringing him back and the Bucs (and Arians, Licht, and staff) are already preparing for life after Jameis.

  38. Smashsquatch Says:

    BA is concerned about:
    1. Winning
    2. Someone else resurrecting Jameis’ career
    3. Job security
    No matter how you slice it, fear will be the driving force behind his decision.

  39. Big O Says:

    Should this 2020 season go bust and heads start to roll,the first on the list should be Licht’s.

  40. tmaxcon Says:

    One thing forsure is the glazers have cemented thier well earned reputation for incompetence for allowing the failed gm and the washed up has been that never was to make critical long term decsions for this minorleaguefranchise. All this cockiness and win now bs for a team closer to the basement than the Lombardi will blow up in thier faces. It always does. You can’t be this bad for this long without trying to be this bad for this long.

  41. Todd Says:

    El Buco—

    No, Defense Rules said “patience” not PATIENTS.

    Spelling is not your gift.

  42. Joe in Michigan Says:

    LazyMoak Says:
    March 8th, 2020 at 2:48 pm
    OK think of it like this, Jameis was your dream car you have been driving on a 5 year lease. The lease is up and you have the option to buy it for your very own now.
    I didn’t think so!

    Would you buy a car that’s 11 years older and beat up (Rivers)? A car that was previously wrecked, not sure of the damage (Bridgewater)? Do any of your choices for replacements know BA’s offense? That’d be a year of your “new” car possibly running funny.

    That said, whatever happens, happens.

  43. CPN Says:

    Winston would be a gamble for any coach.

  44. Jerry Jones Says:

    I just hope we have a solid plan in place right now to be able to tell JW to go pound sand.

    You’d have to believe Tom Moore learned whether JW is fixable or not. He sat next to JW all season and watched how Winston processed so they have to feel very comfortable being able to move on from him, if they truly is the case.

  45. Jerry Jones Says:

    *that truly is the case.

  46. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Once again Joe seems to be implying that Bruce Arians and the staff was the problem last year. Joe’s not implying anything of the sort at the QB position. But Joe has said many times that Arians acts like his staff deserves an “A” when it comes to QB-related coaching. Joe’s just saying it’s worth considering that it might deserve a B-. –Joe

    It’s like Joe keeps gas lighting himself to believe the last 5 years never happened and the Winstunned has always been a great quarterback.

  47. Adrnagy Says:

    Soon. We shall find out who will be happy.

  48. D1 Says:

    Joe in Michigan,

    What would been our record last year?

    Uh, mmmm….oh yeah….who the F cares about last year ! Excuse me , who the F cares about playing make believe? Of course I am referring to anyone. other than the 2020 winston campaign committee.

    There’s seems to exist a persistent and dedicated campaign to throw out the teams actual record and pose useless questions “who is going to be better, who would have been better, blah blah blah!

    Sorry but this is creating a safe space. a thoughtful discussion between adults doesn’t require that everyone is right and all opinions equal.

    Amazing in the depths that some people go to , to avoid having to deal with and accept certain real things ie, team records. Or reality itself, “we would have been. .15 and 0….. or…..if this ……..” what actually happened, what was the score at the end of the game? Bottom line it.

    Avoiding actual outcomes and blaming someone for the results …Is more appropriate on The View.

  49. Defense Rules Says:

    Realist … Whether we (or BA) would like to admit it or not, BA was dealt a crappy hand when he took over the Bucs last season. Salary Cap was a disaster, we had a BUNCH of holes in our starting lineup, and relatively little depth. Young players hadn’t been adequately developed & even our uniforms sucked. Den of Depression didn’t just describe RayJay; it described Bucsville & its fans in general.

    You’re obviously not a Bruce Arians fan, but last year’s turnaround was very ‘un-Bucslike’. He put together a veteran coaching staff, made some exceptional FA signings (especially given that we had close to no money), then followed it up with an excellent draft. More important than all that though, young players were developed & the team as a whole ‘gelled’ quite quickly (half a season).

    Although we finished 7-9, this team was ‘competitive’ all season. Our major problem IMO was that we kept beating ourselves, often in some new & unique ways. THAT’S not the sign of a winner IMO, BUT … it is fixable. Admittedly, sometimes the FIX requires swapping out personnel if one or more isn’t performing satisfactorily, but I don’t think we’ll see major personnel replacements this year.

    Nor do we need to. This TEAM can win AND make it to the playoffs with a few personnel ‘tweaks’ in the starting lineup IMO (such as RT, RB & Safety?) PROVIDING that we re-sign our UFAs. I think (?) we can accomplish that with Jameis as our QB, but I’m not willing to pay a king’s ransom to find out, nor am I willing to bet the farm on it (thus a strong backup QB is needed?). BA’s got a LOT more experience than either of us, and ‘word on the street’ is that when all’s said & done, he’ll make the best decisions for the TEAM to succeed. You don’t have to agree with that, BUT … time will tell.

  50. Joe in Michigan Says:

    D1 Says:
    March 8th, 2020 at 3:55 pm
    Joe in Michigan,

    What would been our record last year?

    Uh, mmmm….oh yeah….who the F cares about last year ! Excuse me , who the F cares about playing make believe?

    You’re joking, right? You have to be joking, because most posts are about WHAT JAMEIS DID LAST YEAR. You know, 30 interceptions. What year was that? THAT WAS LAST YEAR. You thinking you KNOW what Winston will do in year 2, now that’s “make believe”.

  51. mark2001 Says:

    I find it sad to hear some of the lovers are turning into bittermen. We can do better than Jameis has given us for years. Arians knows that… And should we decide to move on, make no mistake….Jameis has made the decision to move on far easier than it should have been.

  52. MadMax Says:

    WE’RE MOVING ON!!!!!!!

    Jeeze, can people not already see this? The winston era in Tampa has been over for a while now…..signs everywhere.

  53. T REX Says:

    Joe in Michigan Says:
    March 8th, 2020 at 1:46 pm
    I’ve heard it said before that it takes a QB a year in BA’s offense to master it (that was what Carson Palmer said, anyway). Do you think BA wants to bring in someone new to his offense, if a losing season in 2020 will get him, Licht, and the coaching staff fired? Would bringing in someone new be more of a risk than a second year of Jameis? We’ll soon see.

    This is patently false and a lie perpetuated by the winston knob gobblers. Manning’s INTs went down in his FIRST year under Arians. Yes, in his 1st season…not up like Crapston. Down. WHo else? Roethlesberger. His also went DOWN in year ONE not up like crapston. Sorry but you’re spreading false information to make it sound like Winston is going to make some magically leap….short of a brain transplant that guy isn’t gonna make it.

    No more lies!

  54. WestChap Says:

    Def Rules, well said. No idea why Joe wants to give coaches anything less than an A. We’ve had enough garbage coaches to know exactly what they look like… and BA and team are not it. Best indicator is that they have steadily purged the roster of uncoachable talent (anyone hear about great years elsewhere for Spence, Benenoch, GMC or VH3?). Garbage coaches purge the roster of talent we could actually use… looking at you Schiano!

  55. Defense Rules Says:

    Ivan the Insider … I’m with Joe on the lasik eye surgery. If it was a problem, why didn’t it show up in years prior? And how do you throw for over 5000 yards in a ‘Bombs Away’ offense if distance vision is an issue?

    My suspicion (and that’s all it is) is that Jameis didn’t want to RISK lasik surgery too early (things can & do go wrong occasionally). Both my kids had lasik surgery, and both waited until they were over 25 to get it done. The eye doctors we talked to didn’t recommend it prior to 20 years old, and they recommended waiting until your mid-20’s. Given how much money Jameis had on the line, I would’ve waited to, UNLESS my vision was adversely impacting my ability to satisfactorily perform at work.

  56. Joe in Michigan Says:

    T-Rex: If we resign Jameis, are you going to stop being a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan?

  57. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Well, I’m sure you know more than Carson Palmer, and have intimate knowledge of the offense, and that it’ll be easy for the new guy you want so bad.

  58. JimmyJack Says:

    Speculation will ramp up if no tag or deal is done by the 12th. But the 18th is the true date. Winston won’t be a free agent til then so if the 12th comes and goes the Bucs have 6 days still to sign him.

    If no deal is reached by the 18th it pretty much tells me they don’t won’t Winston back and probably never did.

    There’s no way they don’t know by now who they are wanting to sign and if he’ll come to Tampa. If that guy is Winston they will have a deal done by the 18th. They ain’t playing games at the QB position. They will sign who they want that’s avialable. The position is too important.

  59. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog Tom Brady’s OL has struggled last few seasons. Get your facts straight.

  60. Ndog Says:

    Youngbucs apparently you have a difficult time reading. I have never said Jameis needs an elite back like AD or Karama I simple state, he along with every QB, needs a running game that is not bottom 5 in the league. But yeah go ahead and spin that to me saying he needs an elite run game. See this is where the people that want Jameis gone do they twist the truth to fit their narrative. Hey the upside is maybe you can get a job at BSPN as that’s what they do best.

  61. JimmyJack Says:

    If this defense takes off from where they left off there is no freaking way this staff should not have security. Don’t care what the record says. We’ve have a stank Swiss cheese defense for over a decade.

    And it’s time to quit taking two steps backwards every other year. Everytime we switch coach’s we flush former first rounders and other investment down the toilet and start over.

  62. Ndog Says:

    JimmyJack get your facts straight they have had the best oline coach in the history of football AND they were number 8 in the entire league in rushing yards. Yeah they were Horrible right bro? Don’t even try me man I will make you silly, just like this post.

  63. JimmyJack Says:

    Do me a favor NDog. Websearch one time New England OL struggling. You do it one time and tell me you don’t get no solid evidence that I am in fact correct.

    Any other response from you that I may have been correct is a bald faced lie. A lie from you.

    Don’t you act like I just pulled that out of my ass cause I did not. I listen to some of the rumblings outside of Tampa Bay so quit you big boy act.

  64. Ndog Says:

    Yeah they suck…


  65. Stanglassman Says:

    Not resigning Jameis because you want to buy yourself job security is about the only reason that makes sense. Does Arians have that little faith in himself and his staff. He’s already on record saying he can win with Jameis. It would be hard to respect any coach who makes a decision this important just to insure his job in the event of another losing season. It seems like giving his Qb a chance by resigning the DL, and getting a decent Rt and Rb would be the honorable choice.

  66. Ndog Says:

    Or this one:


  67. Ndog Says:

    JimmyJack I just posted two links that flatly refute NE oline sucking but they were both block by the stupid filter.

  68. SteveK Says:


    For as much love as you put on a mediocre QB, one would think you could see the greatness that is Tom Brady- how quickly and accurately he gets the ball out and know that Brady makes everyone around him better.

    Does Jameis make guys better? I hear all the time about how he needs more help.

    The turnover margin is what sets Brady apart from Winston. Good amount of yards and points, but a fraction of the turnovers. Now that’s a QB! TB or TB to TB 2020.

  69. Ndog Says:

    Bottom line if your sitting here trying to convince anyone their line is anywhere as bad as ours overall you are simply deliousional

  70. TOM Says:

    I just want to say that Bridgewater will want or exceed Winsome’s salary. Not that good.

  71. Ndog Says:

    First off the NE offense and our offense are night and day but you would actually have to understand football to get that so I forgive for that SteveK cause I get that you don’t know crap about football.

    Next who has Jameis made better you ask? How about Russel Sheppard, Adam Humphries, Cam Brate, Brashard Perriman. I guess all those were great before and after playing with Jameis correct?

    In college he got Benjamin, Greene and O’Leary drafted when they were basically practice squad players.

    Tom Brady has played for the greatest coach of all time, the greatest oline coach of all time, the greatest clutch kicker of all time, one of the two greatest WR of all time and the greatest TE of all time. I’d say he’s had a little help.

  72. JimmyJack Says:

    I just found ten articles highlighting NE struggles at OL. No need to link them. There was dozens of articles that popped up. And like I said simple websearch.

  73. Ndog Says:

    It is truly amazing how little people know about football, yet they still try to argue when they have zero chance of winning said argument. It’s really kind of sad.

  74. T REX Says:

    Joe in Michigan Says:
    March 8th, 2020 at 5:34 pm
    Well, I’m sure you know more than Carson Palmer, and have intimate knowledge of the offense, and that it’ll be easy for the new guy you want so bad.

    I never made any such claim. I gave you TWO examples of the fallacy of your statement. Sorry bud. You got called on that baloney. Own it now. It’s an urban legend someone started to try to explain Winston’s stupidity. Arians waves a magic wand and then Winston can all of a sudden read a defense…sorry bud but that isn’t going to happen and Arians knows it now.

    We don’t accept Winston excuses anymore here. You might as well try to play the race card at this point.

  75. Ndog Says:

    So JimmyJack again for the record you are trying to compare the NE Patriots oline to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers oline? Are you seriously sitting here doing that, really?

    Bro I thought you were smarter than that, come man you are embarrassing yourself.

  76. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Ndog is back!!! I’m excited to see this.

    But why the name calling and being so negative?

  77. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Good analysis. I agree.

  78. JimmyJack Says:

    NDog……Just like you to try and put words into my mouth rather then admitt you could have been wrong. You claimed he needed a great OL to succeed. All’s I did was tell you how many are saying how that OL struggled. Clearly they were not great. But you are too cowardly to admitt that.

    So instead you claim I’m comparing the two lines. OK buddy show me where I did. And I’m delusional….ha.

  79. JimmyJack Says:

    And yeah I won’t be comparing them two lines any time soon. Don’t know the NE line well enough to do that…….But sure why not. We passed for 5000 yards and asked our OL to do it while holding blocks much longer then NE…..I’ll go out on a limb and say we might got better pass pro then NE.

    Any hey if I get proven wrong somehow oh well. I won’t get all hot and bothered like some do. I’ll own up to it as a man and move on.

  80. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    cool Ndog,

    Just keep telling people they know nothing about football when you back yourself into a corner while talking about Winston. Great argument and discussion.

  81. Conte Piscateli Says:

    The answer to this question isn’t about wins and losses, or stats. For the glazer boys this is about getting butts in the stadium, and face it Jameis doesn’t do that for a multitude of reasons, some more understandable than others.

  82. gotbbucs Says:

    Too many players that are currently on and will shortly be on again the Buccaneers payroll have stated publicly that they know Winston is a problem as it pertains to winning football games.
    How can they re-sign Winston and then go on preaching accountability? It immediately let’s everyone else in the organization know that he is untouchable.
    Winston is gone, no matter what his supporters might still hope for. They aren’t bringing this guy back. They risk losing the locker room if they do. Arians cares more about the defensive side than the offensive side and he knows those mind numbing interceptions have a greater effect on the defensive psyche than they do offensive players.
    Winston has the ability to be a game wrecker for either team on any given Sunday. It’s too hard to win with that today. 15 years ago when defenses could head hunt and big time running backs still existed you could get away with a few mistakes, but possessions and turnovers are so precious now that mistakes are magnified.

    Let him be someone else’s headache.

  83. LazyMoak Says:

    gotbbucs it doesn’t matter how many times or different ways it is said , what you just posted, some people will never get it ! Tic-tic-tic- then BOOM he’ll be gone!

  84. Tye Says:

    If he is truly wise, He Will NOT!

    Do that and the 1st 4 games are just like the last 2, he will instantly be on the hot seat…
    Bench JW for BG (who has been in this system now 3 years) and the Bucs continue to struggle, Arians will have ‘Pearl harbor” his reputation, career and legacy… As well as, by his on choice, allowed JW to ‘kill’ yet anothers coaches career!

  85. RGA Says:

    Solid pass blocking? What games were you watching? Winston was sacked 47 times and was constantly running for his life.

  86. Nate Says:

    I think it was pretty obvious that the team’s attitude was shifting to a winning mentality. That is because the team was starting to gel and buy into BA and Bowles system. There were so many offensive gurus such as Moore, BA, Christianson, and Winston still failed. I’m sorry guys, he’s not the answer here. I hope he goes somewhere else and can salvage a career. It’s just not going to happen in Tampa. I’m personally not going to miss him. I was extremely excited when we drafted him.

  87. D1 Says:

    Joe in Michigan,

    Let me help you out with a clarification. I don’t bring up Winston’s 30 ints or his 30+ TD’S daily or weekly. If someone makes a point about one or other specifically, I may mention it.

    Again, to make it crystal clear and child proof, Imo, it’s the past and it is what it is. I don’t know how any fantasy football revisionist histrionics , (ex, he really only threw 10 ints that were his fault) is taken as anything other than fiction.

    What will happen in 2020, perhaps your lol..caused you to suffer a seizure which lead to a delusional period where you think I predicted the future. You literally just walked into what, I admit was a minor rant ( I will say your not the person who I was thinking about mid way thru) , I said was an issue. I clearly stated zero about predictions, nor did I mention 30picks.

    But , instead you made up something , lol…like an idiot (medical condition as defined by early 21st century physicians, not stupid) and ultimately proved to be factualphobic. It’s understandable but entirely too predictable.

    I will gladly offer my best and only thoughts on the 2020 season. Assuming that we resign winston and that winstons production of 5k yds, and let’s round off the TD’S /INT’s to 30/30. The only thing that is certain is the formula for predicting the teams win loss totals at this point with Winston and his last seasons numbers is …8 -8 with the SD of +/- 1 game. I hope you Understand that this is a pre season projection analysis of the teams most likely outcome.

    If you want to dismiss that number, feel free but understand that it’s a mathematical formula you’d be lol..at…hilarious in my opinion. .
    If you want to check my math ..Here’s how…wait till Vegas issues it’s betting lInes and odds. Look at the numbers, I’m rounding numbers because I don’t know if you believe it’s possible to win a half game . I wrote 8 and 8 but it’s an estimate. The closer figure is 7.5 and the SD is not even across those numbers as it is across 8 and 8 .

    So the only one who is predicting anything related to winston is you. Year 2 in the offense….he will get better. I’d never accept that tard logic from jump. Let alone put it out there to support, an opinion, about the future. Hell it’s plain stupid to believe that it’s possible to accurately predict an unpredictable and inconsistent QB as winston. But that’s why I suggested that fantasy football is what is being banked on by many

  88. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Joe, if they get Teddy Bridgwater, we can count on our backups playing a lot.

  89. Stanglassman Says:

    Why do people still think local ticket sales is a big deal to owners. Ticket sales, concession and parking in general is pretty inconsequential. To Tampa sports authority is another story.

  90. JP_09 Says:

    According to ESPNs Team Pass Block Win Rate stat the Bucs, Patriots, Eagles Chargers & Redskins finished the season ranked 17-21 all with a %58 win rate. According to PFF the Bucs ranked 7th in pass blocking efficiency.

    I’m not sure what to think of these OL metrics, one stat you can never find which would show whether the QB holds the ball to long or if the line just sucks would be Time to Sack. From the snap of the ball, how many seconds go by before the QB is sacked, this would be a more accurate measuring tool for pass blocking or if the QB holds the ball to long

    The Time to Throw stat is misleading in a way, that only determines how long the QB takes to get the ball out of his hands after the snap. Depending on what type of offense you run this will fluctuate slightly

  91. SteveK Says:


    The offenses of the Pats and Bucs are different bc the QBs are different. One is a middle of the pack starter with the most turnovers since 2015, and the other is the GOAT.

  92. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Have been saying for weeks if BA continues with Winston, when (not if) Winston fails, it will be stain on the Arians rep as a the QB whisperer. Arians doesn’t need the money, but as with any HC, he has an ego and a legacy, and he is not going to let Winston ruin it. Winston has already decremented and inconvenienced so many lives…

  93. TexBuc Says:


    JUST WOW if you think the only difference in offenses is the efficiency of the QB???
    I guess to you the Wishbone is just a variation of the Run and Shoot.

    To some ‘FANS”

    Winston had a broken thumb in the last two games.

  94. ATrain Says:

    Maybe Carr

    Brady won’t come here he will retire as a NEPatriot

    I would like another QB but not for just anyone like Dalton or a Bum

    Replace Jamies with better than Jsmies

  95. TexBuc Says:


    BA has not had a winning seasons the three seasons he has been HC.

  96. Fb Says:

    Joe’s not implying anything of the sort at the QB position. But Joe has said many times that Arians acts like his staff deserves an “A” when it comes to QB-related coaching. Joe’s just saying it’s worth considering that it might deserve a B-. –Joe

    Not everyone can be coached up. I wouldn’t bet that Jameis grows up and becomes a smarter player. But riding pine may be the only way he learns that. You can lead a horse to water as they say.

    And I believe you have been implying that Jameis could be fixed, and that Arins can’t do it. However I believe the coaching in this league is more important than any given player. And if a staff can get the most out of the whole team, isn’t that more important than making it work with a single player, no matter how high their ceiling is? The team performance is what wins you games. The winning teams have great performance from the lower tier players and fill ins. That is good coaching.

  97. SteveK Says:

    Not arguing offenses are different. Just pointing out the difference in efficiency with the football.

  98. TexBuc Says:

    We the Bucs should be careful letting this flirtation go too far, we have a long rich history of being left at the Altar i.e. Bill Parcels (twice), Bo Jackson, Chip Kelly, and Brett Favre and a few we probably never even heard of.

  99. TexBuc Says:

    The Doug Williams Curse maybe fact or just a myth, but to long time fans like me it sure does feel real….LOL

  100. Tval Says:

    “T rex” has been EMBARRASSED on here MANY times.
    Forgive him for his attitude. Lmao!!!
    Bruce and Jameis are just playing the waiting game. No prob there

  101. JimmyJack Says:

    We’ll know in a few days but in the end the Bucs will get whichever avialable QB gives them the best chance to win. Lot of options and you can make a case for almost all of them.

    With Winston it boils down to if the can get him to play better with less mistakes…..And I think they can because we did see improvements this year believe it or not.

    You can look at fumbles for one. This was still an issue at the start but in the second half of the season that problem went away. He did improve.

    Another improvement was the deep ball. That one was obvisous.

    A tough area that doesn’t get argued enough was decision making. I actually think it did get marginally better. We still saw a lot of dumb crap but it was less. We did see more throw aways and maybe a few more tuck and runs……..for good measure a few more intentional groundings too.

    Now perhaps the biggest problem was reading defenses. And throwing right into coverage. This has to get much better but you can also say it’s the safest thing you can assume would get better running the same offense in year 2.

    I think if you can improve in reading defense you can live with the other stuff as long as it keeps improving at least slightly.

    Now the curveball in this whole thing is the boneheaded decisions……….They are never going to go away. We are always going to see them pop up with Winston. If you don’t realize this after 5 years I do g know what to say………..But they must be eliminated in the fourth quaters. He has gotta be better in the clutch. You can’t have a game on the line and have your QB brainfart on first down……First freaking down!!!! Come on dude………You can’t get into a big game and have that happen………We about to make a run at the playoffs this year. Winston gotta be a better leader to get us there. It’s really a tough call. Agree with the gamble word used in the article.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  102. JimmyJack Says:

    I mean say what you want about a kicker. You are right……..But a playoff team that built to win with passing takes that ball.in OT vs a kinda weak ATL defense and they stick it in the end zone.

    They send their fans away excited. Ready for more. Seeing true growth and a team building for something good.

    You can’t brainfart on first down like that. Not in the clutch. You gotta be a leader and proove you are a winner. All’s you did was send fans home pissed off cussing under their breath.

    Any fan not admitting Winston gotta get better simply does not care enough about winning.

  103. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:


  104. Bucy Says:

    Why don’t you ask dirk koetter how tying your future to aimless jaymiss worked out for him?

  105. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bottom line here..If Winston was staying. They would have already said so. And if he does stay, He’s gonna have to come cheap. I think Arians believe with his Defense he can win ballgames. he just needs a steady eddy QB. And jameis has been disappointing. They are holding off for a few to see how the worn turns next week. But something tells me Jameis might be history

  106. Dreambig Says:

    LOL, how funny you say Arians career is dependent upon Jameis. Arians is deep in his 60s. He has had his career and this stint in Tampa won’t change his history. If he walks tomorrow (Arians) he has had a tremendous career and his Bucs tenure doesn’t change that no matter how this ends. When Arians hangs up his clip board for the final time, he will be proud, He has had a great career. The story has already been written.

  107. Ndog Says:

    I love how leading the #4 scoring offense in the leay with basically no running game and a average at best oline is disappointing. Apparently Mike Johnson hasn’t watched much Buccaneers football I’m his lifetime.

  108. Buczilla Says:

    The quarterback drama should be over soon. What I want to know is if we’ll consider resigning Gerald if Suh leaves? 😜

  109. Couch Fan Says:

    I love how Ndog likes to credit the #4 scoring offense(team stat) in the league all to Jameis but all his turnovers are everyone elses fault. Ndummy suits you perfectly.

  110. Wisconsinbucsfan Says:

    Funny how the only one who knows about football does not know how to shut off spellcheck and auto fill. Jaymiss needs to walk the plank. 4th round rookie would not throw 30 picks. Time to let go dude. If you actually think we could win a playoff game with 2+ turnovers maybe its you who just does not understand football?

  111. JimmyJack Says:

    #4 in scoring is great and all but when you give it right back up and gag up one turnover for every TD you make it lessens the impact that a top scoring team can truely make.

    A 1 for 1 ratio is bad no matter how you slice or dice it. Find me any QB to consistely win with that ratio. You can’t. Careerwise Winston is 1.5 to so so use that.

    The negative stats surrounded turnovers(in terms of losing) are real. And they have survived the test of time.

  112. Stanglassman Says:

    That’s all true Jimmyjack I’ll admit that Jameis dose need to get better. No one seems to acknowledge that Dotson got blown two yards back off of the snap where he was in Jameis’s lap and allowed that ball to be tipped. I say there was plenty of blame to go around on that play. It was a bad play call, Dotson got to do a better job, coach said the route was run incorrectly by Brate and Jameis should have taken the sack or thrown it in the stands.

    I watch all the Qbs and judge them the way everyone judges Jameis. And Every Qb has a few bonehead mistakes a game. Jameis is just ask to do a hell of a lot more than most. I think part of it is the hit job espn has done to Jameis since college and he dose appear awkward when making some of his mistakes so that doesn’t help either.

  113. D1 Says:


    The tipped ball is not the point. It’s the decision to throw into double coverage with a route that was finished a second earlier than the throw.

    The idea that the tipped ball caused the pick is more excuses for winston. Bad decision is the culprit and the ball wasn’t tipped up or down which would lend some credibility to this crackpot idea. It wasn’t.

  114. D1 Says:

    Leading the team to #4 in the league for points is not disappointing in the least. It’s an milestone achievement.

    What’s disappointing, to all the other fans, is that record achievement couldn’t be celebrated because it didn’t have the expected results to the win loss record.

    Its like a surprise party . There’s a room full of people waiting to jump out and yell surprise and start singing happy birthday only that a cop knocks on the door informing you the birthday person was killed in a car crash. I’m guessing you’re that guy who is dancing around and blowing the party favor with gusto.
    Meanwhile, everyone else is not really sure if the celebration and cake cutting is appropriate.

    Bottom line is that the production was a net result of zero . So cut the cake and blow out the candles, party time celebrate the birth and ignore the death.
    It’s how educated knowledgeable people do it.

    8 and 8 is next year’s win loss projections with Winston’s 5k, 30 for 30 numbers as the benchmark. That’s math not opinion.

  115. SteveK Says:


    Jameis also gave up 8 ppg off turnovers. So the ppg on offense are fool’s gold.

  116. BigHog Says:

    If the BUCS turn their backs on Mr. 5,000…all the haters can bend over and relax all your muscles!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Buc believer Says:

    Wonder what the excuses will be in 2020 if Jameis is not back and the Bucs go 6-10 or worse again. What will the haters and Licht and old man Arians excuses be then?

  118. Dan Says:

    Anyone who wants Jamie back either loves loosing or just has baseless hope for change. Both are the same result. Loosing !!

  119. Joe in Michigan Says:

    D1 & T Rex: My opinions are not always correct, so I apologize if I misunderstood or misquoted either of you.

  120. BucsFIRE Says:

    Bucy Says:
    “Why don’t you ask dirk koetter how tying your future to aimless jaymiss worked out for him?”

    ‘Bout the same as tying his career to Matt Ryan.