Early Errors Most Concerning

March 8th, 2020

Joe’s always interested in hearing how quarterbacks evaluate America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, especially QBs who played for Jimbo Fisher and also starred in baseball.

Josh Booty may not be a name familiar to Bucs fans, but he was a top college quarterback recruit who instead took huge cash in baseball as MLB’s No. 5 overall pick in 1994. But Booty turned out to be a bust.

Five years later, LSU scooped him up, Fisher coached him up, and he had a nice little college career there before becoming a sixth-round pick of the Seahawks in 2001.

Booty is now a media guy in Louisiana and talked about Jameis on CBS Sports Radio two days ago.

Early-game mistakes, one of the great mysteries of Jameis, are a huge concern for Bootty.

“He throws a lot of great balls, but he starts games bad. I don’t know if he psyched himself up. You know, I’m thinking as a quarterback would think,” Booty said. “But you go into a game, it’s ‘What’s Jameis going to do this game?’ And he gets all hyped because he wants to throw for 400 yards, and he’s that kind of guy. He’s super-athletic, super-gifted’ he’s all that. Big tall strong right-handed QB who can throw the pill, but man, you can’t make mistakes early in the game that set your self up for failure.”

Just when Joe almost blocked out all those opening-drive picks by Jameis, Booty had to bring it up. Well, at least Joe had Big Storm in the fridge.

Booty did express his love of Jameis’ “keep-firing mentality. …

“But he can be good; he’s got a lot of upside. Eliminate half those picks and hold on to the football and take those sacks instead of throwing it up.”

35 Responses to “Early Errors Most Concerning”

  1. Alanbucsfan Says:

    I think Jameis’ best career move would be to go to Pittsburgh and back up Big Ben for a year or 2 and learn from the great Mike Tomlin.
    If he thinks long term, he may realize it’s best for his career.

  2. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    As far as JayMiss correcting his turnover issues: don’t hold your breath.

    He’s a career backup.

    Peace, out

  3. bojim Says:

    Like to see him back one more season under BA. Yes the turnovers are very frustrating.

  4. LazyMoak Says:

    15 million 1 year deal MAX
    No changed my mind

  5. Eric Says:

    Whoa, another guy who played at higher than PeeWee league all star Level see that this kid can play just eliminate the mistakes, which can be drastically helped if a certain coach aka “whisper” would try to utilize the weapons around him verses telling the league I don’t use TE and that Peyton Barber was a staring NFL Back would get off his high horse and adapt!

  6. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Would it not just be easier to draft a new qb????

    Why do all the nut-huggers always block out the worst stats for black jeff george?????????

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. TexBuc Says:

    Just like a young puppy with too much energy BA should call some run/pass option plays to make Winston run off that energy. Taking hit early from the defense will also calm him down.

  8. Bird Says:

    I did predict the 5000 yards

    Not the 30 ints …35 with fumbles
    Half the ints and bucs in playoffs

  9. martinii Says:

    Ya know I am certainly no one to judge Jameis, and most of the time I don’t try. He has good qualities and he has bad. And I have found that the last thing you want to do is argue with a poster who is firm in their opinion of Winston and his future in Football. So forgive me but IMO Exclusively My Opinion I think Jameis at 26 has a good chance of correcting his problems and going forward becoming a great QB whether as a Buc or with another franchise. If BA and coaches can do that in his 2nd year much like Carson Palmer so be it. If he has to sit the bench behind Rotheslburger for a year, so be it, but like Farve and others this guy has star quality and with the right team he will succeed. Remember in many area’s he is the BEST QB ever to wear a Buc’s uniform.

  10. TexBuc Says:

    Hoping his improved vision will give Winston that extra half second to make the correct read before throwing short to medium passes. Winston maybe turning into “Wild Thing” Vaughn would be a great marketing.

  11. OneBuc55 Says:

    I’m a Winston supporter…

    That said, I wonder the same thing…What’s up with the freaking early picks?? 400 yards passing with 3 or 4 TDs is great, but the 2 to 4 ints that come along with that stat line is the sh!t that makes you need a cardiologist after the game…It’s a true rollercoaster ride every Sunday…

    That’s the part of his game he needs to improve dramatically if he’s gonna take the next step in his development; wether it’s here in Tampa or somewhere else…It’s ok to be a gunslinger as long as you know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run….

    The really frustrating part as a Bucs fan is even when Winston plays a solid game we still usually find another unbelievable way to lose the game…

    It’s a Bucs Life, the drama never seems to end…

  12. Calibuc Says:

    Winston sucks! We need to move on

  13. gotbbucs Says:

    The early game interceptions are the biggest red flag in the world. I don’t know how anyone can almost forget about them.
    Late game picks can be attributed to pressing and trying to win. First series, let alone first pass attempt interceptions, are ridiculously unacceptable and for the life of me I cant understand anyone that doesnt acknowledge how big of an issue this guy has. Coaches had to be losing their mind.
    I cannot imagine them bringing him back. He is such a lost cause. After five years in the NFL, with football being his full time job, he still cant figure out how to play the position without completely imploding at any point of any game.

  14. Craig Says:

    Too many problems to fix and he seems to trade off what he can do rather than add to an arsenal. Let him see if he can get a radio career.

  15. Smashsquatch Says:

    So enamored with the notion of being a stud QB on a dominant team that he admittedly loses sight of down & distance and the game itself. I can’t believe this guy hasn’t developed game management skills, the easiest part of being an NFL QB. Sameis Jameis he is.

  16. DoooshLaRue Says:

    JayMiss to the Steelers actually sounds like a good plan.
    Hopefully his ego will allow him to make the right choice.

  17. WestChap Says:

    This is going to end the same way GMC’s saga ended last year… and for the same reason – money. If JW priced himself correctly he’d get another year in his best available situation… starting with the great weapons he has here in Tampa (although with competition in the wings). Instead, he’s going to be coming off the bench somewhere at a fraction of what he thinks he’s worth and may never get the true chance to prove he can play up to his talent level. Maybe Suh can play QB… he’s a helluva tackle.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    After 2 years in college and 5 in the NFL, why do people think it’s just a matter of “fixing the interceptions”.

    If it was that easy it would have happened already….not one coach, and he’s had a lot of great ones, have been able to fix this MAJOR flaw in his game. Thinking it’s just magically going to click at some point is not a smart strategy for building a playoff team.

    JW’s turnovers have crippled the team for years now. They have hurt the defense (short fields and it destroys momentum) and also forced us to play from behind which helps pad the yardage stats immensely.

  19. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    When the whistle blows he’s the dumbest qb in the league

    No audibility in his game

    Can’t move defenders with his eyes

    Stares down receivers

    Throws into tight windows unnecessarily especially when open underneath options are available

    Guy might be book smart but when the whistle blows he’s dumb

  20. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Turnover Differential ( + or – )wins or loses games. Jameis can’t seem to grasp this concept. The Bucs have the 2nd worst T/O Diff in the league over the last 5 years. Wanna win games? Quit givin it to the other guy!

  21. mark2001 Says:

    To all the haters…Jameis does not suck.

    He just isn’t good enough to be a dependable franchise QB…too many mistakes, at critical times takes too long to deliver the ball, and sometimes makes head shaking decisions.

    But please…if he goes elsewhere, I wish him well against everyone but the Bucs or in situations where it would put another team ahead of us in the standing or playoff race.

    No need to be nasty.

  22. Pewter power Says:

    Lol if you think winston needs to sit behind quarterbacks drafted later than him to learn the position for a year or two you are basically proving everyone’s point that hes not the guy

  23. CPN Says:

    “But he can be good; he’s got a lot of upside. Eliminate half those picks and hold on to the football and take those sacks instead of throwing it up.”

    Such a novel concept that most Winston shills cannot get through their head.

  24. Greg Says:

    You are kidding right? We are going over this again? Five years same deal…

  25. Greg Says:

    Again, the first series are scripted plays and he throws oskies? Big problem!

  26. FanO’Bucs Says:

    Puzzling that the coaches couldn’t adjust the early offensive plays to account for this very obvious pattern. 👎

  27. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Winston is done as a starter in the NFL. He should embrace the suck he is.

  28. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:


  29. WestChap Says:

    Mirror, you are a funny man but ok… as a lifelong Bucs fan, I release you Jameis. Be free!

  30. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:

    WestChap Says: Only if you had a pot to piss in.

  31. Tbbucs3 Says:

    I love how everyone says 5 years of the same stuff with Jameis while completely ignoring how the defense has played the last 5 years.

    The reality is that Jameis has been 10X better at what he does than the defense at what they do.

  32. firethecannons Says:

    honestly I hope we get rid of jameis, this Booty reminded me of the feeling I would get seeing Jameis throw piks in the first minute of the game. I don’t think I will enjoy watching the Bucs with Jameis at the helm. He cannot be trusted going forward.

  33. Oneilbucs Says:

    A lot of people keep blaming Jamies but the real question is what quarterback has this franchise ever developed and why they haven’t been able to is the real question . Every quarterback is not a bad quarterback . Jamies won his hold life until he came to Tampa . It can’t be every quarterback in this franchise . Or maybe it’s just the fanbase or the owners . But it has to be something because most of them leave and go win superbowls . So when the next guy comes in what’s going to be the reason why he sucks ??? Man I think yall would have gotten rid of Payton Manning because he threw a 100 interceptions and he did that with 2 hall of fame runningbacks .

  34. D1 Says:


    If you’re looking at the team as the commonality, you’re wrong. The city of Tampa is the only thing that hasn’t changed. If you believe the city itself is adverse to quality QB play . Run with it.

    But continually looking backwards, very selectively I will point out, is why the team and fans never see they’re about to go head first into the bay. If the winston decision is made looking at the past , don’t act surprised when the team is once again swimming in the tepid waters of TB.

  35. D1 Says:


    Who exactly are you talking about? The defense has what 2 starters from the mike smith era. New players across the unit and both the DC and HC coach were fired .

    So someone noticed, and acted accordingly. Yet you believe everyone but you has forgotten the smitty era! The stretch of 5years of feces baking in the sun is still detectable in the air.

    Perhaps the smell of straw is all you smell, based on the number of men you construct , it’s possible.

    Before you get back with a reply, look at the bucs media, and national media. Read the posts on jbf regarding the off season needs. Safety and d lineman are always right at the top. There’s no shortage of evidence to convict you of creating straw persons with the intent to violate them in an unholy and perverse fashion. So stop fing the fantasy dolls thinking theyre real people. Live the bucs life with the rest of us. You’ll find , as we have have, the stench of failure is still lingering in the lower level seats. But it’s there. We all smell it.

    Why don’t you?