Who Deserves The “F” Grade For Jameis?

March 19th, 2020

It’s hard reality time.

The Bucs drafted a quarterback No. 1 overall five years ago. And after lots of losing and turnovers he is healthy and no longer with the team.

Like it or not, that’s a Buccaneers draft bust.

So who deserves the blame?

It’s not just on one person, so Joe will glance at the players:

Team Glazer

These guys signed off on Lovie Smith and Jason Licht signing career loser Josh McCown to be the Buccaneers’ No. 1 quarterback for the 2014 season, and presumably they were just fine with Lovie and Licht not drafting a quarterback in the 2014 draft. A strong ownership group would never have allowed that nonsense to happen and, therefore, they bear a major responsibility for the 2015 Jameis draft bust.

Jason Licht

See Team Glazer. How powerless was Licht in that 2014 draft when it came to quarterbacks? Joe assumes he was completely neutered. However, Licht had loads of power in later years, and he dropped the ball with the 2016 receiving corps, and with DeSean Jackson and the running backs situation in 2017 and 2018… and 2019. All those decisions had a direct effect on Jameis failing to flourish. On a side note, Licht’s rotten assessment of kickers cost Jameis at least two games last season.

Jameis Winston

Personal responsibility still exists in the world, and nobody coached Jameis to turn the ball over with historic frequency over the past five seasons. And certainly nobody advised Jameis to violate an Uber driver and then seek Ronald Darby for help fooling the NFL into not punishing him.

Dirk Koetter

Where did Koetter hide the Bucs’ 2015 running game? And why did he allow guys like Chris “Swaggy” Baker and DeSean Jackson to undermine team goals and Jameis’ leadership? Koetter managed Jameis poorly in 2018.

Bucco Bruce Arians

A lot of Bucs fans think Arians and his QB-guru team of Tom Moore, Clyde Christensen and Byron Leftwich deserve zero share of the blame for the performance of Jameis last season. Sorry, but they absolutely deserve a piece of it. Fans can argue all day about how what percentage is on them.

Lovie Smith

It’s kind of fun to blame Lovie for lots of things, so he earns a piece here. Lovie signed off on tanking in the 2014 season to acquire the No. 1 overall pick.

100 Responses to “Who Deserves The “F” Grade For Jameis?”

  1. El Buco Realisto Says:

    How is the current gm still here??????????

    Hiw did he not get the pink slip, after bragging about the most extensive background check in NFL history, only to have said player perpetrate months later, the very thing that was at the core of the so called most extensive background check to begin with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The gm has his finger prints and mistakes all over the place!!!!!!!!!! Accountability will be coming for the gm!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Robert Says:

    Licht, Glazer and Koetter in that order

  3. gbobucsfan Says:

    Calling it now. . . . . JW is going to play Baseball

  4. LaMarcus Says:

    It’s a Tampa Bay thing. Land of Bust. Even Brady is gonna look trash here

  5. Bill Says:

    It was a bad year to have the no. 1 pick. Winston was a mess his sophomore season. Mariota was another Oregon system guy.
    No one here knows me, but it was something I felt then.

  6. SkBucsFan Says:

    The Glazers and Licht are responsible. The smart move is to build up your O-Line and D-Line for a draft or two before you bring in fresh meat QB’s. Although Jameis can’t be blamed for putting on the jersey, he can be blamed for showing immaturity and a lack of significant improvement over his 5 year career.

  7. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    >last years coaching staff deserves some blame

    Absolutely correct Joe.

    All 0.5% at best of it.

  8. jjbucfan Says:


    Sorry for yelling- but I have been saying this for years.

    Here’s a thought, what if they sign Jameis to a Bridgewater-like deal and he stays as our backup. Best of both worlds except for those that truly hate the man.

  9. D-Rome Says:

    Lovie signed off on tanking in the 2014 season to acquire the No. 1 overall pick.

    Tanking in 2014 was the correct decision as an organization especially after Jeff Tedford had to step down due to his health issues. Drafting Jameis Winston in 2015 was the correct decision. The Bucs needed a QB and he was the best Pro-Ready QB available. If the Bucs could do that draft all over again with the Bucs needing a QB then drafting Jameis is *still* the correct decision.

    Say what you will about Lovie (because it’s personal with you) but he was a successful and experienced head coach when he was hired. He lead a team to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his QB! Dirk Koetter was inexperienced and in over his head. A part of me wonders what could have been with Jameis’ development if Lovie was still the head coach and Koetter remained an offensive coordinator. After all, Lovie Smith was correct in wanting to prioritize running the football. Lovie Smith had the respect of the locker room (as evidenced by the reaction from his players when he was fired) and genuinely cared about Jameis’ development.

  10. Mister Positive Pete Says:

    in 2014, they would have had to forego Mike Evans to get either Teddy Bridgewater or Derek Carr in the first round. Evans has proven better.

    But, they could have had Jimmy Garapalo in place of where they drafted Austen Sefarian-Jenkins.

  11. Ghettos of Siberia Says:

    Are you serious with this bail out ??
    Winston is the proud Owner of a .10 cent head..
    Impossible to correct , all the signs were visible …
    Enough with this past BS…

  12. BucMan13 Says:

    Can I get credit for calling it? Becasue, told ya so.

  13. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Winston who?

  14. LaMarcus Says:

    Jameis was a winner before he came and Tampa the loser. It’s that hard to figure out

  15. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Gotta blame Jameis for not taking the coaching he was given and blame Licht for picking awful kickers whiffing on high draft picks like VH III

  16. Joe Says:

    in 2014, they would have had to forego Mike Evans to get either Teddy Bridgewater or Derek Carr in the first round. Evans has proven better.

    Not so. Bridgewater was picked last in the first round (No. 32). Derek Carr was picked at No. 36. Bucs picked at No. 38.

    All hail Austin Seferian-Jackwagon!!!

  17. Eric Says:

    This is the risk of the young Qb development plan. For every Mahomes there are many Winstons.

    Winston does have a heck of a skill set. At times he played as well as any Qb in this league.

    Ultimately, it didn’t work out.

    Its the nature of the beast.

  18. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Better to be Mariota…benched in final season and quietly ending his Tennessee tenure. And signed before Winston…I believe Mariota will supplant Used Carr by Week 7 2020 as the starter. Chunky still searching for his next Rich Gannon reclamation project.

  19. rrsrq Says:

    How can you blame Lovie when he never got a real chance to work with Jameis. I though Jameis had a really good rookie year under Lovie. Now you can blame Lovie for his stubbornness and his trash defenses, but did he even have more than one year.

  20. Uncle Says:

    1-Licht. The failure to get an average kicker and average running game made the team overly pass happy and put the team in position to have to play catch up too often.

    2-Jameis, throw the freaking ball away man.

  21. Dave Says:


    Jameis will be in play in Pittsburgh , Jacksonville, Cincinnati , and Washington as a back up

    1:34 PM – Mar 18, 2020


  22. Chris Says:

    Hey Joes. It’s time to move on. The nfl is showing what us fans (intelligent ones) have been saying for years. They don’t view him as a starting franchise caliber QB. And that’s why the Bucs are the Bucs. I feel bad for Koetter. The glazers needed BA to confirm what he said all along.

  23. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Dave

    I honestly hope he ends up in Cincinnati holding a clipboard.

  24. Etzel Says:

    Just wait until we trot out the Ghost of Tom Brady this year and he plays worse…. The answer is the entire organization.

  25. Tye Says:

    As much money and different ‘experts’ as were brought in and all the rope that was given him when many of us so he needed pulled but he got chance after chance… I would say mostly its on him.. one of the worst things he ever revealed was his mindset… He actually admitted he would tell himself to not be what coaches were trying to get him to be… Just go out there and be Jameis… He wouldn’t allow himself to be reachable by having that mindset…

    Also everyone else’s fault for drafting him… Don’t know what should have happened if it were to be done over but he was a mistake.

  26. chris L Says:

    it is a sad day that this happened. i feel bad for jameis but think it is best we move on. if we can draft a guy to learn under this coaching staff and brady himself, i believe we will be set up for the future.

  27. John Says:

    Winston is to blame for where Winston is today…
    For 5 years Joe has given Winston a pass; That’s really inaccurate. The archives are here for you to view. –Joe
    always justifying his poor on field performance and blaming all but Winston and , just as importantly putting Winston on a pedistol and NEVER questioning his off the field issues….
    My son was in law school while Winston was at FL. State and Winston DID NOT have a reputation in college as the type person you would want your sister or daughter to marry… That a fact..
    It’s time to move on from the mistake which was Winston, move away from the negativity and focus our positive energy and vibs into the bucs future……..

  28. Hawk Says:

    I still believe that Winston was never able to process at ‘NFL game-speed’. It can’t be coached, and it’s not something that Winston could overcome. He worked as hard as any player at his craft, but it just didn’t happen. It’s just one of those things. He’s not all that unique. Jeff George and Ryan Leaf come to mind. Gifted with all the ‘physical’ attributes of a franchise QB, but unable to process the game at the NFL speed.
    I wish him well, unless he plays against the Bucs.

  29. Marine Buc Says:

    Plenty of blame to go around. But most of it should land on #3. He played the same way at FSU as he played for the Bucs. Did anyone happen to watch the NCAA Championship game against Oregon? It was an exact carbon copy of how Winston played in Tampa and the outcome also matched…

    Everyone needs to put in that game film and you will notice that Winston never changed from who he was at FSU.

  30. martinii Says:

    Ya know Jameis is gone, so does that mean his haters need to sit around and try to find someone to blame for his errors? Many spend more time analyzing the past than they do embellishing the future. I am sure years from now some posters will be ripping Swaggy, McCoy, Lovie Smith, etc. etc. And now Jameis Winston. Remember in Football as in Life one persons Weed is another persons Rose, (Just ask Dallas)

  31. Bucs Guy Says:

    Blame Glazer and Lovie for the pick. Should have traded back.
    Blame JW and Koetter for the performance.

  32. Marine Buc Says:

    @ hawk

    Good observation. Winston wasn’t even able to call audibles.

  33. Eric Says:

    But Jameis did lead his team to a National Championship, including the Heisman, and a historic second half comeback vs. Auburn.

    The man lost one game in his college tenure.

    Bash him all you want, but give him his due also.

  34. Lamarcus Says:

    Then next year there will be article here ” Who deserves the “F” for Brady”

    Its wash, rinse, repeat in Tampa land. Only sparks that this team can make is signing Brady. Ain’t nothing else happening

    And this weird feelings of “Oh, Brady is gonna win for us now” mantra makes it really bad. Everyone playing better because of Brady is an embarrassment and doesnt make any sense. So we have high schoolers or nah

  35. Dave Says:

    there may not even be an nfl season this year…


  36. Etzel Says:

    Buncha old white dorks stuck in the past. Brady is washed folks. Money is on Brian Burns to knock him into retirement

  37. SmoothBayRider Says:

    Dirk Koetter managed Jameis poorly in 2018 ? He had to go through training camp and the first three weeks of the season because that Fool Jaboo assaulted an Uber driver. Dirk didn’t get a fair shake in 2018.

  38. SmoothBayRider Says:

    ***** correction ***£££Through training camp and first three weeks without his QB

  39. John Says:

    I’d Winston was this great person suiters would be lined up..as far as we know, at this point, not one team is interested in ” Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback , Pro bowler Jamis Winston”… He will probably land a job somewhere but the (seemingly) lack of interest in Winston is very interesting on and of its self… Hell, Groudon signed M.M. the second he became available from Tennessee…… Groudon is known as a guru, if Winston had real potential Oakland would have been all over it….

  40. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    For What The Buc Says

    JW will do fine , he is only 25 and will improve and win a ring , just not here . but neither did Williams , Young , or Dilfer. Brady unfortunately has his best way behind him now and is ill suited for a questionable Oline that was ranked 23rd in pass protection by Football Outsiders after the 2019 season. You need look no further than the GOAT’s Completion percentage at 29th in the league , or his 2nd worst in the league Bad Throw Percentage @ 20.6%(courtesy of NFL Next Gen Stats) to see his declining accuracy and it is plain to see his arm strength is shot. . I have been watching football with a trained eye for over 40 years , so think twice before you question any conclusion I may opine .

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I disagree that Bucco Bruce Arians and staff deserve any blame at all.

    Winston was probably forced on him the first year. The team had to find out if he could turn Winston around.

    Frankly, I think ‘F’ is to bad of a grade anyway. Winston had turnovers, yes, but in all other areas he excelled. And produced.

    And keep in mind that in previous years, it was kicking and defense that cost us games, not Jameis.

  42. BrianBucs Says:

    Winston was loaded with red flags coming out of FSU and they ALL followed him to the Bucs.
    The 2015 QB class was horrible. I said then and am still saying now that the Bucs should have traded that #1 pick.
    Winston never should have been the pick.Truth is he has had very good coaching and coaches in the 5 years with the Bucs. He just could not elevate himself to the next level. Just because you are a hard worker, as we hear, does not mean that you can make yourself great.
    There have been hundreds of QB’s enter the NFL with Winston’s arm strengt, but couldn’t put it all together and flamed out.
    There’s plenty of blame to go around for Winston being picked and his failure here, but the first finger of blame needs to be pointed at #3 himself

  43. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Dave Says
    “there may not even be an nfl season this year…”

    Not if people keep being reckless, like at the beaches this week.

  44. Pewter power Says:

    You serious? Only a winston nuthugger would put up some nonsense like this. Winston has all the physical tools any quarterback could ever want. He and mariota were both busts at first and second. Only idiots in tampa are blaming everyone else but winston.

    Every first overall pick goes to a team lacking something which is why the get to pick first to begin

    When your only issue is decision making on and off the field. Even when he had a run game, he and doug martin went to the probowl he still threw 15 picks. They worked on his his issues with ball security because of fumbles, they worked on his mental side of the game but nothing changed. Its 100% on winston to have that many interceptions with the weapons he has.

  45. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Eric

    No doubt Winston had a solid career while at FSU. However I judge players based on how they played during the most important games. Not games against Florida Atlantic…

    Again, put in the FSU vs. Oregon NCAA championship game. He showed his true colors against a real defense. Things didn’t change much when he came to Tampa – including his idiotic behavior with the Uber driver.

  46. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We had a choice of Winston or Mariota……..both failed…..but Mariota has a job and Winston doesn’t yet…..
    We desperately needed a QB so had to pick one…..I can’t blame Licht or the Glazers for that.
    I can blame Licht for not building a better team around Winston….
    I really don’t place much blame on all the coaches.
    Most of the blame is on Winston……supposedly the “pro-ready” QB…..hign football IQ……simply didn’t respond to coaching……

    And the Uber incident (hassle)……..that hurt him with more than just the fans……I believe he let his team and organization down.

  47. Pewter power Says:

    2014 Offensive Starters
    QB Josh McCown
    RB Doug Martin
    WR Mike Evans
    WR Vincent Jackson
    TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins
    LT Anthony Collins
    LG Logan Mankins
    C Evan Dietrich-Smith
    RG Patrick Omameh
    RT Demar Dotson

    O line is not an excuse, this line was trash and understood 14 picks with an old v jack out for the year and Anthony Collins protecting McCown blind side. With things that bad still only 14 picks, winston has zero excuses

  48. Buc_You-2 Says:

    Jameis started studying how to improve his issues with that virtual reality program. I guess his brain never left the machine and he thought he was playing Madden. Bruce couldn’t retrieve his consciousness from the matrix so now he’ll stare receivers down with new improved lasik eyes. With new state-of-the-art motion blur enhancement technology from Morpheus. Neo JayMiss 20/20 data dump complete.

  49. Pewter power Says:

    Was anybody killing the coach for McCown throwing 14 picks in 2014 because lovie smith did choose him over captain check down

  50. DBS Says:

    There is your problem. What you just posted tells you WHO is stuck in the past.

  51. Uncle Says:

    Jameis and his agent whoever that is gets a ton of blame as well. I remember after the Lions game last season, Beckles on the air saying with Evans and Godwin both out, after the last 4 games Jameis played he didn’t care what happened those final two games pay the man.

    Jameis allegedly has a broken thumb and bad knee, and plays those final two games in a contract year with nothing to play for as the team was no longer playoff eligible. Risk vs reward. He should have and his agent should have shut him down after that Lions game. If he’s shut down before those final two games he’s still a Buc and has a contract.

    Him and his agent are to blame for this.

  52. Chris K Says:

    JoeBucs fan and 87 deserve the F grade for their scouting reports on Jameis. Lol… I’m teasing of course, but calling the man the messiah and savior is what you guys did do.

  53. 813bucboi Says:

    rrsrq Says:
    March 19th, 2020 at 10:51 am
    How can you blame Lovie when he never got a real chance to work with Jameis. I though Jameis had a really good rookie year under Lovie.


    GO BUCS!!!!!

  54. 813bucboi Says:


    now when we win the SB, give props to lovie for drafting mike evans, marpet, d.smith…lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!

  55. El Buco Realisto Says:

    To summarize, Coach Koetter was right all along!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. stravenite Says:

    Another JW thread, let him go !

  57. Dewey Selmon Says:

    You can’t call Winston a bust. He played 5 years and threw 122 td’s. A bust is Leaf, Ja Russel or Manziel.

  58. Buc_You-2 Says:

    I still think Lovie could have molded the team into shape if he had a little more time. Same for “TOES ON THE LINE” Schiano but as the old saying goes, “Time and Tide wait for no man.”

  59. D-Rome Says:

    You can’t call Winston a bust. He played 5 years and threw 122 td’s. A bust is Leaf, Ja Russel or Manziel.

    A healthy #1 overall draft pick who doesn’t make it past his rookie deal with the team that drafted him, and who is still unemployed and who’s best prospects is as a backup, is a B-U-S-T!

    He is as much a bust as VHIII, ASJ, Noah Spence, Roberto Aguayo, ect…any first or second round pick that doesn’t make it past their rookie deal is a bust.

  60. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Most this article is complete BS. The most important missing about Licht’s and Glazers’ mistakes is the one staring all directly in the freakin’ face: They should have never drafted Jameis Winston. He had very very serious character issues in college that threw off wild alarm bells, and he was also a careless gunslinger and immature young man, all around. They tried to make him something he was not, is still not, and will never be. Jameis Winston is a BS artist, the too many people have bought it. The fans who saw this from the start have been villified in every way. JBF has affording him too much coddling, emboldening his henchmen and lying cast of supporters. But most fans gave him a chance, and frankly, after three years, it was enough. Uber only proved what so many already knew…he’s an arrogant, manipulative, ignorant, lying sack of sh^t. He will never be the face any franchise–he wasted five years of Bucs fans’ lives…nothing to show for it at all. Still, the Glazers gave him every chance, and he screwed them.

    So the biggest blunder by both Glazer and Licht are they whiffed big by drafting Winston in the first place.

  61. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    All draft picks are a gamble. That said, Winston was his own worst enemy. I do blame Arians for not benching Winston in 2019.

  62. Hethrew 30 Says:

    D Rome…Winston accomplished as much as Leaf, Manziel, Russell…etc…NOTHING. When you get no results, the effort is worthless. Stop trying to kid yourself.

  63. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Lamarcus Says:
    “And this weird feelings of “Oh, Brady is gonna win for us now” mantra makes it really bad.”


    Sorry Lamarcus, but this makes no sense to me. I assure you that I was saying “Oh, Jameis is gonna win for us now” before every season that he was here. I wish it had worked out…. very much so, but it just did not.

  64. Oliver Says:

    How many 4th-quarter leads did Mike Smith’s defense throw away?

  65. BucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Take a breather HeThrew. You are not able to see the future , JW is only 25 and has made strides in his personal development by eliminating alcohol altogether. True busts do not start for 5 years and make the ProBowl , both of which JW did. He has the talent to win a ring , and with a good Oline and a running game , he will.

  66. Anonymous Says:

    Winston earned his “F.”

  67. Jimmy Says:

    Team Glazer

    People the Glazers didn’t have a gun pointed at their heads to sign include Lovie, Jason Licht, Swaggy Baker and Desean Jackass.

    Jason Licht

    Where oh where do you start??????? Don’t feel like typing all day so how about his boner for small school offensive lineman, clueless on kickers and no idea what he is doing with running backs. JW3 would still be here if he had a decent kicker.

    Jameis Winston

    Picks, fumbles, playing grabass in an Uber, lying to his teammates and coaches hanging with Darby. That should be enough.

    Dirk Koetter

    Paniced and benched him for freaking Ryan Fitzpatrick smh Oh, and hiring his friends as coaches.

    Bucco Bruce Arians

    So a quarterback guru comes in and the quarterback’s picks skyrocket and he keeps telling him to keep firing. Sounds like solid fundamental football to me.

    Lovie Smith

    It’s too long of a day man.

  68. D-Rome Says:

    Hethrew 30,

    You misread my post. Jay-Miss is a B-U-S-T and I’ve known it since 2018.

  69. El Buco Realisto Says:

    The “real” list is

    1.) Team Glazer
    2.) Jay-miss winston
    3.) The winston camp, who leak bad info all the time!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!

  70. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Jameis is “Checking his sheet and checking it twice ”


  71. RondEvanSelmon Says:

    1. Jameis Winston
    2. Jameis Winston
    3. Jameis Winston

    In that order

  72. newbuc Says:

    Plenty of blame to go around. But most of it should land on #3. He played the same way at FSU as he played for the Bucs. Did anyone happen to watch the NCAA Championship game against Oregon? It was an exact carbon copy of how Winston played in Tampa and the outcome also matched…

    Everyone needs to put in that game film and you will notice that Winston never changed from who he was at FSU.

    He was 26-1 in College, Jimbo Fisher never prepared the team for Oregon.The 2013 team still holds the season scoring record in the NCAA.

    Any other nonsense you care to comment on?

    Let me give you my take

    Tampa should sell the team period?

  73. TexBuc Says:

    Always been a HUGE Tom Brady fan but his age at the start of the season will be 43. Would have been dancing in the streets if this was 4 fours year ago hope we do well with Tom.

  74. RSJCheapSeats Says:

    JoeWinstonLover never changes.

    The NFL is telling you all you need to know right now.

    No one wants him as a starter.

  75. BA Redzone Says:

    There’s plenty of jelly to spread across the entire biscuit.

  76. Lakelandsteve Says:

    Everyone on the list except B.A. You can even add Hugh Culverhouse to the list. Every Q.B, Tampa Bay has drafted has either been a bust or leaves and becomes a Super Bowl Champ for another team. Ever since the Doug Williams fiasco, which was handled poorly by the Culverhouse organization there has been bad juju every time the Bucs draft a Q.B. Kind of like when we had this really good kicker named Matt Bryant who had a really good career here despite having to deal with the death of a child. What did we do, cut him. Ever since then our kicking has not been the best to say the least. So maybe we need to get a witch Doctor over to Raymond James and One Buc to take the Q.B./kicking curse off the Bucs. <—- joking, sort of…

  77. Oneilbucs Says:

    It’s bringing in coaches like Dirk Kotter , and B.A. who believes in throwing the 38 to 45 times a game and every throw is 10 to 30 yards a throw with no running game or defense . Now that Brady is here now every body is talking about a running game and the offensive line and they are willing to change the playbook to more short passes because you know that’s been Brady hold career but 2007 when he had Moss . You can’t ask a young quarterback to win every game for you without a running back . Payton Manning had a 100 interceptions his first 5 years because of the same people we have as our coaches . Then they left and Payton Manning was not ask to throw every pass 10 to 20 yards a throw . That helped him read defenses better because he was a able to. You can’t read a defense with all your wr going 20 yards up the field with threat at runningback . That’s been the problem with this hold team .

  78. Oneilbucs Says:

    No threat at runningback .

  79. Oneilbucs Says:

    Eric Every body keep saying Mahomes but the truth about that is Mahomes went to a playoff team from the jump . And who is Mahomes coach Andy Reid who puts his players in position to be successful by doing what they are good at not my way or the highway .

  80. Marine Buc Says:

    @ newbuc suc

    Are you triggered much? Hahahahahahaha. Another angry little FSU baby. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Your boy sux balls. He will never be a starting NFL QB.

    Put in the FSU vs Oregon game film clown boy and cry for me!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  81. passthebuc Says:

    Time for Joe to move on from JW

  82. Mike Johnson Says:

    Funny how Buc fans are bashing a guy who gave his all to this team. Jameis will be back. And I am predicting He’s coming back in a huge way. I’ve been watching football forever and I know this guy is a baller. I wonder what Buc fans are gonna say when he wins a superbowl like Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer did?

  83. westernbuc Says:

    You don’t blame head coaches for mismanaging high priced free agents. You blame the GM. What’s the old story about the free agent that tells the coach to F off because he makes more money than him?

    I should remind everyone that Koetter would go full turtle after Jameis would implode. He’d run the ball and do short passes. We won those games, but fans and some media thought he was ruining Jameis. So we fire him, being in the QB whisperer, and Jameis’s career high in interceptions nearly doubles. Now Jameis is gone. Tell me, who ruined Jameis?

  84. stpetebucsfan Says:

    The only clear thing here is that NONE of this is JW’s fault…he’s blameless the original Teflon QB.

    Hindsight is now 20-20…First off…what would have happened in 2015 with TWO QB’s being touted as dominant #1 picks if we had traded down for multiple picks.
    What would our roster look like now? Would we have fewer holes?

    What would have happened if after the Uber lies and the Darby joke trying to cover it up we simply used the morality clause which surely had to be in his contract after FSU rape allegations and moronic FHITP screaming in public..to cut bait? We could have surely avoided three more years of sturm and drang and losing!!! And curious from you NFL CBA guys…if a player gets cut for violating morality clauses doesn’t that simply end it all..no cap hit?

    I blame the Buc management for not figuring out who this guy is…thankfully somebody else can figure that out now.

    And I’m wondering here if people have factored into their thinking that yeah maybe it wasn’t just about the turnovers…JW is one alcoholic lapse from being out of the league. ONE move away from disaster.

    Kudos to him for shaping up off the field. But honestly…would we be surprised if like Johnny Football JW fell off the wagon after all of this crushing realization that NO his agent was full of it…he hasn’t been ballin’.

    Good luck to JW in the future. Many recovering alcoholics never relapse…I sincerely hope that JW does not either and that he prospers. He’s already incredibly wealthy so perhaps he might have more fun playing baseball.

  85. Hethrew 30 Says:

    D-Rome, Got it, thanks!

  86. Petty Officer Buc Says:

    What if… hear me out… what if Winston was simply never that good? He has one excellent season at FSU due to a stacked team and not having to face Alabama due to Auburn beating them with the kick 6 (this was the last year before switching to the playoff system). His sophomore season at FSU was average for a QB and plagued with turnovers. His freshman season Clemson and the rest of the ACC weren’t good yet.

    In the NFL he simply continued his Sophomore level of production and never got better. Can he move the chains? Yes, but there will be turnovers a plenty. Everyone kept on holding out hope that he would be this elite QB like he was his freshmen season at FSU and he just needs the right coach or system ect., but history shows us that that was the fluke season all along.

  87. Hethrew 30 Says:

    BucFanSince76…as I said, Winston is a BS artist. One thing I believe he is not is someone who drinks a lot. Works hard. Wants to win. Selfish. Stupid. Cunning. Liar. I believe he’s quit drinking like I believe he’s all into religion. Again, calling the BS flag. What I do care about is he’s disgraced his team, himself, embarassed all. And no, he was not selected for the Pro-Bowl (was alternate and only went because those worthy had playoffs to worry about)…and conventional wisdom, particularly given results, is that he should have been tossed out of here after his third year. By the good graces (and stupidity/generousity), the Glazers gave him yet another chance: Fail.

  88. Fb unmoderated! Says:

    I put half a percent on the Arians/Leftwich part. And that half percent is for not taking the ball out of Winstons hands altogether. They called plays with multiple options. They tried to teach the right decisions, but it is on jameis to make those decisions. Hell even Tom Moore was trying to make it simple for jameis.

    His inability to consistently make good decisions is why no one wants him!

  89. doolnutts Says:

    Really just a bad draft. We needed a QB and the QBs that went 1 and 2 were Winston and Mariota. Its not like a Trubisky situation in which Watson and Mahommmes were drafted after

    This is what bad teams are forced to do. We likely should have never been in a position to be forced into drafting Winston. We should have taken the best player available. We could almost blame this on Dominick. Drafting Freeman set us back decades. It is kind of funny how one bad pick at QB can set you so far back.

  90. TampaTown Says:

    How about Mike Smith’s defense? That alone deserves plenty of blame

  91. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Marine Buc and Petty Officer Buc

    Go Navy! I was Army but my son was Navy.

    I think you guys have nailed that uncomfortable truth. You both made excellent points that better scouting, less desperation…less believing what you want to believe and a closer look at that Oregon meltdown was a precurser to his on field behavior just as his Tallahassee off field hijinks were predictive of his Az “hassle’.

    Whoever did Light’s due dilgence gets the major blame. Hindsight is always 20-20 but as Marine and Petty Officer point out this was actually pretty obviousl
    Nothing changed.

  92. newbuc Says:

    Marine Buc

    Had it not been for a FSU QB and LB this clown team would have never won a Super Bowl.

    Must suc to be you.

  93. Scott Wilhelm Says:

    JoeBucsFan deserves much blame

  94. sincethebeginning Says:

    Boy I sure would be embarrassed if I ran a Buccaneer fan blog that had hailed him as the savior of the franchise for months upon months after he was first drafted….

    I know there was division amongst the Joes back then about who to draft first, but at least one of you was pumping out that praise completely without irony whatsoever, once JW was our QB.

    But Joes, don’t worry — you deserve no blame. You had absolutely no influence over the way JW played. Unless all your “America’s Quarterback” wistful-thinking gave JW a false sense of security and overconfidence in his abilities. But he’d have to be really emotionally fragile and mentally weak to let something as silly as that have an impact on his outlook and performance.

    I wonder….. 😉

    As I have posted before, I root for the Buccaneers and every one of their players. So if Jameis was still here I’d still be pulling hard for him. It’s a shame he’s got to go, but he’s got to go. Everybody that’s had a hand in his development should take part of the blame, but the majority of it still falls on Jameis himself.

    We have a new QB now.

    GO BUCS!!!

  95. King C Says:

    Don’t forget the weirdos who insisted on calling a turnover-prone player America’ Quarterback for years on years. They deserve some of the blame for it taking so long to move off JW

  96. Bobby M. Says:

    So the same red flags that were there at FSU….turnovers, character concerns….are what torpedoed his career.

    A side note….a few yrs back one of the Bucs RBs lived in my building. He wasn’t a starter but a solid contributor with a third down role. I asked him why don’t they get Winston to dump the ball off to the RBs? He said….”Koetter/Monken preach to him every day to dump the ball off and quick forcing passes…..He doesn’t listen” Now you hear Ronde kind of hinting at that…..Winston simply wont change. Its not coaching….I give all the coaches a pass on that. He’s simply uncoachable.

  97. WestChap Says:

    Any list of blame that doesn’t put Jameis at the top isn’t worth the effort to type it. He may have been avoided altogether or have been leaned on less… but he’s the nim-nut (technical term) who did this to himself. Oddly, this latest embarrassment is due mostly to his idiotic “check yo sheet” nonsense after His people claimed to he was worth $30M. A little contrition after the last few games and the pick-6 to end it would have gone a long way.

  98. David Says:

    He was a good draft pick and was given good weapons. The only one to blame is Jameis Winston himself. This world never has enough personal accountability.
    Many young quarterbacks need to deal with the speed in which decisions need to be made in the NFL and cut down on interceptions. Aikman, Marino, Favre… It is no one in the Bucs organizations fault that Jameis Winston kept making stupid mistakes. That falls on Jameis

  99. Brandon Says:

    Jameis’s grade is far from an F. If he got cut before his rookie contract was up, he’s an F. But not only did he last his entire contract, they picked up his 5th year option. That alone is worthy of a C. You could make the argument that Jameis, with his three 4000+ yard seasons, a 9-7 record once, his 33 TDs and leading the league in yards is worthy of a C+. You could also point to turnovers and say he’s a C-. But he was the main guy at QB for five seasons. That’s not a bad return in the draft investment. I’d say Jameis is a solid C+. That being said, you can’t win in the NFL without at least a B QB. Even at 43, Brady is a B+. Who’s to blame for Jameis? At least 75% of it is on him. You can break the remaining 25% up among the people you listed but also the line, his lack of running game, and his receivers. So Jameis is 75%, everybody else has about 3% each.

  100. Buczilla Says:

    The Bucs from top to bottom have been a train wreck ever since Gruden was fired. Every coach hired after Gruden has been horrible (jury is still out on Arians) and the Glazers are still reaping the rewards of bad karma for neglecting the team for dumb a$$ soccer (my opinion, I know people like it) when Raheem was the coach. I put 80% of the blame on the Glazers for making the decisions that ultimately led us to drafting a quarterback that in the end, just wasn’t good enough. I don’t care where the rest of the blame goes, because it is irrelevant now.

    The Glazers look to be on the path to redemption with last year’s hiring of Arian’s (finally a legit coach) and getting Brady this year. We’ll see, because the Glazers are slowly but surely creeping into Culverhouse territory. Not for their greed or indifference, but for their ineptitude.