The Brady And Arians Marriage

March 23rd, 2020

It’s some ways, the marriage of new Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and old Bucs coach Bucco Bruce Arians will be a shotgun wedding.

Each day with this coronavirus pandemic ravaging America, it looks worse and worse and frankly, Joe is seriously wondering if training camps will open in July. As Joe is typing this, Joe would bet against the NFL having any OTAs this spring.

(Feel free to Google what some high-level physicians and politicians are saying about the timeline of this pandemic.)

So with so little time to prepare for a regular season (if it starts on time), don’t be shocked if the Bucs and Arians try to learn the Patriots’ offense rather than Brady learning Arians’ offense.

Follicly-challenged Billy Barnwell of BSPN thinks the Bucs offense this fall will be a combo of what Brady ran in New England and what Arians has run for years.

Do I think Arians is going to hand Brady the 2019 Bucs playbook and tell him to go stretch his arm for the fall to come? No. He’s too good of a coach for that. My suspicion is that we’ll see some of the play-action concepts Brady loved in New England integrated into Arians’ attack. The 67-year-old coach will install more quick game to play to Brady’s strength of getting the ball out quickly and accurately to an open receiver.

Both the Patriots and the Buccaneers went with empty formations more than 100 times in 2019, which ranked among the top 10 teams in the league. Both Arians and New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels asked their quarterback to make quick, accurate passes in those scenarios. Brady will be better there than Winston was in 2019. After all that, yes, I do think we’ll see Brady take shots downfield more frequently with the Bucs than he did with New England. We won’t see the McDaniels offense exported to Tampa or the Arians offense thrust upon Brady, but we’ll see something that incorporates the strengths of both.

Here is what Joe thinks will happen: Last year the play-action (which worked well for Jameis Winston in previous years with the Bucs) wasn’t worth a crap last year. That was because defenses didn’t trust the running backs and of course, Jameis doesn’t have that quick of a release. So that allowed defenses, who didn’t respect the Bucs’ run game, a brief moment to recover.

Brady can still get the ball out quickly. So he can burn defenders who may hesitate on a play-action.

It sure would be nice though if a back Brady fakes a handoff to would at least make a defensive coordinator think twice about the defense he runs.

22 Responses to “The Brady And Arians Marriage”

  1. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Mike Evans
    “It’s surreal,” Evans said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “He’s about to be my quarterback, man. I know you don’t know football like that, but I’ve played six years in the NFL, and I haven’t been to the playoffs yet. Tom Brady has won six Super Bowls.”

  2. LVMYBUCS Says:

    And u wonder why JW doesn’t have a team yet. BECAUSE HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Not only does Brady have a quick release…..but he is quicker with his handoffs…..Sometimes it looked like Jameis was telegraphing his handoffs and took forever to get the ball into the RBs hands…..

  4. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Sadly, I do not expect a season this year. China has had this stuff going in since November, and they are still forcing heavy isolation. The hope I have is that our medical community and believe it or not, our Congress/President will work a solution WWII victory style that will get us through. While speculation…think we’re going to see the height of this in June/July and still be under some sort of lockdown through Nov. A vaccine sooner would be great.

  5. idiaznet Says:

    I think that one thing that will be different in the Brady era than before is that defenses will not sell out to stop the run. They already know what a quick decision maker Brady is. That alone will help the run game. It is not like Brady has always had that bell cow running back with him. Teams had to defend him as much as the running game. In fact most of the time they went in letting the Patriots run the ball to defend the pass. That is going to happen with the Bucs. When that happens it will be more like the Rams game with play action opening up with Evans and Godwin. I really think it will be a good match. I also think our O-Line will be better as Brady won’t be holding the ball so long. He and Jameis may have had the same time stats, but in re-watching the games you can see when Jameis miss read the open receiver in hopes of forcing the ball in to certain guys. I think you are going to see the ball spread around more which will speed up the decisions and make it easier for the line to hold up.

    I was a huge Jameis fan, but his last comments and actions spoke volumes that he and his family just didn’t get it. Sad to say, that is what made me go back and see for myself what everyone was saying. I see why BA wanted to make the change.

  6. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Now, on what offense run, I agree with Joe, that the offense may change. Some good things though are nothing stops Brady from working with his wideouts on his own time. Change the playbook expected, but overall offense scheme stays the same is my bet.

  7. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Analytics has shown that play action is effective even when the running game isn’t. And while analytics show that Winston was overall am inefficient QB, he performed better using play action. Yet, Leftwich called it at a rate near the bottom of the league. Brady will improve this team not just from his on the field talent, but also from his ability to read defenses and call the right plays. Leftwich will look like a genius thanks to Brady. Last year, Leftwich hurt Winston with too many first down HB dives and not nearly enough play action. GO BUCS, GO BRADY

  8. Joe Says:

    And while analytics show that Winston was overall am inefficient QB, he performed better using play action.

    Analytics shows Joe when beer is cold. It doesn’t show Joe if the beer is any good.

  9. ZZbuc Says:

    Agree Hethrew 100%…I think this NFL season is on serious jeopardy….

  10. ElBajito43 Says:

    Greenland and Antarctica are currently fast-tracking their NFL STADIUM PROJECTS in case the 2020 NFL season is relocated due to the virus 🦠.

    Jason “Trash man” Licht will be looking at DEFENSIVE BACKS this week via drone broadcasts of tele-workouts. He is going to select a long snapper in Rd 2.



  11. Hethrew 30 Says:

    Well, hate to ask, but I’m sure the NFL knows/is looking at it–if season is canx. What to do with players/coaches salaries and contracts. Do they just act like this season never happened? Not sure they do that legally. Worse, all those team employees and others in the business who are just average staff workers. This is a time that the owners should personally reach into their pockets and pay them as if they worked the season. Just sayin’. I’m not a handout supporting kind of guy, but these hand outs or bailouts as much as a plain and simple rescue as Stu Varney puts it. I really hope we are talking football this year in June.

  12. LaMarcus Says:

    Since interceptions was what appears to be are only issue I dont hear no excuses on why we went 7-9.

  13. PSLBob Says:

    Coronavirus – It’s a Buc’s life! Man, talk about squashing the euphoria engulfing the Tampa Bay area.

  14. Robert Says:

    you could see jw’s hand off coming from st pete.

    the RB’s will be much better, but with all the catching weapons I’d be happy with 1 RB with comined 1k yards and the other two getting 500 each.

  15. Robert Says:

    hethrew=ndog w/ corona

  16. Billy_45 Says:

    Yeah typical Bucs life will see this season cancelled and Brady retires without ever taking a snap for Tampa.

    Freakin screw those China lab rats.

  17. TOM Says:

    And what do the Glazers do to hepl in these times of need. RAISE GD TICKET PRICES. ASSHOLES.

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    TOM..they got you Brady too….

  19. WestChap Says:

    BA (and/or Byron?) are going to replay that conversation BA had with Big Ben as a first year OC… “so, what plays do you like? What plays do you dislike? Can we mix in a little risk it/biscuit vertical route from time to time? Cool. See you in September.”

  20. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Agree with you 87…gotta pay for what you receive.

    I have fallen in love with Alicia Keyes and she’s coming to Hard Rock this fall..or at least WAS scheduled….sold out already and on the secondary market cheap seats are around $500…upfront…four digits. Too old and too cheap to go for that.

    I no longer have the energy to commit to season tickets. I’d rather pick a couple of games and pay the after market price much as I have done with the Lightning.

  21. Big O Says:

    I wouldn’t count out jameis Winston as our backup he knows the squad who knows how long this coronavirus will last!!!!

  22. 813bucboi Says:


    go take ndog for a walk chump!!!!!!!

    JW IS A BUST!!!!!!!

    there are 5109 reason why we went 7-9…….and 30 reasons why no one wants JW….

    GO BUCS!!!!!!