Ryan Jensen Looking Forward To Brady’s Culture, Development Impact

March 24th, 2020

Bucs center Ryan Jensen

From his crib in the mountains of Colorado, Bucs center Ryan Jensen has been busy working out at his comprehensive home gym and hanging out by the river in front of his home.

He’s also been talking to teammates on a group chat about the acquisition of Tom Brady, the guy he’s be snapping the ball in 2020.

Jensen talked to CBS Sport Radio this week and said he’s keeping relaxed amidst the Coronavirus madness but is very eager to get a jump on working with a new quarterback to get in rhythm.

“It’s going to be awesome playing with a player of his resume and what he’s done in this league for such a long time. You know, there’s a lot to be learned from him,” said Jensen, adding he thinks the Bucs offense can be a top-5 offense, “and take care of the ball and protect leads.”

Brady has yet to call Jensen, the center said, but he’s looking forward to the chat with No. 12 — and the transformation of the team mentality.

“The amount of games that he won and his competitive fire, like that can really help mold a culture of an entire football team, offense, defense, special teams,” Jensen said. “o that’s something that I’m excited for, is these young guys who are year 2, 3, in the league, having a player the caliber that Tom is come in; that’s going to be great for their development and to see the way Tom works is going to be great for the team.”

Jensen noted that Brady made all the “mike point” checks at the line of scrimmage in New England but Jensen controlled all of that in Tampa. But it should be an easy transition whether it’s an “equal partnership” or all Brady., he said.

As for the departure of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, Jensen said he is a huge Jameis fan.

“If Jameis would have returned, open arms,” Jensen said. “I love Jameis. He’s a great competitor and, you know, a great friend. That’s part of the business. I hoping he lands on his feet somewhere and can continually improve. But if he would have been back, I would have gone to war with him just how I have the last two years. There would have been no difference no matter who’s taking the snaps.”

All the culture change/fix talk Joe hears from various players and the front office is intriguing. The Bucs really need it; it’s just interesting to hear that the team thinks so, too.

Jensen added that the team needs to learn how to close out games in the third quarter, not the fourth.

36 Responses to “Ryan Jensen Looking Forward To Brady’s Culture, Development Impact”

  1. Larry Says:

    How much better can the Bucs be without all the interceptions and fumbles??? Night and day better. Winstion was just not a very accurate passer. Brady is. The Bucs need a right tackle, a stud running back, a safety and bring Suh back. The Bucs should win their division with these pieces of the [puzzle in place.

  2. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    Ryan Jensen made a very classy statement yesterday about Jameis Winston, as his teammate and as his friend. It was clear that this was important to him to say, before moving on to talking about Tom Brady.

    He is now welcoming Tom Brady to the BUCS, as the GOAT, and he can’t wait to take the field with him.

    To our BUCS fans that are having trouble letting JW go… this is how it can be. Those 2 things can co-exist. It doesn’t mean that you are no longer a Jameis fan, if you embrace Brady with the BUCS, and all that is to come.

    Let’s enjoy the ride.

  3. 813bucboi Says:

    a few things stand out from what he said:

    1)“The amount of games that he won”
    2)”take care of the ball and protect leads.”
    3)”there’s a lot to be learned from him”

    JW aint win enough games….
    JW didnt take care of the ball…
    no one learned anything from JW…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  4. AlabamaBucsFan Says:

    Brady might not have the same physical tools as he did five years ago, but he is one of the best at reading the defenses.

  5. Robert Says:

    hey larry, winsont is AMERICAS QUARTERBACK! *sarcasm*

    so happy we finally got a brain at QB, the OL will be night and day.

  6. Casual Observer Says:

    Agree that just a few pieces are needed. The ones Larry identified. Hope they have enough $ to do it.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Jensen as two years remaining on his contract ($10 mil each non-guaranteed)……..How about a restructure giving him a 3rd year with some of the money guaranteed…..perhaps $8 mil this year with $10mil the following 2 years……$13 mil guaranteed…..would save us $2 mil on the cap this year….

    How ’bout it Ryan?

  8. Cough Says:

    Why do all you racists hate Jameis Winston so much. What did he ever do to you boomers lol

  9. BucsFIRE Says:

    Cough says:

  10. BucsFIRE Says:

    {crickets…. crickets…. crickets….}

  11. '79 Defense Says:

    Besides hope, what makes people think that 60,000 people are going to be allowed in stadiums in September? That’s an honest question I’m looking for an answer on.

    I’m not trying to bring things down, but not many people seem to want to believe or consider that the season being in jeopardy is a distinct possibility.

  12. Lamarcus Says:

    So much for that JW is a locker room cancer talk

    3 things I took was :

    Brady is gonna do everyone’s job

    Brady is gonna make ppl play better ( whatever that means)

    JW was a good old buddy not a boss but Brady is boss CEO

  13. Umm Says:

    Jameis Winston isn’t even on the Bucs and theres still multiple grown men endlessly dumping on him and celebrating. It really speaks volumes about some fans of this team and the NFL in general. It’s a freaking game.Racism is alive and well in the world… hopefully in the future people are much more enlightened.

  14. Swampbuc Says:

    Where does the stuff that a number of players couldn’t stand Jameis come from?

  15. Lamarcus Says:

    If Brady so good why do we need all those upgrades when you said Winsterception was the issue. I’m so confused

    “Aww no more turnovers. Quick upgrade everything”

  16. Dougyballs Says:

    Just like I said in a post yesterday. Accountability. Leading by example

  17. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    A large number of those Jameis “detractors” were fans of his at one time. Some of them, literally until the last 2 games of this season.

    There are also a large number of Jameis “detractors” who (before it looked like Brady would happen) were advocating for Teddy Bridgewater to replace Jameis.

    I happen to be a JW fan and have said so on numerous occasions.

    RACE? — Why is that being brought into this? It’s incorrect and it’s really unfair to point this at those detractors (many of whom I have disagreed with in the past). They have legitimate reasons to have had their issues with JW’s play, and it sure is hell is not race.

  18. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    ’79 Defense, hear you brother and the stress weighs on us all. Call it “hope”…. or “faith”… or whatever we may. It just feels better to believe that somehow, someway, we start to turn this COVID around….. and SOON.

    I know we will.

  19. stpetebucsfan Says:

    My final post on anything Jameis…actually a question.

    I absolutely understand the difference in football opinion about the value of a 43 year old GOAT versus a talented if wildly inconsistent young QB. I get the reasons and the “football” arguments supporting each.

    What completely baffles me is the personal allegiance to JW.

    The pity party is what amazes me. If you think we made a mistake in this swap…I disagree but respect your opinioin. If the move bothers you because you like JW personally so much….well I’ll respect your opinion but completely do not understand it.

    What makes people like this guy besides his smile and his talent? I’m not suggesting folks should dislike him although some guys here with daughters cannot forgive his sexual hijinks…what personally has JW done aside from his considerable football skills to incite this kind of personal devotion?

    Just askin’……for the last time.

  20. jmarkbuc Says:

    ’79 and Demon,

    Unfortunately, I think sports in general will be profoundly changed .

    So, if the season goes on after all the quarantining how many people are gonna go to a stadium with optimistically 60,000 people and yell and scram and spill beer on each other, or pack into a concourse?

    Basketball arena?, concert?

    Finally part ways with JW, get Brady…and the world stood still..it truly is a Buc’s Life

  21. Tampa Bay Demon Says:


    I am not sure that I am the person you were looking for in an answer, because in my case, it is definitely not some sort of blind devotion.

    The reasons that I have been a fan of Jameis (and yet still believe it was time for he & the BUCS to part)… are these…

    I like the rocket arm and the never-say-die attitude on plays (even though it is also a fault often)… I admire the quality. Also, the regularity in which he converts 3rd & 10s and 3rd & 15s. I also like the way he respects & treats his teammates, on & off the field. Finally, (in spite of bad mistakes that he made), I believe he essentially has a good heart about other people, and has a passion for contributing to his community.

    When you asked the question, those are things I suppose that I liked most and will miss. But again, the turnovers just became too much to overcome. For the good of the BUCS, and for his good too…. the time had come, and he needed to move on.

  22. jmarkbuc Says:

    *scream…and hopefully it’s DEFENSE…DEFENSE

  23. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    jmarkbuc, yes it truly is a Bucs life. Wow, well said man.

  24. '79Defense Says:

    Demon – Thanks. Hopefully you’re right..

    Jmarkbuc – Absolutely. It is a Bucs life.

    St Pete — I saw many clips of Jameis doing some really good things in the community. I’m sure he did more than required. So I can see where people, despite Jameis’ flaws, would support him to a greater extent than one would expect. He was part of our team and worked tirelessly to succeed on the field. It’s probably hard for some people to not see things work out yet again for a Bucs QB.

  25. Will Says:

    All this culture change talk coming from all these grown men, professional athletes is disturbing to me Joe not intriguing. This team is full of mental midgets hoping someone else will come in and show them how to be elite and how to win. Sure TB12 is like Jordan who makes those around him better I get that but it’s disappointing as a fan of the Bucs hearing players that have been in the league for years saying things like this. I remember when Jensen got here and Smith said that he would give the oline the edge they needed and help their mentality. You’re a damn pro athlete you shouldn’t need another person to help raise your level of play and intensity.

  26. DoooshLaRue Says:

    St. Pete,

    Reading between the lines you wrote and my answer would be the devotion the Nuthuggers have for JayMiss is directly related to the reason they claim the Haters hate him.


    It’s almost as if they have a “stick it to whitey” mentality.

  27. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    It’s just a little hard for me to understand why people would accuse the BUCS organization or it’s fans of RACISM.

    The BUCS have had more African American Head Coaches (3) than any other team in the NFL. Currently, all 3 of their coordinators are also African American.

  28. pick6 Says:

    @demon well said. i was really rooting for Jameis to grow into the role and be the guy we watched on Sundays all the way into the 2030s to match the tenures of guys like Brady, Rodgers, Rivers, Big Ben, and the Mannings. He had so many of the ingredients, including the magnetic personality that he never got to show because he was always needing to be contrite about his latest mistake. But in order to become such a player you must be consistent and you must be respected (because of your zeal for consistency).

    Sadly, we have seen almost every top QB in the draft since him find a way to allow their team to build a winner around them. Forgetting about guys like Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Deshaun Watson who have become transcendent talents in less time than Jameis, even guys like Goff and Mariota were able to become predictable enough in their play for their team to make it to the playoffs and win there.

    We know it’s possible because we see QBs everywhere making that leap. We knew Winston had some of the ingredients. But it’s so taxing as an owner and as a fan base to keep justifying why the most important position on the team can’t step forward and live up to the expectations to contend and win regularly

    i’ll miss Jameis, and i almost can’t believe he didn’t live up to the promise i saw in him, but i’m tired of watching every other team ascend quickly on the back of an emergent QB or stay awesome on the back of a proven field general

  29. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Again I TOTALLY understand why you had those feelings “football” wise. There are legitimate points to be made.

    79 Defense…Certainly take your point. And again I concede JW can be a charmer.

    DOOSH I understand why you might feel that way. But I think the racism charge is too overused and simple. Clearly I have read posts from some posters that illustrate your point…I’ve read posts that illustrate the other side of the equation.

    Fortunately I believe the racists on both sides are in a very tiny minority here.

    I’ve said enough about race…I can hear the applause in the background. LMAO
    I finish with this final thought.

    If we make shotgun sometimes specious arguments whether dislike or support for JW was based on race…which IMHO is simply not true…then we remove the opportunity for REAL discussions about race.

    Again it’s that old childhood tale about what happens to the boy who cried wolf.

  30. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    spbf says:
    “Again it’s that old childhood tale about what happens to the boy who cried wolf.”


    Spot on, and perfectly said.

  31. unbelievable Says:

    classy response all around from Jensen.

  32. Craig Says:

    It had to be hard for the rest of the team to go fifty or sixty yards and then either go backwards or turn the ball over.

    How about when you blocked someone tough and the QB never threw the ball?

    Nice of Jensen not throw anyone under the bus.

  33. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Stop using the racism crap for Winston’s unemployment situation. It makes you look petty and small. You know it and we certainly know it.

  34. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    pick6, great post sir. Really well expressed on all counts.

  35. Matt Says:

    Racism? No we don’t hate on Jameis because racism because the most love able/endearing people on our team before Brady got here were Godwin, Vea and Barrett.

    It is Jameis’ disingenuousness about his humble nature. He is arrogant for no reason, he acts like he’s intelligent and he’s humble but really he’s a stupid arrogant and it is and always will be easy to root against people like this. I never coached Jameis but I’ll bet he says “Yeah you’re right..I know” all the time to his coaching. He misinterprets enthusiasm for arrogance. He’s probably trying to be someone he isn’t and thinks enthusiasm and positive thinking is the missing element to him being an MVP. His answer is either meditation, magic mushrooms or just honestly admitting he doesn’t get it. His will is never under question, no one wants it more than he does and no one is willing to put it on the line more than he does but it’s almost like his grandiose optimism (heroball) is engraved in his genetics.

    A young offensive tackle will invigorate this group and gel everyone together even stronger. This has the making of an elite unite. Cappa is a tough sob!!!

  36. sincethebeginning Says:

    The culture change and impact of a mature and passionate adult starting player at a position of importance in professional athletics is a real thing.

    The Joes used to *regularly* mock leadership questions (centered mainly around GMC) and downplay its importance to a team. Their old articles that included sniping at such notions are rampant.

    It is astonishing to see this change of perspective from the Joes, but I’m glad it’s finally appearing to happen. There is very little mockery of leadership now coming out of JBF world headquarters. Where are the snide demands for “productivity” being the utmost important aspect of an important player? Where is the notion that leadership isn’t really important now?

    Glad to see those days are fading at JBF (hopefully), and I’m thrilled that the Joes and so many others in Bucs Nation will finally get to see up close what a real locker room leader and team leader looks like. It’s been a loooonnnngg time coming!