Jameis Winston Perfect To Backup Brady — In New England?

March 4th, 2020

America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, sure is getting a lot of national attention.

He was a hot topic on the BSPN TV airwaves twice yesterday.

In the video below, you’ll see screamin’ Stephen A. Smith barking about how Jameis is the ideal fit in New England because Bill Belicheat will straighten him out. Throw in Tom Brady mentoring him with Jameis in a backup role, Smith said, and that’s a perfect tonic and role for 26-year-old Jameis.

Shockingly, former Bucs QB and current NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky agreed. (Agreement rarely happens on the screaming shows.)

Orlovsky says Jameis already has had great coaching with Dirk Koetter and Bucco Bruce Arians and hasn’t succeeded, so a backup role in New England is ideal to rehabilitate him.

40 Responses to “Jameis Winston Perfect To Backup Brady — In New England?”

  1. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Brady – “Don’t give the ball away, turnovers are bad”

    JW – “Oh, now I get it”

    (First game he plays JW throws a pick 6 and Belichick has a heart attack on the sideline)

  2. Bruce Blahak Says:

    he’ll be ballin, on a bench…

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    considering brady has as many rings as bucs legends have playoff wins jameis can sure learn a lot away from loser bay!!!!

  4. Bigbucs1 Says:

    Great coaching with dirk!!! Hahaha funny!

  5. Adrnagy Says:

    Garbage talk.

    As if jameis has thrown 30int every year he’s played. Jameis is a 15int yr qb. And that is playing for a garbage team since he enter the league.
    So buckle up girls and stop crying.

  6. Robert Says:

    “America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, sure is getting a lot of national attention.”


  7. TSmitty3000 Says:

    Hate to break it to Orlovsky, but Mike Smith, not Jameis doomed Koetter. BTW Falcons fans hate Koetter but what do I know?

  8. Marine Buc Says:

    Yes! Please go be a backup somewhere else. Winston will be a great backup. If your team is already down by 14 put Winston in and just let him sling the ball with reckless abandon. Who cares if he throws three picks when your already down by several touchdowns?

  9. Tye Says:

    He is old news..
    (Hopefully) in Bucs History..

    Bring on the New QB and the new uniforms!

  10. Rob Tanner Says:


  11. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    Think how much better Winston can perform once he knows the other teams’ plays ahead of the snap.

    the missing piece

  12. BrianBucs Says:

    This is totally ridiculous. Bill hates turnovers worse than anything and Winston will always serve up a ton.
    Totally bad fit.

  13. Allbuccedup Says:

    Yeah right.

  14. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Check ya sheet…….he can’t relate to Brady because he’s white.


  15. Iron Wombat Says:

    There is zero evidence that Koetter was/is a good coach.

  16. ATrain Says:

    NOW the only chatter about Jamies from about another team is BACKUP

  17. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Still waiting to hear what other teams are ready to give Jameis a huge deal…

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    Adrnagy Says:
    March 4th, 2020 at 10:34 am
    Garbage talk.
    As if jameis has thrown 30int every year he’s played. Jameis is a 15int yr qb.

    dead wrong!!!!!!

    JW has finished each year being in the top5 in INTs thrown when he plays a full 16game season…..


    in 2018, JW had 14INTs in 13games….big ben threw the most INTs in 2018 with 18….no doubt in my mind JW wouldve led the league in INTs back to back years if he didnt have to sit…..so his suspension actually helped him….lol…

    so if you take the years he’s played a full season JW averages 21INTs…..

    and if you look at another trend, his INT total has gone up each year when he plays a full 16game season…..

    and even 15 is too much….lol….

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  19. 813bucboi Says:

    but i agree….

    JW will be a decent back-up…..somewhere….lol….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If Jameis will play for backup money….we might as well keep him……are you telling me that NE will spend $50 mil on their QBs?……I hardly think so.

  21. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Doosh…..hahahahah wel said

  22. geno711 Says:


    I agree. I am less a Jameis fan than some others but do we honestly think New England is going to pay him $7.5 million, or 10 million, or 15 million as a backup. At those numbers clearly keep him here.


    I agree that Belicheck just hates turnovers that is why I never saw Jameis as a fit with New England. One thing though we have seen is that Belicheck will give some talented players changes but if they do not work out quickly moves on from them.

  23. Craig Says:

    I doubt he could make it through pre-season. I have tried and can see no place that he really fits, because no other team has receivers that can make him look good.

    Let him go and find a decent bridge QB, one that can manage the game but has enough arm to keep Arians happy. A good offense can keep the opposing offense off of the field as well as a defense can.

    Jameis can’t do that. He can’t make a three minute offense work. I admit the run game didn’t help, but Jameis could not make short throws all season.

  24. Stevebobucsfan Says:

    Amen Tampabaybucfan. I don’t think any of these owners are gonna pay 50 mil to their QBs. I mentioned yesterday about Winston backing up Brady in Tampa. Immediately I got a firm no from Joe and many other analysts. I think Winston has back himself into a corner. I don’t think anyone’s gonna pay him starter money and as a backup how much of an decrease in salary will he have to take

  25. JimmyJack Says:

    Oh yeah sounds great. Except theirs a big ol fat wrench in this idea. Brady aren’t even staying in NE it sounds hahahaha…….thanks for the idea but let’s worry about New England starter before the backup hahaha.

  26. gotbbucs Says:


  27. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Perfect ..the Patriots Dynasty needs to come to a thudding end.

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    Joe I just heard Dion Sanders speculate Brady to Lynch’s 49ers. Sounds like perfect fit to me.

    Plus the added bonus of hearing Bucs fans whine how Lynch is schooling Licht.

  29. westernbuc Says:

    To all the commenters ripping on Koetter here:

    What makes you think we had a better season without him? We went 7-9. Jameis threw 30 interceptions. Our tight ends disappeared. Our running game nonexistent. If the problem was coaching, then Arians is a bad coach too, right?

    Outside of the defense stepping up, with 2 pass rushers, something Koetter never had, this team in many ways regressed or didn’t improve at all. But for some reason, you guys are so blinded to reality

  30. D-Rome Says:

    Orlovsky says Jameis already has had great coaching with Dirk Koetter

    Sometime last year I read a quote written by one of the Joes on this esteemed site that one of Arians’ biggest surprises about Jay-Miss is that he knew Koetter’s playbook inside and out. There wasn’t anything he didn’t know. Koetter and his staff coached up Jay-Miss. He had great QB coaching.

    The scary thing is that 2017 may have been his best overall year under Irk and that was the best he could do.

    This whole thing is like a bad marriage where both people involved don’t really like each other but they stick it out for the kids.

  31. a-bomb Says:

    Idiots. No quarterback would have 30 interceptions in Belichick’s offense, because you almost never throw more than 7 yards downfield. Unlike Arians/Koetter, who are constantly asking their QB’s to throw 15 yards downfield. The thing that many of the haters on here fail to realize is how difficult this type of offense is to run, with so many option routes and deep throws. The reason for all of the INT”s this season is easy to see- it took a while for JW and the receivers to get on the same page. The last two games of the season with ME and CG out, JW was stuck with guys who were again trying to get on the same page with him about the options.

  32. Isaac haggins Says:

    How do ya like the footwork in that pic

  33. WestChap Says:

    It would be very interesting to see JW play in a quick read, short passing offense. His experience here would say that he’d set a record for pick-6s. He has been most successful when doing single read jump passes or slower developing deep routes.

    No way is he making more than $10M as a backup in NE. At that price he and we should want him to stay in Tampa.

  34. T REX Says:

    He a back up. That’s it. Nobody wants or needs turnovers.

    Winston lovers…see ya!

  35. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    No way in hell Bill Belichick would put up with is out of control style of play, nor his penchant for careless and stupid turnovers.

  36. Hodad Says:

    Homer, you got that right! It’s laughable when people say N.E. might be his next landing spot. Anybody who believes Belichick would want Capt. Turnover needs to be Baker acted!

  37. TexBuc Says:

    We can all speculate all we want, but Belicheck has a long history of turning players careers around that no other team wanted.

  38. TexBuc Says:

    If I am Winston I am looking to leave the Bucs and look long term. Learning from Sean Payton would be my first choice.

  39. CPN Says:

    Winston being a backup in NE?

    Someone is smoking something really good, and I want some of it.

  40. BigHog Says:

    Mr. 5,000 FOR PRESIDENT!!!