“It’s Not Really Decision Making”

March 14th, 2020

What primarily causes the inconsistency of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston?

The common answer is decision-making, but that’s inaccurate according to one film-studying former QB.

Joe is going back to another take by two-time Super Bowl champ and 15-year NFL veteran Phil Simms, who joined the Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast on NBC Sports and chatted about the Bucs’ gunslinger.

Phil Simms seems to think Jameis has mechanical issues that either haven’t been fixed or are getting worse under the Bruce Arians regime.

“Much more mobile than he gets credit for, you know, can really move around. He’s big. He likes to throw the football down the field, makes a lot of great throws,” Phil Simms said of Jameis.

“But the problem with Jameis Winston is not really decision-making, it’s the football gets away from him. I’d like to go over all his interceptions and see how many times he probably made a good decision but he overthrew the receiver. … To me, that’s what holds him back. You can’t lose the ball as an NFL quarterback, and lose control of it and miss a guy by throwing it four yards over his head; you can’t do it four or five times a games.

“Listen, he is famous for it. I go, ‘Man, he’s hot today. He’s hot, he’s hot.’ And all of a sudden go, ‘Oh, my God. … The guy was wide open.’

“You know, you and I know, we study this stuff a little bit. There’s reasons why he does lose control of the football.

Could he fix it now? I don’t know. You gettin’ to the point in his career, yeah, you could fix it, but it would take a lot of work to where he wouldn’t lose control of the football that way. That’s for sure.”

It’s worth noting the Bucs have said publicly that Jameis’ mechanics improved in 2019.

Simms went on to say he believes the Bucs will re-sign Jameis and added that Jameis should take whatever deal that’s offered. There’s real hope, he added, because of Jameis’ talent and him entering Year 2 within the offense.

Simms also firmly believes the Bucs-Tom Brady rumors are strictly about Bucs officials driving the price down on Jameis.

134 Responses to ““It’s Not Really Decision Making””

  1. Bucsfan951 Says:

    5 years playing in the nfl and his mechanics still aren’t good enough? Oh wait, that’s the defense and kickers fault. My bad!

  2. geno711 Says:

    Well we were talking about getting Jonathan Joseph yesterday.

    If Phil looked at Jameis Winston’s interception to Jonathan Joseph last year.
    He would see that Jameis never looked off of Perriman and he physically threw it to the wrong place. That one could not be blamed on Arians.

  3. gotbbucs Says:

    Projects like that get fixed when they are holding a clipboard, not making $30 million dollars a year. What incentive is there to fix your mechanics if you’ve already made enough money to where your grandchildren won’t have to work?
    Move on. It’s not worth the hassle. We have bad mechanics AND bad decisions.

  4. passthebuc Says:

    Small hands???

  5. SteveK Says:

    Definitely both mechanics and decision making. When you have 30 picks there is a lot to work on.

    The OT pick to end the season was a poor decision and stared Brate down hard the whole play.

  6. geno711 Says:

    Go to NFL.com
    There is an article from Marc Sessler.
    Writer for @nflnetwork and member of The Around the NFL Podcast.
    And in the style of Joe – is well known to have an inside handle on what NFL executives really value.

    Says the number 1 riskiest free agent is Jameis Winson.
    Says the number 2 riskiest free agent is Leonard Williams.

    I guess Joe is not his source.

  7. Couch Fan Says:

    Going into year 6 and still have big time mechanic issues through 3 coaches. Its pretty clear we need to move on. Jameis may get better, chances are he doesn’t. Bucs just need to start over at the QB position.

  8. Ivan The Insider Says:


    The Bucs are strategically trying to drive the price down on Jameis?

    That makes ZERO sense.

    If they really want him to remain their QB, they’d tag him or sign him. Even if they have to overpay a little to get a deal done.

    The Bucs are ranked #4 in the league for CAP SPACE. Trying to play some sort of “chess” game with negotiations to save maybe $8M/year on the most valuable position on the field is COMPLETELY, AND UTTERLY DUMB.

    If the Bucs don’t tag Jameis and let him enter free agency, they definitely DON’T WANT HIM. It’s just that simple.

    This isn’t like a DT, LB, or CB that wants too much money and so you let him test free agency and ‘maybe’ (rarely happens) his demand is soft and you’re able to bring him back and save a bit of cap space.

    That is 100% NOT the case with QB. No coach/GM/organization in their right minds would have a strategy to resign the guy they want at QB (in this case, Jameis) in the hopes of saving a few bucks by letting him test free agency. That’s way too high of a risk and with more downside than upside.


    Does anyone that knows anything about the NFL actually think the Bucs would let Jameis enter free agency with the intention that they really want him back but just at a discount?

    LOLZ. That’s not how this business works.

  9. SkBucsFan Says:

    So you are saying that his accuracy is terrible? That’s exactly what every NFL team wants in a QB.
    Sorry Joe. It’s time to move on.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    When you throw 30 interceptions, you have to be making some bad decisions……sure some of them were off-target throws…..but many were simply not reading the defense or throwing to a receiver that was covered.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Finally someone on the national media scene who makes some sense out of Jameis’ 2019 performance. Makes sense with what I was seeing last year … good throw, good throw, good throw, OMG where did that throw come from? That’s Jameis right there. When he’s hot, he’s REALLY hot. When he’s not, run for the hills.

    Papa Simms doesn’t sound all that positive that Jameis can be ‘fixed’. Major mechanical problems for a franchise QB going into Year 6 is not a good thing. And that’s especially scary when it comes to re-signing him to a long-term deal, especially with this coaching staff. Telling him to ‘just keep firing’ may have been a big part of the problem last year actually, instead of finding ways to help keep Jameis under control.

  12. Ndog Says:

    What makes me sick is this team is finally going to have a defense and they will probably upgrade both the oline and running back this year and have a balanced team in the first time in forever and all you idiots will say “see I told you it was the QB all along”. When in reality the job of the next QB will be completely different from the job the previous QB had. But again who cares about facts you complete and utter IDIOTS make comments like anyone but Jameis. My goodness you people are freaking stupid. I wish you all could be banned from even posting as you make us all a bit dumber by reading your worthless drivel.

  13. catcard202 Says:

    Go watch the film..It was tipped by DE – changing velocity & trajectory – allowing D.Jones to under-cut Brate’s out route & take it to the house.

  14. Sport Says:

    At this point it’s a pretty solid consensus, he has issues playing QB consistently well. Fantasy stats, sure, mind numbing play, that too.

    JW has earned the position he’s in. Dude got $21M last year, he could have earned a big new contract. He didn’t play well enough to get elite pay. He opened the door to all this ‘other QB’ speculation.

    That erratic play gets totally exposed in big games, he has not done well in big games and I don’t expect that to change.

    Therefore door number 2 looks attractive.

    In BA I Trust!

  15. Waterboy Says:

    So does that mean accuracy is the issue then? Or is it smallish hands that allow balls to float on him?

  16. Ivan The Insider Says:


    You’re seriously already making excuses for another QB that may come in and actually succeed?

    Man… you’re definitely one of a kind. I truly hope if Jameis goes that you go with him.

  17. SB Says:

    IDGAF I still want him back for one more yr.

  18. Ivan The Insider Says:


    If Jameis was not quite succeeding because of these O-Line, Defense, and RB issues you claim, then…

    Why was Ryan Fitzpatrick able to put up very similar big numbers with the team that was 80% similar to what it was in 2019?

    If you pro-rated all 16 games based on Fitzpatrick’s 7.5 games that he played, he would have had these numbers of the season…

    4,900+ Yards Passing
    34 Passing TDs
    24 Interceptions
    An avg. QB rating of over 100… for the entire season.

    PLEASE… I’m BEGGING you… since you know so much about the NFL that everyone doesn’t… explain HOW Fitzpatrick could put up such big numbers without a good D, OL, and running game… your same excuses for Jameis not winning more. ???

    WE’RE WAITING. Please enlighten us all.

  19. Bucsfan951 Says:

    NDOGG says: “What makes me sick is this team is finally going to have a defense“

    So now all of a sudden the Bucs are close to having a good defense? You trash them daily.

  20. SB Says:

    Man… you’re definitely one of a kind. I truly hope if Jameis goes that you go with him.


    I hope JW stays but if he goes I agree with this statement.

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    Ivan Fitzpatrick crumbled when he received pressure for the passrush. Winston doesn’t crumble only from pressure and it’s the biggest difference between them.

    It’s also the reason Fitz is a career backup.

    Winston still does need to figure out how to limit mistakes that plague him. Especially especially in clutch time………..But I wanna see him back. He does have the talent but more importantly he has the one thing that’s impossible to teach. He got the heart of a lion.

  22. Bird Says:


    Take your hands off that mans crotch

    What a tool. He is more of a fan then anyone. Yet will be negative on everyone but jameis

  23. SB Says:

    PLEASE… I’m BEGGING you… since you know so much about the NFL that everyone doesn’t… explain HOW Fitzpatrick could put up such big numbers without a good D, OL, and running game… your same excuses for Jameis not winning more. ???

    WE’RE WAITING. Please enlighten us all.


    I am on pins and needles for this one!

  24. SB Says:

    JimmyJack you are COMPLETELY avoiding Ivan’s question tho.

  25. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    Winston’s failures notwithstanding, so much has been said or written about Winston’s miscues by coaches, writers, and we fans that Winston has to go somewhere else or look like a fool should the Bucs ask him to stay. I do not dislike Winston as a person, but as a Buc fan I feel like he has had 5 years to get better and has not. Therefore we need new blood at QB.

  26. Ivan The Insider Says:


    That makes no sense. He put up similar big numbers as Winston. If he’s a career backup, then so is Winston. That’s my point.

    Fitzpatrick actually had fewer turnovers and a higher QB rating than Winston. You seem to forget that Winston was BENCHED for Fitzpatrick during that season after playing when his suspension was over.

    How many ‘great’ NFL starting QBs were at one time in their 4th season BENCHED for poor play? List them. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

  27. gotbbucs Says:

    @ NDOG
    Explain to me how a better defense and a better running game has anything to do with throwing interceptions on the first possession, and sometimes first pass attempt of the game? He basically threw consecutive pick-6’s to start the Texans game.

    Get out of here with your drivel. It’s stale. Winston has absolutely nobody to blame but himself, and here you and some others are still making excuses for him. He is surrounded by plenty of enablers, he doesnt need the Joebucsfan crowd to make it worse.

  28. SB Says:

    And Jimmy I do believe he has the heart of a Lion. That is why I want him back.
    But what is with the head?

  29. JimmyJack Says:

    And NDog……..Was easy to see that Winston’s job last year was just like you said about next year’s QB.

    He had a defense that played consistently good down the stretch and he was not required to carry the team. He failed at doing his job in them last two plain and simple. To say otherwise is a lie.

    And it’s for sure not fair to fault a fanbase for that when we been patient for five years(many of us). We finally see us get a real defense and there was true excitement to see Winston show us how great of a leader he could be(at the time he was getting tons of support and that undenyable)…………Winston proceeded to let us down in one of the worst games of his career. And the following week choked in OT.

    At some point in time he does have to proove he is fit to lead us to wins. That was a golden opportunity buddy boy. Failing in that manner was the absolute worst case scenario for everybody……….So stop trying to pretend like that context don’t exist.

  30. ATLBucs Says:

    I’ve heard that Jameis has 9″ hands. That’s small for an NFL QB. That could be a reason why he sometimes has bad releases.

  31. ATLBucs Says:

    Tampa 2

    I think that Jameis has improved a lot. This past season he did two things regularly that he very rarely did before: Check down to the RB and throw the ball away.

  32. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Stop digging! “all you idiots”

    Let me say on behalf of JBF posters we are glad to have you call us idiots because coming from you that is a complement.

    @passthebuc There were plenty of stories at draft time about the dangers of JW’s small hands. His 9 3/8 Carson Wentz for example 10″ but he does have big hands. Perhaps that’s why JW does not spin the ball like some other QB’s.

    As for the “reasons” for his well documented inconsistency. I have these questions about his hands…his release..mechanics etc…if they suck how is he able to make the magic throws then?

    AGAIN…he’s a choker!!! He’s excitable to put it mildly. After trying at attack and official..starting a rumble with Lattimore that gets ME tossed…Eating W’s…

    More charitably perhaps it’s his desperation to be the straw that stirs the drink.
    He tries too hard and does too much.

    After that Cincy game and the rest of the year after Fitz embarrassed JW and then the wrapup two weeks this year…enough already!

    He is radically inconsistent!!!l He has literally set records for TO’s.

  33. JimmyJack Says:

    Ivan what do you mean it makes no sense?

    Fitz went on a great run in a few games where the matchups worked perfectly for us as well as the game plan.

    Then we entered Thursday Night where it wasn’t so easy. It’s all on film. Fitz started feeling pressure and getting hit and he crumbled.

    He was great when the matchups work out and he can work in a clean pocket. Anything otherwise and he is just not a good QB………Which he wasn’t after them 2 games.

    And it’s been the story of his career as I heard. I won’t claim to know but a buddy that’s a Jets fans said it was same thing. He’s fine if he plays clean……But once his jersey gets dirty he’s toast…….It’s been that way for many great QBs too. They can flash all sorts of potential. But you put some heat on them and it’s a different story. Nick Foles is a good example.

  34. JimmyJack Says:

    Typo on the great QB comment hahaha

  35. JimmyJack Says:

    And Ivan I am not making a case about Winston being great. I never claimed that so I am just skipping your related questions.

    Now if you ask me if Winston can be great? I would answer yes.

  36. Pewter power Says:

    Not buying. How did he increase his deep ball accuracy? Its impossible that mechanics makes throw to someone who is clearly covered. How does mechanics lead to 7 pick 6’s? Those were throws that should have never happened

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    Ivan … You led with one BIG ASSUMPTION: that 2018 & 2019 were ‘80% similar’. But they weren’t. Oh the team (particularly the offense) may have been, but the 2 coaching staffs were very different. Game planning was different, attack philosophies & strategies were different, play designs were different, and of course play-calling was different. We have no idea how Ryan Fitzpatrick would’ve performed in THIS offense. (And I’m a big Fitz fan BTW).

    What should concern all Bucs’ fans is that Jameis INTs literally DOUBLED in 2019 in this new offense. In his first 4 years he averaged slightly less than 15 INTs per season. Then whammo … 30 INTs in his FIFTH year under a new coaching staff. That’s mind-boggling.

    Jameis did some awesome things in 2019. More passing yards than ANY QB in the NFL. More 1st downs than any NFL QB. The 2nd most TD passes. Lots of good stuff, BUT … one very nasty stat that can’t be ignored: 30 INTs. Also #1 in the NFL, by a bunch. Not a pretty look.

    I want to see Jameis back for ONE more year, if for nothing else than to see if 2019 was an anomaly. BUT … only back at an affordable price AND with a strong backup QB waiting to jump in should he go off the tracks again. Sorry Jameis, but it’s called COMPETITION. Another little word called ACCOUNTABILITY rears its ugly head too. The other 52 players on the TEAM deserve that.

  38. Ghettos of Siberia Says:

    Love your sense of humor Joe’s….

  39. MTM Says:

    It’s year 5 so let’s work on the mechanics. Wow! Epic stupidity. Instead let’s just punt on the Winston project Glazers.

  40. Cobraboy Says:

    Either you want Winston or you don’t.

    Price should have nothing to do with it.

  41. bojim Says:

    Want him back. As Simms says he should improve year two under BA. At least some.

  42. boldnewera Says:

    Even if it actually we’re supposedly mechanics, it’s still 5 years in and someone on all his coaching staffs would have picked up on some of that by now, present staff included.

    Then, once you start tweaking his mechanics, even more doubt gets between the ears, and then also messed with the “good” that Winston does now.

    Just trade the whole darn thing in for a fresh start at QB. Carr might work if traded. Bridgewater too. Preferably Brady though above all else.

  43. Adrnagy Says:

    Pay the man his 100m. Jameis is great and will continue to improve and eliminate int. He’s a 15int a year qb. 30td.

  44. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:

    SB Says:
    March 14th, 2020 at 3:04 pm
    PLEASE… I’m BEGGING you… since you know so much about the NFL that everyone doesn’t… explain HOW Fitzpatrick could put up such big numbers without a good D, OL, and running game… your same excuses for Jameis not winning more. ???

    WE’RE WAITING. Please enlighten us all.

    You will find your answer by watching the Steelers game, the Bears game, the Skins game, and the Giants game. You see how stupid your question is?


    I am on pins and needles for this one!

  45. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:


  46. Wesley Says:

    There are definitely times he makes an easy throw look sooo difficult.

  47. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:

    Phil Simms is wrong. He could not help his son.

  48. SB Says:


    That was a copy and paste from Ivan

  49. Bobby M. Says:

    They’ve been saying that since he was in college playing two sports. Its year 5 in the pros. He’s had access to excellent coaching AND Winston works hard….there’s no disputing either. He just doesn’t get it when the bullets are flying. That’s the reality of Jameis and that’s what makes it impossible with him. In the heat of the moment, all the coaching….practicing….experience….it all goes out the window and he reverts back to the same mentality that keeps failing. He’s not the first…..Vinny is a great example of this. Jay Cutler another…..Fitzpatrick. All the arm talent in the world but in the heat of the moment, they simply do stuff that doesn’t make sense….and they do this consistently over years and years.

  50. SB Says:

    Bobby that is a good analogy and I can tell you from my days in the service that I have seen Sharpshooters that could hit a target from 800 yards all day but couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn when the bullets were going both ways.

  51. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Anybody who wasn’t blind was aware that Jay Miss totally regressed after the national championship season at FSU. He has been inaccurate and a turnover machine since that season. I believe in his last UF game, he threw 3 pics in the 1st quarter. Of course his college team was good enough to overcome all his mistakes, which were plentiful.
    You can’t fix stupid and you can’t fix inaccurate.

  52. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Man, it sucks not having sports on today. I’m currently watching Ken Stabler A Football Life, and I’ve already seen it.

  53. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    But, I loved The Snake! How the hell can he not be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That’s a travesty.

  54. Buc_You Says:

    To be real Jameis would benefit from a good run game any QB would. Just look at the teams in the playoffs recently but when the game is on the line he chokes. Blame it on mechanics decision making whatever personally I think it’s both. Along with a lack of run game which we need to improve but to think a run game will take this team to the playoffs. Unless we can run like the Titans is an absurd notion to say the least. If that’s what we need to do to win then good Jameis needs to take a big a pay cut to help the team achieve that goal. Because a good run game takes the decision making out his hands. And makes him little more than a game manager and not even a good one at that when he so predictable to other defenses.

  55. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Although mechanics are still an issue at times. I think the high and hard passes have decreased from the previous year’s. Many of his TO’s include one or more mistakes
    If it was only one thing it would be easier to correct. Not reading defenses,bad decisions, bad mechanics,and going through his progressions are just some of his issues last year.
    But I have to wonder if what is going on his head iis a major contributor.

  56. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    ” I’d like to go over all his interceptions and see…”

    Uh yeah you’re only going on national TV, who has time to watch 30 plays. Instead just give an opinion on how you imagine it to be….

    what a fool

  57. Allbuccedup Says:

    I wish they would move on from Jameis. But if they are using all these rumors about Brady,Rivers and Bridgewater to drive his price down I would want to leave this team.

  58. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    It would be right in line with Bucs history to fail to develop a talented QB and surround him with a good enough team to win, then to let him go too early to let another team reap the rewards of his development.
    JW has always been a willing worker and it’s up to coaches to make sure he’s working on the right things to make him better. If BA and his staff are dropping the ball there then in no way should anyone ever refer to this dude as a “QB whisperer”.
    I still firmly believe our best chance for playoffs in 2020 lies with JW and his second year in this system. I’m sure he has been humbled by the realization that he is not going to make 30M+/yr right now so he will be as motivated as ever to prove he can protect the rock.

  59. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Oh ndog…….

    I think what’s really making you sick is your over-ingestion of the Soiled Messiah’s pearly gifts.

    As Rod “Anywho” Munch will tell you….. “ ya gotta pace yourself man”!

  60. Bob in Valrico Says:

    If you make one mstake,its human nature to think about it as you make the next play.Since
    mistakes sometimes come in bunches . IMO, Jameis has to be trying to be perfect,
    but it’s hard to put previous mistakes out his mind.

  61. Defense Rules Says:

    Cobraboy … I think I get where you’re coming from: Jameis is either a good QB or he’s not. But I respectfully disagree. ‘Price’ has everything to do with it IMO, to BA, to JL & even to the Glazers I suspect. It’s the difference between being able to afford a quality backup QB or not. I don’t mind gambling (and Jameis is a gamble), but I’d still like to have a solid backup plan … just in case it was a bad gamble.

    Admittedly my preference is to find a way to trade for Derek Carr. But even that would have to be for a reasonable ‘price’. Bucs have been terrible at TEAM-BUILDING IMO for far too many years. We constantly overpay because we’ve had a lot of trouble developing players (and yes, I blame the GMs & the coaching carousel for that). That has to stop if we’re to be competitive. We’ve got some quality youngsters AND FAs who all will want to be paid. So yes, ‘price’ … for EVERY player … has everything to do with it IMO.

  62. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:


  63. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:

    SB Says:
    March 14th, 2020 at 4:33 pm

    That was a copy and paste from Ivan

    Sorry 😐

  64. Buc_You Says:

    ^^^ And if I had some yo-yo at QB singlehandedly losing games all the time. Come out talking about I’m “balling” over his garbage yards trying to get top dollar. Then why not look at 40yr old Qb’s there’s a reason they have been around this long stupid and it’s not just 5000 yard seasons it’s called winning.

  65. Ivan The Insider Says:

    JimmyJack – your claims about him crumbling after the first 2 games is just not true. After Winston was benched he had a 4 TD pass game against the Bengals and then threw for over 400 yards against the Redskins. He got hit and sacked just as much as Winston. They both had good and bad games. That’s my point. But Fitz could have big stat games just like Winston, even if you take his crappy games and pro-rate the rest of the season, all of his play would average out to 4,900+ passing yards and 34 TD passes.

    Defense Rules – even if one tries to use the argument that the 2018 team/strategy/etc. is very different, then we can just compare Fitz vs. Winston performance on that same 2018 team… VERDICT: They played very close to the same with some big stat games and some terrible games.

    BOTTOM LINE: Winston is NOT special. Fitz proved that. We had some incredible weapons on our Offense and Fitz didn’t even get to play with Godwin starting, who is arguably a lot more consistent and a bigger overall producer than Jackson.

  66. Ivan The Insider Says:

    Defense Rules – there’s no way that BA/Licht/Glazers are wanting to bring back Jameis at a discount if he’s not already their main priority at QB. That would be a huge distraction for the team (and new starter). And they certainly aren’t only looking to bring Winston back at a discount just to have a better backup that would require more money.

    The Bucs either want Jameis or they don’t. It’s black & white. Price, ultimately, doesn’t have as much to do with it as people think. If they want him, then they may work out a deal before Monday. If not, then they’d tag him. BUT… if both of those things DON’T happen, then it’s Bye Bye, Jameis, and they have no intention of bringing him back and are ready to move on.

  67. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    It would be right in line with Bucs history to fail to develop a talented QB and surround him with a good enough team to win, then to let him go too early to let another team reap the rewards of his development.
    JW has always been a willing worker and it’s up to coaches to make sure he’s working on the right things to make him better. If BA and his staff are dropping the ball there then in no way should anyone ever refer to this dude as a “QB whisperer”.
    I still firmly believe our best chance for playoffs in 2020 lies with JW and his second year in this system. I’m sure he has been humbled by the realization that he is not going to make 30M+/yr right now so he will be as motivated as ever to prove he can protect the rock.

  68. catcard202 Says:

    All these mixed signals from BA & Licht are either smoke screening or a little vindictive.

  69. Ivan The Insider Says:

    Alaskan Abdominal,

    Fail to develop? Jameis Winston has had FIVE YEARS to develop in the NFL. He has led the league in turnovers EVERY YEAR he has been in the league. His massive 30 INT season in Arian’s system isn’t an anomaly. He had INT problems in his previous four years.

    There will always be the Jameis, “Just one more year to prove he can be consistent…” crowd.

    TIME IS UP. 5 years has been plenty of time.

  70. TexBuc Says:

    Love how many QB coaches we have on this site.

  71. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Remember every turnover is the receivers fault, the kickers fault, the defenses fault for being awful, the defenders fault for having great hands, the defender for tipping the ball when he shouldn’t have, the running backs fault for not being able to break tackles in the backfield, Arians fault for not accepting blame for all 30 INTS and the ladies he’s settled with for giving him a bad rep

    He will get better in year 6, he promises

  72. TexBuc Says:

    Until the Bucs announce we are moving on from Winston some “fans” should not get so excited about having a new QB this season.

  73. John.L Says:

    I think Ndog is Stocking Jameis!! It’s time to get over the guy or go get some help!!

  74. ATrain Says:

    NFOG calls fans Idiots for calling out Jameis

    Yet Most NFL minds say Jameis still has issues
    TEAMS are not jumping up and down to get Jameis

    NFOG refuses to say the obvious problems with JAMEIS and it’s everyone else’s fault

    So ONLY NFOG Is smart ALL the rest are Idiot

    What Team are you a GM for?

  75. Space Says:

    He simply isn’t smart enough

  76. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Throwing low percentage passes when wide open underneath routes are available is a decision making issue

    Hasn’t changed

    Never will

  77. stravenite Says:

    “FREE JAMEIS!!!!”

    He will be this coming week – interesting fact, with a worse o-line / defense / and running game in Miami Fitz has a better QB rating 2019 season- who would have thought !

    Go Bucs !

  78. Ndog Says:

    If anyone would actually watch tape they would see Jameis’s interception issue is very simple. Most, not all, come from him seeing a presnap read and then a player on defense doing something he didn’t expect or jumping a route. At times he tries to throw with to much anticipation. For instance if you see a team playing cover 3 you expect that corner to bail so you throw the hitch early but it f instead he sits on the route that’s a easy pick and looks like a horrible throw but really it’s just great film work by the defense. So where is the issue, does he not trust his line to wait that extra second? Is he thinking he can fit it in regardless? These are the things we should be hearing from the coaches, but no we haven’t and that is what is disappointing about this coaching staff thus far

  79. Tye Says:

    So ready to welcome the next QB and get hope for the future restored as well as the continuity of this fan base…
    This endless bickering over a losing QB probably is destroying whatever was left of any respect if any the rest of the Nation may have had for the Bucs…

  80. TexBuc Says:


    Good points and I keep wondering why this coaching staff has not seen this or why not at a hitch and go with a pump fake? What are all those coaches doing if not trying to exploit what defenses are trying? I understand some “fans” just do not understand what they see all due to modern TV showing just the QB throwing the ball then switching picture to show the WR and not showing the whole field.

  81. Jeffbuc Says:

    So ndog you are admitting that all the defense has to do is show a certain coverage pre snap and then switch post snap. And that makes jameis throw interceptions. You do t thank that every defense does that same thing to every qb. That would be a good excuse for a 2a high school quarterback. Not a 5 year nfl veteran. So it’s the defenses we plays fault for his interceptions now.

  82. Jeffbuc Says:

    Opposing teams jump routes on jameis because they no he will throw it right to them. Opposing defenses have been saying this for 4 plus years now. He knows there jumping routes baiting him and he still makes the same dumb throws. And that right there my friend is the whole issue with him. He isn’t learning. From his mistakes and keeps doing it over and over again. Why does t he take the liberty to tell mike or Chris to do a double move on his own. In the huddle hey mike if the corner sits the you go on a fly.

  83. Ndog Says:

    See this is what I’m talking about why try to twist crap. I was very clear, did I say switch their defense anywhere? I clearly stated they jump routes which means going outside the confines of the defense. But they get away with it cause Jameis is trusting his presnap read so much and teams are taking advantage of it. The simple fix would seem that be to tell him just wait a half a beat longer to ensure they are not jumping a route. A prime example would be the second pick against Houston. They clearly showed a man 2 man robber look which means the robber would be in the middle of the field not on the right hash. However that robber guessed the route and came screaming across the field to jump the route for the pick. Jameis threw it right as Perriman broke so he thought he had plenty of room to fit it in but alas it got picked. You would also say look of the safety in that instance longer BUT we all clearly hear coach Arains say earlier this year he actually looks off safeties to long. So in this case he didn’t look him off long enough to hold him in the middle yet he is clearly being told to come off the safety sooner ( Arains exact words). So you see this is not as simple as he sucks or hes dumb but like I say often most of you simply don’t understand football enough to have any idea what I’m talking about.

  84. lambchop Says:

    I don’t buy this argument. He throws some really great passes sometimes, sometimes and he throws head scratchers too. It is his decision making under duress and him relying on his targets to go grab errant passes in their vicinity. He throws prayers up under duress. He does not handle coming from behind or having the pocket collapse around him where he doesn’t have time to scramble.

  85. Ndog Says:

    Another example is that unbelievably great throw at Atlanta to Godwin for the TD. That was clearly Tampa 2 so the open area should be deep down the middle and they had the perfect route called. However Jones did a great job on Godwin but the presnap read said to go there so Jameis did despite it having basically a 5% chance to complete it. Of course he did cause of his ridiculously accurate throw, which people say he doesn’t have. In addition everyone should be aware there are about 20-30 throws this year that he made and completed that NO OTHER QB besides he and Mahomes will even try. So those drives will likely not result in points and more time for the defense on the field, but it’s not a TO so it’s great I know I know.

  86. SteveK Says:

    Rodgers can make some crazy throws too.

    The funny thing is Mahomes threw 5 INTs this year. Jameis did that in London.

  87. Isaac haggins Says:

    Chris is way way ahead of Phil when it comes to relevant reporting !!! Most of what he talking about was decreased in 19 but the pre determined throw and the trust the route where the def had a great read was the big big big spike in my eyes !!!

  88. tickrdr Says:

    Cobraboy Says:
    March 14th, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    Either you want Winston or you don’t.

    Price should have nothing to do with it.

    Being an old-timer before the days of Google maps and navigation, if you’re headed in the WRONG direction, you have to stop and go in the OPPOSITE direction to get back on track. Winston at ANY price is going in the WRONG direction, especially if the price is too high.


  89. Isaac haggins Says:

    Also go back to the college days and he always struggled with LB dropping on middle of the field routes , he just wants to make the play about a nano second to quick and that’s why he needs to be a throw it to the d first read qb . Problem is he Is about a Nano second late on his drop and release ,,,,, which by is a Brady strength but not an Ariens offense strength !!

  90. 813bucboi Says:


    So now it’s the coaches fault?…lol…

    That’s BS…lol…

    In his 5th year, I’m sure he’s seen just about every defense….he should know where defenders are dropping thru film study and flat out experience with him being a starter for so long….

    Stop making excuses….

    Folks that criticize JW know football too…


  91. Tvan101 Says:


  92. Bucnjim5656 Says:

    Well they should all consider the fact that in the NFL a slow QB decision (Winston) is way worse then a poor decision. What I mean by this is delayed throwing because of uncertainty is the biggest cause of both fumbles & interceptions. Winston struggles with both! His reaction time has put strain on the o line as well as the receivers who have to adjust after the initial route doesn’t work.

  93. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Boom SteveK! NDog, what do you say about that? Jay Miss totaled Mahomes interceptions is a single game!

  94. Ndog Says:

    This is why I get so frustrated with you people. I am on here trying to have a real football discussion and you start going down the road of saying I am blaming someone. Where did I say that? You are hopeless and this is why I call you CLUELESS you cant even address my points all want to do is argue cause you bring nothing tangible to the table.

  95. SB Says:

    Ndog says”
    At times he tries to throw with to much anticipation. For instance if you see a team playing cover 3 you expect that corner to bail so you throw the hitch early but it f instead he sits on the route that’s a easy pick and looks like a horrible throw but really it’s just great film work by the defense.


    Dude I want JW back for another yr but you are looking More and More like the ‘idiot’ that you call us.
    Re-read your post above. You are proving everyone else’s point and shooting yourself in the foot.

  96. Ndog Says:

    Where did anyone compare Jamies to Mahomes? You guys really cant read can you. You are so emotional that you cannot just have a real conversation can you? I was talking real football breaking down actual plays and all you have are “Well so and so did this, how bout that”. What are you a 14 year old girl? Trying providing some real content.

  97. SteveK Says:

    Ndog Says:
    March 14th, 2020 at 8:00 pm



    Cher: “Ugh, as if!”


    Cher off Clueless aka Alysia Silverstone.

  98. SteveK Says:


    You mention Jameis and Mahomes ONLY make certain throws. I was pointing out how GREAT Mahomes is in the he had 5 INTs all
    Year and Jameis had that in London.

    When you start insulting people and incessantly whiningC you come across like Cher off Clueless.

  99. Ndog Says:

    Please can someone explain how breaking down plays makes someone look like an idiot or how it is showing myself in the foot?

    I am honest about my opinion of all players and just cause I can see what happens on plays doesnt mean a player cant get better. In fact these mistakes are easy to fix as opposed to being 43 years old cause you cant fix age or to fixing a weak arm that simply cant make some of the throws Jameis can make.

  100. SB Says:

    Ndog. Nobody can compare Jameis to Mahomes except in numbers.
    Jameis would be holding a Clipboard in KC

  101. SB Says:

    Reading comprehension is Super hard for Ndog
    We should probably stop giving him such a hard time.

  102. Ndog Says:

    Again no one compared anyone to anyone I simply stated only they can/will make certain throws. Why is that so hard to understand. And again no of the usual culprits have anything to say about actual football just their usual worthless trash.

  103. SB Says:

    Ndog says”
    At times he tries to throw with to much anticipation. For instance if you see a team playing cover 3 you expect that corner to bail so you throw the hitch early but it f instead he sits on the route that’s a easy pick and looks like a horrible throw but really it’s just great film work by the defense.


    I mean REALLLYYYYYYY???????????/
    Flippin REALLLLLLLY????????????????
    Now you are blaming his TOs on Other teams for being too good on Defense?
    Dude?????? WTF????

  104. SB Says:

    I wish Joe would let us post Memes so I could do one of Ndog slurppin’

  105. SteveK Says:


    43 year old
    Tom Brady was 24 TDs and 8 INTs last year. He had lesser targets per analytics. Brady’s same numbers, though it’d be fair to think he would do better with our targets, would’ve gotten us to the playoffs last year.

    The difference is the turnover margin. 20+ less turnovers is huge!

  106. SB Says:

    Do you realize Ndog that you are one of about Ten people on the ENTIRE Planet with your views?

  107. Ndog Says:

    SB bro you are really reaching as it is clear that is not what I stated based upon the rest of my comments. You should go work with Stroud as you are good at taking things of context and leaving out parts of statements just like him.

  108. Justanotheridiot Says:

    If Jaymiss was intercepted 40 yards downfield I could live with that even tipped. But check down dump offs for pick 6 are intolerable for real fans. Want wins not excuses. 30 way too many. Lots of just plain stupid throws. If his head could be pulled out of his ass maybe could be saved…. holding clipboard on another team will help. Any Qb with decent arm and quick release and half a brain with no off field issues and I will be happy.

  109. SteveK Says:

    It’s not just yards and points. It’s yards and points against turnovers. Jameis turned it over more then he scored it. Unacceptable.

  110. SteveK Says:


    Can you consider the full context that Mahomes is in a league of his own. And if Mahomes could get away with that many turnovers, he’d throw for 10,000 yards.

  111. Jeffbuc Says:

    Ndog breaking down plays isn’t making you look like an idiot. It’s your never ending blaming his interceptions on this this this this and this. But none of the this’s being him. He has no run game,defense,kicker, coaches fault, the opposing defenses fault for confusing him. I could agree with you on some things if this conversation was happening in 2017. But after year 5 he is who he is a turnover prone QB who is going to ha e huge passing yard numbers that mean nothing on a losing team. We are all not idiots we are all die hard fans that want to win every week. During the season every one is screaming he has to go he is costing us games. Then towards the end of the year when the playoffs are out of reach we start looking at stats and see his yards per game per completion and they are always near the top. Then every offseason the season of his agonizing bone headed throws wear off and fans just start thinking about the good stats he had for optimism for next years team but I am at the point along with a lot of fans I am not optimistic going into a season with him anymore only to be 2-5 and he has cost is 3 of those games. It started with wait till year 2, then 3,4,and then the final win whisperer 5th season. And yet same results. But you think Magically he is going to get it this year. And if not this year you will have an excuse next offseason for him to have one more year. And before you know he has been a buc a decade and we have two winning season no playoffs. Then what he is 31 this is when it all comes together. I would be on your side if he had two seasons out of 5 that he was lights out 100 plus QB rating and you can say he has done it before. But his he has two years with a 90 QBs rating the rest are below average. He hasn’t done it before so what makes you think he can do it this year

  112. SB Says:

    Very nice breakdown JeffBucs

  113. Jeffbuc Says:

    Thank you sb but in typing that is when it really hit me that we all as fans do that. When season ends we start looking at all the good he did for optimism and forget about the bad. And I think everyone but ndog and a couple more are sick of it. Tmax always saying we put losers in the ring of fame we celebrate average yet he defends a below average qb. I wish jameis was lights out.

    Ndog this should sum it up for you so you realize we are not jameis haters we are BUCS fans. We don’t dislike jameis Winston himself. We dislike jameis Winston being the quarterback of the bucs. We have all seen enough. You should have seen enough.

    It like the Gerald McCoy fans we anting him to stay. And every gmc fanboy said watch he will play lights out when he gets away from this franchise. And then his new teams goes from 5th against the run to 21st and the bucs go to first against the run. He has pretty much the same exact career averages with the panthers as he did with the bucs. When you have a large sample size you can come to a conclusion that the player is who there stats say they are.

    If jameis was a 4th round pick who was forced to start his first season he wouldn’t have been a starting QBs the last three years. He would have signed with another team to be there savior had two bad games and they would bench him like moat QBs who turn the ball over have done to them. He was given every chance to succeed front he bucs #weaoponsforwinston. And he failed miserably. But you keep hanging on to losing season after losing season and the dreaded 4 letter word HOPE

  114. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Ndog gets this way when he hasn’t had his “feeding”

    JayMiss’s nuts are his Snickers Bar!

  115. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    Yumm snickers… I still feel like JW comes back.

    Call it denial or just a gut feeling. I just don’t feel like he’s going anywhere. Brady is not dumb enough to come here, sorry. The dude can lose 283 straight games and still have a better win percentage than the Bucs franchise.
    I think Jameis comes back for what he played at last year, about 20 M. He will hit the market and his best offer will probably be to come compete, so he will likely return.

  116. Isaac haggins Says:

    Buc n jim , you are spot on !!

  117. BrianBucs Says:

    Why should the Bucs keep beating a dead horse?
    Winston is who he is and cant/won’t change.
    Let him walk

  118. stpetebucsfan Says:


    That was a great analogy about sharpshooters who were awesome on the range…not so much when taking incoming.

    Have you ever noticed how many giants police cop shootouts have dozens and dozens of shots with nobody getting hit?

    I had the pleasure of participating in the St. Pete Police Depts video range.
    Life sized video…a handgun the size of a normal 9MM…and the video rolls and you are required to make snap decisions.

    The videos are very lifelike…traffic stops..responding at night to burglary calls etc….when you shot your weapon it put a red dot where you had targeted.

    Each of was killed for not firing soon enough in some situations or trusting the wrong person…each of us killed an innocent person as well.

    To any cops on this blog…you have my undying respect after that exercise. You always have but that really drove it home. We had no real bullets and it was still very nerve wracking…in real life and death…just thanks for facing it guys.

  119. SB Says:

    Thank you SPBF. I have always respected your opinions.
    I kind of equate it to Joe’s Underwear football analysis
    Also to those Loudmouth big guys in HS who can push people around because of their stature.
    When it gets real, half of those guys have no idea what to do.

  120. Ivan The Insider Says:


    I’m sorry but your “analysis” especially for someone that constantly calls other fans on this site “clueless” or “idiots” or some other variation, it’s TERRIBLE.

    You often post saying others here don’t know anything about football… yet your above posts are pretty embarrassing stuff.

    NFL Defenses disguise coverages all the time. Defenders also gamble and try and jump routes all the time. So your comments make very little football sense, especially trying to analyze why/when Jameis is throwing INTs.

    Jameis has also thrown many of his INTs *not* during a quick drop and throw. Many of his INTs have come well into a play, sometimes when the O-Line has actually given him a few seconds of protection. So even if Jameis could magically cure his ‘quick pass’ INT problem, he’d still have the problem of all his INTs that come well into a play or when that play is breaking down.

    Sorry, bud, but your attempt to try and make yourself seem like you really know the NFL and how defenses work made you look…well… kinda dumb. Just being honest.

  121. JimmyJack Says:

    Ivan…..Their was a fundamental difference for the pocket that Fitz had to work with in the Steelers and Bears game. Like I said it’s all on film.

    Fitz could not perform under a heated passrush and it led to us going to Winston.

    Yes he put up number in the Bengals game. We was down by 4 TDs. They played bubble defense against him so the pocket was clean. Same thing the year before when he lit up the Cards.

    Sorry bro Fitz can’t sustain a high level due to pressure. It’s the story of his career. Neither can Winston but his has a different reason.

    Hey you asked a question I answered it. Sorry you disagree with the answer. Maybe you should explain it me then? You tell me why Fitz is inconsistent.

  122. Adrnagy Says:

    You guys need to relax the insults and undermining.

    Everyone is right in their own way of view.

    Acouple more days we shall know. Meanwhile. Winston was picked #1 for a reason. And it’s taken years to build up the roster, maybe not in favor of surrounding Winston but a “here and there” build up.

  123. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Good defenders watch film ,study tendencies and are prepared. Jameis also telegraphs some of his intentions by staring down receivers. Quarterback play is the one thing you don’t want transparency. My thinking is defenses often know what Jameis is going to do before he does it.

  124. Ivan The Insider Says:


    Fitz had plenty of moment in his 7.5 games of play in 2018 where he was under tons of pressure and still performed pretty well. So stating he only performed well during those 2 games because he wasn’t under as much pressure and everytime he was he folded. The D played terrible and was more to blame in most games than he was, but he did have his bad moments too for sure.

    Fitz is inconsistent because he’s a STREAKY PLAYER. Winston is inconsistent because he’s a STREAKY PLAYER.

    They BOTH have that in common. They can get into a zone and play really well… accuracy on point, timing on point, and “in the flow” of the game and doing really well. But they both then often struggle with runs of really bad play… inaccuracy, bad timing, poor throws.

    Jameis Winston is the epitome of a STREAKY PLAYER. That’s what so many Jameis fans just don’t get. He’s never shown that he can be very consistent (with good play). He’ll play awesome one play and the next make a dumb play that has you scratching your head. It’s like he loses focus or something.

    Either way, it’s time for Jameis to go. The Bucs are never going to get back to being a consistently winning team with such a streaky QB. Arians knows it, Licht knows it, and the Glazers know it. You have to win at least 3 games in a row to win the Super Bowl (if you have a first round bye) and it’s merely impossible to string together 3 victories in a row against playoff-quality teams if you’re an inconsistent QB.

  125. soggy Says:

    Coaches got to get it through a lame duck QB brain the easy common sense stuff first then after they get the easier stuff down they can focus on the harder things, 5 years with jw and some are just happy he is throwing the ball away like he should now.. Wow Fantastic Next we will learn ?

  126. Bucsfan951 Says:

    NDOG: which one of JW’S ints were in cover 3? I’d like to know so I can go back and break down that play. I want to see his presnap reads and see what look the defense gave him.

    Would you mind letting me know which game it was so I can just go straight to it? Thanks dude!

  127. Bucsfan951 Says:

    NDOGG: if you’re talking about the first pick 6 with Houston, it appears they went to a cover 3 but Winston stared down the receiver the entire time. It was more of a zone defense look pre snap and the cb was playing 8 yards off of the ball. He caught the ball 10 yards off of the line of scrimmage. So two yards back peddling and then break on the out route. It was a lazy read and a lazy throw. JW wasn’t under pressure.

    His second int of that game, it appears it was man to man with the safety just roaming the field. You can see in the screen him roaming but again JW already had it in his head where he was going to go. Again, light pressure but a clean pocket to step up into and make the throw. He had a nice one on one on the outside which it appears the receiver had a nice break on an out route. JW didn’t even both to look that way.

    My question is, JW doesn’t audible out of plays much. I wonder if he’s not allowed to do that or if he just isn’t making correct pre snap reads.

  128. D-Rome Says:

    What team trashes their own player publicly, says they are looking at other options, and then re-signs them? No one is competing with the Bucs for Jay-Miss’ services and more than they are for Marcus Mariota and Mike Glennon. Bucs are competing with themselves when it comes to Jay-Miss.

  129. kgh4life Says:

    @Ivan The Insider

    You don’t pay a guy $27 million dollars when he throws 30 interceptions the prior season, it only incentivizes Winston’s play on the field.

  130. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Mister Negative Nancy Says:
    March 14th, 2020 at 4:51 pm
    ” I’d like to go over all his interceptions and see…”

    Uh yeah you’re only going on national TV, who has time to watch 30 plays. Instead just give an opinion on how you imagine it to be….

    what a fool

    Very enlightening piece, I agree Phil must have put lots of hard work in sharing these takes. Simms says there are reasons for him losing control of the football but states none of them. They must be classified.

    Simms says also that he doesn’t know if Jameis can change his mechanics and accuracy cause it will take a lot of work. This is really stop the press type insights. What would football fans do without these smart takes?

  131. Crabby fan Says:


    I think we’re close on the thought process regarding JWs weakness on short routes.

    As I posted in the past, JW seems to have the majority of his ints when defenses deploy a cover 3 zone look.

    They try to bait him on short or medium range looks while he goes thru his check off reads. This has been one of his weaknesses for a long time.

    The difference in 2019 was when stacking the line for the run with a zone 3 coverage look. First read would usually be an LB or safety faking a blitz then going in to zone 3 coverage to protect the long field look and in turn make JW think short range turf is open.

    Unfortunately many DCs have picked up on this when going over film.

    IMO JWs weakness is with his check off reads and many DCs have employed this strategy to create easy turnovers which explain the majority of his ints under 30 yards in 2019.

    I know that after every int the QB is shown where the error occurred using on demand pics so my biggest concern is that he kept repeating the same mistakes in reads as if he just kept resetting his memory bank on the next set of plays.

    Just my thought on it anyways…

  132. Chris Says:

    It’s finally time to get rid of this bum.

  133. BucsFIRE Says:

    B.i.r.d. Says:
    “Take your hands off that mans crotch”

    You have a strange obsession with this part of Winston.

  134. Nic Says:

    If we let Jameis Go we will be set back for another couple of years. BA is a wise man by forcing Jameis’s price down we’ll get him for cheaper which will allow two things, A(What All these people really want The Glazers, BA, Byron, Tampa Community, And his Teammates) build around the team better in FA along wit the new CBA passed , and have a legitimate backup plan available should he fail to grow so that’s why price is so essential. Prove “your worth the money you want Jameis” , as his contract will be heavily incentive based” But he will soar into the his prime starting next season.

    Option A : Give Jameis A One Last Full Year to become The Franchise QB you originally drafted and believed he could be with everything around him. With a decent defense that doesn’t make the game a shootout(DB), an offensive line that doesn’t allow pressure around the edges , and up into his passing windows, as well as nasty offensive lineman that maul people at the point of attack AND FINISH UNTIL THE WHISTLE we don’t get that kind of play out of everybody on that OLINE. Jamies also has had no run game since doug martins B.I.G. year in which the bucs went 9-7 due to a failed game winning kick against the patriots, amongst several missed that day and porous defense our secondary that entire year. All FACTs And Most of all Give Jameis an actual Great Coach instead of Subpar ask the Falcons about Mike smiths defense how many years he costs them games, ask the falcons they finished 7-9 like us with an offense they have run for years before Quinn so Dirk and Mikes schemes and play style /calling outdated and easy to read. And when your QB doesn’t have all those things he will be forced to play hero ball because he doesn’t want to lose so he forces things trying to be great and will his team to victory. How many holding calls or false starts have we seen kill a drive or big run this year alone or more importantly how many false start or holding calls force Jameis into a throwing situation after being balanced and moving the ball you now become predictable again). And that’s all on Jameis? sometimes he’s forced into predictable situations as well as BA offense isn’t some easy playbook you have all sorts of option routes and over 400+ plays that can be called at any given time on any given play depending on route combinations and alignments pre snap and post snap views which EVERYONE on offense plays a role one WR and RB and Again Offensive lineman (Across The Board ,Exceptions: Marpet, Jensen, (Kappa, Smith-(sometimes, though I’m really saying this because one gives his all every play and one takes a play or two off here or there but when they are both givingFull effort can be effective not Above average like the two mentioned before them. Imagine if our tackles weren’t liabilities and we could actually open up our offense with our TEs Woah we’d be unstoppable imagine if they could run block with extensive help from TEs.

    Secondary was hot garbage juice and has been since he’s been here so yes even though some throws get away from him , he also has TOP 5 arm Talent and can really make throws only TOP 5 QBs can make but his consistency had to improve and it has since entering the league. now of he course he makes way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way too toot too too many costly decisions his ceiling is still great lol but honestly just the worst decision making at times some of that can be explained by BAs complex offense, offensive lineman allowing balls to be batted down suggesting a conventional pocket was not formed for the QB to deliver the throw in rhythm and on point in the targeted window. Is it Jameis fault Perriman dropped so many passes late in the season. What about when receivers dropped and tipped balls to DBs , what about offensive line not doing their job and getting calls that blow the whole drive , what about receivers not recognizing the coverage post snap and not knowing the playbook well enough to know what route adjustment they need to make. What about the deep ball you say it has improved drastically since he’s been in the NFL see what Actual good coaching will do he was set back developmentally by Lovie and Dirk along with Trash ass Defenses since entering the league he again except for Doug Martin and Charles sims big year. He had reliable check downs along with receivers that fought for the ball , or ran the right route. So in all since everyone one of you Jameis haters want to look at each interception look at an all 22 writing piece where you can see visibly what occurred on the play and can thus properly place blame.

    or B Grab Jameis for a cheaper price again still allowing to build around him and his Successor by force. Due to him not being able to grow we can win with anyone remember that includes Rookies !! Goo Bucs JW4MVP and don’t be a bandwagon fan when we’re winning JWhaters go be a Jaguar fan.