Is Red Zone A Concern?

March 22nd, 2020

Red zone struggles.

There is stat that stands alone as the most important in football.

(And no, boys and girls, it isn’t interceptions.)

That very important stat is points. You cannot win if you don’t score and you sure as hell cannot win if you don’t score more than your opponents.

The Bucs in 2019 were tied with the Saints, having the third-most points. A reason for that was the Bucs were so good in the red zone.

The Bucs were third in the NFL with scoring average in the red zone at 64.81 percent. The only team in the top-five that didn’t make the playoffs was — you guessed it — the Bucs.

Over at BSPN follicly-challenged Billy Barnwell decided to break down the pros and cons of the Bucs signing quarterback Tom Brady. Barnwell points out Brady struggled in the red zone last season.

Fact or fiction: He struggled in the red zone

This one’s a fact. Brady posted his second-worst passer rating in the red zone of the past decade (91.3) in 2019. His QBR was just 20.5, which is less than half of his previous low of the decade, at 49.4, and the third-worst mark in the league. Only Andy Dalton and Mason Rudolph were worse. That’s uncommonly bad for Brady, and it’s a serious problem if it keeps up.

Of course, Brady sorely missed Gronk — and the threat of Gronk — in the red zone. Nearly half of his targets inside the 20 went to Edelman and James White, and he threw just seven passes to his tight ends. His average pass in the red zone traveled just 3.5 yards in the air, suggesting that he was frequently checking down against defenses who were able to cover his receivers in the end zone. This was also the lowest mark of his career and one of the lowest marks of the past decade.

At the same time, though, red zone performance is inconsistent from year to year. Brady should be better inside the 20 in 2020.

Well, here is the big difference, and it is big. Look at the weapons Brady had to work with on the Patriots last season and look at the weapons Jameis Winston had. Mike Evans, O.J. Howard and Cam Brate are tall dudes.

And Chris Godwin knows how to get open in traffic.

So yeah, Brady may have struggled in New England in the red zone. Joe expects that to improve big time with the Bucs.

65 Responses to “Is Red Zone A Concern?”

  1. Swampbuc Says:

    Jameis was great in the RZ. Only one pick all year. And Leftwurst and the Arian couldn’t figure out how to translate that success into the easier parts of the field. And now we have a 43 year old with an arm that makes Brad Johnson look like Brett Favre.

    Bucs fans wanted this. Congratulations.

  2. Pick6King Says:

    Yes Joe, hopefully you’ll get your wish and the Bucs will cut Brady and sign Jamoist to a 20 year $1,000,000,000 dollar contract. Then and only then will we be perineal championship contenders. GTFOH.

    The nuthuggers are truly stone crazy. Please remind us how wrong we are once the turnover machine leads a team to glory. We’ll all hold our collective breath.


  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    With Tom Brady we have competence and hope. Something we haven’t had in a long time. No QB has used his weapons better than TB. Brees is mighty close but Tom has 6 rings. Does the clown that wrote this have rings. Let’s sit back, watch it unfold and enjoy the show. It’s going to be fun and exciting and with a good draft it can be much more. We have good coaches, a lot of good players and a QB who respected by all that matter. This may just be the missing piece we’ve waited so long for. It sure can’t get worse than 30 interceptions.

  4. toby Says:

    yes yes. Jameis was the best qb ever.
    i am not surprised that he broke the record with the new contract he got.

  5. Owlykat Says:

    One reason we did better in the red zone last year was BA knew how to score in the red zone and the right plays were called and it included runs too that the defense had to worry about. Get the Boston College big back (similar to Alstott) and bring in Vea to block for him in the red zone and Brady will not have red zone problems in 2020 with the Bucs. If the Defense sells out to stop the run there will be some of our WRs or TEs to throw to. Fire the cannons!

  6. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    Jameis is no longer on the Bucs. You trolls should move on as well.

  7. catcard202 Says:

    It sure hell can get worse than 30int… The Glazers’ new 43yr old sales & marketing golden ticket is only 1 missed pre-season OL assignment from retiring w/o ever playing a meaningful game in a Bucs uni…& BA wants Gabbert back as the Plan B.

    Licht & BA may regret

  8. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Looking for everyone’s input.

    Send the second round pick to the Redskins for Trent Williams and negotiate a deal around 17 mil with incentives give or take.

    Draft Johnathan Taylor round 1 and use the rest of the draft in the trenches.

    Only position we’d need to upgrade is safety after that.

  9. Blackmagic00 Says:

    Thinking this will make us very good in the redzone.

  10. MtBucsfan Says:

    I really think some of you didnt read the article. He basically laid out why Winston was good and why brady will be. Jesus christ some of you need to pull your head out of your asses.

  11. Blackmagic00 Says:

    @mtbuc, if you’re referring to me as well, I’m only looking at the line. Solidify the line and it could end up being an 80 percent redzone effort. Rt is a huge concern and lt is a mediocre concern. Put Williams at lt and let smith and Heag figure out the rt. Add in Jonathon Johnson and maybe we have the formula!

  12. Sport Says:

    Praying for global health for every humans sake and so I can enjoy the Bucs play in gobs of nationally televised games.

    Rogers, Mahomes, Brees, Brees, Goff, Carr, maybe NY, ATL

    Come on Malaria Drug, kick Ronas Ass!!!

    In BA I Trust!

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    Bm00 totally agree about the O line. It’s everything right now and the Bucs know it. Tom Brady is smart and knows to get rid of the ball. It’s nice to see you posting. You were one of the view that was on this site from the beginning. Cheers to you bro.

  14. Sport Says:

    Totally off topic… But…
    I’ve got an idea. Let’s quarantine all the NBA players at Disney sports complex and they play with no crowds in isolation and put something on the GD television. I don’t even care for the NBA

    In BA I Trust!

  15. 941bucsfan Says:

    I hope everyone understands its superbowl or bust…. none of that

    “well he did better than jameis wouldve”


    “at least we got to the playoffs”

    Next year is superbowl or bust. And if we dont win it, BA and Brady will both be at TPA at the end of the 2021 season waiting on the next flight out of town. And the team will be up for Sale. Those are facts.

  16. admin Says:


    Disney sports complex and they play with no crowds in isolation and put something on the GD television. I don’t even care for the NBA

    Not sure if you noticed but most of the sports networks are gong full-blown old school BSPN Classic. Remember when that station showed classic games? That’s what is going on now.

    CBS on Saturday afternoon had the NC State upset over Houston and the all-time best Duke-Kentucky game on, the Christian Laettner game. That was quality TV.

    (Joe remembers the NC State-Houston (Phi Slama Jamma) title game but didn’t remember that when NC State had the ball in a tie game with a little over a minute left, they pulled out a four-corners offense. That was awesome! Can’t do that now because of shot clocks.)

  17. '79 Defense Says:

    I think the bigger concern is if we’re actually going to see the team playing games this season in a stadium full of people– or playing games at all.

  18. Sport Says:

    Hey Joe! I cut the cord 8 yrs ago. Appreciate heads up on the retro games. Good Stuff!

    In BA I Trust!

  19. macout247 Says:

    I thought we agreed that 2019 wasn’t a reflection on him but his weapons. Or are we choosing when to use that argument?

  20. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “I thought we agreed that 2019 wasn’t a reflection on him but his weapons”

    This is true, but is also insanely hypocritical because most people are willing to give Brady a pass for last season while unwilling to give Winston a pass for the WK 16/17 where the Bucs trotted Winston out there with a WR core of Breshad Perriman, Justin Watson, Scotty Miller and God only knows who as our #4.

    These are scraps in the NFL and yet JW still have us a chance to win.

    Many people forget that Brady was putting up worse stats than Mitchell Trubisky for about an 8 week stretch last season and the Patriots offense was flat out bad.

    Winston took an incredible about of bashing for those games while Brady gets off Scot free? Hmmm something doesn’t add up here………could it be that Bucs fan look at things with subjective point of view and with personal feelings attached? No that can’t be true not for Bucs fans.

  21. ATrain Says:


    Let’s talk about our concerns with Brady

    And deflect the INT


    FACT: Everyone outside of Tampa doesn’t think Jameis can do it

    Don’t talk about Brady having 4000 yrds with no name guys
    With limited INT

    Let’s talk about 5000 yrds with GREAT WR

  22. Joe in Michigan Says:

    The bottom line is the Patriots were 12-4 last year. Any Bucs fan would kill for a 12-4 record.

  23. Hodad Says:

    941, isn’t always superbowl or bust for every team, every year? The difference now with Brady is at least we have a chance to go SB, or bust. Something we haven’t had in the last five years.

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brady will be fine……beef up the Oline…..get ar RB…..all else is good.

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    Typical Buc fans! Waaa, “Super Bowl or else”! Waaaa, “No excuses”! Waaaa, “He’s 43”! Like a bunch of petulant children!
    Root for the team or go somewhere else if it makes you that miserable. I promise that when we start winning you will be easily replaced with all the other bandwagon fans.

  26. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The QB will not be the biggest difference this season. It’s simple.

    If we have a defense, we will make the playoffs. If we don’t, well then it will be like the last 5 seasons.

  27. Thisisouryear!!! Says:

    Jameis wasn’t the reason they got the ball in the end zone last year it was Arians. In Winstons previous 4 years he was awful at touchdowns in the red zone.

    Joe- I think you should be excited. We’ve got the best QB of all time coming here. In Winstons 5 years he never put together more than 3-4 good games, certainly never a season. Brady has put together 20 fantastic seasons. Last year he didn’t look as good but he had no weapons. This year he’s loaded an all the analysts say his arm strength is good. Let’s be positive. The Bucs organization has definitely given us hope this year.

  28. Hethrew 30 Says:

    There is one minute left in the game. The Bucs are behind by 5 points with the ball on their own 20. Okay, any football fan in the whole world: Pick your QB you will most comfortable with: Tom Brady or Jameis Winston.

    Enough said.

  29. Darryls64 Says:

    Watch his film, there was a reason he was let go.

  30. Darryls64 Says:

    If we would of had a defense this year we would have made the playoffs, even with the interceptions.

  31. Hethrew 30 Says:

    We have seen what Tom Brady can do. He takes no-name receivers and turns them into start. He takes losers and turns them into winners. His very WORST full season NE was a 9-7 record. He’s never thrown more than 14 picks in a season. Argue all day about run game, defense, O line…yada yada yada. He’s had good and bad in all. But his worst record ties the best Winston has ever done.

    So I am looking forward to seeing how Brady does with this receiver corps. And there are some things I feel pretty sure on in life. And one of them is this is going to be good. And yes, even if the O line and run game were to stay the same.

  32. Darryls64 Says:

    the word is had, did anyone read Bucky Brooks article on Brady, interesting read, makes a lot of sense. I hope we are not going to be disappointed in his performance. I don’t like being so negative, but when you sell your soul to the devil, there comes a time to pay up.

  33. David Says:


    LoL. Wow. Ignorant much?
    Brady‘s arm is fine. He had no one to throw two last year. Get a clue dude. Jameis might end up blossoming in the next couple years by growing up and stop panicking under pressure which causes most of his turnovers, but we gave him five years.
    The Bucs are going all in To win a Super Bowl within the next two years and after that, they still have a pretty damn good team and hopefully a young quarterback who has been sitting there learning and ready to take over.

  34. mark2001 Says:

    Please Jameis lovers. He is gone…you have a chance to just let it rest. But some of you insist on acting like some slappy, that challenges the big guy to a fight, gets knocked cold for five minutes when receiving the first punch, and upon wakening up, tries to start the same fight again. It is over.. Every coach and GM in the league knows better than to start him at QB. Yet you insist on seeing stars again and suffering a little more embarrassment. All I can say is, please…there isn’t glory in acting like a punching bag and being a glutten for punishment.

  35. mark2001 Says:

    Darryl…selling ones soul to the devil.

    You mean like ignoring and drafting a guy with a sexual assault accusations hanging over his head? And one reportedly engaging in many other acts you wouldn’t excuse with anyone else? And then just eating it after an Uber investigation/suspension like nothing happened?

    Is that what you are talking about? I would agree with you that there often is a price to be paid. But often times not. Seems the Houston baseball team got a small slap on the wrist, don’t you think?

  36. Darryls64 Says:

    Father time is undefeated. Check his record. I know what I saw on his film, defenses will figure out how to shut our offense down because he will be limited on where he can throw on a regular bases, I hope I am wrong.

  37. SteveK Says:

    It’s always Super Bowl or bust. The difference is Jameis Apologists are triggered, sad and ready to celebrate any potential and future failures with this team.

    I’ll always root for the Bucs- just as I did for Jameis when he led them the past five years. And now, I’m thrilled we have Brady and wish Jameis the best of luck. I do not believe Jameis was the answer for playoffs or a super bowl.

    I wish the Jameis apologists would view and measure the optics of the QB position as it relates to winning football and placing judgement through the same lens.

    I have a feeling those that had a million excuses for Jameis’ inconsistent play may be lying in wait and seeking out potential excuses to belittle and trash the Bucs, especially the QB.

    And I think as a fan and Brady himself welcomes all of it. Because he sees it as motivation and doesn’t fold like a cheap tent in a tough situation.

  38. SteveK Says:


    We stand s much better chance with Brady than Jameis to make the playoffs and compete for a Lombardi. Whether we get there remains to be seen and your concerns are valid, but there is no denying that Brady is the Goat and will do better the next year or two.

    Jameis had 5 years and couldn’t do better than 9-7. He finished last year sloppy. Glad we aren’t paying him $30 million.

  39. Defense Rules Says:

    Good article Joe.

    941bucsfan … “I hope everyone understands its superbowl or bust…. none of that. Not sure that’s the case 941. Patriots went 12-4 last season (in a weak division) & got bounced in the 1st Rnd of the playoffs … with the #1 NFL defense. Bucs have a new QB (albeit 43-years-old ‘new’), have a number of open holes in our current roster (RT, RB, #3 WR, S, DTs for starters), and finished #29 last season defensively. That’s a pretty big ask to go from 7-9 to SB Champion when there are established teams like the Chiefs, Saints, etc that we’d probably have to go through to win the SB.

    Good news IMO is that everyone starts out every year with a 0-0 record. But anyone who thinks that Tom Brady’s handful of SB rings translates directly to ‘SB for the Bucs’ is being a tad unrealistic. We’ve got a LOT of TEAM-BUILDING to do BEFORE we should even be thinking ‘2020 SB Champion”. HOPEFULLY it starts with us re-signing Ndamukong Suh soon (I’d feel a LOT better about our defense if we did that). Wouldn’t mind a bit if we sign Tony Jefferson as a FA Safety either, plus re-sign Adams, Ryan Smith, Dotson all as depth. THEN bring on the draft.

  40. ATrain Says:

    So what stats are you using or web site to come up with the Bucs ranked 29yh in Defense?

    They were #1 in rush defense

    Total Defense depends on the your web site any where for. #5 to #15

    29th umm don’t think so

    Again JAMEIS LOVER look at the stats you want to which helps your guy

    FACT It’s all about the W

    Brady has them

    Jameis eats them and then poops them

    Oh NE got knocked out in the first round 12-4 big deal


  41. Darryls64 Says:


    I understand he may be the GOAT, but I disagree about Jameis and the playoffs, all people see is his interceptions, he had 6 interceptions the last 2 games and where was his best receivers? We all know that it takes at about a year to get comfortable with BA’s offense and I believe they were getting there, we were 5-3 the last 8 even with the last 2 losses. Everyone seems to forget that we will have to learn a new offense this year, so how long does that take to come around. The GOAT does not make BA a better game manager. We also are doing the things that would have made Jameis better.

  42. Tbbucs3 Says:

    A train

    Who cares about run defense if you can’t stop the pass? It’s pointless.

    Fact is Bucs ranked #30 in pass defense in an air raid passing league.

  43. rrsrq Says:

    We just better hope it was the weapons in NE, Pats 12-4 record was a mirage last year, look at the winning percentage of the teams they beat, they were trying to say that their defense was like the Giants, Bears, Ravens or Bucs when those defense kicked butt, but when it came to good team that had mobile QB’s, Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City and a blip, Miami (w/Fitz), and the Titans in the playoffs. They beat the teams they were supposed to beat – this ain’t the AFC East anymore Toto. Brady will need a strong defense and weapons and also the real truth, (the power to change the play at the LOS). What we hope to see is the Bucs winning the games they are supposed to win and Tom Terrific helping win the games that the Bucs will be underdogs and there are a few of those on this coming schedule.

  44. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Love how y’all say it’s all about the W’s while completing ignoring any defensive struggles that have plagued the Bucs for 5 seasons.

    QB wins is an incredibly vauge argument and if the Bucs pass defense in 2020 plays anywhere near how they have played the last 5 seasons, don’t expect Brady to win much of anything.

    If the pass defense plays well Brady will win and Hopefully that’s what will happen.

  45. Darryls64 Says:

    grow up, we had a very good run defense but a terrible pass defense, we were ranked 30 on passing yards given up per game
    2019 last 3 last 1 home away 2018
    Tampa Bay 270.1 232.3 286.0 245.9 289.0 259.4
    New England 173.9 191.0 71.0 190.3 155.5 247.7
    New England was ranked number 1, I guess we can see how they were 12-4
    Points allowed per game they were 29th, check your facts

  46. Defense Rules Says:

    ATrain … First do a little research before attempting to insult others. Bucs were ranked #29 last year in POINTS ALLOWED … the only stat that really counts IMO. And BTW, the source is Pro-Football-Reference, one of the best around IMO because they report FACTS, not opinion. But in case you don’t believe that, also reports the same exact stats. Maybe you’ll believe them?

    Yes our Bucs were #1 against the rush last season, and #15 in Yardage Allowed. And I doubt that anyone on JBF has made a bigger case that the Bucs’ defense was tagged for all those points given up by our OFFENSE last year. For the last half of the season I’ve contended that our defense played like a Top-15 defense. I’ve also been pretty clear (to most at least) that the defense we have at the CURRENT MOMENT still has holes that need to be filled if we’re gonna be a Top-10 defense.

    And you’re right ATrain … it is “all about the W”. Tom Brady has them … yesterday. But as the Beatles once sang ‘But that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone’. Bucs need to build a T-E-A-M for T-O-D-A-Y, and we’ve still got a ways to go. I’m optimistic (OK, cautiously optimistic) that we can bring all those pieces together and make a run for the playoffs this year. Once in, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN as we saw last year with the Titans.

    And I would think that by the user name DefenseRules you’d know that I tend to appreciate DEFENSE and silly knocks like ‘JAMEIS LOVER’ are beneath you. Or not.
    So please, stop with the insults. It’s unbecoming for anyone who uses the user name of my favorite Buc.

  47. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Selling souls to the devil?

    Gruden comes to mind. We lost draft picks in that deal . And Rich McKay for the Devil himself B Allen.

    With TB we got at the very least a serviceable QB for a reasonable price in today’s market. No loss of picks, and immediate respectability, however long it lasts. To me that’s better than tagging JW for 27 million for yet another prove it year.

  48. Darryls64 Says:

    We can say what we want about Brady, but be sure he is coming here for his Legacy, not the Bucs. He wants to prove he can do it without Belichick. Have you seen some of the fits he has thrown on the sidelines? We will see how that plays out when you do not have Belichick as your head coach and everyone is on the same page. This whole thing could go south in a hurry. I do not like being so negative but this is the way I see it.
    Jameis is a team guy, I would imagine that he would have played for pretty much the same deal. When Brady is done then what, everyone says we can draft a new QB this year and let him learn from the Master, but I believe I heard that Gabbert will be our backup QB, is he the future? Don’t think so. I think our best bet would be to have Jameis backup Brady but I think that would never happen. Remember it is easy to be a good teammate when you win every year.
    just my thoughts.

  49. ATrain Says:

    Tb please give me the web site you got this stat from 30th

    Bucs total defense ranked 15 or higher in three different web site

    Run defense doesn’t matter?????

    Ummm I think if you play the 49ners who were in the SB this year you would disagree

    Jameis or Nothing attitude in some of y’all is stupid

    Go to Jameis new Team and be a fan

    By the way what team is that????

  50. Darryls64 Says:

    Just some fun numbers:
    since Brady’s first season 2001 New England’s defense has been ranked outside the top 10 for points against, 3 times,
    2011 15th
    2002, 2005 17th
    look at Bucs defense over that period, then look at Jameis’ 5 years

  51. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “Go to Jameis new Team and be a fan“

    Not interested. Just because I support the quarterback the Bucs have had for the past 5 seasons and understand that Licht didn’t give him a good defense to be successful I apparently have to get a new team. You sound like a troll.

    Don’t think any logical football fan would argue that the Bucs had a good pass defense this season (Except for a small sample size in the 2d half). Not to mention 2 of those games came against very weak offenses in the Lions and Jaguars.

    Also, The 49ers has an amazing pass defense and pass rush it’s absurd to compare them to the 2019 Bucs. Some of y’all act like the first half of the season with Vernon Hargreaves getting burnt didn’t even happen.

    I support Brady 100% and he was my #1 Free Agent target and #2 was Jameis.

    Brady is absolutely an upgrade over JW but no other FA qb in this class would’ve been.

    Brady will not only play better at QB but will put pressure on everybody to improve their game and that goes for
    – Jason Licht
    – Brice Arians
    – The defense and everybody else

    Why does every Jameis hater think you either have to be Team Jameis or Team Brady? Such a childish way to view things.

  52. Darryls64 Says:

    what beat the 49ers:
    pass defense, no QB
    I saw the game.

  53. ATrain Says:

    Defense has nothing to do with throwing INT

    Maybe STOP for a second and THINK

    Does the amount of time on the field hurt the defense
    Do the turnovers kill moral of the defense

    Make a stop, get the ball back, Sit down for one play OH back on the because Jameis turned it over

    SURR the defense loved that

    Funniest thing is the BLIND LOVE for this guy
    What Team picked him up????

    Heck Foles got a job before Jameis

  54. Darryls64 Says:

    I am not a troll, I am A Bucs fan, the facts are what they are. There are a lot of things that are not Superbowl ready about this team, Brady will cut down on the interceptions, but he is like all QB’s, he needs a good defense to win as backed up by the facts. Here is another thing, BA said he could win with Jameis, if he believed that was true then why would he bring in the GOAT (off of his worse season)for maybe 2 years, knowing that Jameis should cut down on his interceptions and the offense should be better at running their routes. This does not make football sense, it makes money for the Glazers sense in the short term, but not the team in my opinion.

  55. ATrain Says:

    No Sir TB didn’t say you have to be one or the other

    YOU stated the Bucs had a defense ranked 29

    Maybe in the start of the year but not at the end of the year DEFENSE IMPROVED HUGE

    You state the Bucs did not give Jameis a Defense
    How does a Defense affect the QB throwing INT ???
    Defense can help win by limiting points scored
    Defense can help Offense by giving field position

    But QB can help Defense by giving time to rest by staying on the field not turning it over two plus later

    Maybe our defense would be better if they didn’t have to jump right back on the field

    4 games were lost by single digits…DEFENSE FAULT? Or MAYBE the defense ran out of hope because Jameis threw 18 INT in those games ????

    It can go both ways
    That’s on JAMEIS NO ONE ELSE


  56. runnerdoc Says:

    The downside risk with Brady is bigger than we want to believe. This is no slam dunk super bowl play.

  57. Darryls64 Says:

    That is what I been trying to say.

  58. catcard202 Says:

    When was the last time a 43yr old (or older) QB started 16 regular season games & lead their team to play-offs???

  59. 541BucsFan Says:

    How was TB in the red zone when he had Moss. Not saying Evans is Moss but he’s pretty good.

  60. Blackmagic00 Says:

    @Bigmac, thanks!

  61. jmarkbuc Says:


    absolutely a risk, but the risk of watching JW do the same old stuff again carried a high risk too.

    Pick a poison.

  62. Dapostman Says:

    This is a splash play to get Brady to sell tickets and get interest in the Buccaneer franchise first and foremost. The Bucs will be selling more tickets the next two years guaranteed. The odds makers say they will win more but a Super Bowl is not a guarantee.

    Vegas says the odds improve the next two seasons but after that who knows.

    New uniforms and splash free agent means more ticket sales.

  63. Craig Says:

    With all the receivers Brady is being gifted with, he will find someone open in the end zone.

    Last season he only had one receiver that was worth more than half of what Godwin is. Brady will do fine.

    By the Jameis sucked in the red zone. He was better at taking shots from about the 25. Closer in he got delay of game calls and sacked because he could not run a normal offense.

  64. stpetebucsfan Says:


    You’ve forgotten more football than I’ll learn so it’s very rare when I come to correct one of your posts. And of course it’s not about football LMAO

    Actually it was Chad and Jeremy who had Yesterday’s gone. While you were off flying and training fighter jocks I played around on the radio when I got back.


    Agree completely would add…get Dillon from BC..a biscuit shy of 250 with soft hands…and use Vea with him…another guy with great hands…that elephant backfield would be intimidating and VERY flexible. Add two TE’s and ME and CG
    with Brady twirling the dials and if I can go all music like D.R. it’ll be Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters…”Who ya gonna call?” You’d need a ghostbuster or better to stop this attack.

    Oh and lest I forget to add…get one of those dominant tackles and we’re cookin’ with gas at the goal line.

  65. stpetebucsfan Says:

    NO QB is a slam dunk. You Jameis lovers are getting desperate.

    On pure talent and age and now resume with his first SB Mahomes would be my first choice…but even HE is no slam dunk.

    Every player is one play away from a career ending shot. Even discussing slam dunks when talking about the NFL is absurd.

    It’s risk reward and that’s it. In one case we are hoping a QB can simply continue what he’s done for two decades…in the other we are hoping a choker who has had ONE winning season and NO playoffs will suddenly find a way to loosen his collar. One has a record of success that we hope to continue…the other a record of abysmal failure on and off the field we hope can learn how to be a winner after four straight years of losing.

    Think about this for a second. If JW had stayed and taken us to the SB we’d all be thrilled and that’s nice. We’d be forgotten after one season unless we won another..or six more.

    If Brady should happen to take us to the SB it will be HISTORIC…it will not be forgotten.