Ex-Bucs QB: Be Wary Of Quarterback Labeling; Bridgewater Would Equal 3 Or 4 More Wins

March 13th, 2020

“7 wins, plus 3 or 4 more equals …”

Count a former Buccaneers quarterback among those subscribing to the Rondé Barber theory that claims the Bucs could get leaps and bounds better via a quarterback change.

Eleven seasons as an NFL quarterback (and 2019 breaking down quarterback film for Pro Football Focus) makes ex-Bucs QB Bruce Gradkowski an expert on the position.

While co-hosting on SiriusXM NFL Radio this week, Gradkowski was asked a question swirling through the minds of many Bucs fans. Does Teddy Bridgewater fit Bruce Arians’ get-the-ball downfield system?

Not only would he fit, Gradkowski explained, he would be a massive upgrade.

“I think he does. I mean I think he would. You know, a lot of us quarterbacks, too, we get kind of labeled for where we’ve been or the kind of quarterbacks you are,” Gradkowski said. “Look, I think Teddy Bridgewater can throw the ball down field if he has the coaches around him that are coaching him that way, that are speaking about taking shots downfield, taking those opportunities. Yes, we want to be smart with the ball. We want to be efficient. You have to know when to take the chances downfield and when to check the ball down, and I think that is Teddy Bridgewater. To me, he’s accurate enough. He doesn’t come off as a pinpoint accurate passer as like a Drew Brees-type. But he’s going to hit the open target; he’s going to protect the football.

“So now you’re talking about two quarterbacks in [Tom] Brady and Bridgewater, that you’re team just got that much better. They got 3 or 4 more wins better because of the ability to protect the football and know when to take those shots downfield and when to check the ball down.”

That’s a hell of a lot of games — 3 or 4 — to attribute to Jameis Winston dragging down the Bucs and/or how Bridgewater or Tom Brady would elevate the team, assuming one was quarterbacking the Bucs last season.

Man, Joe sure has been hearing very inflated opinions of the Bucs defense in recent weeks. The legend appears to be growing by the day.

Regardless, there’s only one way to find out whether the Bucs will improve with a quarterback who doesn’t give the ball away like it’s Halloween candy.

97 Responses to “Ex-Bucs QB: Be Wary Of Quarterback Labeling; Bridgewater Would Equal 3 Or 4 More Wins”

  1. Bruce Blahak Says:

    Dear Jameis Joe,
    EVERYONE knows that WinSTUNNED is hot garbage. Reduction in turnovers = more wins…most definitely!

  2. Defense Rules Says:

    I’ll be so glad when the Bucs actually start SIGNING PLAYERS instead of having to listen to nothing but tons & tons of pure SPECULATION.

  3. soggy Says:

    Move on from JW Mush Brains

  4. SteveK Says:

    Inefficient football is not good.

    Turnovers carry major impact, and it’s refreshing to see former Buc players- who have a “clue” as to what is going on- are offering their two cents.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Who ever the Bucs get it will be an upgrade over Mr. 30/30+6. 3 more wins in 2019 would put the Bucs in the playoffs. Anything can happen from there. You don’t have Mahomes to win a Super Bowl. That said, YOU CANNOT GIVE THE BALL AWAY 30 TIMES AND EXPECT TO WIN ANYTHING. Average QB’s have won super bowls. Just look at the Bucs. They didn’t have a Tom Brady and they still won a super bowl. I’m a little tired of hearing what all these QB’s did after they left the Bucs. That was then, this is NOW!!! Time to move on!!!

  6. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    Maybe if enough ex buc players that Joe trusts tells him that Winston is a problem instead of the “America’s QB” that Joe seems to think that he is, Joe will stop with Hero Worship used in Joe’s descriptions of Winston. It’s a nickname. –Joe We Buc fans that just want the Bucs to have the best chance of winning understand that to win we need a new QB.

  7. Sport Says:

    3-4 win difference. This is why you don’t hear anyone (players) stomping their feet on Twitter supporting JW. Of course they like the guy, he’s charismatic, but damn dude, you gotta protect the ball.

    In BA I Trust!

  8. Nick2 Says:

    Sadly thats the truth with Jameis. His lack of ball protection can easily be linked to 3 or 4 losses if not more. Take that away and we are in the playoffs or at least just miss them. When so many come out and make these statements its hard to refute.

  9. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Check ya sheet JayMiss……..

    Ya gone!

  10. John Sinclear Says:

    Joe, look at the tape on Bridgewater. He gets the ball out about a full second faster than Winston. At pro ball speed, that’s a lot.

  11. Lamarcus Says:

    We are just a down trotted NFL team that cant find it’s way out of own self’s. Dark hole with a laser beam size light at end of tunnel.

    I’m mean I seen win a SB not more to ask of them and appreciate it Bucs. Never thought after the SB we go until idle losing

    We are desperate. We think adding Teddy 2 gloves will gift us extra wins for the sake of it.

    Sad times and we dont even have enough testing kits for the coronavirus so we dont know who sick or not

  12. Ndog Says:

    Yep the guy has not been able to get a job in the NFL as a starter in THE LAST 5 YEARS is going to come in here and be better than a guy that just led us to the number 3 scoring offense in the NFL.


  13. Jim Says:

    Day of reckoning is near…

  14. jerseybuc Says:

    Joh sinclear said:

    “Joe, look at the tape on Bridgewater. He gets the ball out about a full second faster than Winston. At pro ball speed, that’s a lot.”

    As does TB12.

    For all of Winston’s gifts his slow release and carelessness with the football have continued since FSU and I don’t see him changing his stripes once he gets a lifetime contract.
    If 5000 yards translates into a losing record maybe the yards matter less than the turnovers.
    Bridgewater may not have the ceiling that Jameis has, but there are only so many possessions in a game. Turn the page, use the money elsewhere.

  15. BucBoy Says:

    Teddy’s career TD-Int difference 38-25 and passing yards per game 201! Jameis 121-88. My overall math shows those overall career stats are very close, but Jameis actually throw for about 100 more yard per game than dink and dunk game manager Teddy. And look at the defenses and running games Teddy had in Minnesota and New Orleans. Jameis has had to carry his teams for 4 years because his defenses were so poor, wake up people!

  16. TOM Says:


  17. SmoothBayRider Says:

    @Lamarcus . Where those sentences you were typing ? My god dude . My 7 year old nephew’s grammar is better than that .

  18. Boggy Creek Buc Says:

    What i don’t understand is the pro Jameis fans who say our points will go way down. I will take a 14-10 WIN any day all day. Winning is what entertains me not points. Maybe we wouldn’t have to score so many points because of all of the interceptions and pic 6’s. We end up chasing wins instead of controlling games to win. Not smart football at all. I prefer wins over stats. Go Bucs!

  19. Buccernutter Says:


    Nailed it! But there are a ton of people who are dead with their opinions and think without a doubt in your mind, that you’re wrong. They also probably watched 5 games total.

  20. Buccernutter Says:


    Until the end of 2019, we would not hold any team to 10 pts. ARE YOU NUTS?!

  21. Buccernutter Says:

    dead set**

  22. Craig Says:

    My count on Jameis is that he actively tried to give away six games last season. Teddy didn’t give away any.

    Teddy played for Minnesota when AP was at the top of his game. His job was just to keep the defense honest. He still ended up with a few 80 something yard passes. The best Jameis does is in the mid 70 yard range.

    Neither are noodle armed but Teddy knows how to take what the defense gives. Jameis tries to force the defense to give up something. That only works sometimes.

    Yes, Teddy will be worth 3-4 more games per season, and that is being conservative.

  23. Darryls64 Says:

    People seem to forget that we were 5-3 the last eight with 18 interceptions, did the defense play the same the first half of the year as the did the second half? Winston had 12 interceptions in the first 8 games and we were 2-6. I am not sure that follows everyone’s reasoning about why we lost. I think he is probably gone and I think it will be another pour decision made by the Bucs. I think that we can all see that if the defense would have shown up at all in the first half we would have made the playoffs.

  24. Pewter power Says:

    Byron leftwich comments referring to a 4 yard pass winston made in training camp

    “See, it ain’t always a money throw for me,” said Leftwich. “It’s a money decision. That’s what that position is all about. Everybody wants to see the big 40-yard post – that’s coming, trust me. That’s there. But that’s not what we’re going to ask Jameis to do every snap. What we’re going to ask him to do is put us in the right position, make the right decision more than not. Put us in the right place to be successful this play, more than not.

    That is exactly why TB or TB will work out in tampa

    Head coach-Bucco Bruce
    Quarterback coach- Clyde
    Offensive coordinator- Leftwich
    offensive consultant- Tom Moore
    Winston had 4 coaches specifically helping him get better so dont tell me the coaching staff should have some responsibility for his interceptions

  25. Pewter power Says:

    First pick 6 of the season when throwing out in the flat to slow arse peyton barber with Richard Sherman on him. They are trying to move on because he made those exact same dumb plays all season long and that didnt improve. Those types of plays are him all of his buc career. It’s all about the money decision not the money play, winston will never get that point

  26. BigHog Says:

    ^^^poor DEFENCE…so very poor …no running game..non existent!!! Welcome back Mr. 5,000!!!! Mr. Gunslinger!!!

  27. Tye Says:

    When your 5 year vet QB plays like a rookie and gets outplayed by rookies, I sure hope you can get leaps and bounds better at the QB position..
    The next qb, as long as he shows ball security, should look that much better compared to the turnover machine he is replacing..

  28. Patrickbucs Says:

    He turned down an offer to start in Miami last year btw..

  29. YouHeardItFirst Says:

    Insider info:

    The Bucs are gonna pass on Winston, Bridgewater, Brady, Phillips, and Dalton to sign PJ WALKER to a low cost contract. Using the spare funds to sign Barrett, Suh, Conklin and Harris.

  30. SteveK Says:

    Can’t wait to see us improve at QB by eliminating the turnovers.

    Brady, Bridgewater, Tannehill, Rivers and a rookie would be awesome.

    I don’t believe Jameis will ever fix his turnover machine ways. Hasn’t yet and won’t now.

    Wake up and smell the turnovers.

    Wake up and smell the penalties! (Thanks, Ndog, for pointing out that Jameis is at the top of the league in false start percentage since joining the league)

    We will no longer choose to suck!

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    If staffers have been sent home and facilities have been closed…how are team physicals going to happen with free agents?

  32. Ndog Says:

    Boggy Creek Buc so you truly believe this defense can hold the Saints, Seahawks, Cowboys and others to 10 points?

  33. Ndog Says:

    How is the QB solely accountable for false start penalities?

  34. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You are all going to freak out when Jameis starts for the Bucs in 2020.

  35. TexBuc Says:

    Every missed kick is a like turnover, every 1st down allowed by the defense is a turnover, and both will determine the flow of a game. Offensive turnovers are not the only reason we lose.

  36. Youngbucs Says:

    Ndog he was injured for like 2 years and by the way he turned down an offer to start last year to u know sit and maybe learn something I don’t know maybe Winston should do the same the honeymoon is over Winston has been given so much rope because he was a top pick but no more of that time to put up or shut up

  37. Buc You Says:

    Going to be a ton of people on here complaining about the offensive production next season, conveniently forgetting they begged for the QB that led his offence to almost 30 ppg to be canned.

  38. Adrnagy Says:

    Amazing to point the finger to one player. Apparently by replacing that one player Bruce gradkowski thinks will win 3-4 more games, while ignoring the defense, kicking, penalties or in general the team.
    I should definitely listen to a qb that couldn’t make it as a starter like listening to all this generation z advisors posting in here.

  39. BucBoy Says:

    Craig, that’s the point! Teddy had a complete team and didn’t have to be superman every game! He had AP and a great defense. Jameis has never had that and must try to make plays after the defense give up 30 points a game.

  40. soggy Says:

    JW on and off field decisions suck

  41. The Coroner Says:

    Sign Bridgewater. Don’t give the extra $10-12,000,000 to Brady who is only going to be there for maybe two years. Spend that money on an immediate impact free agent in the areas of critical need – safety, right tackle or running back.

  42. Pewter power Says:

    No one is going to complain about offensive production. Last year we put up all these numbers but were losing so exactly who besides you look at it as a badge of honor? Fans wont care if they are winning. If we run the ball better we wont need a gunslinger we will exactly what we needed last year a quarterback to protect the ball

  43. John Says:

    The 3 or 4 losses directly attributed to Jamis , last season, is glaring obvious…One, maybe 2 , losses contributed to Matt Gay… but, Jamis alone kept the bucs from having a winning season and more likely than not making the playoffs…bye bye JW…..

  44. Adrnagy Says:

    Pay the man $100M 4 yrs. Jameis is the answer. Let Winston entertain us four years more and take us to the promise land.

  45. Pewter power Says:

    Complaining about the run game is just an excuse because not every single quarterback that had a successful 2019 season can say it was because of their running back. Excuses excuses excuses….explain how that 100 yard rushing game helped will in the last game of the season? In overtime the first drop back he threw a pick 6 so how is that on the running backs again? Go ahead we’ll all wait for you to explain, was it leftwich fault? How dare the offensive coordinator call a pass play and put winston out on a limb like that… the Winston excuses remind of all the other cults out there where people get sucked into stupidity believing anything

  46. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    @Joe Similar to Sabby the Goat? lol

  47. Ndog Says:

    No Pewter Power that last game was lost due to missed 3 FGs by our sorry a$$ kicker.

  48. BucBoy Says:

    Pewter Power must be young and never heard of Dungy Ball. That’s why Dungy was fired. Because his offenses couldn’t score 14 points. If those teams had Jameis, as Sapp said, they would have had at least three more Superbowls.

  49. Youngbucs Says:

    No ndog the last gm was lost by a pick 6 I didn’t know the last play was a missed field goal I missed that gm 🤷🏽‍♂️

  50. Youngbucs Says:

    First gm of the season was lost by a pick 6 also u can’t make this up

  51. soggy Says:

    Game was over when Mush for Brains tossed another pick 6

  52. 813bucboi Says:

    Ndog Says:
    March 13th, 2020 at 11:18 am
    Boggy Creek Buc so you truly believe this defense can hold the Saints, Seahawks, Cowboys and others to 10 points?

    they sure can……

    you truly believe JW wont give them 10pts off turnovers?…..

    JW has never had less than 15INTs we he plays 16games…lol….

    JW IS A BUST!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  53. BucEmUp Says:

    Yeah 3 or 4 more wins because hes doing something Jamies has never done, started week 1 with A GOOD DEFENSE!!!!!

    Jameis coming back will get three or four more wins with this defense and I will argue that unless the offense is changed to fit bridgewater, having him come in here as a forst year in the sysrem qb they will finish 8 and 8 or 9 and 7 at best.Jameis.in his second year with this defnese 10 or 11 wins.

    This is stupid

  54. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is no question Bridgewater can throw deep……he completed 72 % of his passes over 30 yards with ZERO interceptions.

    Jameis at 56% with 10 interceptions…

  55. 813bucboi Says:

    yall act like teddy won the heisman, was drafted #1 overall, had 2HC fired and now he’s outta work looking for a job…..lol….

    the reason why he’s not in MINN is because of an fluke injury….had teddy stayed healthy he would still be in MINN….

    they key to Ws is exactly what bruce said:
    we want to be smart with the ball. We want to be efficient. You have to know when to take the chances downfield and when to check the ball down, and I think that is Teddy Bridgewater.

    brady and bill will patch things up……teddy will be a buc…

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  56. DBS Says:

    No the last game was a chance for the supporters to prove their point. Get him in overtime get the ball first and he will drive the field and win. It backfired! So now he is not a Wilson. But instead comes out and throws a pick6.

  57. Adrnagy Says:

    It’s not the kickers fault ,

    Turnover differential means for most in this website

    Jameis vs. other team.

    Wins = bucs
    Losses= Jameis

    Ppl just look at the last possession of the game. The flow of the game or momentum don’t matter.

    A quick note – do you think teddy coming in 2015 to bucs until now would of being in playoff or develop receivers like Evans. Brate. Godwin. Humph. Perriman. Or I should say been better than Jameis ?

  58. #1 Pick QB 2 Cent Brain Says:

    Remember weeks 1-2 of this season the Bucs gave up 1 TD and were 1-1, nearly 0-2.

    I doubt Bridgewater could elevate a team with no run game

  59. 813bucboi Says:

    JW coming back will cost us ANOTHER 3-4 wins just like it did this year…..

    JW is a 7,8,9 win QB AT BEST!!!!!!!

    but im sure FSU fans would love that….lol….

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  60. Jeffbuc Says:

    The excuses for him just crack me up. Have you guys every played sports. You think in 4 seconds after the ball is snapped before jameis throws a pick. That he is thinking in his head he has to make a big throw here I have no kicker,running back, or defense. That has nothing to do with it. When he drops back to pass he is watching for an open receiver and looking to get him the ball.and watching the defensive pressure. That’s all that is running through a QBs head. To think that he had 30 interceptions because of those reasons is just terrible reasoning. The record jameis has those things can be used. But for his turnovers that’s all on him. There is no excuse for it. And like I have said for 5 years he starts the first half so bad every game that we have to fight the whole second half to get back in it.

    Ndog I bet you can’t find 5 games in jameis whole career where he has had a first half. With 70% completion percentage over 125 yards and no interceptions. I bet you can find 30 where he has les than 50% completion percentage under 100 yards and 1 or more interceptions. You can’t deny that. His first half whole career average stat line would probably be somewhere around 8-15 94 yards 1td 1.5 interceptions

  61. Youngbucs Says:


  62. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Again Says:

    3 to 4 more wins….No Brainer!!! Besides I as well as many are bored with the 5 years endured with #3! We got a Coaching Staff now( Not Koetter and Smith or Lovie)!! Players that have proven to work hard and want to win!!! Let’s try something else and see what happens!! If Jaymiss is the Great American Pro Bowl Quarterback he will be ok!! But I bet he ends up being a backup somewhere else!! He is what he is…..A Turnover Machine, he can’t help it!! He’s done it 5 years!!!🤷‍♂️🏈

  63. Boggy Creek Buc Says:

    With an improving Defense and a game manager type QB. Less turnovers and smart game plan we can learn to control games time of posession to limit opposing points scored and win a low scoring game. Of course the Bucs have flaws. But if we do move on from Jameis and his points we can adapt. Maybe we will be forced to develop a consist running game. Not an impossible goal.

  64. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    The original plan, as I understood it, was to bring in Rivers or another veteran and draft a QB of BA’s choice. That was to be able to sign all of our defensive FA’s, as well as a Right tackle. Now we are up to spending a fortune on Brady or on a much lower cost Bridgewater. So the choice is to spend all the FA money and not be able to re-sign our Defense or go after a RT (Conklin) via Brady as a 2 year bridge, or go after a QB that is not a bridge, but a good player that will allow us to re-sign our defense. I think that Bridgewater would be a much wiser FA pick. While Brady is certainly going to bring the Bucs to National prominence, we cannot afford to throw the baby out with the bath water.

  65. Pewter power Says:

    You serious? Dungy was a defensive coach not putting resources into the offense. I think it’s the ultimate ignorance to think winston is the only one who can be successful with these weapons Dungy didnt go out of his way to bring here, completely different scenario especially since the head coach is an offensive guy geez some of you are really out in left field.

    Ndog says
    No Pewter Power that last game was lost due to missed 3 FGs by our sorry a$$ kicker
    Uh no sorry the missed field goals happened in regulation. Once you go into overtime tied what happened during that time is irrelevant. Only the nuthuggers blame that on the kicker but you can blame him for it going to overtime in the first place but winston single handedly lost that game in overtime, no one to blame but him for what was called a lazy pass

  66. BucEmUp Says:

    tbbf thats with sean payton calling plays not leftwich And those stats dont account for yards after the catch which the saints were tops in the league in where on the flop side if jameis attempts a pass over 20 yards its where the ball was picked.The ball placement on those plays was different on the hash marks.Go look at teddys stats from Minnesota

  67. 813bucboi Says:

    A quick note – do you think teddy coming in 2015 to bucs until now would of being in playoff or develop receivers like Evans. Brate. Godwin. Humph. Perriman. Or I should say been better than Jameis ?


    he wouldnt have over 100 turnovers….

    in 2016 vs the cowboys we needed to win the dallas game in order to reach 10games and have a shot at the playoffs…..i doubt teddy wouldve throw 3..YES 3 INTs in that game…..

    this year teddy wouldve have shat the bed vs the 9ers, panthers in london, texans and falcons in OT…..

    so yeah, teddy would made the playoffs twice chump!!!!!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!

  68. Buccnbeliever Says:

    3 or 4 is a lot attribute to Jameis? Joe, you need a calculator. He keeps BOTH teams in the game!

  69. SteveK Says:

    How has Jameis only
    Won 15 home games in 5 years?

    Why did Jameis have 24 INTs in 8 home games?

    How can we expect to be a playoff team with a QB who can’t win or take care of the ball at home?

    Why do some fans like losing so much?

  70. Adrnagy Says:

    So you’re a teddy fan.

    The teddy that couldn’t win 2015 playoff game in Minnesota with the great adrian Peterson in prime and a stud defense.
    Throwing a whooping 14 TD and 9int.

    Or a whooping 2014 teddy 14 td 12 int. Of course those two years as a starter and franchise QB.
    With young stud receivers such diggs,thielen,Mike Wallace , Rudolph of course the beast adrian Peterson

  71. Adrnagy Says:

    You mean bucs ? Or just Jameis losing/ win ?
    I’ll give you the INT but it’s not like the defense jumps back in the field and helps. Like the chiefs defense did to Mahomes.

    SteveK Says:
    March 13th, 2020 at 12:15 pm
    How has Jameis only
    Won 15 home games in 5 years?

    Why did Jameis have 24 INTs in 8 home games?

  72. Matthew Fifer Says:

    Adrnagy Says:
    March 13th, 2020 at 12:00 pm
    It’s not the kickers fault ,

    Turnover differential means for most in this website

    Jameis vs. other team.

    Losses= Jameis

    Ppl just look at the last possession of the game. The flow of the game or momentum don’t matter.


    See Adrnagy, that’s where you are confused. First off it’s near impossible for us to control the flow of a game or maintain momentum because of Jameis and his careless play style. We have far too many games come down to the final drive because of him turning the ball over so frequently. If he’s as good as you and others seem to think, we would have far fewer games decided by 7 points or less regardless of other factors.

    Secondly, I absolutely agree that Jameis is not the only reason we lost 9 games this year. Several were team loses, some were due to poor kicking/defense/etc. But here is the problem. A GREAT QB should not be the sole reason to blame for multiple loses EVERY YEAR. This year alone he is completely to blame for at least 2 games, perhaps up to 4 depending on who you ask.

    Since his career began, regardless of other factors in the game, JW has had far too many games come down to him playing elite and leading us to victory. Not all of those situations were his fault, but when asked to lead us to a win, he’s flopped more often then not. A great QB is going to win in those situations 9 out of 10 times, we don’t have a great QB. He has 11 4th quarter comebacks in over 70 games. That is pretty terrible. Even Josh Allen had more than him in 2019 and he’s…not even close to Winston in terms of talent, that says a lot. Ironically, 3 of the other QB’s that have been talked about (Stafford, Dalton, Carr) have all led the league in 4th qtr wins at least once since JW came into the league.

    Seriously just stop acting like anyone who says anything bad about Winston just hates him and blames him for everything. There are plenty of reasons to believe he is not the answer for this team. Maybe he goes on to win, but I highly highly highly doubt he will ever do it for this team.

  73. soggy Says:

    I think Red letter Adrnagy is Ndog’s 2nd name or 3rd

  74. Adrnagy Says:

    I’m practicing Social Distancing. Nest, I have to distance myself from listening/reading you guys.

    You cannot see pass Jameis to see our problems are bigger than him. And those problems have been here before him. I’ll remember those who are against progress.

    I believe in joe.

  75. 813bucboi Says:

    The teddy that couldn’t win 2015 playoff game in Minnesota with the great adrian Peterson in prime and a stud defense.
    Throwing a whooping 14 TD and 9int.

    at least they made it to the playoffs…lol…teddy gave them a chance….and if you dont remember teddy went up against the LOB…the same LOB that whipped mannings @$$…..

    oh and while im at it, vikings kicker missed a 27yard FG as time expired…..and guess who got them down the field to give them a chance to win?….TEDDY….

    teddy was a rookie in 2014….lol….they started 1-3….he went 6-6 as a starter…..they finished the season 7-9 after he took over for christain ponder, another FSU bust QB!!!!!….lol….

    his second year they made the playoffs……

    when has JW made the playoffs?….lol….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  76. Matthew Fifer Says:

    Adrnagy Says:
    March 13th, 2020 at 12:45 pm
    I’m practicing Social Distancing. Nest, I have to distance myself from listening/reading you guys.

    You cannot see pass Jameis to see our problems are bigger than him.


    Right, we can’t see that the problems are bigger than him just like YOU can’t see that he IS a problem. He is not the only problem, but if you can’t admit that he is not blameless for a lot of our loses, then there is no helping you.

  77. Adrnagy Says:

    You see , exactly my point.

    Now bucboi gives teddy an excuse that the kicker was the reason the Vikings lost. But cannot admit our kicker cost Jameis games.

    Regardless if teddy or Jameis went to playoff. Teddy couldn’t get it done with a beast of a team. Something Jameis has NEVER had.

  78. soggy Says:

    @ Red letter you must admit JW has not helped his or your cause either on or off the field = Embarrassing the whole buc franchise over and over, Tired and I wan’t a better QB

  79. Adrnagy Says:

    When you admit and come forward harping the other issues instead of the ONLY one “Jameis” or he’s the Only cause we lose and not win then I’ll consider ok.

  80. 813bucboi Says:



    no clown…im not using the kicker as an excuse…..

    im saying if you want to say the kicker cost us the win vs ATL in OT, then say the kicker cost teddy a PLAYOFF WIN in 2015!!!!!!

    but you cant!!!!…WHY?….because you’re an JWnuthugger and will make excuses for him that you wont make for others!!!!….lol….

    teddy can get it done….evidence by his team reaching the playoffs…..

    JW has had 5years to get it done and has failed each and every time…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  81. SteveK Says:

    Jameis isn’t getting 15% of the salary cap, or $30
    Million. He’s getting a new team, as a backup.

    The Bucs are going to the playoffs in 2020 because we will have a QB that takes care of the ball and doesn’t give the opposing team an average of 7.5 ppg.

  82. Adrnagy Says:

    @soggy. Not sure if you’re talking to me since there’s a couple of folks with red letters. But to answer your question. Jameis has has a rocky but has improved foot ball career. About is off the field I’m not god to judge. But he’s doing well.

    Can you say our football team and coaches are or have improve?
    Such as ,
    Penalties, oline blocking, individuals performances, defense. Etc etc

  83. SteveK Says:


    “Wake up and smell the penalties”- NDog

    Did you know Jameis is at the top do the league in false start percentage since 2015? It sucks that he not only turns it over so much, but he also makes pre-snap goofs.

  84. Adrnagy Says:

    Teddy has had 5 years to get it done , has he ? Oh that’s right he hasn’t.
    Back up. Injured. Playoff bust qb

    No matter what you say. It comes back. Because Jameis has a better career than teddy so far.

    813bucboi Says:
    March 13th, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    JW has had 5years to get it done and has failed each and every time…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  85. Matthew Fifer Says:

    Adrnagy Says:
    March 13th, 2020 at 1:02 pm
    When you admit and come forward harping the other issues instead of the ONLY one “Jameis” or he’s the Only cause we lose and not win then I’ll consider ok.


    Is English not your first language or do you just not respect it enough to read it and comprehend it?

    I literally said in my previous response that I absolutely agree he is not the only problem, but I’m guessing you didn’t read that given that you only responded to my short response where I didn’t mention it.

    Oh and if English is not your first language, I’d be happy to translate any of my comments into German, Polish or French if that would help.

  86. Adrnagy Says:

    Peyton Manning had more turnovers than Winston in his first 5 And with a way better coaching staff and team than Winston.

    Winston high ceiling is good.

  87. soggy Says:

    Sorry adrnagy I disagree on the improvement on field but maybe yes off field, It was his prove it contract year and I held off judgement the first 2/3 of the year but the last few games made my wanting a new QB a reallity, I can not wait for a 5 yr guy to get it right.. But if we keep him I will wan’t to win like always so hope for the best.. Bucs

  88. Bucsfanman Says:

    “Next week on……as the QB carousel turns….

    Jameis gets signed and cut on the same day by the Patriots……
    …..Teddy Bridgewater throws a bomb….10 yards…..
    Tom Brady takes over ownership and GM duties from Jerry Jones, releases Dak Prescott…….
    Phillip Rivers signs with Gruden and the Raiders and gets into a fistfight with Chucky during practice……

    Find out next week what Buc fans will exit the Skyway…before the end of it….until then, see next week’s episode on “It ain’t my fault” QB TV!

  89. Tampa Bay Demon Says:

    soggy just expressed something that I have seen from quite a few in the “Jameis is done” crowd.

    You mentioned that it was that very last part of the season that did him in for you. You are obviously not alone.

    When I think back to that Detroit Lions game, JW was on top of the world at that time. He finally had a vast majority of JBF in his corner…. he had the National Media in his corner, and he was setting records.

    THEN….. man, those last 2 games at home. Those 2 games even shook my confidence, and I have been in his corner all along.

    True, on one hand, he was playing without Evans & Godwin… and also playing with injuries. But he had those same injuries in Detroit.

    He just made some horrible plays that really hurt us and helped cost us both games. It made me start to wonder if he could really deal with some prosperity. He actually HAD some at the time… and some momentum!!

    How different things could have been if he had just finished strong.
    Now, it just feels like that was the beginning of the end.

  90. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I won’t claim Teddy can’t win a Superbowl…but I do think he is a high risk signing. To me, if we are willing to take a risk like that, stick with Jameis…or sign Rivers and draft a QB.

  91. Buc4evr Says:

    So upgrading our lousy kicker, Lack of a running game, and mostly pathetic defense for the first part of last year isn’t important, it’s all on Jameis. I think a lot of people will be disappointed when a new QB fails with this messed up franchise. Getting rid of Jameis is only part of the problem.

  92. Buc-alot Says:

    Not sold on Teddy, New Orleans is a down field throwing offense. WHen Bress got hurt, Teddy took over and was throwing short passes. He was in that system for 2 years so it wasn’t like it was new to him. Teddy has a quicker release, but not as strong of a throw.

    The only one I would like is Brady, either we get him or tag Jameis and then draft a QB.

    With our defense we may get into the playoffs with Brady but not far. Defense is getting better but still a little ways to go. And we need some kind of run game.

  93. 813bucboi Says:


    teddy was a back-up ONLY because of his injury…..

    JW WILL BE a back-up because of his on field performance…..

    again, when was the last time JW made the playoffs?….


    GO BUCS!!!!

  94. Isaac haggins Says:

    This may be the most information you’ve heard yet from Jason Light and Ariens, I personally don’t think Ronde Barber could Div 3 football but he is a huge jock sniffer at one buc place . He is the ultimate jock roundtable let’s all agree with each other type a guy so he probably grabs a lot of information from Licht because they make each other feel real good. I really liked Ronde as a player but to hear him talk football is at times very painful and he clearly doesn’t have a clue about talent translating to play on the football field.

  95. BucEmUp Says:

    Everyone wants to bring in a qb and let him.play with a complete tem, something Jamies has never had….so dumb

  96. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Dude as the man once famously said…quit while your behind!!! Stop digging!!!

    You getting absurd. Soooo Bruce Gradkowski’s ELEVEN years actually PLAYING qb in the NFL give him no cred because he didn’t start enough or win enough for you!

    Ronde Barber…what’s your excuse for his opinion…and that of hundreds of other football EXPERTS…oh but in your world they are clueless.

    Clueless? Are you familiar with the psychological term “projection”?

    BTW that gives you another reason to diss BA some more. He didn’t even play QB in the NFL and he starred as QB at VA Tech running a wishbone offense!!!
    Hardly no risk it no biscuit.

  97. Rod Munch Says:

    Bruce Gradkowski couldn’t/wouldn’t throw the ball downfield either, so he’s a great comparison to Bridgewater.

    As for his analysis, it’s as good as his QB play.