“A Move To The Championship”

March 25th, 2020

The Bucs are thinking big, big, big!

Big games are coming on big stages. And the Bucs will be led by a big star, Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady.

Bucs sacks legend Shaq Barrett was talking all about it on SiriusXM NFL Radio recently.

Joe’s got highlights:

*Shaq played with Peyton Manning in Denver and said the electricity about to flow through Bucs training camp and games because of Brady’s arrival will be eye-opening.

*Shaq on what he thought when he first learned of the Brady move: “A move to the championship.

*Playing against Brady? Shaq remembers it well. “He always seemed to make the play he needed to make,” adding that he puts a lot of pressure on a defense.

*On the Bucs defense, Shaq is fired up about how it closed 2019. He said the unit was young with communication problems early in the season and the team “knew there would be a lot of late-game issues” and “we just figured it out.”

*On Todd Bowles’ greatness: “He knows what the underlying problem is, so he can just go to that instead of just going through layers and layers.”

*On Bruce Arians: Praised him heavily for his “realistic expectations” of players.

15 Responses to ““A Move To The Championship””

  1. Billy_45 Says:

    BA knows what the team truly needs and it might not be O Line.

    We will have to see. I hope it is, but we still need SUH IMO.

    They can afford to be #5 against the run for example and upgrade/trade at safety.

    Still curious to see how they spend the remaining $14 Mill.

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    Keep building. We need a few more pieces; RB, OL, S. If we can build on last season’s defensive success late in the year, we might prove formidable.

  3. miken Says:

    the only thing that stops us, is this damn virus. We need atleast a short ota and a full training camp.

  4. Adrnagy Says:

    Last year Cleveland browns bound super bowl favorites by many.

    By many Bucs fans bound to super bowl.

    Just because we upgraded “one position” and that position supposedly will play all position …. including Head coach.

  5. Adrnagy Says:

    Bruce Arians Has not proven anything. Never.
    Some argue he’s a super bowl champ. Some argue he’s a qb whisperer.

    Coaching under the great bill cowher. The young great mike tomlin and a beast defense lead by hall of famer Troy polemalu, Hines ward. MVP Harrison. Farrior. And of course the bus bettis Will make you look good.

    Being coached by the sheriff and being around luck gave you that nickname. You never earned it.

  6. WestChap Says:

    Last year Tomlin was a coddler who allowed the locker room to spin out of control… now he’s a great coach who is far superior to Arians? He does best when he sticks to the strong, silent act. Maybe adrnagy could emulate the silent part?

    Come on guys, let the prior QB go (he’ll sign a modest deal somewhere eventually) and quit harping on the great Bucs players and coaches we have onboard for 2020!

  7. JimmyJack Says:

    Its becoming apparent that our last QB was a lockerroom cancer. Look what happened to the defense when we needed out the problems there.

    Now the same has been done for the offense.

    Bucs will be playoff bound just like any other team Bruce coached. And once you get to the big dance you got a chance. And call me crazy but I like our chances that we got the right leader on the field that can take us all the way!!

    It’s gonna be fun Bucs fans.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    JimmyJack Says:
    March 25th, 2020 at 2:22 pm
    Its becoming apparent that our last QB was a lockerroom cancer.

    i wouldnt say cancer….but i will say he wasnt the cure….lol…

    i just think players and coaches stopped believing he was “the guy” and he was “Just Another Guy”…..

    players and coaches lost respect for him and once a grown man loses respect for you, he could care less about if you show up 430am at OPB and leave 9pm at night….especially if the WINS dont come…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  9. Bucs Guy Says:

    You got Suh, now get Trent Williams and Dion Lewis.

  10. SickofLosing Says:

    It cracks me up when people doubt how good of a coach Arians is. No he never won the SB as a head coach, but he does have 2 rings as an assistant, at least one of which he was the OC. He took over as an interim HC for Chuck Pagano on a team that had just been the worst in the league the year before, with a rookie QB. He led that team to a 9-3 record and made the playoffs. He led Arizona, ARIZONA!, to the conference championship game. So keep doubting hits coaching ability.

  11. JimmyJack Says:

    813…….Yes I probably used the wrong word there. But it sounds lovely ke there was some leadership and lockerroom issues going on with Winston.

    When Arians comes out and says we “needed a leader” he’s basically saying that Winston wasn’t one. When Lombardi comes out and says the Bucs now have a real man playing QB he’s basically calling Winston a child.

    Not every player has to be a leader but for a QB who runs the huddle it’s a requirement for winning. Just name me the last team to win a SB that had a poor leader playing QB.

    And I’m convinced this is a big reason why Winston is still looking for work. Maybe other teams know some things or maybe it’s like in a draft when teams start passing on a player and other teams get scared off…….They might be looking and saying if Arians gave up on Jameis there’s some kind of issue there.

  12. 813bucboi Says:


    totally agree…..

    GO BUCS!!!!

  13. Mike Johnson Says:

    Beware the Ides of march Buc fans. Don’t buy into this hype just yet. As a Buc fan since team inception, I refuse to buy into this instant Superbowl BS. If if you do, you are full of it yourselves. You old timers know the real deal. Lets wait to see what we actually have. Everybody looks good..on paper. We have for a decade and a half..still no playoffs. Just sayin guys….

  14. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I like the way BA rewards success and cuts his losses. He cut a #1 draft pick on D and then cut the #1 pick in the entire draft on O.

    Meanwhile the defense really came on the second half of the year and BA has held true to his word. Except for Nassib he’s rewarded our D by bringing them back in tact.

  15. pick6 Says:

    Agee spbf- Winston is his 4th #1 overall QB and he knows the standard. How can a player doubt the seriousness of BA’s message after he cut the face of the franchise in back to back years to eliminate a losing culture?