Bucs Named In Top-4 For Most Likely Brady

March 11th, 2020

ESPN NFL reporter Jeff Darlington, formerly of NFL Network, is well known for having a strong handle on the pulse of the Patriots.

Yesterday, he joined The Rich Eisen Show to give a full report on the state of Decision Brady, which of course is tied (in ways unclear) to Decision Jameis.

Darlington, the pride of Seminole High School in Pinellas County, said he spoke on Thursday and Friday of last week to executives at eight different teams that had at least varying degrees of interest in Brady.

He came away with a top-4 list of landing spots.

“Titans, the Bucs are another team that I do not think we should dismiss,” Darlington said. “And of course, from the beginning, the Chargers and the Raiders are two teams that remain in the hunt, as well. Those four teams I think are the most likely.”

Darlington was adamant that the Bucs are a near fit for Brady because of their defensive surge and other roster element, though not all.

“I think that they definitely would need to make strides on the offensive line, especially if they sign Brady,” he said. “They’ve got to change a little bit of the way they play if they bring in Brady because Bruce Arians will generally will get his quarterbacks killed. God bless the guy; I adore him. But you’ve got to protect Brady better if he’s going to go there. But otherwise they do check off a lot of the boxes that Brady would be looking for.”

But the Bucs are in the basement of NFL franchises when it comes to winning? “That’s not as important as we project it to be,” Darlington said.

Joe has heard previous speculation that Darlington is a friend of Brady. So perhaps he’s blowing smoke for his buddy, or just calling it straight and the Bucs are among the teams ready, per Darlington, to cut Brady a check immediately.

40 Responses to “Bucs Named In Top-4 For Most Likely Brady”

  1. Umm Says:

    Brady, Carr or Winston. Only 3 options. The rest are just ridiculous

  2. Casey Morgan Says:

    Brady’s fast intelligent decision making keeps him from getting killed, not a great O line…

  3. Dave Says:

    Get a Life Losers..

  4. miken Says:

    We will finish in 4th place in the Brady race unfortunatly.

  5. ModHairKen Says:

    Carr is awful.

  6. Totally Exonerated Again Says:

    Interesting how old man Brady will get killed behind the Oline/BAs system, but tiny frail Bridgewater will be just fine.

  7. pryda...sec 147 Says:

    Jameis coming back!!!

  8. unbelievable Says:


    That’s a good point Clod, and something I’ve been saying for weeks. They would both get decimated behind our o-line. (Same with Rivers)

    Fix the trenches if you want to start winning consistently, regardless of the QB. Or else we can keep throwing chit up against the wall to see if it sticks.

  9. Ocala Says:

    I am down with Brady, but if not him the Bucs need to bring Winston back. I think the Bucs have not done a good job in handling their QB situation this offseason. Based on the Bucs history, the way they have handled it is par for the course.

  10. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Come on Chucky…… sign your man crush TB so we can sign Carr.
    Carr is a better fit and a better plan going forward.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Brady processes info must faster than Winston. He doesn’t try for a home run every play. He would not get killed in Tampa.

  12. LetsGoBucs Says:

    Jeff is well plugged in to Tommy Boy’s camp for sure and the Titans are going to re-sign Tannehill mark it down. Likely franchise Henry too. Both make more financial sense that way.

    Pave the way for TommyTown!

  13. Eric Says:

    For those who love Carr be advised he has the second most losses in NFL history by a starting qb through his first six seasons.

    Won/loss stats are a favorite stat for Jameis haters.

    Carr is one of the all time greats in that ineptitude.

  14. Pewter power Says:

    People are saying Brady would killed behind this o line so wont come here. Those people apparently have not seen the chargers offensive line play. I think its titans or bucs

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t underestimate the effect Tom Brady has on the refs. If D-lineman even breath too hard on Brady it draws a flag.

  16. MTM Says:

    So you’re saying there’s a chance….

  17. PSL Bob Says:

    You want to cap a career? And I’m talking both Brady and Arians. Bring this beleaguered franchise back from the depths to glory. Brady comes in and gets this team to the Superbowl in Year 1 or 2 and the rest is history. Literally!

  18. Adrnagy Says:

    Brady. He’s 43 one or two more injured years left. And then what ?
    If this is true it’s all about Bruce career.

    Experts say Jameis Winston is a franchise builder. 26 yr old.

    No quarterback has generated more positively graded throws since 2015 than Winston, which has helped lead him to being one of the 10 most valuable players in the NFL in that stretch.

    A 26 with high ceiling or
    A 43 going downhill.

  19. Adrnagy Says:

    No team has expressed interest in Jameis. Of course not. Rules. Tampering. Just watch when Jameis hits the market. He will be gone.
    We will go with Brady. He will end his career injured and we ride the stardom of blane Gabbert. All of this because of a qb whisperer.

    Bruce. Licht. Glazers do the right thing. Sign Jameis. Trade shaq.

  20. Robert Says:

    Brady makes OL look good, crabby does the opposite.

    GET BRADY! either way, dump crabby…nobody even wants him lol

  21. thisisouryear!! Says:

    “Bruce. Licht. Glazers do the right thing. Sign Jameis. Trade shaq.”

    Only if you want no pressue and to continue giving the ball to the other team on 50% of the first passes thrown. I don’t even know how you can type the above.

  22. tmaxcon Says:

    Once again the small town bucs prove they are the laughingstock of the NFL world…. no organization has been used and left at the alter than lowly bucs…

  23. THETRUTH Says:

    Love people who always say Brady too old , i heard this the past 3 years at start of season and they lose 1 or 2 games and than guess what they win a superbowl.

    How many games has he missed in his career cause his age or injured ?? till than you all speak non-sense..

    JW lovers what will be your excuse when he shows you the same JW he has for 5 years.. inconsistent and has cost us on the cap ???

  24. Billy_43 Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with @ Casey Morgan.

    Just had this convo with a friend yesterday.

    Brady gets rid of the ball before a receiver is open, not after.

    No way he holds on to the ball long enough to get killed by anyone.

    Of course the Bucs will address OL. They will regardless of who is throwing the ball next year.

  25. LordCornelius Says:

    lol man

  26. 813bucboi Says:

    this clown said trade shaq….lol….

    yeah we do that and you’ll be the first 1 to bring up the No defense/No pass rush excuse again…..

    experts mightve said JW is a franchise builder back in 2015….lol….lately he’s been a career builder for CBs….lol….and “experts” have been wrong before clown….lol…

    sign teddy and conklin
    re-sign the defense(shaq, jpp, suh, nassib)
    draft kinlaw

    laugh at JW as he rides the bench on a 5-11 team…..lol…

    GO BUCS!!!!!!

  27. Jerseybuc Says:

    Casey Morgan is right. Brady gets the ball out fast, his oline has never been as great as people think. Ask the Jets, they spent big bucks on their LT from the Patsand all of sudden he wasn’t the same. Same skills but now he has a QB holding the ball. Disaster of a signing but it was 12 that made him look good.

  28. Robert Says:

    BRADY would make this OL pro bowl material!!!

    provided BA let him change some things up and use the TE’s.

    be a lot more quick out patterns, but a lot less pick 6’s on them lol

    how many games did crabby open and close with pick 6’s on those types of routes?

  29. Adrnagy Says:

    Chris baker = shaq
    Darell Revis= shaq
    Vin curry= shaq

    One year wonder.

    Jameis is the best option. The best QB in Bucs history. 5000 pass yds. Pro bowler.
    No running game. No defense. No head coach no GM no fans. No kickers.
    Say what you want …. at the end of the day what do you do ? You trust at the guy that makes you smile.

  30. Adrnagy Says:

    You all be hating on jameis. But let’s be real … you own a #3 jersey. Problably in all 3 colors.

  31. WestChap Says:

    The whiff of desperation on the Jameis Fan Club member posts is getting stronger. I hope all of them will loyally follow Jameis out of town because you know you’re not a team-first fan when you seriously question a 2020 swap out of Blameless for Tom Brady. If you want to bemoan the end of Bucs land if Dalton comes to town… I disagree, but ok. Enough with questioning the GOAT even at 43. Bucs fans should want Evans, Godwin, OJ and Brate to have a shot at a fairytale Super Bowl run with TB12… even Lavonte might get a Pro Bowl sniff. It probably won’t happen, but the mere possibility is freakin fantastic.

  32. El Buco Realisto Says:

    Word on the street, is that ole Bruce Arians, is looking for the white, errrrrr I mean right Quarterback, to work with!!!!!!! Like the “right” ones that he worked with before!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Adrnagy Says:

    You both stop it , and listen. You are flirting around all the time. You’re not faithful. Bucboi loves it twice on Sunday and you westchap like it freaky.
    You owned a Winston jersey. And Now .. suddenly you are after Tannehill. Or you want teddy. And now you are a cougar after the old QB.

    Until bucs end their relationship it’s ok to go out and date. Don’t be a two face.

    WestChap Says:
    813bucboi Says:

  34. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    now it kinda makes sense about the rumor of him picking personnel… they will probably let Brady help pick O-line that he would feel comfortable with. I imagine if I were a hotshot QB I’d probably demand that too.

  35. stpetebucsfan Says:

    “He’s 43 one or two more injured years left. And then what ?”

    The QB we’ve drafted and let Brady mentor will be ready!!!!

    You JW lovers will resort to anything to make your guy look better. An old adage…you do not make your stuff or guy look better by making someone else or their stuff look worse.

    EVERYBODY knows what this about…JW’s turnovers!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE

    So unless somebody finds a way to stop him from choking and throwing up on himself all of that talent will go to waste. And such a special arm. Personally I hope he goes to the MLB. He’s wealthy…money has become irrelevant…he’s just a guy who wants to have some fun at this point. Can’t imagine using that arm to strike out ball players wouldn’t be more fun than football!

  36. RGA Says:

    Interesting how Buccaneer losing is all Winston’s fault with many on this board when we have had one of the worst defense’s in the NFL, one of the worst running games and a porous offensive line that gives up almost 50 sacks a season. The strength of this Buccaneer team is and has been the passing attack, the reason we won those 7 games. How many QB’s in the history of the NFL have had a winning record with a defense that gives up close to 30 points a game?

  37. Dave Says:

    get a life losers

  38. stpetebucsfan Says:


    If you’re going to pimp for Winston could we at least hear all sides.

    As D.R. and many others have correctly pointed out…the Buc defense did not give up close to 30 points IF you subtract JW’ pick sixes and ints with us backed up against our goal line.

    The Buc defense came on strongly the second half when the rookie CB’s finally got up to speed…White played much better the second half as well.

    Did JW improve?…The last two games…ROJO rushed for more than a hundred…caught passes at a 75% clip…Perriman earned millions of dollars with his performance…those final half dozen games and our defense was top five by the final two games.

    And it’s time to stop maligning our OL especially in pass protection. JW is the hardest QB to block for in the league. He has a glacier pace of decision making…is not really quick in the pocket….but here is what Joe’s dreaded guys at PFF think of our OL. I think they are close in their analysis…certainly FAR better than the lame analysis of our OL coming from posters. We have a top ten line!!!


    Ryan Jensen and Ali Marpet anchored the middle of this Buccaneers’ offensive line and provided some of the best pass protection that we saw from any interior offensive line this season. The guard and center positions for the Bucs combined for an 80.4 pass-blocking grade this season, ranking second among all offenses around the league. Dating back to 2015, Marpet has the 12th-highest overall grade among 55 guards with 2,500-plus snaps.

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    Do we have to have a quarterback? Can’t we try without one? No running backs, no QB, just punt and play defense. No interceptions, no yards, no TDs except on defense. Just 100% shut down defense. No missed field goals. And no disappointments because we know ahead that our offense will not score. We can save tons of money to spend on defense. Who’s with me ??? 😂😂

  40. BigMacAttack Says:

    Seriously though I’d pass on Brady. We can’t protect him. He doesn’t fit the system. He’s already on Social Security. Just wing it with a rookie QB and shore up the rest of the team. Is Jeff Garcia available? I miss Carmella. Man she was so hot, and sweet and about 100 other things I can’t say here.