Brady Not Superman (At 43)

March 18th, 2020

“Don’t worry Gisele. Jason Licht promised me he would get a running back.”

Yes, the addition of Tom Brady — the unthinkable is real! — this morning gives the Bucs instant credibility and some believe, a playoff run.

But for the Bucs to be talking Super Bowl, the roster still needs work. So Nate Davis of USA Today has five points the Bucs need to address to get the Bucs over the hump to make a Super Bowl run.

A couple of his points proves that until now, few outside of Tampa Bay paid close attention to the Bucs, like Davis’ contention the Bucs need a slot receiver (coughchrisgodwincough). But Davis’ No. 2 point hits home.

Will the Bucs (finally) break down and get a friggin’ decent running back?!

2. Sign a lead back

Productive as the Bucs offense was last year, Arians’ first with the organization, it only ranked 24th running the ball. Not good enough for Brady, who thrives with play action and, at his age, shouldn’t be asked to chuck the ball a league-high 626 times as Jameis Winston did in 2019.

Even if White were to come aboard, Licht should set his sights on a player like Melvin Gordon, Devonta Freeman or even Carlos Hyde given all the cap space that remains available. All are capable of shouldering a significant workload, including pass protection when warranted – another crucial consideration given Brady will be 43 when Week 1 arrives.

With the exception of Jameis’ rookie year, the last time the Bucs had a decent running game was when former Bucs commander Greg Schiano was running the show.

That’s embarrassing!

Joe and Uncle Ira have discussed this subject and are likeminded: Joe and Uncle Ira are venturing to guess one of the stipulations for Brady signing is that the team had to quit f@rting around at running back and get someone who is somewhat reliable.

38 Responses to “Brady Not Superman (At 43)”

  1. MadMax Says:

    WELCOME TO THE FAMILY MR. BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 813bucboi Says:

    doug was #2 in rushing under lovie…lol….JWs rookie year….

    anywho, i’d sign carlos hyde to pair with rojo and draft aj dillion or lamical perine….

    defenses were stopping the run first and forcing JW to pass because they knew he was inaccurate and would turn it over….

    defense cant do that this year….put 8 in the box and brady will go over the top….play soft coverage and brady will find the open man underneath and wont force a pass 30yards down field into double coverage like JW did time and time again…….

    this offense will have a run game in 2020 and it wont be because we made a massive upgrade at RB or along the line…..

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  3. MadMax Says:


    But still have Big Dotson involved….he’ll give everything to win….he’s been waiting for this!!!!!!

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    We need a couple RB slots filled. One developmental option could be Brian Hill. He only has a 5th round tender on him. He hasn’t had many opportunities where he’s at, but his Yards Per Carry is really good.

    He would be perfect competition for Rojo.

  5. Lamarcus Says:

    Watch now the Bucs will fix everything. JW didn’t get any “lead” back or oline but now we are forced too. Good. Maybe its what this organization needs a player to run the show

  6. Robert Says:

    We don’t need a RB. They’ll be too busy defending the pass and LB on our TE’s.

    Rojo will get 1k yards this year between running and screens.

  7. orlbucfan Says:

    Yeah, an old fart joke. He’s get his neck broken and carted off, I won’t be crying any tears.

  8. Donkc Says:

    About 10 days ago on this website , I painted the following picture: “It’s the 2021 season and Tom Brady is bringing his 6-1 Buccaneers into Foxboro to take on the winless Patriots. Having led the Bucs to the NFC title game in the prior year, the Bucs are now the odds-on favorite to represent the NFC in the upcoming Super Bowl. The Great Debate has been settled: it was Brady, not Belichick. On this beautiful Fall day, the Bucs destroy the Pats 45-3 behind Brady’s five TD passes (three to Evans, two to Godwin) and 472 passing yards. Goaded on in his post-game about letting Brady go, Belichick resorted to his mantra, this time with a twist: “We’re on to oblivion.””

    How’m I lookin’?

    Here’s another one for you: forget Gurley. Something’s wrong with his knees. Cross the state to get in on the Jacksonville fire sale. Offer a 5th for Leonard Fournette. Not good enough? A 4th. More? A 4th and a 5th. Okay, two 4ths. Fine – two 4ths and Barber. Final offer: two 4ths, Barber and Brate.

    Tell me Tommy wouldn’t like that truck behind him. Re-sign Suh and get a RT in the draft. What the hell – throw a short-leashed AB into the mix; he’ll come cheap and Tommy loves him. Game, set, match.

  9. Marine Buc Says:

    It reminds me of when Payton Manning went to the Denver Broncos… Was Payton at the top of his game? No way near… Did he have enough leadership, knowledge and ability to win a Super Bowl? Yes!!! And so does Tom Brady.

  10. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    Joe. The Chiefs were 23rd in rushing last year. Brady’s short passing game will be our run game. We do need a better RB’s agreed, but you don’t need Jim Brown to win in today’s football.

  11. Marine Buc Says:

    @ orlbucfan

    You mad bro? Because you might want to go cheer for Winston’s new team instead. Watch him hold a clipboard where he belongs.

  12. Ed Kerber Says:

    Marine Buc says:
    @ orlbucfan

    You mad bro? Because you might want to go cheer for Winston’s new team instead. Watch him hold a clipboard where he belongs.

    Ed Kerber says; Jameis would drop the clipboard on the sidelines. He’ll be good for the practice squad giving hope las DB’s the chance to practice Pick Sixes!

  13. LordCornelius Says:

    Good news is a lot of FA now want to play for Tampa that may not have considered it before.

    When Manning went to Denver it had a pretty crazy effect on the FA interest.

  14. doctor_berto Says:

    Sign Dion Lewis as third down back and keep Rojo starter

  15. SOEbuc Says:

    Made this move with Brady now you have to make a move on a RB and I’m not talking about taking a risk on one in the second round (RoJo).

    Bucs first four home games are Green Bay, Chiefs, Minnesota, and the Saints. HOLY SHNIT!!! Have a feeling season tickets might be flying off the wall. If the jerseys are good looking, merchandise will as well. Now all we gotta do is win!!!

    GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Ed

    Lol!!! It’s fun to watch all the FSU/Winston buttercups get all salty… Waaaaa. If Winston isn’t QB I’m not cheering for the Bucs! Waaaaaaa.

  17. Crabby Fan Says:


    We agreed on this strategy earler in the off-season posts no matter who we have under center.

    This will be more critical having TB under center now. OL, RBs and scheme will need to be addressed aggressively just as aggressive as bringing in TB.

    Looking forward to the remaining signings this year.

    All I’ve been HOPING for this year is a competitive team that doesn’t keep beating themselves week in and out.

    Fingers crossed and if the stars align with the rest if our moves I will offically rename my screen name 😂

    Go Bucs!!!

  18. LordCornelius Says:

    In general everyone in Denver radio said how Manning completely changed the vibe/aura just by being there. Players don’t want to disappoint HOF / GOAT QBs. A new standard will be set.

    813 said D Smith may make a probowl and I won’t disagree lol. Guessing he will have a bit more fight in him knowing he’s protecting a legend and not having to see his QB throw 2-3 picks every week that just destroy the team’s momentum

  19. Alstott up the gut Says:

    I think signing a RB becomes a priority right now (then securing one of the top 4 OT in the draft is next). Gordon is perfect, I would take Freeman who has great hands as well. Someone will come at a cheaper price because of this opportunity.

  20. The Graham Tram Says:

    James White would definitely be a solid addition. Looks like he’s under contract for 2020

  21. Robert Says:

    @Lord-agreed. I think Smith will be money and have the GOAT’s back. The whole OL for that matter, not getting their guts ripped out countless times a game will be all the motivation they need.

    We do need to draft an LT to be ready though.

  22. boldnewera Says:

    If Melvin is willing to humble himself now that we have our new QB, and takes a 3 year deal similar to what Ekeler just got from the Chargers, about $5.5 mill per, then I would be happy with his skill set added to the fray. And no, you can’t properly evaluate his career YPC average because the Chargers O Line has been Swiss cheese for at least 3 of those years–see Rivers.

    Otherwise, a back no one is talking about that will be back to full health after his Achilles tear early last year, is Isaiah Crowell. Young, 27 really 26, runs very hard, great pass catching hands, good size, good at blitz pickup….and will come CHEAP.

    Gordon on the cheaper, or Crowell on the way cheap.

  23. Chris K Says:

    Welcome to our Buccaneers, Mr. America’s Quarterback!

  24. tkiv18 Says:

    Trading for Edelman seems like a legit option; just based on he and Brady’s on/off-the-field chemistry alone. But if the offense that we run is at all similar to what Brady and the Pats have run the last 20 years, then we need the short-to-intermediate route runner that can consistently create space/get open. That’s the one element of our passing game that is missing. Adding Edelman creates a potent trio with three unique talents/skill sets. It might seem like a luxury, but the familiarity with what TB likes to do and the fit/need for that type of WR makes it an obvious, win-now type of move.

    I think the need for a legitimate starting RB is far less a luxury, because I have serious doubts that even the GOAT will make it through 16 games if he’s asked to throw the ball 600+ times. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. If they could somehow trade for someone like Fournette, then I’d feel more comfortable.

    OT, RB, (heir apparent) QB in the draft. We’re probably not going to be able to fill all of those needs in one draft, so what do we do? Give Brady what he needs to win or remind ourselves that our starter is 43 and will need a viable replacement soon. It’ll be interesting.

  25. Jordan L Says:

    And the Sucs just made another horrible decision. Brittle Brady is not going to last the season. Jameis isn’t the answer either.

  26. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Jordan

    Your partially correct – “Jamies isn’t the answer”

    Time will tell on Brady but why don’t you do a little research? How many games has Brady missed in his entire career? Payton Manning had a broken neck and still led the Broncos to the Super Bowl in his final years in the NFL.

  27. Marine Buc Says:


  28. unbelievable Says:

    As I’ve been saying for years:

    Keep building the O-line!

    Unless you want to see our 43 year old, 30 million dollar QB in a body bag by week 4… say what you will about Jameis, he could take some freakin hits.

  29. SlowMojo727 Says:

    That’s because Winston hangs onto ball. Brady lead the league in throw aways last season. Knows when to give up on a play to fight another down. Will make the O-line much better.

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    Rojo was good at the end of the year, there is no reason to go after a big name RB. What we need is a 3rd down back, and Dion Lewis is just that. Also Freeman I don’t think would be all that expensive, if he doesn’t price himself out of it, he’d be a guy I’d bring in – but as more of a split work guy with Rojo.

  31. T REX Says:

    If you are talking about Winston you are a loser and a piece of garbage.

    Time to move on past that loser.

    It’s a new day in Tampa Bay!

  32. Justanotheridiot Says:

    Brady won.t hang on to ball 6 seconds and take sack like Jaymiss be gone in 3 seconds or less

  33. Mister Positive Pete Says:

    Here’s the question: Do you forego re-signing Suh in order to pay a quality RB free agent? (I would say you go for the RB)

  34. stpetebucsfan Says:


    I like your Manning analogy. And Manning wasn’t just old he was coming off of a career threatening NECK injury. I was surprised he and JPP did so well after harming their necks.

    Some factoids on data that I’ve posted before with the links. Links understandably put you in moderation until Joe can make sure you haven’t posted link that threatens HIS business.

    So no links but I can provide them if you dispute these facts.

    Our OL does NOT suck as Joe has preached all season!!! Our RT is old and playing on shot knees…a #14 draft pick should fix that and if Dot would take a smaller paycheck he could stay and provide some veteran depth.

    According to PFF our OL ranked SEVENTH in the NFL last year and they particularly singled out Marpet and Jenkins as among the very best interior pass protectors

    According to NextGen stats Tom Brady had the 7th best DEEP PASSING QBR in the league.

    According to Brian Baldinger Brady threw the ball deep very well at the beginning of the season when he had Josh Gordon Brady went deep very well and enjoys that part of the game. IE He has plenty of arm strength. Baldy played clip of Brady hanging in the pocket against the Steeler rush long enough to get the ball deep..a perfect throw btw to Gordon.

    Baldy pointed out after Gordon went down Brady had fundamentally ONE WR he could trust in Edelman.

  35. Mike Johnson Says:

    I cannot wait until you guys turn and start bashing Brady when he goes down. And all I’m gonna say here is..see, I told you guys so back in March.

  36. Chris K Says:

    Mike Johnson, the fact you can’t wait until an injury happens to our new starting quarterback, America’s Quarterback himself, Mr. Tom Brady adds you to the list of non actual Bucs fans, and are just like the other trolls that need to kick rocks if you can’t support our Qb and our team.

  37. TOM Says:

    I think if the Bucs could sign Foles with the Jags paying most of his salary it would be a good move. Foles would be a very good backup with a chance to be #1 when TB12 retires.

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    Mike Johnson – Yep, they are a bunch of a d-bags who will be saying Brady is washed up by the 2nd quarter of the 1st game if he misses a throw. I would say they’d call him a bust by the 2nd preseason game, but I can’t imagine that Brady plays in the preseason.