Belicheat Lowballed Brady?

March 17th, 2020

Always about the money.

The guy who was Tom Brady’s first professional offensive coordinator and had a large part in developing the future Hall of Fame quarterback from a raw, forgettable rookie into a six-time Super Bowl winner had a hunch what ended Brady’s days in New England.

And it is also why Brady is on the cusp of signing with the Bucs or the Chargers, if you believe the NFL rumors flying right now.

It came down to what it always comes down to: Cash.

Charlie Weis put it bluntly: He is convinced his old boss with the Patriots, Bill Belicheat, lowballed Brady terribly, to an insulting level.

Weis suggested Belicheat offered Brady a contract lower than what Mr. Entertainment, America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston would get. Reports say the Bucs have offered Brady $30 million a year if not higher. Weis thinks Belicheat tried to get Brady to bite at a contract some 30 percent less.

“You know, he was making $23 million,” Weis said on the weekday morning show he co-hosts with Bob Papa, “The Opening Drive,” heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I bet they offered him $20 million or something like that.”

Weis is convinced to get Brady to leave New England, Team Glazer has to be floating serious loot in front of Brady’s face.

“If the Patriots offered him $25 [million], I bet the Bucs offered him $35 [million].”

You can hear a “stunned” Weis discuss Brady’s departure from the Pats in the audio below.

31 Responses to “Belicheat Lowballed Brady?”

  1. Waterboy Says:

    I read that it is 30 mil that Brady is getting. Not sure if it’s accurate or not.

  2. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    I listen to that show as much as possible. Weis’s voice is terrible, he just sounds like a fat slob but the content is outstanding. His son coaches at USF I think.

  3. SteveK Says:

    Show me the money, Jason!

    Whatever it takes.

    You know how you correct swinging and kissing on a number one overall pick? Hire the greatest player of the super bowl era to come in and be a boss. Look out folks, if Brady wants to come to Tampa and take control of this team-division, then welcome him with open arms. I believe in Brady and his ability to deliver the goods.

  4. BridleOaks Buc Says:

    With the tax structure of FL vs CA, $30million in Tampa is $25million in LA

  5. Joe Says:

    With the tax structure of FL vs CA, $30million in Tampa is $25million in LA

    At least!

    There is a reason why Californians are invaded Nevada and Texas in droves. Taxes are choking citizens there.

  6. EA Says:

    Tom Brady is from California, money is not a priority for him, he will go back to Cali… way Brady is coming to Florida.

  7. Couch Fan Says:

    He was making $23 Million and they offered him $25 million, how is that low balling?… He’s probably worth more than that but if they offered him more than what he signed for last time, im not sure how thats a low ball offer.

  8. boldnewera Says:

    Geee… my $38 million annually for 2 years fully guaranteed, appears pretty spot on. As everything I write is.

    Not to mention if the consortium here is eventually allowed a last ditch offer, my feeling is they’ll cross $42 mill per to land him. Money would come back 5 fold.

  9. RSJCheapSeats Says:

    This is utter nonsense to anyone who has followed the Pats-Brady negotiations. Brady has always accepted less than he was worth.

    JoeBucFan and the Winston fanboys just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that no one wants a guy who throws 30 Ints.

    Sad really.

  10. Joe Says:

    He was making $23 Million and they offered him $25 million, how is that low balling?

    When you have two other offers on the table for (at least) 30 percent more and your employer offers to lower your salary.

    That’s the very definition of “lowballing.”

  11. Craig Says:

    I think it was more than that. I think Brady got fed up with his supporting cast last season. He had refused raises to make the team better and it still fell apart last year.

    The Bucs receivers and TEs have to look like heaven for him. A RT would probably make the O-line good enough for prime time. The defense has things in their resume too.

    He is probably casting coy glances our way some.

  12. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    Good point. $30M with no states taxes beats CA going away.

    Add in two Pro Bowl wideouts, two competent TEs and a young hungry D and the Bucs certainly seem attractive.

    I just hope that there’s enough cash left to secure remaining key pieces defensively.

    The rest is left to the draft and BA.

    Peace, out

  13. Eric Says:

    If I remember right Belichick signed Testeverde to Cleveland and they went to the AFC Championship game.

    Another hated QB. I think he had 35 INT’s in one season once in a 14 game season.

  14. Jonathan Limpchimpi Says:

    Belicheat has now responded with his own farewell. Wow. I think Joe’s reporter intuition will win the day here. Don’t wager on it. LOL –Joe L.A. makes too much sense…new stadium, perfect home base for the wifey, the production company…guessing Kronke has already sealed the deal.

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    When you have two other offers on the table for (at least) 30 percent more and your employer offers to lower your salary.

    But they didnt offer to lower his salary they were willing to pay him $2 million more that what he signed for last time. Im sure he would of had better offers on the table then as well if it was just about the money… I got to agree with Craig on this one. There has to be more to it than this.

  16. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    This just in. Panthers swooped in and snagged Brady. Informed Cam he could seek trade.

  17. Mister Negative Nancy Says:

    It sounds like everything is a done deal, just not announced yet. Brady wouldn’t announce leaving New England if he didn’t have a landing spot already in place.

  18. Cgmaster27 Says:

    Rsj youre comment made zero sense. Gets jameis jock out of your mouth and focus on brady.

  19. reply Says:

    Please sign with the Chargers. I do not want this circus attraction here.

  20. Couch Fan Says:

    Nvm I misread what he was saying.

  21. TOM Says:

    I just hope this Brady thing doesn’t drag on.

  22. BigHog Says:

    Bye-Bye G.O.A.T…….Hello Mr. 5,000 !! Stranger things have Happened!!!

  23. geno711 Says:

    Examples of Tom’s greatness are limitless, going back even before he was drafted. We witnessed how he prepared when he wasn’t playing, how he performed when he got his opportunity, what he did to continuously improve, his leadership, his mindset, the example he set, and, of course, the person he is.

    Bill Belichick

  24. Nick2 Says:

    Its not about cash to Brady that is correct but it is about another ring with Belicheat. To that end the Bucs give him the best path. The Bucs clearly have a better receiver corp than the Chargers so I think we still have a shot. I will agree the Chargers have as good a chance as anyone but they have their messed up stadium situation so I think its 50/50 right now. Brady or Bust!!!!

  25. RSJCheapSeats Says:

    Cgmaster27 – WTF are you talking about. I want Winston gone.

  26. The Man Says:

    Sign Tom Brady!

  27. RustyRhinos Says:

    42 year old QB’S are not known for their long shelf life. Even for $20-30-40 million. What happens to our team if we sign a 42 year old GOAT QB and he gets injured first few games of the season. In strolls Gabbert, who thinks this is a long term winning philosophy? How many more seasons do we think Brady has left? 1(43) or 2 (44) maybe 3 (45). I am just not feeling that will work out well for us. We know Arians is only here for a few more seasons (3 tops). Who will we go with when the GOAT riding is over? Gabbert? I would rather get a younger vet QB and draft a QB in the first two or three rounds, so we can have a better than Gabbert fall back plan.
    GO BUCS!

  28. Mike Johnson Says:

    Say what you want about Bellacheat. But he knows football and how to win. Why else would he let a 42 yr old crippled vet walk? Brady is just about done. Other than to..bilk some sucker team out of millions on injured reserve. I don’t know why our Bucs cannot see this, Hell, Stevie Wonder can.

  29. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Yeah I buy that. A couple worth a half BILLION $$$$ is going to make the single most important decision in Brady’s football life because of five million!!! Cmon man!

    I agree with Craig…there are reasons Brady is leaving NE…lack of talent is among them but I think he had enough of one of the biggest jackasses in the entire league. I mean really can you think of a creepier dude to have to spend time with than Bill Belicheat….a man still searching for a functioning personality after all these years. BA can be a charmer…Belicheat charm? bwwaaahaaa

    And underlying it all is the fact that for two decades now it comes down to six SB’s awesome!!! But who gets the lion share of the credit? Coach or QB.
    Not sure Belicheat and Brady had smoothed that out

  30. WestChap Says:

    How does this jive with reports weeks ago that Pats were willing to pay more than $30M? This is silly as he’s not worried about money for a decade. Its as simple as commitment (he wasn’t interested in a year-to-year deal even at $30M where Bill could unceremoniously cut him at any time) and receiving talent (Bill as GM had horrible luck landing weapons for Brady last year… Hump turns them down for Tennessee, Edelman’s age begins to show and Gordon/AB/Sanu shots all miss). With Gronk having the time of his life, Cooks traded away and some silly mind games played with Tom’s personal trainer’s access… Bill’s evil genius act just got to be too much.

    Again, not about money. If LAC, about going home. If Bucs, about doing things that have never been done: SB win at home, 7-8 SB rings, etc.

  31. Brandon Says:

    Eric Says:
    March 17th, 2020 at 10:58 am
    If I remember right Belichick signed Testeverde to Cleveland and they went to the AFC Championship game.

    Another hated QB. I think he had 35 INT’s in one season once in a 14 game season


    You’re not remembering right. Testaverde went to AFC Championship game with Jets under Parcells. He threw 35 INTs in a full 16 game season. It was his rookie year.