Lavonte David: “He Do Some Stuff That, You Know, Have You Scratch Your Head”

February 3rd, 2020

Joe can’t stand the Panthers, but Joe has to give it up for retired Carolina receiver Steve Smith’s new nickname for America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Speaking with Lavonte David on NFL Network last week, Smith jumped in on a chat about Jameis’ highs and lows and referred to the Bucs’ 70-game starting QB as “Secret Santa.” Funny stuff.

David, however, defended his quarterback and shared his deep affection for Jameis, while also sharing in the frustration of fans.

“I love him, man. I love Jameis, man,” David said. “You just gotta, you know, you gotta take what he give you. You know what I mean? Like he’s going to give you big numbers. He’s going to give you all the wow plays. But at the same time, you know, he do some stuff that, you know, have you scratch your head.”

Scratch your head for $100 million [contract]? replied Smith.

David fired back that his teammates love Jameis and his work, and David believes the Buccaneers can get to a Super Bowl with Jameis.

“I see it in him. I know how great he want to be. I love to have him on the field with me,” David said of Jameis.

Joe enjoyed various candid takes from Bucs about Jameis during Super Bowl week. (And Joe still has two more good ones to share.)

Are Jameis’ highs good enough to tolerate his lows? That’s the ultimate question at One Buc Palace.

Of course, one could conclude now that Jameis throwing 30 picks was an anomaly, but at the same time conclude that as a five-year starter who has benefited from excellent coaching and great receiver talent, Jameis has reached his ceiling.

59 Responses to “Lavonte David: “He Do Some Stuff That, You Know, Have You Scratch Your Head””

  1. SteveK Says:

    Plain and simple. Jameis is not worth the price tag. We can find a cheaper QB that takes care of the ball better.

    Look how Fitzmagic and Jameis split the 2018 season and threw for more yards, TDs and less INTs. It’s very possible to consider s new QB could be the answer.

    It’s ridiculous and naive to force a sixth year on the fans when we all know it will be “entertaining” (losing) football. No thanks. And when you consider that Jameis expects the going rate for franchise QBs- the team must take a stand and let him test his worth. He’s a backup in this league right now with no guaranteed spot to start. Unless we compete against ourselves and lock into another playoffless season with dumb ass turnovers and excuses. Oh, will there be excuses.

    Rant over. Sorry fellow fans, just super scared we embrace the “status woe” for year 6.

  2. Sport Says:

    This will be interesting. There is no doubt in my mind JW is as polarizing internally with his teammates as he is with us. The only truly happy squad on this team is the WR group.
    – He doesn’t help his oline. Long decision making leads to sacks.
    – Running backs – he doesn’t throw the ball consistently in screens and simple outs. And turnovers kill the run game.
    – Defense – left too damn many messes for them.
    – Special Teams – they have their own problems and shouldn’t be casting stones.
    – TE’s – it was a rough year for them. They own some of their own bad play.
    – Coaches – pissed and disappointed. They cannot get those crappy decisions out of him.
    – Owners – pissed at overall results. Especially after eating multiple off field crap sandwich’s he served up.

    How will those units feel if he gets a huge payday? Probably not very good, especially if he does what he’s done his whole career. Consistently inconsistent .

    In BA I Trust!

  3. Craig Says:

    He’ll give you big yards, and to keep his karma in balance he gives the game to the other team.

    I 30 interceptions an anomaly or a harbinger of what the future of Jameis really looks like?

  4. Formerly Tampa 2 Says:

    SteveK says… It’s ridiculous and naive to force a sixth year on the fans when we all know it will be “entertaining” (losing) football. No thanks….Couldn’t agree more!

  5. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    I feel like when former players talk to current players they are more real than with out of shape old white guys who write about sports they were never good at

    If players coaches and fans have this many questions after 70 starts then the writing is on the wall

  6. SteveK Says:


    Exactly! I’d Jameis gets paid and proceeds to turn it over at the greatest rate in football, and we continue to lose, then that will be the gravitational force that creates a divide in the locker room and leads to a culture of suck.

    Players are warriors and if a player continues to make mistakes it can cost a teammate: money from lack of success, or injury- reaching back for an off target- wide ass open throw.

  7. stpetebucsfan Says:

    So Dak Prescott is rumored to be thinking of holding out if he gets tagged.

    I haven’t yet heard that about JW but who knows. He’s already earned…er made 50 million from the Bucs…he can certainly afford to hold out. It will come down to his agent’s greed and JW’s ego…two things that should be cause for concern.

    So while I totally agree with D.R.’s use of one of the two available tags I do question as to how that might play out if JW decides to stay home.

    D.R. I get your March 10th deadline. If we use one of the tags are we stuck with JW if no other team bites on a transition tag? I’m thinking BA/Licht have an awareness of the interest in JW around the league. That of course sets up a possible “Cousins scenario” where we sign and trade. What if we don’t do that before we tag him and we’re left holding the bag? What if JW stays at home instead of playing? Genuinely curious.

  8. 813bucboi Says:

    i dont think its an anomaly……every year he’s played 16games his INT total has increased….2015-15 2016-18 2019-30…..its a trend….

    the only reason why i wouldnt mind JW returning(1 or 2 year deal) is for consistency…..

    but i have over 5109 reason why i wouldnt be sad if we let him walk….

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  9. stpetebucsfan Says:

    @Steve K

    Rant on! At least half of us agree with you…the other half will NEVER change their minds.’

    JW is like our current polarized political environment. Opinions are set in stone and therefore discussion is largely wasted.

  10. kyle Hoge Says:

    The bucs are stuck in purgatory next year. We have no prospect to develop and no money to sign all of our players, and/or attract a free agent qb. We will tag winston and have to ride the roller coaster again.. yay 7-9..go bucs 2020.

  11. kyle Hoge Says:

    After watching the Mahomes in the 4th quarter.. we have to move on from Jameis. There has to be another kid out there that we can develop.

  12. SteveK Says:

    Thanks St Pete and Formerly Tampa 2!

    You guys are right. It’s just opinions and hard to change ones Beliefs. I am thankful to have this forum to properly vent about the level of suckage and dissatisfaction of my favorite team. I will stick with them, and they deserve any and all criticism until they can get their heads out of their asses and make a freaking playoff game. It’s so Bucs if they come out next year- with the same QB- lose early and often- and viola. We are talking draft by Halloween, and excuses will continue to mount.

    I can’t lie to myself anymore and believe this QB will work out. It would be foolish to think we will all for sudden correct the issues at hand.

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There is no way>>>IMO that Jameis holds out….it’s just not in him…..he wants to play and he wants to start…..perhaps more than the money……the Bucs can work it out with him if they want him.

  14. zzbuc Says:

    I agree with Steve K …I don´t think Jameis is the answer and for sure is not worth 100mm….But being 100% honest I am not sure that what is left int the market is a better option……Just saying I am not sure……I am not convinced that Dalton/Rivers/Bridgewater are the answer.
    I also think that Brady with a Bucs unifrom is pretty close to a Utopia.
    That´s the main reason why I really do not know what to think………..

  15. Hamsadwitchtime Says:

    Calling it know. If Jameis goes somewhere else he is going to blow up…. he will win a Super Bowl. But we gave up on Steve young, Doug Williams. It’s in our nature to __ck this up. I will remember all the haters although they will likely change names.

  16. SteveK Says:


    Been here for 9 years, same name. Do you have then same name?

    And you can pack up your fanboy allegiances and go to JW3’s new team w him. I will root for him when he’s not playing the Bucs, and I will celebrate when he leaves bc we have wised up to the turnover charade. Fool’s gold!

  17. Hamsadwitchtime Says:

    You have Palmer, Bradshaw, Fabre and many more say we are crazy to let him walk … but what do they know we have Steven K. Lol

  18. Hamsadwitchtime Says:


  19. SteveK Says:

    Not me:

    Chris Myers
    Rod Woodson
    Solomon Wilcotts

    And numerous teammates publicly acknowledge keeping Winston is a “tough decision . It’s no slam dunk that he’s back.

  20. stpetebucsfan Says:


    “That´s the main reason why I really do not know what to think………..”

    Kudos to you for an honest post. IMO many of us are in the same boat as you.

  21. SteveK Says:

    I would love to be in Coach’s arian’s office to discuss the QB with the coaches and reach a decision. Oh to be a fly on that wall. H
    I trust they will make the right decision

  22. Hamsadwitchtime Says:

    @stevenk- I have been a loyal Bucs fan from the beginning. My loyalty is to the team. Get back in class now before you get in trouble.

  23. pelbuc Says:

    Hopeful that some form of sanity will return to OBP and they realize they’ve maxed out on ATM. Time to move on! No need to see more of the same. Bucs don’t need big numbers, they need big wins.

  24. Loyaltotheend Section 312 Says:

    If Jameis goes somewhere else they won’t put up with the turnovers and inaccurate passes. If he played in a large market he’d have been let go already

  25. SteveK Says:


    We’ve not been to the playoffs in 12 years. Jameis was the top
    Pick and has had five years. Still too many questions. What’s wrong with moving on at this point? Why wait for something that hasn’t happened. It’s not likely to occur and it’s more likely he’s peaked.

  26. Isaac haggins Says:

    I would be all over Carr if I were Licht !!! Gruden wants a new toy and Mayock in the end , has to get rid of Carr or resign . This should be pretty easy as the cards are face up on the table but Licht is in his Meathead Jock Tunnel . Btw if your good you sign Winston and still keep looking at options like Carr !!! This Sht isn’t that hard !!! Bonus money is an obstacle but really not the big deal it’s made out to be if your constructive. These meathead GM s would struggle building a lawn care business.

  27. MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:

    Peyton Manning was worse than Jameis at this point in his career.

  28. geno711 Says:

    “But at the same time, you know, he do some stuff that, you know, have you scratch your head.”

    So in the same week of the Super Bowl, LaVonte David, Chris Godwin, and Shaq Barrett said things very similar to what a lot of Buc’s fans on this site have said.

    They were not all exactly the same – Just like we are not all exactly the same but each of them spoke openly about faults that they were not sure that Jameis would overcome.

    Viva la difference.

  29. NPRSageBoy. Says:

    I’m tired of all this JayMiss BS. The most complete QB in the 2015 NFL draft is a bust IMHO.

    Big plays, big numbers, minimal wins and plenty of turnovers. That’s JayMiss.

    Time to move on from Secret Santa JayMiss.

    Peace, out.

  30. Pewter power Says:

    Winston put himself in this situation and because of the quarterback free agent market he has zero leverage.

    I’ll say it again Winston balked out just enough to make sure we weren’t drafting high enough to find his replacement. All the highlights and big numbers have got this team nothing.

    That same mentality got winston benched last year you don’t have another losing season then demand 30 million a year its unheard of. Franchise tag and make him earn it….hey Winston you get 30 million by getting to the playoffs not putting up big numbers.

  31. Bucsdelight Says:

    If we had drafted Jameis in the 2nd rd or 3rd, we may not be complaining as much, but he was the #1 overall pick and he doesn’t play like it. We watch Mahomes do magic in the playoffs and SB. While Mahomes may be in a class of his own, I don’t think Jameis is a top 15 QB in this league. We may have a Philip Rivers or Jay Cutler on our hands. He’ll give you yards and a win here an there, but at the end of the day, he isn’t going to get you playoff wins.

    We would have to have a stellar D and world class RB in order to prevent JW from throwing the ball and to win games. Of course, when you throw interceptions and pick 6s on your first or second series every time, it’s kind of hard to get going.

  32. whats the bucs plan 2020 Says:

    Tenessee did the right thing with Marriotta ….. why are the Bucs so dumb??

  33. James Says:

    Letting a 26 year old QB walk, who just threw for 5000 yards and 33 td’s, would be the most Tampa Bay Buccaneer thing ever. You guys are all idiots.

  34. geno711 Says:

    MirrorMirrowOnTheWall Says:
    February 3rd, 2020 at 11:45 am
    Peyton Manning was worse than Jameis at this point in his career.

    Well yes and no.
    Sure some stats are worse but it was not the same type of league.
    Passing is much easier now. So I think most people would disagree with you.

    I can sarcastically do the same thing.
    Joe Flacco is a better quarterback than Johnny Unitas for Baltimore.
    Flacco had the better stats in his career for Baltimore.

  35. Bird Says:

    Even lavonte did not give a ringing endorsement

    Again , they love the player personally / the man
    Not so much his play on the field
    That is lack of trust from one of their best players who has been in league longer then jAmeis

    Its funny how all the players , including his own players, coaches , analysts and observes sAy the same thing

    Yet a few armchair qbs on this site know better
    Even claiming how much football knowledge they have

  36. Sleepy903 Says:

    When you say excellent coaching do you mean this year or the past years in total. Im not to sure that Dirk is the great QB developer that we thought he was initially.

    Going back and looking at Dirks track record he hasnt consistently ever gotten the best out of his offense or players on offense. I think he did a decent job w/ Winston but I dont think no matter how many years he would have had Jameis if he would have groomed him into an elite QB. If Winston had BA for 4-5 years we would have a better idea of how good he could or wont be.

    Look at the strides made this year outside of the turnovers. Scoring in the redzone and deep ball were question marks and both improved. Even the fumbles. He only had 3 in the last 8 games with an injured hand compared to 9 in the first 8 games. We were looking at about 5 areas for him to improve. He improved in 3. Now if he can limit his INT’s and win games then JW may be turning the corner to becoming elite in his second year under BA compared to his first 4 under Dirk.

  37. Couch Fan Says:

    I said drafting Jameis was the right thing to do. I was wrong and its clear now that getting new blood at the QB position is the right thing to do. If Jameis goes on to win somewhere else so be it. Through 5 years there is nothing that indicates Jameis is gong to turn any corners with his turnover issues. Let the fan boys scream about 5k Yards and 30+ TDs to their hearts content. But anyone with any common sense knows Turnovers Lose Games.

  38. Jecir Says:

    Why did he throw for 5k yards? Was it because he need it to get his team back in the after throwing a couple of picks? He’s also not clutch. There 4 games where we had the ball with 3 minutes to go and a TD would have won or tied the game. Guess what happened? 4 picks!!!

  39. Bucsdelight Says:

    People who go off of stats and are so strung out on this 5k yds and 30tds are clowns. so what if he threw for 5k yds. We didn’t make the playoffs with 5k yds and 30 tds. Why? because he also had 30 interceptions. You all are hoping and wishing he cuts those int. in half. He isn’t throwing for 5k yds again. He doesn’t protect the ball. Hell, if Jay Cutler was here you’d be all about his stats as well. But he wasn’t a great QB. They are the same mediocre QBs we see all the time. Sure keep JW until someone better comes along. Draft a QB and continue on until you get a great QB. We don’t have one.

    And please stop with the QB comparison of great QBs from 20 yrs ago. Not the same league, not the same rules, not the same at all.

  40. Pryda...Sec147 Says:

    His ceiling I don’t think so … smh

  41. AlanBucsfan Says:

    Steve Young only played 2 years in Tampa and the 1986 Bucs might have been the worst organization in the history of the NFL.

    Doug Williams was most likely the victim of a racist owner who low-balled him out of town.

    Neither of those circumstances apply to Jameis’

  42. WestChap Says:

    I almost choked when I saw the statement that Blameless is at the same point as Peyton after 5 years… really? Granted Peyton and the team around him were still developing after year 5… but did I miss the Bucs going to the playoffs 3 of the last 5 years?

    LVD hit the nail on the head… there’ve been a lot of head-scratching moments over the last 5 years! If I had a nickel for every time I have screamed “WTF was he thinking” at the television in response to one of Blameless’ bone-headed plays I’d be a very wealthy man.

  43. Bucsfan951 Says:

    If mirror said it, it must be true because we’re all idiots in his eyes. smh

  44. Defense Rules Says:

    StPete … “D.R. I get your March 10th deadline. If we use one of the tags are we stuck with JW if no other team bites on a transition tag? ”

    Far as I know StPete, yes we’d be stuck with Jameis UNLESS we can trade him in that scenario. We can’t trade him TODAY … come March 18th we’d have no contract with him (for all practical purposes, we haven’t really owned any of these UFAs since our last game ended). I’m sure that BA will find a way to ‘hedge our bets’.

    Jameis lost me when he (and his agent obviously) insisted that ‘he be ballin’ and was worth north of $30 mil. Probably didn’t do much for BA either. BUT … I still contend that we screwed ourselves when we didn’t keep a viable backup QB last year (say what you want about Fitz, but he was a ‘viable backup’). We don’t have much choice but to keep him now UNTIL we find a viable alternative. And you never know, last year MAY have been an anomaly … MAYBE he’ll go back to ONLY 15 INTs with 1 Pick-6 a year. We can only HOPE.

  45. Defense Rules Says:

    Whats The Bucs Plan 2020 … “Tenessee did the right thing with Marriotta ….. why are the Bucs so dumb??”

    Tennessee was a LOT smarter than the Bucs because they brought in a viable backup QB, Ryan Tannehill, for a meager $5.4 mil JUST IN CASE Mariota didn’t work out. Obviously a smart move because Tannehill got them deep into the playoffs after assuming the helm when Marcus was benched.

    Bucs on the other hand were in exactly the same situation, but we opted to run with Blaine Gabbert for a whopping $1.0 mil last year. And just think, he almost made it to the regular season.

    Of course, Titans are now in a situation similar to the Bucs. Tannehill AND Mariota are BOTH FAs, so they have no viable QB AT THE MOMENT (their only QB right now is Logan Woodside, 7th Rnd pick in 2018 out of Toledo). And if they decide to re-sign Tannehill, his Market Value is now $30.5 mil according to Spotrac. Gulp!

  46. Terrence Says:

    Every time midget man Steve Smith cover the Bucs he takes jabs at Jameis. I will never forget when Jameis marched us to Carolina week 2 on thursday night football to beat the Panthers. Jameis threw 0 picks and was invited on set, Steve Smith was present and that little coward had the hush mouth.

  47. Costa Rica John Says:

    I’m okay keeping Jameis. Personally I think his interception numbers return to his norm of about 15 int’s next year. I believe the numbers were up this year because of the new offense. Now would I pay him the money he wants? Never but I don’t believe any player deserves that kind of money for playing a team sport. Go Bucs

  48. Mike Johnson Says:

    Look..Go ahead and franchise jameis and be done with it. If we can get him down between 15 to 20 interceptions, We win 3 more games. Besides, We’ve rode with him thus far. Brady and Rivers are beatdown. Why you think they grabbin at that money? They want it guaranteed too.

  49. JimbobBucsFan Says:

    Jamesis has reached his ceiling. He is flawed. He will never be elite. He cannot legitimately be called “America’s Quarterback”.

    J o e, I think you are deliberately using that sobriquet to rile a certain portion of the fans who post here. I am enjoying it! LOL

  50. BrianBucs Says:

    Bucs need to move on. PERIOD.
    But as I’ve said many times, as long as Jason Licht is the GM here, Winston will be the QB.

  51. Bucshot Says:

    Are you upset with 5000-4700yds/33-28tds/25-20ints (just guessing anywhere within) ?

  52. Bucshot Says:

    @jimbobbucsfan yes let’s continue to search for the messiah at the quarterback position. ….. not. Jameis is and always will be America’s Quarterback.

  53. T REX Says:

    Look at the Winston knob gobblers…defenders of the indefensible…football hacks and life losers. Unite!

  54. Isaac haggins Says:

    I’m all in on Carr

  55. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Is it Jameis George or Jeff Winston?

  56. webster Says:

    So let me get this straight, this fan base says its all about wins and losses when it comes to qbs right? Yet this fan base would be good with derek carr when he has the second most losses by a qb in history in their 1st six years? The most losses record belongs to his brother david. So again, its a double standard when it comes to jameis. As tupac said, this is a white man’s world.

  57. Isaac haggins Says:

    Good one St Pete but Winston truly is 110 percent in Effort Jay George Cutler s are collecting mirrors to view themselves !! BTW Stafford is def another option . Behind this line and down field offense Rivers and Brady retire mid season and send Winston a Super Man plaque !!

  58. TDTB Says:

    I don’t comment much and when I do it tends to be on team building (draft, FA). Jameis was the correct pick. He was/is the better prospect than Marriotta. To me, this is an appropriate busted pick. The pick had huge upside potential and that potential has flashed…but he’s not working out. Could be the Bucs, could be him. Doesn’t matter. He’s a busted pick and it’s time to move on. I’m critical of Licht but this was not a mistake. It’s an appropriate bust. I think Bridgewater is the FA QB to target now. Bucs and Chargers should be the leaders to sign. If Chargers sign him then Herbert may fall to Bucs in the draft. If Bridgewater doesn’t sign with the Chargers then they seem destined to pick Herbert. As cool as it would be to see Brady, Rivers, Stafford or similar in a Bucs uniform they are high priced one year answers that won’t figure out personnel and play calling in time to get the Bucs to the playoffs. The Bucs need a longer term answer. I think there are too many red flags with Love to take him in the first or second round.

  59. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Speak on it my Webster speak on it!