Could Bucs Draft A WR?

February 23rd, 2020

Speedy WR/KR from TCU.

Now there is no question the Bucs need a running back. And a safety.

After that, there really are no holes on the roster — oh yes, the birds that chirp each morning about the offensive line will certainly chime in too.

Joe is wondering if by chance the Bucs draft a wide receiver on the second day of the draft?

Yes, the Bucs have elite Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, the latter proved to be one of the best receivers in the game in his first full season as a starter. Still, the Bucs will possibly lose Breshad Perriman in free agency. The guy really turned it on late in the season and the free agent pool won’t be loaded with receivers.

Joe is guessing Tennessee and New England would love to get their hands on Perriman.

Joe read the transcript of former NFL scout and current NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah’s conference call Friday. He believes the draft is ridiculously deep in receivers.

“But in terms of the depth and the talent in this draft, wide receivers and corners, especially the wide receiver group, as deep as I’ve seen,” Jeremiah said.

“I’ve got 27 wide receivers with top 3-round grades in this draft. And consider average 31 are taken. We had a max of 35 taken in, I believe that was in 2017.

“So this is a really phenomenal group of wideouts. Not all those guys are going to go early. They’ll end up spreading throughout the draft. But it’s really a good group.”

But here is the problem with that. In recent years, the Bucs seem to do the very opposite in the draft. If a draft is loaded at a position, the Bucs fold their arms, walk away and say, “Nah, we’re good.”

In 2017 and 2018, the draft was thick with running backs. The Bucs held their cards and drafted Ronald Jones. In 2019, the draft was deep in edge rushers. The Bucs are simply allergic to drafting an edge rusher.

So just going by the pattern of the Bucs the past few years, if the draft is expected to be deep with receivers, the Bucs are unlikely to pick one.

Arians loves burners and who better to replace a burner like Perriman than TCU receiver/return man Jalen Reagor? The guy has serious wheels and is a legit home run hitter.

Grabbing him on the second night of the draft wouldn’t make Joe punch a wall.

35 Responses to “Could Bucs Draft A WR?”

  1. WhatTheBuc Says:

    I don’t know how Joe can say that there’s no question that the bucs need a safety. Is Evan’s done? You gave up on Edwards after one season where he started as a rookie? Havent JBFers made that mistake enough? Wanted to drop Cappa and Davis last year. Didn’t Whitehead play pretty well? Dixon is an RFA but Bowles was ready to make him a starter before injury. Adams is good depth. As to the WR question, the bucs will definitely draft one with the talent available in the draft. My guess is one of our 4ths.

  2. AlteredEgo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    Who knows…we are at the mercy of Jason Lite…

  3. TDTB Says:

    Agreed they should add a WR or two but I would use a late pick and trade it down. There will be some fantastic WR’s available in the the last round and as FA’s.

  4. Beetlejuice Says:

    Jeremy Fowler of ESPN just said on Sports Center that at Combine…meetings around trading for Lev Bell will circle around Bucs and Steelers…

    Hmm. Seems like an interesting idea. Jets kicking in money and/or a pick I would think for Bucs to assume contract.

  5. Beetlejuice Says:

    Leveon Bell

  6. Señor Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    “…who better to replace a burner like Perriman than TCU receiver/return man Jalen Reagor?”

    And we very much need a threat at the return position. Have not had one in YEARS!

    But Joe is right, that means we won’t pick one. Probably Licht will go with an UDFA, SMDH!

  7. scratchgolfer Says:

    It looks like Perriman might be in demand with the Saints so yeah, we might need to select a durable 3rd WR if the coaches have lost faith in Watson.

  8. Hfxbuc Says:

    Considering Arians wanted Dionte Johnson in the 3rd last year before Pitt traded up to get him, you have to think WR is still a priority.

    Post draft comments grom ‘Steelers WRs coach Darryl Drake on selecting Diontae Johnson No. 66: “I know for a fact that Tampa Bay was going to take him with their next pick (No. 70). I got cussed out by Tampa Bay’s head coach (Bruce Arians) who called us some names for taking him. That was his guy.” ‘

  9. The Coroner Says:

    Jalen Reagor – a difference maker. If great combine won’t be there.

  10. Sport Says:

    I’ve seen the idea around a bit lately. I can see the logic behind it. Evans contract is substantial, which may age better once (if) the new CBA gets approved with extra player $’s.

    Perriman is probably gone, however do you honestly believe a few good games warrants making him a #1 receiver? Plus with all this rookie talent coming? When you look at his entire body of work it’s at best hopeful and more likely doubtful.

    Draft a 2nd round WR to the Bucs?

    Only if we first resign our entire defense.
    Draft or sign FA at RT.

    In BA I Trust!

  11. George Rauh Says:

    With your logic Joe, why would you draft a WR on the second day. The position is super deep. Draft a WR on the third day. 5th or 6th round and you get a second or third round talent.

  12. stpetebucsfan Says:

    I’m not against taking a flier on a burner later in the draft but I see no desperate need.

    Agree that we need to replace Perriman who is certainly an FA cap casualty.

    But I thought that was Scotty Miller’s 4.39 speed’s function. He seemed to be developing late before injuries took their toll. He was just beginning to break out when ME and Godwin went down and he got an opportunity to play. In that Detroit game he caught 3 passes for 49 yards and a TD but alas blew out his hammy in that same game.

    If he’s healthy he seems to be the heir apparent. Justin Watson will be in that mix although not as explosive as Miller Watson caught more than a dozen balls over the last few games with ME and Godwin out. Watson is not slow at 4.4 but his average per catch is not the same as Miller who seems to be able to get behind defenses.

  13. Joe in Michigan Says:

    We have much bigger needs than WR. George Rauh has the right idea, take a WR in the 4th, 5th, or 6th.

  14. Allbuccedup Says:

    Jalen Reagor probably will be gone before our 2nd round pick. He would be an excellent pick. Hes a deep threat as a receiver, excellent special teams return man and possibly a third down back. Three positions for one player.

  15. geno711 Says:

    Great hindsight article. We take an analysist that says there are 27 wide receivers with top three round grades and we morph it into there were something apparently approaching 15 or 20 good running backs available in 2017 alone.

    We get it. We missed on Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara, and Kareem Hunt that year as did 28 other teams.

    If you want to you can say we missed on Mack and Conner although I think neither are special.

    There were not 15 guys who have been good. Do you forget ArDarius Stewart, D’onta Foreman, Samaje Perine, Joe Williams, and Donnel Pumphrey. They were in the top 115 running backs taken that year.

    2018 top 15 running backs taken include:
    Rashad Penny, Kerryon Johnson, Derrius Juice (who people in Tampa wanted), Royce Freeman, Nyheim Hines, Mark Walton, Ito Smith, Kalen Ballage, Chase Edmonds, Jordan Wilkins, and John Kelly.

    So that is 11 of the 15 top running backs. Who is clearly better than Rojo at this point. By the way, a 12th running back taken before Rojo was Sony Michel who still has caught less than 20 passes in his career and with the much superior offensive line coach in NE still only rushed for 3.6 ypc last year.

    If anything history shows that the NFL running backs in 2018 were Barkley (already injured – looked a lot worse after the injury) and Chubb.


  16. Matt Says:

    Yes! I was saying this in a post earlier this morning! There’s stuuuuupid depth at WR in this draft, so much so that I think we’ll have a bump in yards and points per game next year as some of these 3rd and 4th string rookies put up 400-700 yard seasons. We do need to come away with 1 in the 3rd or 4th round to reinforce our receiving corps. Reagor would be a great addition.

    Some team is going to draft like 2 or 3 WR and revamp their receiving corps in 1 year. Watch it be the Patriots too! Watch all the best front offices make moves for WRs day 2 and 3. The Ravens and 49ers need one more receiver each and watch them wheel and deal as they go after their guy.

    Looking back that was a very successful 1st year draft for Arians and his staff. Both CBs are strong contributors, Mike Edwards is solid for depth and Anthony Nelson will be a great rotational player. Devin White is the impact player we thought he would be. Now if we can find some offensive line depth a running back/we/speed and one more pass rusher we’ll be pushing for a playoff spot.

  17. geno711 Says:

    Both 2017 and 2018 listed guys in top 15 running backs selected. Not “115” in 2017.

  18. geno711 Says:

    New England has swung and missed on wide receiver draft picks more than anyone right? Lets hope they try to pick a couple this year and miss again.


    I agree that in the draft you have to go for BPA a lot. Take guys that can play in this league over just guys because it fits a need.

    This year strong for Offensive line and Wide Receiver. Get them even if need is elsewhere. I would like another running back but if Dobbins, Swift, and Taylor are gone between the end of the 1st round and when we pick in the 2nd, then I am not saying to reach for CEH or Cam Ayers in the 2nd if you have much better grades on other positions available.

  19. BucEmUp Says:

    Miller and Watson will be good depth at the position after another year. Brate needs to be utilized much more in the passing game. Trade Howard for picks and continue fixing the defense.

  20. BucEmUp Says:

    Get Kareem Hunt on the cheap at running back. I really like Rojo but at least Hunt has proven to be capable of blocking and will come cheaper than any other running back even close to his talent level. I think he would like to come to Tampa as well.

  21. Go Bucs 72 Says:

    DJ and Bucky’s podcast is outstanding.

  22. Defense Rules Says:

    WR in Rnd 4 or 5; no earlier. Rnds 1-3: OLine, DLine, RB. Rnds 4-6: OLine, DLine, WR, S, LB, RB … we NEED better depth.

  23. firethecannons Says:

    Bucs are wanting a fast WR–look for that trait, IMO Bucs need to focus their picks on RB and O-line, also need safety and another cornerback–hopefully we can acquire some quality players in FA also

  24. geno711 Says:


    I like Kareem Hunt as a fit for Arians offense if we can get him. I do know that Cleveland holds his rights for this year. He is a restricted free agent. Meaning they can tender him as a 2nd round for about 3.2 million. I.e. they would have right to match a Bucs offer or pass on the Buc’s offer and get the Buc’s 2nd round pick.

    I see Cleveland actually doing the tender route although I am not sure. The 1st round tender is only 4.6 million.

    Tyson Hill of the Saints is also a restricted free agent and I see the same thing happening there.

  25. rrsrq Says:

    If he has those kind of wheels we could use him on the bend around

  26. Smashsquatch Says:

    Absolutely! Trade ME while you’re at it too. Listen, this league has changed. It’s waaaaaay easier for QBs to make plays and WRs too! The rules have evolved to protect skill players and the league has trended more towards passing. It trickles down which is why you’re seeing more QBs ready to plug-play right away, and the WR position becoming more of a commodity. Translation, don’t get caught paying too much for multiple receivers and be willing to draft both QBs and WRs often to keep the till full of cheap young developing players.

  27. Alaskan Abdominal Snowman Says:

    I think this dude is special. I would take him in a heartbrat

  28. Bucs Guy Says:

    The Bucs need a deep threat, not a fast WR. In some cases, they may be the same, but there’s a difference.

    Look for someone in 4th or 5th round, along with a RB. Chase Claypool would be a very good #3 WR who could also replace Evans or Godwin if necessary. He’s a deep threat who fights for the ball, high points and is a good blocker. Also famtastic on coverage special teams. AJ Dillon or Patrick Taylor Jr as a big bruising RB to compliment ROJO. Get Tre Boston as a FA Safety regardless of Justin Evans health. Focus early rounds of the draft on both lines.

  29. catcard202 Says:

    Would stay away from the TCU speedster…inconsistent hands.

    However, I’d be all over Lynn Bowden if he slides to the Bucs in the 3rd (#76)…He’s a versatile weapon… Slot WR – Slash RB – Return Specialist.
    If he runs in the 4.4’s, he may rise into the back end of the 2nd.

    Would not be apposed to UCF Gabriel Davis, either…That dude will blow-up at the combine…I’m betting he runs a sub-4.4 & jumps out the gym in Indy.

  30. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    I’ve been saying all along, Jerry Jeudy or Ceedee Lamb will fall to the Bucs at #14. Nobody will think the Gumpster Fire will go there.

    If they pick up an OT in free agency like that young Steeler’s cap hit, they can absolutely grab the best WR in the draft.

    An option would be to trade back to a team desperate for that elite WR, drop back maybe 8 spots and get an extra 2nd round pick. Then they can select Josh Jones OT Houston in the 1st, get that TCU kid and then a quality RB.

  31. Joe Says:

    I don’t know how Joe can say that there’s no question that the bucs need a safety. Is Evan’s done? You gave up on Edwards after one season where he started as a rookie?

    1) Do you really believe that a guy that can’t stay healthy suddenly stays healthy— and his surgeries to his wheels don’t slow him down?

    2) Do you trust Edwards to start?

    One big reason why this team has sucked for so long is that it constantly banks on hope when (predictably) hope blows up in their face.

    Never bank on hope.

  32. MadMax Says:

    If we do that, I want to draft Chase Claypool (3rd or 4th) in case we lose ME13 in the future. Big guy, great hands, and pretty fast for a big guy, 6’4 230 4.50 40.

    We have speedy in Scottie and Godwin. Imagine Chase on one side, ME13 on the other, Godwin in the slot…oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1st Simmons/Brown/Love or trade down 2 or 3 times
    2nd S Kyle Dugger – then another 2nd for RB
    3rd (with our other trade down pick) QB Anthony Gordon
    3rd again Ben Bartch

    4th Chase Claypool
    5th RB Patrick Taylor

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    Hmmm, so the Bucs constantly bank on HOPE and it blows up in our face? Now tell us what you REALLY think Joe about Jameis’ chances of trimming his INTs from 30 to 15? Seems like IF we re-sign him, that we sure would be HOPING that he could solve that part of his problem at QB.

    And Edwards is the least of our problems IMO. He was a 3rd Rnd pick who was forced to start because of (1) Justin Evans slow rehab; and (2) we had no one else at Safety to pair with Whitehead until we got Andrew Adams re-signed & up-to-speed (and no, Darian Stewart didn’t hack it in Game 1).

    Edwards will end up being the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of the defense IMO. Gut feel is that we’ll grab a veteran Safety in free agency to start with Whitehead, and Edwards will end up playing several positions in the Secondary in Todd Bowles defense (a CB/Safety hybrid like TB used Mathieu).

  34. MadMax Says:

    Watch highlights of Evans and Claypool side by side….very similar to each other.

    He’s probably going 3rd at most. Another reason to trade down our 1st (possibly out of the first) for multiple picks so we can land much of this mid round talent.

  35. PSL Bob Says:

    Stop, please! We are so close to having a playoff team, with or without Jameis. We need to plug our weak spots and WR is not one of them. Draft a RB and Safety in the first two rounds, pick up a tackle in FA, and if the draft is deep in corners, grab another young prospect. Use the rest of the draft to pick up O-lone and D-line developmental players.